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My Twitch: www.twitch.tv/themystic7hwd
Today we head up to the Bay Area for a little family and friends adventure and get some great Pokémon in Pokémon GO along the way!
#PokémonGO #ShinyPokemon #MegaPokémon
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game cluster
game cluster Dag siden
where should i use my 108 rare candies for?
Steadyy 5 dager siden
the new movies suck terrible please watch revenge of the sith
Mudkip 10 dager siden
Mogul FN
Mogul FN 22 dager siden
3:14 hahah
JM 28 dager siden
Imagine getting a shadow shiny lucky hundo legendary (shshlundegendaryo)
Sky Kat
Sky Kat 28 dager siden
Unnar Hlöðversson
Unnar Hlöðversson Måned siden
When i was noob i god shiny klink and transferd it
angela jackson
angela jackson Måned siden
Hey do you member the video we are playing games he’s in Jersey and you say you could get a shiny dark oak picture I got one
rosalina galaxy
rosalina galaxy Måned siden
So no ones gonna noticed the snorlax on the nearby list
rosalina galaxy
rosalina galaxy Måned siden
At 8:00
Vårvon Ungdomslag
Vårvon Ungdomslag Måned siden
HeroLowPad05Duo Måned siden
6:12 i havent eat already why are u doing me like this lol
Icey Wolf
Icey Wolf Måned siden
I have A Hundo deino
Fabio Teixeira
Fabio Teixeira Måned siden
24:00 hundo
Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson Måned siden
fortnite man
fortnite man Måned siden
your my dads car engine lol when you got shadow mewtwo out XD
Calma Tron
Calma Tron Måned siden
100 % is at 24:04
Connor Davis
Connor Davis Måned siden
I have never gotten a lucky trade
Astro6837 Måned siden
22:41 I wonder what people thought about you when they walked by
Tricky Twini
Tricky Twini Måned siden
I got a shiny 98% timbur
Anaisa Rivera
Anaisa Rivera Måned siden
9035 4384 5156
Anaisa Rivera
Anaisa Rivera Måned siden
Can I add you
Merciless Wolf
Merciless Wolf Måned siden
@mystic7 from 22:42 to 23:07 I see you trying to not deal😂 much love man keep up the good work
Merciless Wolf
Merciless Wolf Måned siden
23:02 I ment
Savage Squad
Savage Squad Måned siden
When you need to poop really badly: 22:42
ImFixiis Måned siden
1:27 #NotSponsored
Evan Burnham
Evan Burnham Måned siden
The 350z is so beautiful
Anthony Pehlevanian
Anthony Pehlevanian 2 måneder siden
Pls comment if you notesed the snorlax in the nerbay
Russell Daniels
Russell Daniels 2 måneder siden
i hadn't played for 3 months, got on after that, and got a shiny alolan raichu 3 pokemon i encountered
Ralph Wigum
Ralph Wigum 2 måneder siden
I caught a rapidash in the wild
Chipøs Og nalle
Chipøs Og nalle 2 måneder siden
Gabriel Youmara
Gabriel Youmara 2 måneder siden
I hate reading please don’t bully me in replies lol
Gaming with Jackson
Gaming with Jackson 2 måneder siden
My man sounded like a motorcycle
christian kallesøe
christian kallesøe 2 måneder siden
Have you gotten a shiny spiritomb
Amy Ostrowski
Amy Ostrowski 2 måneder siden
2 Candies away from getting a Ginger
sahlstr0 m
sahlstr0 m 2 måneder siden
Meant 22:57
sahlstr0 m
sahlstr0 m 2 måneder siden
At 22:27 hes just taking a big shit
Brandon Hoang
Brandon Hoang 2 måneder siden
Bro now I'm just realizing the first raid I EVER was in I got a shiny, and I got a shiny Krabby right after and I transferred it thinking it was a glitch
Raevus 89
Raevus 89 2 måneder siden
I got shiny Alolan Raichu from the research box 🌟
David 3 måneder siden
Luckily there a family guy
FRM_ M1st
FRM_ M1st 3 måneder siden
9:39 lol I got a shiny charizard on my first raid
Je Hhdd
Je Hhdd 3 måneder siden
26:14 gimme them beens n***a
LOGAN OLIVEIRA 3 måneder siden
Hi I’m a big fan and I got 13 shiny charmander in one day 𝙞 𝙜𝙤𝙩 𝙨𝙤 𝙡𝙪 𝙘𝙠𝙮
Grateful gamer456
Grateful gamer456 3 måneder siden
that is IT im gonna zip throught this mans vids the rest of today
Trixie Le
Trixie Le 3 måneder siden
8443 9245 7979 2414 1073 0997 5353 6330 9440 3890 0340 7075 5024 1951 2552 1612 3165 8881 4686 0373 8157 F
Rein Hoeke
Rein Hoeke 3 måneder siden
IT was realy long ago but i had a shiny zapdos
Junior Khiev
Junior Khiev 3 måneder siden
Every time I play I’m nine years old and I run out of poke balls I ask my mom if she can bye me some she said no you know we’re I could get poke balls fast??
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen 3 måneder siden
Void laser do you have Pokémon go because it you do add me my trainer code is 2255 1814 7251
Noah Animates
Noah Animates 3 måneder siden
CheeseMaster16 3 måneder siden
when you went to have steak i had a steak ad Lol
Naif Muskan
Naif Muskan 3 måneder siden
202119070470 248776841156 Please report this id this is hacker😭😭 iam help less
Icy Timmy
Icy Timmy 3 måneder siden
Where is Lauren
Subuj Dzuniora
Subuj Dzuniora 3 måneder siden
9260 9091 4208
Pratik Gupta
Pratik Gupta 3 måneder siden
1904 0207 4694 my trainer code
RL Runningnome 2.0
RL Runningnome 2.0 3 måneder siden
I got a shiny charizard from my first mega raid
5light 3 måneder siden
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there we go, best buddies."
Barry Libby
Barry Libby 3 måneder siden
For Sierra use a sceptile with leaf blade it’s good for using their shields and it does a lot of damage on lapras
Feli Plays Roblox
Feli Plays Roblox 3 måneder siden
15:31 loooool
Andy trepanier
Andy trepanier 3 måneder siden
I need more friends in Pokémon go does anyone still play Pokémon go
Filip Lasik
Filip Lasik 3 måneder siden
16:00 i got charizard 36CP
Naif Muskan
Naif Muskan 3 måneder siden
Who is RedApple888888 please reply me any one know this guy RedApple888888 please reply me
monsta 952
monsta 952 3 måneder siden
Can someone friend me my friend code is 393853694810
Max And other stuff
Max And other stuff 3 måneder siden
gg on 2 mil
Omega Mochi
Omega Mochi 3 måneder siden
26:09, shout out to your mom Brandon for cooking delicious great food!
Omega Mochi
Omega Mochi 3 måneder siden
24:37 transfer it!-Jake your brother.
ya boi bmk
ya boi bmk 3 måneder siden
Angel Vargas
Angel Vargas 3 måneder siden
11:37 Did Jake just flip you off ?
Slj Koi
Slj Koi 3 måneder siden
I have 2 shiny zapdos in 2 days! So happy! :D
SirLagAlot 3 måneder siden
Sorry if I’m stupid but how do you know what iv u get by seeing the cp of if
just shortmemes
just shortmemes 3 måneder siden
I can predict the future you will get a shiny pidgeot out of a mega raid
mutez idris
mutez idris 3 måneder siden
You and brandon91tan can take a zapdos raid alone
lil Edgar
lil Edgar 3 måneder siden
Bro you do not know how much I miss old mystic😔
Poketrevor 3 måneder siden
Is that the house you did your mustang reveal at many years ago? Good memories im sure
Peter B.
Peter B. 3 måneder siden
5203 5666 9044 My code! I'm dutch!
j33boy 3 måneder siden
5462 1707 9623
Lucas 12e
Lucas 12e 3 måneder siden
Code 7457 6692 2255
Dean Altemus
Dean Altemus 3 måneder siden
I got a shiny charizard from a raid
Dean Altemus
Dean Altemus 3 måneder siden
DEVZ Gaming
DEVZ Gaming 3 måneder siden
discord.gg/R42CjAC best pogo server for meltan services
Delta Minecraft
Delta Minecraft 3 måneder siden
Is it just me that thought that steak looked *amazing*
Dj Donny
Dj Donny 3 måneder siden
Your Meme OFFICIAL That also plays games
Your Meme OFFICIAL That also plays games 3 måneder siden
5135 2208 5201
mashafizh ganteng
mashafizh ganteng 3 måneder siden
I got hundo snorlax to from that task
Bekka Brown
Bekka Brown 3 måneder siden
For the huge cluster Spots you NEED to stop at semi truck stops the huge gas stations with showers for the truckers that kind of thing that’s where the clusters are!
Bekka Brown
Bekka Brown 3 måneder siden
On road trips I mean just went on some for work and it’s crazy effective
BLeSsmYcAp Yt
BLeSsmYcAp Yt 3 måneder siden
Thats not how you say conkeldurr
tessu gamer
tessu gamer 3 måneder siden
I got shiny zapdos last weekend and it was my first ever zapdos
Derek Toscano
Derek Toscano 3 måneder siden
How did u get mew too im a level 24 just wondering
Ann Kathrin
Ann Kathrin 3 måneder siden
At the moment you can only get Mewtwo via trading. But there will be other possibilities in the future.
Luca Roest
Luca Roest 3 måneder siden
i my first mega charizard raid i got a shiny
Zyrian Avia
Zyrian Avia 3 måneder siden
I got a shiny aloan raichu first try 😊
Christopher McCaul
Christopher McCaul 3 måneder siden
Whats your trainer code
Red knight gamer
Red knight gamer 3 måneder siden
Who cares about being first or early
michael whitehead
michael whitehead 3 måneder siden
Do a Pokémon collection vid
A Believer A.F.
A Believer A.F. 3 måneder siden
3931 4428 5670 Hi from Italy.
Boruto 3 måneder siden
Hi am from Poland and add you
ODOG_33 lax
ODOG_33 lax 3 måneder siden
Do u still have ur girlfriend or did u guys break up?
Jakob Jensen
Jakob Jensen 3 måneder siden
How to do a lucky Trade?
Ann Kathrin
Ann Kathrin 3 måneder siden
You can get the guaranteed lucky pokémon from trades with lucky friends. A best friend can become a lucky friend with every first interaction of the day (opening present, trading, PvP, raiding, ...). You just need a bit of luck for that.
Twice -
Twice - 3 måneder siden
What the f you have never watched Star Wars also when you said you wanted to see the new movies don’t watch the old ones there better
Domin8or02 3 måneder siden
When Cliff had Pinsir as his first Pokémon, he was the hardest for me, without question. Arlo was always the easiest. With Lapras, Sierra is the hardest.
Worst God
Worst God 3 måneder siden
My dude got gucci slides
FRAG Rainzz
FRAG Rainzz 3 måneder siden
My first two zap dose raids they were both shiny
Crepkeeper 3 måneder siden
Today I cought a wild charizard at my physical therapy and a shiny shadow ekans and then evolved into dragonite the first time. Today isa good day :)
crazy 3 måneder siden
Legit got your ad on your video
Brett Palius
Brett Palius 3 måneder siden
Happy birthday 🎂 🎁
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