Climbing without using feet and chalk - Challenge with Pete Whittaker

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Magnus Midtbø

14 dager siden

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We wanted to do another video doing all the boulders in the gym, but decided that would be too easy between the two of us and made up a challenge instead. Climbing without chalk and feet.
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Saturdaycat 8 timer siden
I feel pain just watching Pete climbed after his knee was injured.
ThatGuyInTheCorner 20 timer siden
What gym is this, it looks really good,
Siddhant Deshmukh
Siddhant Deshmukh 20 timer siden
I hope Pete recovers fast. I am enjoying these colabs
Siddhant Deshmukh
Siddhant Deshmukh 21 time siden
3:14 wtf is that forearm
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dager siden
again, Magnus!
HerrFinsternis 5 dager siden
Are these the regular grades you mention, or did you rework those because of the conditions you were climbing in? I must be missing something because that orange problem at 5:50 doesn't look like a 6a+ at all to me. There must be some balance difficulties when you start using your feet or something? But I don't see it; honestly confused here :)
HerrFinsternis 5 dager siden
Virtual chalking :D Well it worked for Janja.
Iver Lie Gundersen
Iver Lie Gundersen 5 dager siden
er ikkje du fra stavanger magnus?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dager siden
My palms are sweating just thonking about not having chalk😂😂
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 5 dager siden
Pete, please, recover fast 🦿
Ahmad Toukhy
Ahmad Toukhy 5 dager siden
Really liked the idea of the video
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen 5 dager siden
17:23 sounds like "6A+, one foot, no joke"
Teemu Ullgrén
Teemu Ullgrén 5 dager siden
10+ years ago never ever would I have believed if someone would have said that in the future I will spend hours of watching videos of Midtbö climbing indoors. Some (best) things come as surprises.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 5 dager siden
Awesome episode! Magnus, you should finally try something harder! ;) Pete is one of the most creative climbers out there! Enjoyed watching!
Danny Cruz
Danny Cruz 6 dager siden
This is chill! You should put out more videos! The scene at 1:11 is so hilarious. You need to collaborate with Bad Friends! Their pranks really are like Danny Duncan mixed with a bit of Faze Clan. Theyre the most hilarious friend group in America and they straight up get lit all the time. You should most definitely check their NOpost out and give them a subscribe! 👉 #5StarBadFriends
Aidan Stone
Aidan Stone 6 dager siden
So sorry to hear about your knee Pete! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
cactu fish
cactu fish 7 dager siden
next up shoeless climbing
Peter Zezas
Peter Zezas 7 dager siden
Anyone know what specific type of music is at 21:50? Like the genre?
Brandon Riether
Brandon Riether 7 dager siden
Hope you have a good speedy recovery so you can get back to what you love
Connor Matthews
Connor Matthews 7 dager siden
One of the worst knee injuries you can get - "bit odd, huh" lool machine
MrRoelsnip 7 dager siden
magnus fingers sucks the chalk out of the holds. hahahahha now thats impressive
Mazgûl 7 dager siden
Over the years Magnus Body long since started producing chalk all by itself...instead of sweat and he doesn't need to use external chalk any longer.
Nirmal 7 dager siden
Speedy recovery Pete.....enjoying your combo videos a lot
Nirmal 7 dager siden
My palms are sweating just thonking about not having chalk😂😂
Desatyrion 8 dager siden
You should do a challenge way harder than these two: Climbing on rental shoes. 😂
James Hardaker
James Hardaker 8 dager siden
i can do them without hands but with chalk. you just need to pile the chalk 10 feet high.
nomoregoodlife 8 dager siden
seeing Pete doing that orange at 6:00 was such a fun technique :D!
Maciek Nowicki
Maciek Nowicki 8 dager siden
Awesome episode! Magnus, you should finally try something harder! ;) Pete is one of the most creative climbers out there! Enjoyed watching!
Harry Helvigs
Harry Helvigs 9 dager siden
VR t shirts huh?
BlocBusters 9 dager siden
try eliminating one arm^^
Ernesto Ramirez
Ernesto Ramirez 9 dager siden
Is this why Magnus doesn't warm up?
Matthew Wheeler
Matthew Wheeler 9 dager siden
I tore my ACL and meniscus in November, and continued climbing while waiting for surgery. Obviously, the same foot was off for me the whole time, but it does create a really fun experience, and sometimes you have to be super creative to get a top. Everybody should try it
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean 9 dager siden
OMG Magnus that green (with the holds that look like lime wedges!) You have more strength in your fingers than my whole body.
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean 9 dager siden
You are beasts. I couldn't do some of those with both hands and feet and a rope.
jim klm
jim klm 9 dager siden
Hope you have a speedy recovery Pete!!
Trym Verlo
Trym Verlo 9 dager siden
Er Pete og fra norge?
Andrew and Paul
Andrew and Paul 9 dager siden
Sorry about your knee! Same exact thing happened to me a few months ago and it took quite a while for it to feel normal again. Hope you are feeling well soon.
ragranok 9 dager siden
love soundtracks
adam jam
adam jam 9 dager siden
hope your knee gets well soon . that was scary.
3Hyaden 9 dager siden
I love the devilish laughs 😈
Max L
Max L 10 dager siden
Chalk is unnecessary ! Well I push it but remember when Janja lost her chalk bag at the beginning of a world cup route? Oh well she still sent it, except she focused indeed on the climbing rather than chalking frantically every move as certain climbers now do
Kieran 10 dager siden
That knee popping sounded brutal. Pete is a tank for continuing to climb afterwards. Great video, always love to see Magnus a and WB collab.
HighlanderE30 10 dager siden
Pete wishing you speedy recovery!
J HY 10 dager siden
Yikes Pete's LCL tearing was loud! Glad to hear his knee is on the mend.
Josh Worley
Josh Worley 10 dager siden
Glad to hear you are recovering well Pete! Classic video of you two playing around. Always good viewing!
Fanny's LoA
Fanny's LoA 10 dager siden
This is so cool. Showing even disabled people can try a climbing gym
dan grout
dan grout 10 dager siden
Petes had world class heel hooks since a youth!
Grant A.
Grant A. 10 dager siden
"The best thing about not using chalk is when you get to use chalk already found on the holds"
Loïc Robert
Loïc Robert 10 dager siden
It could be great to do a kind of competition with this concept : You chose a Boulder, doing this Boulder without shoes and chalk give you some points, with only one shoe give you less point, etc...
Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden 10 dager siden
Next time, instead of arbitrarily chalking when reaching a certain level, you could try a challenge to see the highest level you can climb w/o using chalk. Or was the level you started chalking at your actual limit?
David 10 dager siden
next challenge is climbing on brand new holds that have no chalk with no chalk. also OMG pete so sorry!! wishing you a speedy recovery. UGH :(
Einstein X
Einstein X 10 dager siden
Now go out to do a one legged marathon. That's a challenge!
Young Putter
Young Putter 10 dager siden
Bro the sound of tearing his lcl was gnarly Edit: I’m amazed that he tried a few more climbs after
Andulas is
Andulas is 10 dager siden
i hope pete recovers well
Layal Alawi
Layal Alawi 10 dager siden
Layal Alawi
Layal Alawi 10 dager siden
Null 10 dager siden
No chalk? Blasphemy
sjimmie007 10 dager siden
Get well soon Pete. These injuries are very frustrating. But give it the best rest you can do.
Zach McCauley
Zach McCauley 10 dager siden
wait, what happened to marte?
Grifftrogg 10 dager siden
I almost threw up watching Pete try to climb with that LCL tear. I hope he gets it sorted. It took years for me to get over snapped ACL and PCL.
Hounsh Munshi
Hounsh Munshi 10 dager siden
Pete: I’m gonna keep bouldering. I just won’t left heel hook. Me: *cries in physical therapist*
Zack Garcia
Zack Garcia 10 dager siden
Seeing that injury brings back PTSD of dislocating my knee on a climb. So hectic. Recover well Petey!
Filip Kubec
Filip Kubec 11 dager siden
Thanks for the content, keeps my spirits high since climbing gyms are closed now in Czech Republic. And poor Pete, wishing him quick recovery!
Shona Johnstone
Shona Johnstone 11 dager siden
speedy recovery Pete.
Eloi Mauri
Eloi Mauri 11 dager siden
Pete warms my heart, he's suck a lovely fella
MrScottikiss 11 dager siden
I'm about to say something extremely cringe,so prepare yourselves. . . Pete is outrageously attractive.
sweetlfm 11 dager siden
magnus where do you get your gym shorts?! I'm desperate for a good pair of all purpose workout shorts
Lavie Sharon
Lavie Sharon 11 dager siden
Great great channel for real ! though i would consider to change the Rungne T-shirt price........
Al Bradley
Al Bradley 11 dager siden
Oh no! I did exactly that similar move same leg, same noise. I knew straight away and bandage applied. 6 weeks and slowly start to load it up. 6 months later feels ok but still nervous on loading the same way.
TheRandomGuy 11 dager siden
Oh fuck, i had the same crack when i did a heelhook in the same position. It's been hurting when its in the same position for weeks now, i should probably get it scanned..
Ryan Planton
Ryan Planton 11 dager siden
Wow! Pete is a beast! Wishing him a speedy recovery! I'm sure he will bounce back from this soon enough and come back even stronger!
Matthew Fraser
Matthew Fraser 11 dager siden
All the best Pete!!!
xxMADxxSCIENTISTxx 11 dager siden
15:36 So he's basically a warlock casting a curse on the route to make it easier, isn't he?
Brycen Heisey
Brycen Heisey 11 dager siden
Dang it, he exposed the invincible chalk.
Cameron Peterson
Cameron Peterson 11 dager siden
I love your editing, the transitions are very nice. How did you get so good at so many things? Lol
Hunter 11 dager siden
23:23 i thought that was the fucking velcro on his shoe or something holy shit
Its Irrelevant
Its Irrelevant 11 dager siden
Pete is so brutal with his movements, the way he used his arm as a lever on the orange 6b+ looked so painful
Its Irrelevant
Its Irrelevant 11 dager siden
I honestly didn't think he could warm up with that yellow 6b+ like that. Wow
Milan Frk
Milan Frk 11 dager siden
A demonstration what can happen when one doesn´t use chalk :D (just kidding, sometimes I don´t use that myself...). But man... Several years ago, my ligaments got torn just when I integrated single leg squats to my workout, not being used to that.
coincoincoin31 11 dager siden
So many commercials...
Jerritt Neff
Jerritt Neff 11 dager siden
Try the impossible pull-up challenge one minute on the Ascent in one minute on the decent
jenomLucka 11 dager siden
ohh... i am from czech republic
Neil McPherson
Neil McPherson 11 dager siden
It was interesting seeing you climb with one foot. I’d like to see you guys try to climb with one arm too!
Øyvind Bjørnstad
Øyvind Bjørnstad 11 dager siden
Could you react to mesternes mester💪
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards 11 dager siden
#algorithm love x
Liz B
Liz B 11 dager siden
Leonard Moore
Leonard Moore 11 dager siden
Poor Pete, yikes
Douwe 11 dager siden
Should've started with single hand!
Mmr96 Mmr96
Mmr96 Mmr96 11 dager siden
Hey Magnus, first of all great contents. You are the man. When I heard that you said that only 30% of the viewers where actually subscribers I felt really bad... cause I was in that 70%. I don’t have a NOpost account, so I took my girlfriend’s cellphone and immediately subscribed to your Channel. Now I can enjoy your Videos even more 😉 Much love from Switzerland 🇨🇭
Keanu Tax
Keanu Tax 11 dager siden
TheSoppakulho 11 dager siden
You had the best music I've noticed here!
Daniel Fry
Daniel Fry 11 dager siden
Omg I did exactly that to my knee it was messed up for months! Same sound, more or less same move.... No pain at the time but it was so fragile for ages.... I can only just confidently heel hook now, and I still feel I have to be careful... Pete I feel your pain it's a real hindrance to climbing for quite some time....
Adrian Gustafson
Adrian Gustafson 11 dager siden
I really love these kinds of videos where you push each other with different challenges. And hope Pete is doing fine!
Yar 11 dager siden
Wish Pete a quick recovery! You are awesome guys!
Jong Ray Holk
Jong Ray Holk 11 dager siden
lmao I just use less chalk cuz it's expensive.
Nexodus 11 dager siden
I was pleasantly surprised to see you on "Mesternes Mester" Didn't see any posts about it or I might have missed it. I could not avoid watching and cheering on you! Must say Johann Koss was a machine on the "jetliner position" competition, 40 minutes is insane.
Steph da Costa
Steph da Costa 11 dager siden
Thank you for an interesting video - I hadn’t watched for a few months but this one caught my attention. I was thinking post COVID - you could do a mini tour with people at different levels and try different places around the world for bouldering. Such as Edinburgh or the like.
Salvatore Wedde
Salvatore Wedde 11 dager siden
Pete out here tearing his LCL for the video. Surely like, subscribe to Magnus and F in the comments for Pete's knee
Rachel Lim
Rachel Lim 12 dager siden
Speedy recovery Pete!! I feel pain seeing you do the heel hook after you tore your LCL 😰
Charger0 12 dager siden
If you go gamestyle, you could have 3 lives (maybbe 5 :P). Failing is -1 life, switching shoe is -1 life, etc. Could be a fun game!
HoseZentaur 12 dager siden
The thumbnail is awesome
Niels Sørensen
Niels Sørensen 12 dager siden
The position off the leg, and the torch in the knee because of it.... Ouch ouch ouch... Just watching right before it snapped hurt... Hope it turns out good and heel up right!
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