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Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast

Måned siden

Disguised Toast showcases yet again an example of marination but this time he is the ruthless killer and his partner Valkyrae is responsible for the lying.
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Edited and Animated by: Frosturne
Intro Music composed by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)

Jake Mahoney
Jake Mahoney 4 dager siden
Everybody:Hafu Rae:Hafoooo
Natasha Cranny
Natasha Cranny 5 dager siden
1:49 - leslie jealous that another girl be following her fiance 😂
Passo Mearo
Passo Mearo 6 dager siden
Toast is like a badass main character
robisaurus 7 dager siden
I wonder, Toast, do you guys ever feel burned out from playing the same game so often? Or is it still fun?
kemmli 11 dager siden
That laugh from Rae when she said they scanned. I LIVE
kemmli 11 dager siden
Infamous 12 dager siden
Low key ship Corpse and Sykkuno
Mr Shan2K
Mr Shan2K 13 dager siden
do any one knows the bgm
Sihoiakimi Taufa
Sihoiakimi Taufa 13 dager siden
29:30 Rae’s laugh is soo menacing and hilarious at the same time 🤣😭
Jacob Biehle
Jacob Biehle 16 dager siden
Brooo I haven’t heard Lauren’s voice in years
Alessandra 17 dager siden
I just love the little animations of the among us characters and the thumb nail they are just so cute🥺🙃
Betty-Alexandria Pride
Betty-Alexandria Pride 17 dager siden
I think this was the funniest line in the whole video. SMajor: "UNLESS RAE IS IMPOSTER." Toast: "But Rae's dead." Crickets.
Journal_Star 18 dager siden
on his intro, am i the only one who hears “ dis - guy’s - Toast” instead of “Disquised Toast” haha lol
半々 Shoto’
半々 Shoto’ 19 dager siden
elpinikh palaiopanh
elpinikh palaiopanh 20 dager siden
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crusty toe
crusty toe 20 dager siden
did my guy rly jus read his chat to find out who the imposter is
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie 4 dager siden
No he didnt
Michael Liu
Michael Liu 21 dag siden
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Tom McDonnell
Tom McDonnell 21 dag siden
Is it this guys toast or disguised toast ? The intro
skyler hu
skyler hu 21 dag siden
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Fouad ABOU HANNA 21 dag siden
Hey Toast I have always been a very good among us player among my friends thanks to your videos that always give me big advantages, keep up the good work and congratulations for your subscribers and likes on youtube!
Alba de la Fuente
Alba de la Fuente 22 dager siden
The animations are so cute
That Beach ??
That Beach ?? 22 dager siden
Corpse is so smart! Too bad no one believed him when he said it’s toast and Rae. Crew could’ve won if they had just listened to Corpse instead of talking over him!
Tepakira Wells
Tepakira Wells 25 dager siden
Man jesus is so powerful he can report bodies from a different dimension, 16:29
Stanley Good
Stanley Good 25 dager siden
sykkuno : “i said corpse bc i was thinking about him uhm anyway” corpse:” yeah i think about you too” wholesome 🥺
Rebecka Knight
Rebecka Knight 25 dager siden
Omg Faye 🔇🔇🔇
idk whatuser2enter
idk whatuser2enter 26 dager siden
13:32 bruh moment
Jacob Howard
Jacob Howard 26 dager siden
11:45 reminds me of coming us logic 1
Mangifera 26 dager siden
You can tell Hafu is getting bored in this vid
lilja haf
lilja haf 27 dager siden
8:31 that sound cracked me up😸
Mark Joseph Pintor
Mark Joseph Pintor 27 dager siden
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Viivi.M 27 dager siden
I just love the cheeky little accomplished smile toast had at the end and then after Smajor accused him and Toast just goes just goes like "But, she just died..." *Silence...*
Carljina Deliard
Carljina Deliard 28 dager siden
I love how Scott looks like The KFC guy I know his name but I don’t know how it’s spelt
Sophia Stanley
Sophia Stanley 28 dager siden
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Michel Cole
Michel Cole 28 dager siden
bro i NEED to see charlie's vod for that last round bc wtf happened
Ngo Ngoc Canh
Ngo Ngoc Canh 28 dager siden
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Raging_ ELL
Raging_ ELL 29 dager siden
sykuno floating behind corpse like a fart😂😂😂
Denver Galapon
Denver Galapon Måned siden
"I have to kill Rae first" Didn't kill Rae
Pink Milkshake
Pink Milkshake Måned siden
people are way to quik to think rae is innoccent she marinates ALOT
Yooniebun Måned siden
Rae and Toast literally switch position Rae: Killer-Marinator Toast: Marinator-Killer
Kutzaher Måned siden
Killing DumbDog, fixing lights and then hopping into a vent as two people walk in, still being unphased just shows how big Toast's balls are
Angeli Kengier
Angeli Kengier Måned siden
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Benjamin Kwok Yue
Benjamin Kwok Yue Måned siden
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Sophia Stanley
Sophia Stanley Måned siden
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Adrian Greiner
Adrian Greiner Måned siden
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Mohammed Karim
Mohammed Karim Måned siden
@12:27 GOD. FUCKING. BLESS RAE. GIRL IS THE GREATEST TEAMMATE EVER. Toast literally killed and Vented and Corpse and Rae walked in. Rae legit waited to see if Corpse saw Toast Vent and he didn't. If Rae mis-spoke first and was caught lying it was have been game over.
Juicy Moose
Juicy Moose Måned siden
If it was 5 people, Chad accusing gloom and vice versa, raw and toast are clear, the smartest move is to vote smajor because it wouldn't be gloom AND Chad, meaning the second imposter always had to be smajor.
Talal Nasri
Talal Nasri Måned siden
At 29:51 you can see that Toast and Smajor are on one side going up, and Rae was on the other side of the closed door. How did Smajor kill her? Also, Toast reported near the emergency table! I know it's a glitch but why was Toast so sure it wasn't Chad this time? I'm a bit confused!
OverratedGuard Måned siden
So what happen in electrical?😂
Invert FNM
Invert FNM Måned siden
At 24:59 it’s already clear who the imposter is. 3 people skipped 3 people voted Chad and 1 person voted gloom. Lauren and Chad are a pair so they both skipped. Toast also skipped. That’s three skips. Showthyme was the only person sus of gloom at the time so we know he voted gloom. Now we know that the imposters must have either both voted chad(if Chad is not imposter) or both skip to save Chad (if Chad is imposter). We know because it’s seven that crew is most likely skipping here so that means that Chad and Lauren’s story checks out. Now with process of elimination, we know that toast, Chad and Lauren skipped making Chad clear because other wise there wouldn’t have been so many votes on 7. We also know that show thyme voted gloom clearing him because if he was imposter he’s trying to vote out a crew. Toast should now know based of the info that valk gloom and a major voted Chad. Valk already scanned medbay so that only leaves a major and gloom. Galaxy Brain
Trevor Strohlein
Trevor Strohlein Måned siden
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hoivan banla
hoivan banla Måned siden
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PanDude Måned siden
Disguised Toest
Bobby Mcgee
Bobby Mcgee Måned siden
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Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Måned siden
jesus that was so depressing when corpse said “we lost a crew mate” when sykkuno died
Steven Whitley
Steven Whitley Måned siden
Watching your videos is one of my favorite things to do.
Benni boy
Benni boy Måned siden
Noice my favourite video from Dis gui is toast
Hiehen Ff
Hiehen Ff Måned siden
You should have corpse do your intro itd be lit
Jonny Guerrero
Jonny Guerrero Måned siden
12:50 lmaoo they’re adorable😂
CleaN .-
CleaN .- Måned siden
Damn I just realized toast called it was gloom and Smajor when reactor was called 🧠
vanshika singh
vanshika singh Måned siden
Sykkuno - I said corpse bcoz i was thinking of corpse Fans ( who ship corpse and Sykkuno) - OoOoOoOoOoO
samantha suryaputri
samantha suryaputri Måned siden
toast is 5 headed.
Mookie Måned siden
I just started watching and already am hooked
2nddoge Måned siden
Smajor: “Toast killed Rae at the cafeteria” Toast: “She scanned me on medbay” Smajor: “That's what she would say if you guys were both the impostor” Toast: “She just died..” ... Ah. The wonderful silence of realization.
The Crazy Bros
The Crazy Bros Måned siden
ha this guy is toast!
IsMistaken Måned siden
Here lies... Uhmm what's his name?
Bethany Collins
Bethany Collins Måned siden
The cool columnist worrisomely rush because fur epidemiologically sneeze onto a lyrical flute. physical, quickest body
John Chase
John Chase Måned siden
I saw that I accidentally disliked this video and I was like hell naw to the naw naw naw
shu shufan198222
shu shufan198222 Måned siden
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Erik Neuschwendtner
Erik Neuschwendtner Måned siden
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General Grievous
General Grievous Måned siden
Toast: Ima go full giga brain! Me: Wow... you are leveling up in the world aren't you!
Reality Ghost
Reality Ghost Måned siden
Watching toast with rae poki corpse and sykkuno just lights up my day
Omar Salih
Omar Salih Måned siden
The steep singer physically label because monkey ganguly include past a smoggy thistle. somber, willing news
• TodorokiUwO •
• TodorokiUwO • Måned siden
That last one was literally one of the most confusing games I've ever seen
Lucas Lohn
Lucas Lohn Måned siden
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Dazelf Måned siden
Toast : luckily for me, rae with her dying breath did remind everyone that we are med-scanned Smajor: well thats because you're both impostor Toast: she is dead.. //silence
low Måned siden
corpse should play batman's voice
Philip Seitz
Philip Seitz Måned siden
19:38 nice pun😂
Abby White
Abby White Måned siden
That was e-VENT-ful
Renée Skaugen
Renée Skaugen Måned siden
Major: I just saw Toast kill Rae at cafeteria Toast: Rae scan cleared me Major: But what if you're both the impostor Toast: ..She's dead Major: ... Toast: ... Major: ...Ok fine
William Xiong
William Xiong Måned siden
30:07 lol big brain by S major
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom Måned siden
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Marvin Lam
Marvin Lam Måned siden
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Lighting God Desteoier
Lighting God Desteoier Måned siden
My favorite parts of his vids is the Animations when they are talking.
Yeeskies Måned siden
That tiny Sykkuno ghost hugging corpse was so adorable
Pikapika Chu
Pikapika Chu Måned siden
Time stamp, I literally watched the entire video but didn't notice it..
Jocelyn Måned siden
Big Nitrous
Big Nitrous Måned siden
Aspen / Ash
Aspen / Ash Måned siden
It took me so long to realise what your channel name meant-
Tater Måned siden
Takes a small brain and 5iq to play this game
ManticoreCore Måned siden
heh dis guis toast
Frodin 2
Frodin 2 Måned siden
I was in the same exact position at 2:56 and my imposter buddy killed 3 players and got voted out then I killed the rest and won by being 100% cleared but I still got called a bad imposter...
night walker2020
night walker2020 Måned siden
you're a really good imposter then lmao, don't listen to them
Emiko Tagahushi
Emiko Tagahushi Måned siden
7:58 was so smart, he pretended he went down and then vented back up. 12:27 I am legit impressed he got away with that lol.
Emiko Tagahushi
Emiko Tagahushi Måned siden
Corpse being sad over Sykkuno’s death lol. Wholesome. Wish the Sykkuno ghost animation would’ve patted Corpse’s head or something. XD
Purple Wookie
Purple Wookie Måned siden
In his intro do other people hear instead of disguised toast they hear dis guy s toast
Fireincarnate24 Måned siden
By the way, isn't Corpse from MrBeast's videos? Weird that he just popped up in a This Gu- I mean _Disguised_ Toast video. (Sorry, I got confused by the intro.)
NBA Opposite
NBA Opposite Måned siden
i am 1 sub away from 1k
andoodie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
andoodie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Måned siden
i love the animations and mini sykkuno 🥺🥺
friendly random gator
friendly random gator Måned siden
The babykuno ghost is hugging corpes is..... precious
FireScull Måned siden
Ya, why don't you blame hah-foo?
Grace Sussal
Grace Sussal Måned siden
Rae: Clears toast with medbay Also Rae: Do YOu GuYs ThINk ItS TOaSt
Beth choudhury
Beth choudhury Måned siden
0:38 and 1:55 🥺
Josh Catindig
Josh Catindig Måned siden
3:51 they voted on sevennn
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