2021 LEC Spring - Semifinals - G2 Esports vs Rogue

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29 dager siden

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alida flus
alida flus 26 dager siden
Eu fans we know you waited, for rogue and mad now activated
Flower Finni
Flower Finni 26 dager siden
Does anyone knows the name of the song in the second draft?
Khang Trần
Khang Trần 26 dager siden
4:32:15 Fucking noob Hans Sama xD
alida flus
alida flus 26 dager siden
Eu fans we know you waited, for rogue and mad now activated
André Felipe
André Felipe 26 dager siden
G2 mereceu ser eliminada, querendo lançar moda de Karma mano kkk entregaram não só essa semifinal, mais como o jogo anterior, que Comp troll
Angel Rosado
Angel Rosado 26 dager siden
Anyone know the song at 4:09:30???
Ayça Yağmur Şimşek
Ayça Yağmur Şimşek 27 dager siden
Hadi koçum İrfan
Frederic everywhere
Frederic everywhere 27 dager siden
Sad to say, but this obviously is a classic jungle diff in all kind of ways. And this is not only since this split, a jungle meta like these days is simply showing that more crystal clear than even the past splits. If the upcoming meta is still on jungle the fall of G2 will Continue, if we‘re back on mid they may show a rising performance.
makos folinas
makos folinas 27 dager siden
Jungle gap was huge
Hresvelgr 27 dager siden
Well it will be nice seeing a new team take a title. Whoever does will have the responsibility of defending G2s MSI title. I hope they can either keep it in Europe or they make whoever does take it work for it
Jan 27 dager siden
M Cee
M Cee 27 dager siden
A rogue mad final... so boring
nodcjhdcuih 27 dager siden
sjokz kinda getting more up herself and annoying as time goes on
Jay Sargeant
Jay Sargeant 27 dager siden
What annoy me about this is Rekkles drew 3 bans every playoff series and G2 still couldn't get a draft advantage. How is that even possible?
Ezekiel Tan
Ezekiel Tan 27 dager siden
It is very satisfying to know that the G2 or Garbage2 (🧢) got Absolutely *DISMANTLED* here in this game. That is satisfying MAN! Makes me feel very happy. 😊😁
Wojciech Pabijan
Wojciech Pabijan 27 dager siden
Sorry G2, GO HOME and switch your profession. You have been outclassed
Bert Benoot
Bert Benoot 27 dager siden
sad, lost all interest in league
TV game movies
TV game movies 27 dager siden
Martin Súkup
Martin Súkup 27 dager siden
Fuck me, seeing rekkles interview is so heartbreaking... That guy is epithomy of "neverlucky" in esports.... Hes best in doing what he does in his region and one of the best in the world for almost his whole career, yet biggest wins always eluded him it was always something kinda dragging him down... Then he finally cracked and embraced whole philosophy "if you cant beat them, join them" and joined the team that always "snatched" victory from him and then its first time this team didnt win... Such heartbreaking story... I really hope he will have that moment that he strives for eventually and will lift that worlds trophy before his career ends. I think no other player in the world deserves it more. DONT GIVE UP REKKLES, we belive in you buddy!
Martin Súkup
Martin Súkup 27 dager siden
@Tomáš Ištok Nevím no, je to věc subjektivního názoru asi, ale fakt že konzistentně má KDA neznamená, že "hraje na KDA", ale že je konzistentně dobrý a nefeeduje to i když jeho team trollí. Rozhodně si nemyslím, že by byl závislý na spoluhráčích, dokázal už v fnaticu kde měl vedle sebe coinflip hylliho, že bude stabilně podávat dobrý výkon bez ohledu na to co se děje kolem něj. Tohle není názor jednoho superfanouška, ale rekkles je už roky považován fanoušky i odborníky (lidmi co se doslova živí analýzou této hry) za nejlepšího adc v evropě a mezi topkou na světě, takže buď jsi neuznaný génius, který vidí něco co nikdo jiný nevidí, nebo je ta tvoje teorie o "kda hraní" totální BS :)
Tomáš Ištok
Tomáš Ištok 27 dager siden
ma velmi daleko od najlepsieho(aj v LEC)...je jedine najpopularnejsi....hra len na KDA a je az moc zavisly od spoluhracov...hra tak aby vyzeral dobre, nie aby vyhraval hry...nemam proti nemu nic ale toto jeho nadhodnocovanie je uz chore...
Belgian Football
Belgian Football 27 dager siden
Eu fans we know you waited, for rogue and mad now activated
Podster 27 dager siden
6:03:11 song?
carlos hernandez
carlos hernandez 27 dager siden
2:57:09 I did not remember hearing this when I watched it live and oh boy, that was funny as hell
LaZZyBird Lim
LaZZyBird Lim 27 dager siden
Jankos come on literally a JG gap here.
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov 27 dager siden
Congrats on 165k subs guys! Maybe 170k+ today from the final!
Emre 27 dager siden
sry G2 i sitll stand behind you ,i am a fan not cause you win ,im a fan cause of your mentality .Keep the relaxed and fun attitude ,this is what makes G2 special ,i think after more practising you will be played in as team ,the leave of perkz ,who is a leader,is still hard to balance.gl
ExTrEaMe LT 27 dager siden
Metyline 27 dager siden
What a match
yuri boyka
yuri boyka 27 dager siden
Im a G2 fan and it was so fucking painful to watch them. I mean Jankos was maybe the best jungler, but now he is shit, overrated as hell. Same for Miky and Wunder, they were just inting all games without any big plays. Caps couldn't carry as he usually used to do it. I feel Perkz was a better fit for G2 than Rekkles. Maybe Rekkles is the best adc in EU, but his playstyle and positioning just don't fit and I feel like he is a kda player. I hope MAD vs RGE will be 5 games final.
kovid lakhera
kovid lakhera 27 dager siden
I completely agree. I really like rekkless but somehow it feels like g2 got toned down after losing perkz. And anywhere you say this people lose their minds because of how obsessed they are with rekkless. It feels like suddenly g2 just lost their identity as a team. All of the og g2 players are just unable to play the game without perkz shot calling and rekkless with his great kda sometimes just feels too silent for someone who should have insane pressure.
Cymers Inmenzo
Cymers Inmenzo 27 dager siden
Welp they gotta give others a chance imagine if it just fnc and g2 on the list
Florin-Mihai Luca
Florin-Mihai Luca 27 dager siden
Jonius7 27 dager siden
MAD and Rogue now activated! Nice closing reference there, Sjokz!
zmars 27 dager siden
G2 fans love to give excuses i see
TheFlamingPig 27 dager siden
I’m tired of reading these shitty comments about G2.
PharmaKill 27 dager siden
It’s the Rekkles curse! Leaving fnatic for Element for loosing, then leaving again for G2.... damn this guy is cursed when he leaves fnatic lol
Jay Sargeant
Jay Sargeant 27 dager siden
So you saying 18-0 in summer?
allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlny
allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlny 27 dager siden
Probs just need leader and not *cursed ' *
Arda2411 27 dager siden
where is the best team in the west?
A Z U R I 27 dager siden
In game 4 why the hell caps taking of varus ss even though that skill doesn't help for team fight he's not long range champion he's a melee champion im sure faker will be disappointed if he see this team fight!
Kaykavoos Moridi
Kaykavoos Moridi 27 dager siden
It's sad to see G2 get eliminated without being able to put up a fight. But the gap was just there. I think the only person who tried and played well was Rekless. Jankos and Wunder didn't have a good performance all split long and Mikyx was just, average and Caps invisible 😢 I don't know if G2 will ever be as great as they once were. MAD and Rogue are just way better than other teams now 👻
K Jack
K Jack 27 dager siden
G2 smurfing in spring split and choked at playoff...
Crown 28 dager siden
this why you shouldn't be playful....
CLICKBAIT 28 dager siden
What a gap
Jn Sb
Jn Sb 28 dager siden
G2 going for the underdog route. Since they always go complete oposite of expectations, they have to make people believe they have no chances in order to win worlds
Jn Sb
Jn Sb 27 dager siden
@amadexi Precisely, I knew someone would get it
amadexi 27 dager siden
Yep, the're going to throw several worlds in a row to surprise everyone and win their first worlds in 2084
Tuusula JoTe
Tuusula JoTe 28 dager siden
Jankos is so overrated
Jayisdopeee 28 dager siden
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samosekaj 28 dager siden
Love to see Judas sad and dissapointed:)) Like I said he is like Couthino leaving liverpool too "win trophys" and got fucked... Same thing happened to him.. so fuck him hope you'll cry on stagge more :))
Lucifer Broke
Lucifer Broke 28 dager siden
im sorry, i love jankos as a meme but he needs to be better. looking at inspired and elyoya just shows how much jankos needs to improve to catch up. and this is just lec. there's still international.
Imagine Player
Imagine Player 28 dager siden
I don't know feels like something is missing, oh yeah that guy that went to NA. Lol
thejam jar
thejam jar 28 dager siden
Bwipo is a natural at the desk. Need more of him!
Fenrisulv987 27 dager siden
You're right. If he ever retires, I'm sure hell have a job in Riot broadcasting in some way.
StarClay666 28 dager siden
"This G2 roster might just be the best european roster in history" *loses semis*
Jay Sargeant
Jay Sargeant 27 dager siden
@Sendong Shakur how is that excuse? this team is still best team the west have ever produced.
Riccardo De Pasquale
Riccardo De Pasquale 27 dager siden
Not excuses the team wins not the single player so...
Sendong Shakur
Sendong Shakur 27 dager siden
@Zevs stop the excuses lol
Zevs 28 dager siden
Its a team game, it doesnt matter if you put 5 best players in world in one team if they cant team up and understand game in same way
Mercury 28 dager siden
0-6 msi inc
Dounin 27 dager siden
If they even make it there, because, now all the regions play in 3 groups of 4 teams, there's no longer play-ins at MSI. Top 2 from each group qualify to a single group of 6 teams. The rest of format is the same than previous MSIs from that point on.
Nisitha Madhawa
Nisitha Madhawa 28 dager siden
I think this loss because of hard JUNGLE DIFF ! Hate to say it but it is the case 😐 Wunder n Jankos didn't perform well in this split. Top lane was most of time on back foot. Feels like top diff too in some games.. Also G2 mid + jungle didn't perform well this split either. This is not the G2 we knew before 😑 MAD n RGE found their correct recipe. G2 need to go back to their old aggressive style + pressure the enemy from the beginning.. 4 times back to back champions having a little break is not a bad thing. Sometimes winning every split makes players blind their weak points.. Hope they can learn n figure it out well and come back next split stronger than ever.. ♥ Winning Worlds is the biggest prize. not the MSI. They already won a MSI..
Som Dood
Som Dood 28 dager siden
Ya know i've been a fnatic fan since season 2 mostly becuase of Rekkles. So he made the switch and i found myself cheering for g2 this year along side of FNC instead of hating on them for stealing Caps i still feel kind of dirty lol... anyway it used to be all of Europe aspiring to beat G2 and Fnc, i think what we all witnessed this split was Europe finally caught up. this past split has been so much more competitive than every other split. Mad and Rogue, as sad as i am to see Rekkles and Caps lose, They both deserved their wins because they fought hard for it. Happy for both teams, Sad for my team but so excited about what next split is going to be like becuase G2 is going to come back stronger than ever and competition is going to be fierce.
razR❶ 28 dager siden
nopost.info/throw/rda0h4qzq66Pf8k/video Support my editing and hard work guys
Keen Observer
Keen Observer 28 dager siden
G2 with perkz was a hyper-active team that would often end games pre 30 min. They would force fights and dives every few minutes and get loads of kills. This year G2 is very slow and methodical, and I think that this new play-style of theirs puts a lot less pressure on enemy teams. I think they need to find a way to revert to their old agressive style because without it they are not special anymore and teams like MAD and RGE can actually stomp them.
14th Noah
14th Noah 27 dager siden
... its more like top gap and jg diff that they lost. if u were watching the games, inspired outplayed jankos every single game even in game 1
Vv Mew
Vv Mew 28 dager siden
It’s not possible when meta doesn’t allow it. It was easy to do that, when the meta was suiting aggressive playstyle. Even if Perkz was still in G2 their playstyle would probably be identical to as it is now.
Calistake047 28 dager siden
Rekkles moves to G2 to win and G2 don't make finals for the first time in years... that stings, man. Honestly don't know what happened in these playoffs, G2 were looking sharp all split and then sweated vs Schalke on the very first series, then got stomped by Mad and Rogue. Weird contrast.
Vilius V
Vilius V 27 dager siden
@Tomáš Ištok Rekkles played incredible, so I dunno what you on about Caps was playing TF match awful, then Sylas I was shouting to steal Oriannas ult even... He kept taking Varus... they would of took the baron from them if he took Oriannas ult instead of Varus in the pit...
Tomáš Ištok
Tomáš Ištok 27 dager siden
they are just not the best players anymore...there are other players who steped up and outgrown them...caps is the only one now who can compete the best and g2 need to play around him if they want to win something
winchesterdean1 27 dager siden
"they are just trolling" - "they're just goofing around" - "they will show up when it matters" "they just wanted more games so they went lower bracket"
Jay Valde
Jay Valde 27 dager siden
Honestly I think the jungle was so massive in all games and the better jungle won after going back and rewatching the games so much pressure was exerted by rouge and idk I felt like wunder was kinda invisible most of the games or at least less useful then rouges top
Catherine Fonseca
Catherine Fonseca 28 dager siden
Ricardo Miguel
Ricardo Miguel 28 dager siden
Rekkles: im going to win if i move to g2 Also g2 dont going to finals on first split with rekkles
Ricardo Miguel
Ricardo Miguel 27 dager siden
@Paulo ZS facts
Paulo ZS
Paulo ZS 28 dager siden
Really sad, not his fault tho.
Tur Zo
Tur Zo 28 dager siden
Unlucky solo q promos for Rekkles, why is it titled LEC semifinals though?
Genesis World Games
Genesis World Games 28 dager siden
g2 = gold 2. Fk them.
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 28 dager siden
G2 didn't lose this. Jankos lost this for G2.
Perle The Budgie
Perle The Budgie 28 dager siden
aaah verifed
Samuel Bonafe
Samuel Bonafe 28 dager siden
Henrik Hörnke
Henrik Hörnke 28 dager siden
Like that rekkles really stayed calm in that Interview is kinda crazy. Like i'd be so fucking tilted if i had to do this Interview for winning mvp after just dropping out. I think the Interview would've been better before the series just for the players. I mean of course it's super hype if you win the series and than you're super hyped etc but so it's tbh kinda depressing
Will 28 dager siden
It was originally scheduled to be before the game but due to road closures the players arrived late. I do agree the losers interviews are harder to watch though
Nahuel Chira Muro
Nahuel Chira Muro 28 dager siden
the question now should be, will G2 buy the star players from teams like rogue and ML, next split or next year??
Fire Bolt
Fire Bolt 28 dager siden
Rekkles always the best ❤️
Mr Moss
Mr Moss 28 dager siden
The supreme holiday scilly nod because dime enthrallingly imagine than a tan wood. sweet, ambiguous harp
craienn. 28 dager siden
Sachin Gireesh
Sachin Gireesh 28 dager siden
It's a remix of the summoner's rift opening theme.
Chris Ott
Chris Ott 28 dager siden
G2, fun picks game 2. Thank you. Remember, viewers win when the picks a fun and fresh.
Aeon 28 dager siden
Easy 3-1 prediction for Rogue. Seriously don't understand why everyone was thinking G2 would smash Rogue. G2 was looking really poor in their last few matches and Rogue was looking a lot better.
Scarmion6 28 dager siden
g2's draft is really bad. and Jankos never win even once with udyr. why even pick it again and again? even Jankos's Illia is much better than his udyr
mistersir -
mistersir - 28 dager siden
look at the games. I think the drafts were really bad ofc but if they went full scaling every game they would just win every of that. Rouge played the early really well but then they made mistakes. If G2 just scale up they win late in the important fights and turn the game, just like in game 1 they win the series
KowareyasuiOkami 28 dager siden
THROKKLES!!! KEEP THROWING REK!!!! I only came to see his reaction again, so sweet!
00Starlord00 28 dager siden
5:59:45 can someone explain me why odoamne was so pissed?
Jonius7 27 dager siden
Probably didn't want to overcelebrate since he also wants to win the Final
GIYU 27 dager siden
He didn't know how to react at that point 🤣
Felgycat 28 dager siden
@dandu wp yiyi we shilling solobolo
dandu 28 dager siden
just yoking
Felgycat 28 dager siden
He probably felt uncomfortable with all of the compliments and positive recognition
saras sadauskas
saras sadauskas 28 dager siden
pick more udyr and karma G2 :D :D
AofCastle 28 dager siden
Hello, G2? No refunds
Elias Pernefors
Elias Pernefors 28 dager siden
As a G2 fan, im ofcourse a bit sad they didnt win but at the same thime kinda glad that they are not dominating everything. It should feel good when they win a split or even a bo5 and not just "business as usual". Hope this makes them realize they can not just lay back with the hakuna matata attitude as the rest of europe catches up with them and that they actually start "tryharding" a bit more.
snaggiz 27 dager siden
A tryharding G2 is hella scary. They should bring it out.
Kai Kaike
Kai Kaike 28 dager siden
I think g2 lost a lot of drive when perkz left hopefully they can find it again !!
Shade Blitz
Shade Blitz 28 dager siden
Hakuna Matata left when Perkz left
Bastien Pavion
Bastien Pavion 28 dager siden
Exactly you said everything 😉
Lexi Anonym
Lexi Anonym 28 dager siden
If G2 has million number of fans i am one of them . if G2 has ten fans i am one of them. if G2 have only one fan and that is me . if G2 has no fans, that means i am no more on the earth . if world against the G2, i am against the world. i love G2 till my last breath..
AphrO_JoKeZ 28 dager siden
Alessandro Baselli
Alessandro Baselli 28 dager siden
@Toni Taku or fnc
S1lkySS 28 dager siden
@Toni Taku Lol 😂
Toni Taku
Toni Taku 28 dager siden
I know an other Organization who would appreciate your special type loyalty, its IsIs
Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson 28 dager siden
G2 didn't lose this. Jankos lost this for G2.
Nisitha Madhawa
Nisitha Madhawa 28 dager siden
true.. this is not the Jankos we saw in last 2 years..
?????? 28 dager siden
are we going to pretend caps and wunder and miky really didn’t perform either?
Matthijs Dresscher
Matthijs Dresscher 28 dager siden
inspired rekt him so hard xD
Uğur Ata
Uğur Ata 28 dager siden
It felt like only caps and rekkless wanted to win this series. Well played by Rogue specially Inspired.
Grave Plot
Grave Plot 27 dager siden
I hoppe Rekkles leave g2 because he bring disgusting fan base in g2.Imagine blaming caps.
Grave Plot
Grave Plot 27 dager siden
Caps only try .Rekkles was to passive.
Paulo ZS
Paulo ZS 28 dager siden
@Habeev07 Stfu hater
Andreas Lundgren
Andreas Lundgren 28 dager siden
@Habeev07 He's literally played twitch, kog maw, jinx and vayne in the past on stage. He is known for his jinx/vayne and to some extent twitch in fact. He plays it regularily in solo queue as well, its about prioritizing what they believe are good champions in the meta and champions that work with the team well. But sure, guess he must be so washed up crazy bad adc who just consistently is a top performing adc at worlds every year....
Akash Veerappan
Akash Veerappan 28 dager siden
@Habeev07 lol bud says he wouldn't take risks then who plays the assassin adc kaisa and ults in? Your mom?
Zoilo Ruaya
Zoilo Ruaya 28 dager siden
Im a G2 fans, but this time G2 got "KARMA". 😐😑
Dentros 27 dager siden
why what happened
Policiuc Gabriel
Policiuc Gabriel 28 dager siden
Odoamne!Odoamne!Odoamne! Esti extraordinar! Deabia astept sa vad cum ai sa castigi maine! Romanian Blood!
Fotios Vakakis
Fotios Vakakis 28 dager siden
This is what happens when you have the 5 most talented players, who publicly say they dont practice well because "we'll probably win anyway" and are complacent vs hungry hardworking young blood who will give their all to take the throne
Andreas Lundgren
Andreas Lundgren 27 dager siden
@Patrick McCarthy Lots of pros say soloQ is a must to limit test/learn new matchups/keep your mechanics in check and get a better read on the meta and op picks. Chinese pros and korean pros SPAM soloQ way more than EU or NA pros which is why their mechanics often look so much more refined...
PAGGER 27 dager siden
@Patrick McCarthy Then how the fuck you want to even have stable mechanics and decision making. They can't only play scrims. Scrims are not "more competitive soloq"
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy 28 dager siden
@Andreas Lundgren Why do you need to grind solo queue? Solo Queue is toxic and you would lose your love for the game if you do nothing but practice solo queue
StarClay666 28 dager siden
@mistersir - no, they have literally said that lol
Andreas Lundgren
Andreas Lundgren 28 dager siden
@Votrsa Games Wunder uninstalled wow for 4 days, as if 4 days of practicing limit testing and matchups in solo queue will fix months/years of slacking off. He is very talented player but he went from beating the shit out of nuguri in 2019 to getting completely clapped by him back in 2020 and other tops and now losing lane hard to LEC tops whilst not providing much utility in the games. That being said Jankos and Miky have been performing even worse this split and are looking really lost. They need to find their footing again because I have no doubt they are the best talent there is in europe still.
TropicalParadise 28 dager siden
So glad the pride filled prideful G2 Loses.
Berend Van Beerschot
Berend Van Beerschot 28 dager siden
compañeros :v :v
compañeros :v :v 28 dager siden
perkz le gana
Giulliana Rampinelli
Giulliana Rampinelli 28 dager siden
So many emotions. The interview with Odo and seeing him cry with happy tears made me cry and suddenly laugh when 5:59:37 happens... then Rekkles so heartbroken even with the MVP nomination, man.. What a split.
craienn. 28 dager siden
6:29:18 Does some1 know the name of this song/sound?
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 28 dager siden
same dude, I cried seeing him cry. Super happy for him well deserved!
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 28 dager siden
Inspired mega smurfing still not a top 5 jungler in the world, sadge
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham 27 dager siden
@Savage Cabbage Wanna bet then? I bet C9 would absolutely WALK over Rogue/MAD at MSI. Dont care bout DK/FPX cuz they are playing a different game but Rogue? I would gladly take it anyday Loser has to make a public apology ok? Im all ears
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 27 dager siden
@Aubrey Graham I'll be laughing when clown9 gets destroyed by DWG, FPX, RGE and every minor region, also blaber never faced karsa, nice silver stats bruh.
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham 27 dager siden
​@Savage Cabbage Well keep crying I guess? REMEMBER that Blaber is going to MSI to duke it out with DK and FPX while your dogshit Jankos is crying at home watching Rogue/MAD taking his place at King of Europe. But whatever I guess stay mad and bad.
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 27 dager siden
@Aubrey Graham lmao okay bud you are delusional, you are talking about achievements, last time blaber was at worlds was in 2019 where they got ass blasted 2-4 in groups. where as jankos has gone to semi finals 4 times, one world finals and won msi. I watch LEC, LCK and LCS and NA is dog shit blaber is not even top 10, he is insane in NA not when it comes to the rest of the world.
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham 27 dager siden
@Savage Cabbage What? Seriously you really need to watch more League. Specifically watch his performance vs Jankos himself at worlds and RR. I know that NA is pretty trash and Blaber basically has no competition there BUT he has been to worlds, he broke the best of junglers (namely Karsa who is SIGNIFICANTLY better than any junglers in EU atm) and carried C9 through some of the most insane runs ever. He fkin EARNT the respect. Its basically NONSENSE comparing Jankos and Blaber. Jankos played in the greatest team EU has ever seen while Blaber... Yeah. But Blaber SHOWED up when it mattered the most while Jankos... Well it has been 5 years now I have not yet seen anything from him. Maybe at MSI 2019 he shitted on TL but clearly that is just an one off. The rest of EU junglers... Yeah they are just shite tbh we all saw what MAD/Rogue achieved with those guys at worlda already. No reasons to bring them up to bring EU more shame tbh
Nokata 28 dager siden
Why Jankos why?
Nisitha Madhawa
Nisitha Madhawa 28 dager siden
@Savage Cabbage did nothing useful is the thing...
TropicalParadise 28 dager siden
Jankos is so annoying in voice comms/videos. I can't imagine being around that 24/7
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 28 dager siden
@Carlos Ciprés Jankos plays for his lanes which is bad when jankos is bad he still tries to gank instead of power farming we have no idea who's calling all of this
Giulliana Rampinelli
Giulliana Rampinelli 28 dager siden
You could see that the whole match he was really disappointed with himself :C I feel very sad for him because he was trying so hard and couldn't find anything.. kinda lost actually
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 28 dager siden
@Nokata oh yeah lol. also, inspired was mega smurfing
Srta. Yume
Srta. Yume 28 dager siden
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Ricardo Miguel
Ricardo Miguel 28 dager siden
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when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares
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