Chris Froome Leaving Ineos: Lanterne Rouge and Cameron Jeffers Reaction

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4 måneder siden

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Lanterne Rouge and Cameron Jeffers react to the news that seven-time Grand Tour winner Chris Froome will leave Team Ineos at the end of the season to bring an end to a decade-long association with Sir Dave Brailsford’s team.
The four-time Tour de France winner is set to join the Israel Start-Up Nation squad for next season after seeing his leadership role within what was Team Sky challenged by the emergence of both Geraint Thomas and the young Egan Bernal, who have won the past two editions of the Tour between them.

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MrJonyish 2 måneder siden
Interesting choice to have the disgraced Cameron Jeffers guess he makes cool videos and said sorry
HkFinn83 3 måneder siden
Do ITV know they have hired someone with multiple videos hating in British riders and calling them all drug users while worshipping other riders with actual convictions. I’ll send some links to ITV and report back in their comments.
HkFinn83 3 måneder siden
John Condon
John Condon 3 måneder siden
Great to see you on ITV. Keep the excellent videos coming
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen 4 måneder siden
"it's about leadership" ... or is it about a 5 million/year long term contract for a man coming off one of the most serious cycling injuries of the past few years? I'm sure the leadership situation mattered, but I'd bet anything it was financial decision first and foremost. I've seen too many journalists (at other outlets more than in this video) unquestioningly accept Brailsford's comments. It's Dave Brailsford! Respect the man, but strategy comes before honesty for him.
J Clark
J Clark 4 måneder siden
Please make all the videos available in Canada - this is the only one available. Thanks!
Brent Perez
Brent Perez 4 måneder siden
TDF podium prediction: 1.) Bernal, Roglich, Thomas. Froome is awesome, but time is not on his side.
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey 4 måneder siden
Keep lanterne hired and pay him loads
Lorenz Meier
Lorenz Meier 4 måneder siden
I love seeing lanterne rouge on here, a great addition i think
Dun Kno
Dun Kno 4 måneder siden
Yeh itv you did the job with this. Welcome to the new world. Lanterne you’re a fucking g
BJM276 4 måneder siden
All anyone wants to know is will froome ride as leader this year for Ines. Everything else is irrelevant
Eddy 4 måneder siden
A very uncertain topic but as always you gave it the correct spin; can you comment which team and/or rider will win the Tour this year , muchas thanks ?
Nigel Wood
Nigel Wood 4 måneder siden
Will he get picked to ride ?
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall 4 måneder siden
Finally LR being picked up! 🙌🙌 Keep the truth bombs coming and keep your style!
FreeLoader 4 måneder siden
Gerraint Thomas should also go to another team. Wouldn’t that be more interesting?
Adam Mills
Adam Mills 4 måneder siden
I think it was a brilliant move and Froome will finish 2nd.
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez 4 måneder siden
joining Israel Start-Up is the shoking thing for me
Andrew Sandoz
Andrew Sandoz 4 måneder siden
If I were in Froome's shoes and given the fact that lneos has multiple leaders and that Bernal is not on board with riding for Froome...I would leave. Israel needs to beef up their squad to support a grand tour rider. Also Froome is in the twilight of his career. Should be an interesting tour. Between Ineos and Jumbo?
Tringmotion e-bike & Cycle Store
Tringmotion e-bike & Cycle Store 4 måneder siden
Well done ITV sport for signing "cycling statto" 😁
hupra72 4 måneder siden
Chris will jump on the sky train once his domestiques are burnt out. Chris will be in great condition. The global pandemic that forced the tour to be delayed I believe aided him. He’s a stubborn son of a bitch.
Reagan Macdavid Chengamali
Reagan Macdavid Chengamali 4 måneder siden
This is the perfect disguise. The tdf peloton will all ignore Chris because: 1. We are now saying his Old 2. We are now all saying his on his own. 3. Let's focus on Barnal and Thomas...they are young and fresh. Plus the team is behind them. Chris needs this. It removes the panic from him. Makes him angry and try to prove a point..and yeah. The Ineos mechanical wont work. Chris will show us.
Reagan Macdavid Chengamali
Reagan Macdavid Chengamali 4 måneder siden
@Fidji Merveille its Armstrong and Team Vs Contador reborn.
Fidji Merveille
Fidji Merveille 4 måneder siden
You are right
Reagan Macdavid Chengamali
Reagan Macdavid Chengamali 4 måneder siden
Finally, someone who has said what I have been envisioning. Thanks Jeffers. When Chris Won the Vuelta, Contador stood next to him. That is almost poetic. Chris will be the rebirth of Lance Armstrong vs Contador. He will win this solo.
Joel Guerin-Simard
Joel Guerin-Simard 4 måneder siden
it would be so insane if froome is at his top form this year and drops bernal et thomas and goes for yellow on himself! that would make the most exciting tdf of recent years!
John Phelan
John Phelan 4 måneder siden
Ineos clearly planned to exit him for past 2 years
Ray Cathode
Ray Cathode 4 måneder siden
why would you pair someone with the intellect of LR with Cameron Jeffers, its a complete mismatch
Jelly Racing
Jelly Racing 4 måneder siden
Love LR's new cut.
Stuart Trigg
Stuart Trigg 4 måneder siden
How about getting an actual cycling commentator who knows what they are talking about.....
Felix RG
Felix RG 4 måneder siden
Takuan 4 måneder siden
What an inconsequential waffle fest!
richard coulson
richard coulson 4 måneder siden
Frankenstein’s hair cut 💇‍♂️
cyclops centurion
cyclops centurion 4 måneder siden
There will be no 2020 TDF.
robert muiruri
robert muiruri 4 måneder siden
Yeah it was a good move. He will have the help in Israel team . As for the gc he will win the 5th le your de france
Chris Warwick
Chris Warwick 4 måneder siden
Can he fully recover from the crash 🤔
Adrian Hibberd
Adrian Hibberd 4 måneder siden
It will be Froome 2 Egan 1 and G third
j a
j a 4 måneder siden
well done lanterne rouge, going to be commentating soon!
Josh Tipton
Josh Tipton 4 måneder siden
If Froome early transfers to ISN before 2020 tour, he has a good shot at winning. He could spill the beans about all of Ineos' tactics and could get the whole team behind him without leadership conflicts.
C B 4 måneder siden
cammys analysis is like a wet sock.
FUCK YOU GOOGLE 4 måneder siden
this was announced in Israel way before Ineos announced it. im talking mid may it was known.
luke cooper
luke cooper 4 måneder siden
It’s was on insta for me as well
Fernando VILLARREAL 4 måneder siden
Those ear buds look silly
Ystadcop 4 måneder siden
Vacuous young boys with dodgy accents and dodgy haircuts spouting from positions of almost no knowledge whatsoever. Utter bollocks.
Lanterne Rouge
Lanterne Rouge 4 måneder siden
I 100% agree, especially the Australian one his haircut is atrocious. I would like to speak to the manager ASAP to have this disaster rectified post haste
Alex Biggs
Alex Biggs 4 måneder siden
I think maybe the biggest thing that wasn't talked about so much here was Ineos's perspective in not re-signing Froome and/or giving him the ability to take sole leadership: probably a calculation they made considering the hand they already had in store - Bernal, and then G as a great backup option, albeit not much younger than Froome. Further, besides the fact Froome is 35, and his best years likely are behind him - there's no reason to think a slightly declined Froome couldn't compete for a 5th TdF with a super strong team: Ineos. So that would leave me to believe that Ineos has seen the proof (or lack thereof) in the pudding; his numbers - even after full recovery from that horrific crash - just aren't the same as they were. They're probably aren't even in the same ballpark. Even if Froome's FTP, for instance, is 90-95% of what it was pre-crash, Ineos knows that's not enough to win the Tour - and there's a good chance he might not even make top 5 with that. It's a tough decision, I get that. But I think it was the right one considering their roster. I have no clue how Froome will fare with ISN, but it should be interesting.
3d quick
3d quick 4 måneder siden
15 million euro pension plan at Israeli Retirement Home with Greipel and Martin, smart move.
Ben Rennison
Ben Rennison 4 måneder siden
Rouge shaved his neck for Prime Time boys!
Henry Lee
Henry Lee 4 måneder siden
Why do you have a cheat on the show?
Enda Williamson
Enda Williamson 4 måneder siden
You didn't mention the two week escapades of Alaphilippe in last year's tour - that was gripping, exciting and for me one of the most compelling storylines in a recent bike race. Magnifique.
Derrick Lewis
Derrick Lewis 4 måneder siden
wha a bunch of lemons? get rekt
Max Karl
Max Karl 4 måneder siden
Is this a mullet ?
deepat 4 måneder siden
Well done LR youl be live at the races in a few years!
Zika Peric
Zika Peric 4 måneder siden
Lanterne Rouge should provide regular commentary ... itv sports should sign him
Ollie Bod cycling
Ollie Bod cycling 4 måneder siden
Froome might come top 5, but with Israel Start Up Nation not as technical as INS Froome might find it hard to adapt, I don't know?
Ollie Bod cycling
Ollie Bod cycling 4 måneder siden
Nice to see Cameron Jeffers and Lanterne Rouge on ITV Sport
Mohammad Danyal Faridi
Mohammad Danyal Faridi 4 måneder siden
That slick hair is so TV mate - glad to see your transition getting bigger and more danker!
MAX__Apex 4 måneder siden
Get LR over to France and on the tv show or in the commentary box
Henry Cash
Henry Cash 4 måneder siden
difficult to predict froome's performance since the injury. gut says he wont podium though
Tony Gestro
Tony Gestro 4 måneder siden
Froome all the way just mark bernal he will be biggest threat from ineos.
glenn oc
glenn oc 4 måneder siden
Durianrider tried to get Jeffers on his channel but you did it LR.
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 måneder siden
At TDF the key becomes who’s in contention at the start of the 3rd week. Froome is the master at that and I think all 3 will work to stay safe and in the top 10 till then. In the third week he who’s leading will get supported without burning too many matches.
AUA 4 måneder siden
Hope they have good drugs in the start-up nation
JM A 4 måneder siden
Perhaps... Froome’s crash has left him unable to compete at the top level. Ineos and Froome decided they’d pretend their was a leadership battle. Froome left on a big money deal knowing that he wouldn’t be able to compete with the best. Just a theory. Hopefully wrong.
A G Wal
A G Wal 4 måneder siden
Froome has produced some of his best racing when his back's against the wall (so to speak). I think we could be in for a big surprise... He won't be racing for Ineos; he will be racing for Chris Froome, the greatest GC rider of his generation.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 4 måneder siden
Addition of Lanterne Rouge to your channel means a subscription from me. Don't look at the youth and the different style. He is a proper expert journalist, the likes of which don't exist in TV cycling coverage at the moment. Thanks for using him and I look forward to more in future.
Aristarchus French
Aristarchus French 4 måneder siden
lr is a kook, he is yet to be correct in his analysis, per all the pro riders anyway.
Jeffrey Hoeper
Jeffrey Hoeper 4 måneder siden
The big question is -- "Is it even physically possible for Froome to come back from his injuries?" They were bad. But if he has recovered fully, then it may be a question of the kinds of friendships he has formed with his team members over the years. Strong friendships will equal strong support. Froome may see this as his last real chance at getting to five Tour victories since Ineos is such a strong team. Where's my popcorn? Bernal gets time in the mountains; Froome gets time in the TT; Thomas rides for Bernal.
The Pocketvalley Rocket
The Pocketvalley Rocket 4 måneder siden
Chris will get 3. Or 4.
sejel harilal
sejel harilal 4 måneder siden
Sky is Ruthless and yet again has chosen to throw their leader out. however it maybe a good move if Froome is over the hill. if he wins the TDF, it's a bit embarrassing for them
Mark Munro
Mark Munro 4 måneder siden
Yes. Good move. Its like asking your lady friend what she really wants in the relationship and find out you want different things. I think he will come 28th in the 2020 TdF.
Mat Gregory
Mat Gregory 4 måneder siden
No adidas on LTR today :P
Kristian Niss
Kristian Niss 4 måneder siden
Thanks for bringing Lanterne Rouge in and removing the geoblock
Felix Jackson
Felix Jackson 4 måneder siden
Must say when Team Sky became Ineos it broke the magic...for me. Sky were legendary,amazing. Big Chemical company? Hmmm. Hope Chris Froome can flourish and have a couple more winning years. Ineos too many chiefs perhaps. Love to see Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome on the podium this year.
Sheridan Halls
Sheridan Halls 4 måneder siden
Best signing I've ever seen from a team in my entire life. Can you imagine it, waking up and being told... this year you will be joined by the genuine best in the business... the inimitable.... Lanterne Rouge! Great job ITV Sport! You've just massively raised the quality level of your cycling reporters. (Just don't ask him to be neutral when Quintana is around!!)
Sheridan Halls
Sheridan Halls 4 måneder siden
I can't see G taking leadership. It would be massive for Ineos for Froome to take a 5th tour with them and join the all time greats. G just doesn't have the same winning desperation, or the ability level as Bernal and Froome. He will be a ridiculously powerful domestique, and having him there will be the difference between them winning it and not, and if Froome or Bernal fall off he will become a very good backup rider. (let's face it, even as a domestique he will be in touching distance of the lead). So Froome and Bernal joint leadership. An incredible time for cycling, and many genuine contenders for this years tour across a few teams.
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams 4 måneder siden
I really want for Chris to win his 5th tdf but Cameron is right, this move is good for racing. The sky train dulled competition. It would be nice for them to loose their edge, which we started to see last year - even though Bernal won.
Lynn Kidd
Lynn Kidd 4 måneder siden
Froome has not raced a Grand Tour in 2 years! Plus with his crash last year, I don't see him making the Podium. He could get 5th place in GC.
Tom Mallard
Tom Mallard 4 måneder siden
My flash-> nobody will work for him this year, a hope that Columbians set him back in the TT enough to shake his dream & work for the team. If he's a champion he'll support the youngster, that's his duty to the sport at many levels, his stature in the history assured. Team Israel seems like a good move but why bring it up before the Tour, it implies ruffled feathers in the nest? ... crazy.
Alex Barry
Alex Barry 4 måneder siden
Yes lad you love to see it
Daz solimani
Daz solimani 4 måneder siden
Great to see both of you on a video
Joseph van Smirren
Joseph van Smirren 4 måneder siden
Good move for froome and the sport, more competition. Get that bag
lucky ali
lucky ali 4 måneder siden
Froomedog is gonna smoke everyone on the climb and itt.
MishMash 4 måneder siden
Fantastic content :) Looking forward to the tour, always enjoy tuning into the 1hr highlights!
leslie rhodes
leslie rhodes 4 måneder siden
I think if Chris Froome says look follow me to the top of the Tour de France it should be Ennios. 123 at the tour
Andrethetiny 4 måneder siden
LR lookin sharp
Malandirix 4 måneder siden
ITV has always done my favourite cycling coverage and LR joining the team is a dream come true. Imlach and LR. What amazing coverage that would be.
Sergi Planas
Sergi Planas 4 måneder siden
Love these two guys 🙌🏼
SRA SmokingPuppy841
SRA SmokingPuppy841 4 måneder siden
I think it makes sense for Froome to leave, it's clear now that Bernal is the 'favourite child' of the team. Prediction for the Tour: I'd love for Froome to win, and I think it's possible, but I'm thinking a top 10 is the realistic expectation.
Warren Wood
Warren Wood 4 måneder siden
Great video. I feel like LR has carved a great value niche in cycling commentary. I fully expect Matt Keenan and Robbie McEwan to do the race, but can see LR providing post-race analysis and insight. It's crack for cycling fans. GCN has become a billboard for brands, these two deliver real value for your clicks, likes, and subscribes.
mental9mikey 4 måneder siden
Amazing to see LR on mainstream media!! Great job @itvsport 👏🏻
TopgunB 4 måneder siden
Froome back off and spend time with his family? You have no idea who Froome is! It will be no compromise!
Adam West
Adam West 4 måneder siden
Cams analysis is a bit painful and just nothing on the LR level.
X X 4 måneder siden
Luke Norman Thanks for that, I do of course see now that you are correct. It’s far more important to get a popular NOpost celebrity rather than someone knowledgeable on the topic being discussed. I look forward to the upcoming PewDiePie collaboration 👍
Luke Norman
Luke Norman 4 måneder siden
X X He’s a cycling youtuber and this is youtube? Cheer up 😂
X X 4 måneder siden
I don’t understand why LR even interviewed him. In what way is he any kind of expert on pro tour cyclists?
Judy Carlsen
Judy Carlsen 4 måneder siden
What will be really interesting is when early on in the TdeF, Fromme goes into a breakaway. How will management react for advising G and B back in the peloton?
Simon Stevo
Simon Stevo 4 måneder siden
Ineos savvy enough to bag the 1,2,3 for the team whatever the combination..has any team ever done that before? DB always after the next thing..a 1,2,3 same team..pretty awesome result for the team and it makes no real difference to them who is in which position.
G 4 måneder siden
Kept the sign off! So good. 'Ciao'.
lomilomi3535 4 måneder siden
I would never write off Froome. The TDF is a ways off yet ...absolutely he can win. He will figure out a way..Kill it in the time trial and hang if not win in the high mountains.He has plenty time to get in shape.
RadioSnivins 4 måneder siden
Shoulda joined Team Shakespeare.
Phil 4 måneder siden
remains to be seen just how good Froome will be after such a horrific crash, getting back to his best will be extraordinarily difficult and unlikely this year and I think surpassing his previous best is not possible at this point
Tom & Rachelles First Dance
Tom & Rachelles First Dance 4 måneder siden
I still think froome can do it still as he is still a great TT rider so will still always gain time there and I think he will be super motivated to prove a point. In the next couple of years I hope he goes full Contador and starts doing crazy attacks 50 or so km from the finish like he did in the giro.
Malandirix 4 måneder siden
Unless Israel signs some strong domestiques Froome is going to have perfect tactics and strategy to have a chance at even the podium next year.
Tyron Pedlar
Tyron Pedlar 4 måneder siden
Question: Who on earth is going to be able to support Chris Froome in the Mountains at ICA ?
Joe BEECH 4 måneder siden
Poor form by Ineos. Hope Froome smashes them. Long term, I feel it will be good for the sport.
X X 4 måneder siden
Say what? What exactly is it you think Ineos have done wrong?
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey 4 måneder siden
1:froome 2: dumoulin 3: roglic
AJ P 4 måneder siden
I don't think Froome's position at Ineos was tenable for much longer. He's been the top dog in the team since 2012 and he's 35, so a possible 2 more seasons around the top. Bernal is Ineos' future, as he's said repeatedly. G has at least 2 more seasons at the top. So, yeah, Froome and Ineos didn't really have a choice. Sad, but it is what it is.
Fidji Merveille
Fidji Merveille 4 måneder siden
Ineos decision is understandable because Froome wanted sole leadership and they can't because Bernal is 23 and won the tour so obviously the leadership would have to be shared between 3 guys in the future and the decision was never about money or the injury of Froome
Niklas Hylander
Niklas Hylander 4 måneder siden
Ineos have signd laurens de plus for Next year allredy
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