THE CROODS 2 Trailer (2020) A NEW AGE, Animation Movie

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THE CROODS 2 Trailer (2020) A NEW AGE, Animation, Comedy Movie
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Movie Coverage
Movie Coverage 11 dager siden
THE CROODS 2 "Punch Monkey Kingdom" Scene 😉 >>
Hidecazio Jr
Hidecazio Jr 8 dager siden
Km ł
Joseph Simpson
Joseph Simpson 20 timer siden
I came expecting dirty jokes about the thumbnail, and instead I found genuine enthusiasm and hopes for a WLW relationship. Pleasant surprise!
Me And sis
Me And sis 21 time siden
Siham Arfi
Siham Arfi 22 timer siden
I watched this in a movie with my friends and you are showing the correct thing
Stevie Jo Borer
Stevie Jo Borer Dag siden
When does it come out .
Skyelight Faze
Skyelight Faze Dag siden
I'm so excited
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels Dag siden
I fucking love love it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lala lala
Lala lala Dag siden
“The world’s first family” 🤔? Kid movie or not, this is whitewashing history. It’s scientifically proven life started in Africa, and Blacks were the first humans to exist. So this family should of been a black family. Bottom line
sasuke Dag siden
And i oop
Jennifer Nickson
Jennifer Nickson 2 dager siden
this trailer is less cringey than that stupid baby 2 trailer
Emerald RR
Emerald RR 2 dager siden
Hey the movie never disappoints me love it
suzzy apetiga
suzzy apetiga 2 dager siden
i like this movie
Mee Kyou
Mee Kyou 2 dager siden
Jannat Jahan
Jannat Jahan 2 dager siden
“Never has a girlfriend before” awwww cute wonder when their first date is
Ultimate EDM Mixes
Ultimate EDM Mixes 3 dager siden
What song gets mixed in around 1:30 in?
stegius 25
stegius 25 3 dager siden
looks like Venelope is a Lebanese
SARA GUERRA 3 dager siden
gamer's little playground
EdgyTeenager 3 dager siden
Lets be real who even goes to movie theaters anymore ?
DR. Nur Nadiyah Suppiah
DR. Nur Nadiyah Suppiah 3 dager siden
I watch it in the cinema!!!💞😍😃
Trinity Mitchell
Trinity Mitchell 3 dager siden
Me too
Fahad Hussain
Fahad Hussain 4 dager siden
Once I had dream that a archeologist went on a expedition and they bring the father and the daughter and the daughter turns into a tiger and kills the father and the the daughter turns back to human and realizes what she did and the archeologist just standing there like :(
fardosa abdikadir
fardosa abdikadir 4 dager siden
😂😂😂Nanny is my forever favourite
ShiranuiCS 4 dager siden
They're girlfriends, your honour
Sporgus Wacc
Sporgus Wacc 5 dager siden
Didnt eep have white jaguar fur at the end of croods 1????
Ahlena Stokes
Ahlena Stokes 5 dager siden
where is this movie coming out in
Jaquelin Portillo
Jaquelin Portillo 5 dager siden
WOW cool
Dipa Abraham
Dipa Abraham 5 dager siden
Thumbs got a girlfriend?
Hoe Zilla
Hoe Zilla 5 dager siden
Sequel better not ruin this movie
Brooklynn Black
Brooklynn Black 5 dager siden
hate the part 2
Rhys dR
Rhys dR 6 dager siden
M 2
M 2 6 dager siden
M 2
M 2 6 dager siden
1:30.. yeap still cave people....nothing changed😟
llise c
llise c 6 dager siden
The last scene of Guy and Dawn had me thinking. I'm very disturbed.
Great graphics, try to be funny but fails, the script is so limp.
kesha iz cute
kesha iz cute 6 dager siden
I just watched this film and y'all.... IT WAS GOOD. Dont miss it!!!!
Trinity Mitchell
Trinity Mitchell 3 dager siden
@Cute Sugar movies
Cute Sugar
Cute Sugar 4 dager siden
Where did you watch ??
HipnikDragomir 6 dager siden
Okay, who asked for a Croods sequel? You can tell by the predictable premise that they did not care to make this.
Skydriver 6 dager siden
I just saw that today
Huginn Hjartarson
Huginn Hjartarson 6 dager siden
They all look Different.
Gothic Glypso
Gothic Glypso 7 dager siden
I STG if eep leaves guy for the other chick I’m shooting everyone who made this movie and then myself
Sreenandana Ak
Sreenandana Ak 7 dager siden
i didn't even realize Ryan Renolds voice acted in this-
Jakob Bohlender
Jakob Bohlender 7 dager siden
combine the bible with the croods lol
sammy r.
sammy r. 7 dager siden
I feel like the animation is too good lol and also why does everyone sound Dif
•yxurlxcalhxman• 7 dager siden
If guy ends I’m with the other girl and not Abe imma scream
•yxurlxcalhxman• 6 dager siden
@mama delyla and its okay
•yxurlxcalhxman• 6 dager siden
@mama delyla I didn’t see the movie yet
mama delyla
mama delyla 6 dager siden
Also I'm sorry I was rude I just liked dawn in the movie
•yxurlxcalhxman• 6 dager siden
@mama delyla rude much ._.
•yxurlxcalhxman• 6 dager siden
@mama delyla I-
Mochizzz Game Official
Mochizzz Game Official 7 dager siden
Is this a pretty-nice movie? Somebody answer me😉
Cherry _gacha
Cherry _gacha 7 dager siden
I just saw the movie rn in real life! It’s the best movie ever!!!
Aaliyah Posadas
Aaliyah Posadas 7 dager siden
1:53 "let me live my life" that made me laugh
Huginn Hjartarson
Huginn Hjartarson 7 dager siden
"Girlfriend?" I think you mean "Female Friend."
vitamingay 7 dager siden
Fuck the ending of the first Croods movie I guess lmao
MrFlipperInvader792 8 dager siden
1:55 the muscles though
MrFlipperInvader792 8 dager siden
*My House* and *Brand New* in the same trailer?
XxAyla SkixX
XxAyla SkixX 8 dager siden
Omg the new guy is hot☺ The new girl better not still him from Eep
UraniummasterX76 L
UraniummasterX76 L 8 dager siden
0:32 Belt: Dun dun duuunnn?
Venus 8 dager siden
since when did they bring a homeless Princess Jasmine into this? 😂
Pwincessa 9 dager siden
ok ok if the little bish steals guy im gonna have to kill somebody guy is eep's man ;|
Francisco Flores Bustamante
Francisco Flores Bustamante 9 dager siden
Emma "Stone" lmao
Snail Shell
Snail Shell 9 dager siden
Ngl I hope Eve is Bi because that would make the story better and Dawn not try to steal her mans or I'm feeding her to the pet tiger
Snail Shell
Snail Shell 9 dager siden
Also I like to make a comment belt and slash will probably like each other
Ashya Virliana
Ashya Virliana 9 dager siden
1:16 I think I've heard this song before, but I forgot, does anyone know the title of the song?
Link The dog
Link The dog 9 dager siden
Mcdonald Leyton
Mcdonald Leyton 9 dager siden
Movies sucks ass
Ark is Best while watching grapes
Ark is Best while watching grapes 9 dager siden
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 10 dager siden
The nut job 3 in cinmas December 19 2020 or in c8nmas jauary 21 2021 in reel digtel 3d that's my birthday
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 10 dager siden
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 10 dager siden
The nut job 3 january 21 2021
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 10 dager siden
In cinmas today in vermont. Friday november 27 at exss cinmas croods 2 a new age
Alanna's TV
Alanna's TV 10 dager siden
It drops tomorrow (sings in roar Katy Perry)
Buttercup The Tortoise
Buttercup The Tortoise 10 dager siden
Will Guy choose the new girl or Eep? I think the new girl just because they both have a “belt”
xXryy nooXx
xXryy nooXx 10 dager siden
The tree of life is real it’s beyond Antarctica! It provided everything we needed to live off nature. Their were a lot back in the day but they cut them all down! Satans working hard y’all to destroy the family unity and love we have one another. Don’t let this covid put fear in you. Work on you’re health and repeat to God and read he’s word. Bc he’s gonna take he’s true believers with him. Remember this is Satans earth. The master of all lies! Repent and forgive yourself and your enemy’s. Gods only taking the ones that got a pure heart. Love y’all and God Bless y’all too
Leslie- Ann Jones- Vassell
Leslie- Ann Jones- Vassell 10 dager siden
who else likes eep x guy
Kalianna Smith
Kalianna Smith 10 dager siden
I kinda agree with a comment where they said that’s guys family and his sister
nyansheepsleep 10 dager siden
CYCLOPS - FF 11 dager siden
Took you long enough ... Lol
999 FOREVER 11 dager siden
I can tell them two are gonna be the best of friends😊
Khalisa Hemraj
Khalisa Hemraj 11 dager siden
Ok guys let's fill up the comment section before we're removed cause of NOpost kids
Shem Roman
Shem Roman 12 dager siden
Myah Grace
Myah Grace 12 dager siden
I think they just showed us most of the movie but I can’t wait heheh
karlfrancis enierga
karlfrancis enierga 12 dager siden
Big Hero 6: The Heroes Sequel (2021) Release Date: June 2021
Lango Williams
Lango Williams 12 dager siden
wow a penut toe ppl dont have that LOL :)
Lango Williams
Lango Williams 12 dager siden
is funny how she said i nvm had a girl freind befor LOL :)
its Michael Jackson
its Michael Jackson 12 dager siden
Can't wait to see it.😃
Marie Kandarah
Marie Kandarah 12 dager siden
in my history class we're watching the croods! :D
dos tres
dos tres 12 dager siden
me having hope when i first saw it as and ad that they were lesbian and finding out it was platonic:
i_dont_care_ 6 dager siden
@Apple fluffy yes :(
Apple fluffy
Apple fluffy 10 dager siden
*sad queer noises*
dos tres
dos tres 12 dager siden
@cat foy it’s an animated movie. dont get your hopes up on representation
cat foy
cat foy 12 dager siden
I mean they could be bi
Unicornandhi_123 12 dager siden
belt and sasha is cute together MY NEW SHIPPPSSSS
Isaac Mwaibasa
Isaac Mwaibasa 12 dager siden
i love it
Gacha Daniel
Gacha Daniel 12 dager siden
Am I the only one who scroll down the comments even if it takes an eternity? ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?
Film boy 23
Film boy 23 13 dager siden
I've been a fan of this film for the longest time it's cool to see their making a sequel
Kristina’s Bubble
Kristina’s Bubble 13 dager siden
Hey I would love if you could check out my cover of once upon a dream from sleeping beauty 🥀 I love this song so much and had so much fun covering it 🖤
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 13 dager siden
i hope this is a lesbian love story
Preston Kerns
Preston Kerns 13 dager siden
Did they forget about Everyone’s New clothes that we saw at the end of the first Croods movie? Because they’re all wearing the same clothes again it’s almost like they completely forgot. I also really liked Eep’s black and white tiger print outfit, why did they revert back to the original
Avontae Clinton
Avontae Clinton 13 dager siden
2:36 Oh wow, literal wolf spiders
celandia fajardo
celandia fajardo 14 dager siden
Movie:*pictures end of the world as a colorful place were there are plants everywhere* People*pictures end of the world with electricity and tablets*
0422 1 Thunder
0422 1 Thunder 14 dager siden
Stg if they ruin this movie by unecessary feminism like they seem to do in every movie nowadays
GameStation3 13 dager siden
Do you still think that girls have cooties, or something?
The lazy Sloth
The lazy Sloth 14 dager siden
no hatecits comming out in 2021
Mikaela Colwell
Mikaela Colwell 14 dager siden
🌈 Hello LGBTQ Community 🌈
Gay_ Walrus69
Gay_ Walrus69 14 dager siden
Tristan John Maata
Tristan John Maata 14 dager siden
Tristan John Maata
Tristan John Maata Dag siden
@Gacha Daniel where will they post it??
Gacha Daniel
Gacha Daniel 12 dager siden
@Tristan John Maata 25th November 2020 I think...
Tony Starks
Tony Starks 14 dager siden
You Quiet In Public
You Quiet In Public 14 dager siden
mucid jack
mucid jack 15 dager siden
It took 8 years
Rushell Kh
Rushell Kh 15 dager siden
Ohh, la la
Margarette Kristah Reyes
Margarette Kristah Reyes 15 dager siden
i really hope this movie would show on FOXMOVIES because its part of disney best animation movie for 2020so sad cant watch in cinema because of covid
David Berchtold
David Berchtold 15 dager siden
I understand that this movie is going to be shown in "safe theater" where all patrons will be safe from the corona virus. Is there not a streaming service that features this movie yet?
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