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Wesley Virgin
Wesley Virgin Måned siden
l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her comment below let's gooooo
Gift amanda
Gift amanda Måned siden
I just made my second withdraw again today trading with expert Mrs Jane, I can't wait for the next 7 days to cash out again.
Jane wise
Jane wise Måned siden
I doubted it too before I give it a try........ And it was not regret.
Victoria Vute
Victoria Vute Måned siden
Anyone who introduced you to Mrs Jayne love you.
Sandra Drew
Sandra Drew Måned siden
Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Jane
Destiny Cyril
Destiny Cyril Måned siden
Her last week trade was boom boom!!!!
Broughton 90
Broughton 90 Måned siden
I've missed the first batch of packs will there be more tonight??
Ceez 9800
Ceez 9800 Måned siden
Watching minutes before the drop
Zak Måned siden
When do u reckon the full toty xi will be Monday or Friday
Zak Måned siden
Ryan O'Connor
Ryan O'Connor Måned siden
87 Ben Yedder
Jenson Williams
Jenson Williams Måned siden
Jokes u bro 😂
Frank T
Frank T Måned siden
My first time playing FIFA up to the TOTY... I have a pretty good squad right now. Balanced. Do most people sell off their entire team to grab one of these TOTY's and then rebuild their team? Just curious as to what the META is what people recommend to do. I could sell my squad and have about 7 million coins for TOTY Ronaldo. Are these cards so overpowering that it is worth to do?
Dramacydal Måned siden
I know Toty is always broken up into Attakcers,Midfield etc. But why is everyone saying: Oh 3 cards only its attackers. Which promo screen so far had all cards on the screen?
Liam Etkes
Liam Etkes Måned siden
I got gnabry
Edgars Malmanis
Edgars Malmanis Måned siden
I got Neymar
TobyFNM Måned siden
Kevin de bruyne has been confirmed, he posted it from his Instagram tagging EA with the award in his hand. I mean he was almost guaranteed anyway
Tyrike Seratan
Tyrike Seratan Måned siden
EA should release the full team at once 🙄 now I have to wait longer
josh holliss
josh holliss Måned siden
nick: im sending over todays content for the channel nicks editor: adds thanks for watching, doesnt edit anything. leaves with the bag
Salty Soul
Salty Soul Måned siden
Hope to God its the full team. I'm getting itchy i wanna spam packs so badly haha
vhid. Måned siden
I got 87 Bruno from mine
Flygande Flodhest
Flygande Flodhest Måned siden
should i sell my neymar? will he go down a lot?
Marko Evs
Marko Evs Måned siden
Watching Nick attempt a simple 83 rated squad with 60 chem is one of the funniest things you will ever see
Ben Volland
Ben Volland Måned siden
When would u recommend to buy these TOTYs
Bro Bro
Bro Bro Måned siden
It will be 1 def/mid/attacker. Makes everyone spend fifa points every day
Menduh Bytyqi
Menduh Bytyqi Måned siden
Anyone know when Ribery sbc card comes out?
Cheese Balls
Cheese Balls Måned siden
February 22nd
Semko Måned siden
got to choose from 2 randoms and variance and van dijk
Frederik grøn
Frederik grøn Måned siden
inform ben yedder 87🐀🐀🐀
Paddy Lawless
Paddy Lawless Måned siden
out of the 84+ pp i got kante
Toby Hamad
Toby Hamad Måned siden
I got 88 handanavich in my player pick and I put in a really cheap team I spent 7k on it and made a 35k profit
Duzza JDB9
Duzza JDB9 Måned siden
When is the buy time for Europa league road to the final promes, sometime to day with panic selling?
Ollie Damico
Ollie Damico Måned siden
I would recommend buying tomorrow as most people will sell there high rated expensive players to upgrade to toty cards so maybe at 9 uk time
Dave Crow
Dave Crow Måned siden
Could just be. 3 objectives
Armaan Zabihi
Armaan Zabihi Måned siden
They should bring upgrade packs with a choice of let’s say a bronze rare squad 90 chem for an 82+ double upgrade, if you wanna use golds then it’s just 8 commons 3 rares 40 chem. Gives BMP value
Louie Joe
Louie Joe Måned siden
Do we know a date all toty players are in packs I have saved packs but when should I open them
Daniel Aastrup
Daniel Aastrup Måned siden
I got Sterling and Alisson as two of the options in the 84+ upgrade pack.
Duzza JDB9
Duzza JDB9 Måned siden
When should I buy gold Ronaldo, scared I will miss the buy time as attackers will probably be in packs so Ronaldo will go out of packs?
Goran Salazar
Goran Salazar Måned siden
Guys i havent played in toty since fifa 17. I forgot, do you guys know if they drop the whole toty team at the same time or is it only for like attackers once midfielders once and defenders once. Because if they do drop imma save my packs for that
Kh4ir_Syed Måned siden
t3sp7 Måned siden
Sooooooo if we get attackers first and Ronaldo is in, he’ll go out of packs and go up in price!!
Flxcks Yt
Flxcks Yt Måned siden
“ i alright HaAaD” lmao sorry nick love u
Hadi Måned siden
I GOT Marc-André ter Stegen!!!!!
Justin Dobry
Justin Dobry Måned siden
Damn he really shaded my man yazici. He’s a fun little card if you look more in depth
GFEAST Måned siden
I submitted the 84 player pick without thinking haha it has like 6 days on it and I’m saving it for toty so I can’t open packs for a little 😂
KRAlex10 Måned siden
Yazici is not overpriced dude lol
Amey Sutar
Amey Sutar Måned siden
Should I open all my packs tomorrow or wait until all the toty cards are available in packs? Please HELP!!! I am new to this game.
Your opinion Doesn't matter
Your opinion Doesn't matter Måned siden
How many packs? Would make sense to wait for the full team.
Youhann Al-Fereji
Youhann Al-Fereji Måned siden
Ive got mane, Van dijk and Kdb from the player picks
XIshotzXI Måned siden
Tutti tutti
Dark Ollie
Dark Ollie Måned siden
I got Harry Kane
Randy_ 1
Randy_ 1 Måned siden
I got cristiano Ronaldo in my player pick
TLFW 05 Måned siden
uhhh why’s he so like paranoid about handing in an extra inform😂
Lewis Hall
Lewis Hall Måned siden
I managed to pull IF Ben Yedder luckily. Should I play him and destroy the community or put him on the bench?
Imran Rajput
Imran Rajput Måned siden
I got mbappe soo gassed lol
Marak Måned siden
I'm ready for TOTY, saved 125 packs so far, will go up by at least 5 more from objectives and stuff
Marak Måned siden
@surendran9311 I packed in my last fifa play (fifa 18) Harry Kane TOTY, so at least I got one at least once lol
surendran9311 Måned siden
Ive got 170 plus. I saw one dude in another comment section saying hes saved 440 LOL. We are all crazy and the worst part is we prolly wont get any HAHA. I need the whole team to drop soon cos im running out of fodder for marquees matchup and random sbcs
This is Football
This is Football Måned siden
i got UCL rare ronaldo
ShedBoysRule Måned siden
Will they release the full team together at any point?
Joshua Crompton
Joshua Crompton Måned siden
your cracked if u think Yaziki isn’t a good card
Reshirex Måned siden
Shakhin Gassanov
Shakhin Gassanov Måned siden
Ps4 Legend
Ps4 Legend Måned siden
I got cr7 lol
Tball 360
Tball 360 Måned siden
I got kimmich, which u could swap it with a TOTY
aaron baldwin
aaron baldwin Måned siden
Is this the right time to buy 86/85s for sbcs? Will the prices go up over next few days
Jay Jay Okocha the Goat
Jay Jay Okocha the Goat Måned siden
I got If Pogba in the 84+ pick
Kieran Hunter
Kieran Hunter Måned siden
I think they’ll do positionally for 24 hours each then all in packs on monday
chris vanoirschot
chris vanoirschot Måned siden
They only show 3 cards every promo.... people are just assuming things none of you know anything hahahaha
Jake Alvarez
Jake Alvarez Måned siden
So I saved my 25 83+ pack for TOTY, is it possible I can get one in the pack? I know you can get headliners/fut freeze in 25 83+ when they were in packs so I’m not sure
Joe Måned siden
Depends what's in toty because u could pack 1 slim chance but still chance but also if u dont pack a toty also destroys ur chance of getting their high rated gold version as if like Ronaldo lewa kimich mbappe neymar kdb van dijk etc got a toty takes few meta high rated golds away from u aswell as the gold version won't be in packs either so u have to decide if ur willing to risk all really
Louis Matteo
Louis Matteo Måned siden
You can brother, good luck!
bennybenny55 Måned siden
Hate that they release them 3 at a time....
John Theo
John Theo Måned siden
I invested in Bundesliga rares for 850 good idea?
RCGs cool lego
RCGs cool lego Måned siden
I reckon they are gonna do a silver toty There is silver in the bottom left and middle right of the loading screen and toty is just gold and blue normally Probably not but we have seen alot of silver totw objectives this year so far maybe they will add a cracked silver toty 😂😂
Lakze Måned siden
*''3 TOTY players confirmed''* Thank you captain obvious. Like we didnt already know we were gonna get TOTY this year
Earl Hickey
Earl Hickey Måned siden
if there's no Son we riot
Nathan Brito
Nathan Brito Måned siden
They always put three promo cards in the loading screen before a promo. I’m hoping and I think there will still be a possibility of all players being in packs.
aadi althaf
aadi althaf Måned siden
I stopped my 9-5 with the help of 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗮𝘆 .𝗰𝗼 𝗺 #amazing 0:04
Suumac Måned siden
Bro why can't they release the whole team at once, such a boring game
Darragh Maher
Darragh Maher Måned siden
I got 88 Kante in the 84+
مُحمّد Måned siden
My English is not that good so every time I watch his videos at the beginning I thought his rapping but he just talking very fast
Chris M
Chris M Måned siden
I packed if ben yedder
Lim Muliana
Lim Muliana Måned siden
Why are you so hyped over a 84+ player pick lmaoooooo such a fifa nerd
Save the Geese
Save the Geese Måned siden
When’s the best time to buy TOTY Ronaldo? When everyone is in packs or right away?
out of the trash
out of the trash Måned siden
Personally I think that anybody willing to sell such a card will do so straight away. Everyone who can afford it will buy and not need to sell later so it will go extinct. Only a thought but HL Bruno Fernandes is extinct so not buying may risk never buying. Doesnt matter for me as cant afford and dont have such luck as to pack it.
Kane Ellis
Kane Ellis Måned siden
I packed inform Ben yedder
Matt Harrison
Matt Harrison Måned siden
Imagine they one up the entire community and drop the cbs and gk first
out of the trash
out of the trash Måned siden
I think they could do it differently and do one def, one mid and one str first. Maybe the most obvious or best player for each position. People will defo drain their packs early then, trying to get the cards which will no doubt have the smallest supply.
Josh Cox
Josh Cox Måned siden
Markets high asf atm BTW golds going for 3000 and metals up by 40 50k so annoying I want to buy a team 😂
ulises murillo
ulises murillo Måned siden
IF Renato and 86 goretzka for CM or IF Renato and Freeze marquinhos?
Epikzz Måned siden
damn the 84+ pick worked out for me, got aubameyang, still only going to use him the bench
Epikzz Måned siden
I mean I didn't spend anything good so yea
Nick B
Nick B Måned siden
Congrads on the 40 k playa lol
wayne emmaneuel
wayne emmaneuel Måned siden
I'm not receiving my coins and stuff after matches.. am I the only one ?
Wazzyn TV
Wazzyn TV Måned siden
I got fabinho in the +84
Pablo Ferreiro
Pablo Ferreiro Måned siden
Hey, anyone knows if EA will continue to drop cards of alternative leagues like they did with the MLS, Eredivisie and EFL ????
Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield Måned siden
Probably not
Dee Guyy
Dee Guyy Måned siden
Iv been buying rare golds for 650 on bid and selling them for 1.1/2.2k for like 2 weeks, made bank and smashed upgrade packs off the grind for freee!!
Skinny Fat Boy
Skinny Fat Boy Måned siden
Do I sell my Kante and buy tomorrow? I just packed him this morning please somebody help me
Skinny Fat Boy
Skinny Fat Boy Måned siden
@Daniel Hows thank you
Daniel Hows
Daniel Hows Måned siden
yes sell now! then buy back cheaper when the market crashes tomorrow
Faisal Al-Sagoubi
Faisal Al-Sagoubi Måned siden
I got Virgil Van Dijk 90 rated
Medinho7 Måned siden
i got varane from player pick .:)
Marcelo Miles
Marcelo Miles Måned siden
Over hundred pack save for toty
Daniel Zamora
Daniel Zamora Måned siden
Nick is sus
Uli Måned siden
Should I open all my packs tomorrow or wait until all TOTY are available?
njwtube Måned siden
Wait and see who's available. If u want them,open your packs. If it's defenders u dont want ,save them.jeez
Archie Scorey
Archie Scorey Måned siden
I got de bruyne
Martyn Donaldson
Martyn Donaldson Måned siden
You do realize the categorical positions are only available for 24 hours then it’s full team?
M77 Måned siden
If it’s anything other than trading Nick struggles man I swear! Always been 24 hours - so full team Monday worst case scenario!
Alex Måned siden
Hi Nick,when do you think league upgrades will drop after toty starts?or if anyone in chat might now would be apreciatted :D
Callum O'Toole
Callum O'Toole Måned siden
Will totys be available in 84 plus tomorrow?
Niller bb
Niller bb Måned siden
Ofc I got thiago
Stan Huyghe
Stan Huyghe Måned siden
Someone wants to buy a fifa acc with 140 packs worth over 1300 euro
IM JUST ACE Måned siden
Man it’s really looking like no eoae Rooney 😭
MaxPlays Måned siden
You never know, they'll at the very least have objectives for him surely. I'd expect them to do a SBC during the TOTY promo at some point.
joe pointer
joe pointer Måned siden
They could do a flashback toty card
Fawaz Omair
Fawaz Omair Måned siden
5:42 you literally have one
Helsingborgare90 Måned siden
Yoo Nick. WHEN do you think toty players Will be the cheapest?? When we got all in packs?? Got around 7 mill to get Kimmich and Lewa + a icon CDM. But got like 60packs and alot of league upgrades fodder.
Its TheD
Its TheD Måned siden
Still have 5 icon swaps, should I.. wait for icon swaps 2 Or put the 5 into the 83+ x25 for toty?
Ben Nash
Ben Nash Måned siden
You won't be able to use them for icon swaps 2 so take the 83×25
Helsingborgare90 Måned siden
Sure go save them, but u cant use them in swap2. But you can go back lookin at em for fun in about 25 days or Whats left 🥳
justin Kirchmayer
justin Kirchmayer Måned siden
sorry nick but an 82 and 83 squad is not a little to much you crazy timed finish fuck
Oliver Arcos Sundqvist
Oliver Arcos Sundqvist Måned siden
6:17 voice crack
akaRxre Måned siden
I got ter stegen from the 84+
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