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Trump’s border wall went from “Mexico’s gonna pay” to Mexicans literally stealing pieces of the wall. Here’s a recap of the four-year saga. #DailyShow #Trump #TrevorNoah
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Abidit 7 timer siden
Mexicans be like: We ain't gonna pay for your wall but donald trump paid for our home security 😂
Joan Fordham
Joan Fordham 11 timer siden
Is this really him? I thought it only took two doctors Ro section lunatics .
John C
John C 18 timer siden
The unsuitable dedication precisely buzz because market correlatively embarrass barring a selfish mouth. wide, barbarous side
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez 23 timer siden
Ju r so funny🤣. The border wall🤦🏽‍♂️.
David Lewis
David Lewis Dag siden
And still no check from Mexico
Jonard Conejar
Jonard Conejar Dag siden
Hahaha he said " Trump would be the worst bank robber ever" I mean why go through that effort on building the wall when your just giving them ideas on how to bypass it
Sean Pacheco
Sean Pacheco Dag siden
Pretty sure walls are older than wheels. And they’re even more antiquated than he’s willing to admit.
Slizer Princecool
Slizer Princecool Dag siden
Wish trump giving them more ideas:even acid can go through this concrete wall😅😂
Tiger Hodzen
Tiger Hodzen 2 dager siden
Mexico will still pay for the wall. The wall for the prison Trump will be sent to for tax evasion.
Do Tung
Do Tung 2 dager siden
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Do Tung
Do Tung 2 dager siden
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Steve Krajewski
Steve Krajewski 2 dager siden
It's sad you can't let kids watch that idiot president Puttins puppy.
Steve Krajewski
Steve Krajewski 2 dager siden
What happened to the moat little boy donny trump you idiots, use Legos little boy donny use the big Legos 🤔 🤣
he chit
he chit 3 dager siden
Mexico pays for the wall and......we pay Mexico back with interest!!!!!
Hillary O’Brien
Hillary O’Brien 3 dager siden
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Velanti Venti
Velanti Venti 3 dager siden
hey Trevor this funny but not really , we cant think of American peoples life's as a joke , though trump is a joke worse a bad one
Ssentongo John
Ssentongo John 3 dager siden
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Super One
Super One 3 dager siden
Yeah didnt he promise mexico would pay for hit during his term?...........................................
M-O-P 3 dager siden
I really think Trump should watch One Piece and use some weed, he would not be an idiot, racist and xenophobic! The world would be better XD
Charles Ivan Liwanag
Charles Ivan Liwanag 3 dager siden
The song is really real mexico always pays for the walls🤣
Abby Fer
Abby Fer 3 dager siden
This man is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Penny Serrato
Penny Serrato 3 dager siden
Fun Fact there was never going to be a wall. He made the whole thing up so people would vote for him and unfortunately they fell for it.
Tay Theng Tiong
Tay Theng Tiong 4 dager siden
Trump should build a bananna wall...the mexicans will eat so much of it that they will rush home to their toilets.
Tay Theng Tiong
Tay Theng Tiong 4 dager siden
Hey 74 million idiots...what happen to mexico promise?????? and you all still believe he can lead America to greatness..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤭
Toby George
Toby George 4 dager siden
Mexico's president actually laughed when he was told mexico would pay for the
Alaska Bob26
Alaska Bob26 4 dager siden
I voted for biden because he wrote the crime bill that stopped crime in the black neighborhoods and made it safe for blacks on their own streets. I also support biden because he supported senator byrd the face of the dnc and senator eastland, another great senator involved in making life better for blacks. Biden knows what is best for blacks, biden said so. BIDEN2020
devina sia
devina sia 4 dager siden
Just saying,but i feel like trump build the wall because he was inspired by attack on titan
Jar Jar
Jar Jar 4 dager siden
'Mexico is stealing the wall' the one time when they do need to pay for it
Jar Jar
Jar Jar 4 dager siden
Actually peaches is racist because peaches is orange aaaaaand....
travelerwithstyle 4 dager siden
*Nov 16, 2020 Update (Source DHS)* , *738 Miles Complete or Under Construction* , ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *402 miles completed* , 249 miles under construction 87 miles under pre-construction * Total length will be 750-1250 miles, monitored and extended as required. Most of the border has natural barriers such as mountains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Between May 2019 and August 2020: - *those entering the country illegally fell by 70%* , - 100,000 pounds of cocaine seized by U.S. law enforcement, - 83,000 pounds of meth seized, and - 2,700 pounds of fentanyl in that time frame.
Siobhan Clark
Siobhan Clark 5 dager siden
We haven't seen the 1st caravan yet!!
Sam Mbabazi
Sam Mbabazi 5 dager siden
Trump is indeed a legend of comedy in the white House 🤣🤣🤣 this has cracked me up, I love Trevor Noah😍🤣🤣🤣 This incomplete wall will haunt him forever! 🤣🤣
Cxsh 5 dager siden
Was Trump Saying That We Should Replace Wheels With Walls Imao
ScienceFraction 5 dager siden
Rapists and professional mountain climbing goes hand in hand. I thought everyone knew that.
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris 5 dager siden
Best story all year
barbara seymour
barbara seymour 6 dager siden
Oh I’d like to think Trump sees these videos.
総合企画チャンネル夢ゾウ 7 dager siden !
総合企画チャンネル夢ゾウ 7 dager siden !
Babuta AlinD
Babuta AlinD 7 dager siden
Daca construiesti o sa pierzi in defence!
Efren Flores
Efren Flores 7 dager siden
Me=I'm gonna build my very own Death Star,just like in Star Wars,it's gonna be an awesome Death Star and the greatest Death Star ever,and Mexico is going to pay for it!!🤣🤣🤣
Mel 7 dager siden
*thank god he's gone* 😭
eat your cereal
eat your cereal 8 dager siden
Do you know about economics Trevor?? You Know that the wall will decrease illegal immigrants which saves taxes plus Less drugs which pays for the wall... Also he got out of deals of Mexico and Canada, that why he says Canada pays for it, you uneducated f*ck. He didn't mispell. He never said they will straight up give us money.
BongoFury1975 8 dager siden
Trevor Noah belongs in prison
blue stream 1961
blue stream 1961 8 dager siden
Too funny Trumps wall was accutally replacement wall that was already there.
S 8 dager siden
Che al mercato mio padre comprò
Shirley Garraway
Shirley Garraway 8 dager siden
Michal 8 dager siden
go search for if you liked this video you should search you tube for "Christian Walker: Why America Needs Trump's Wall"
Thrifty Freebies
Thrifty Freebies 8 dager siden
I still think the funding for the wall would’ve been an easier sell if he’d suggested making it a wall of solar panels to power the US with sustainable energy. Rather than a large portion of people thinking it’s a pointless endeavour and huge waste of money, there could’ve, at least, been a useful purpose for it then and it actually could’ve saved/made money over time along with helping to lower emissions from fossil fuels damaging the environment.
Kathy Neale
Kathy Neale 9 dager siden
This man makes my day if your feeling like shite, turn on Trevor Noah omg 😆🤣🤣🤣
Pauline Quick
Pauline Quick 9 dager siden
He didn't figure on anyone digging tunnel under the wall. How about just parachuting over the wall? Or just pushing it down? I'm about to defect to Mexico to escape Trump's dictatorship. I'll be an illegal in Mexico but I'll take that risk.
regina jerusalemsky
regina jerusalemsky 9 dager siden
Looved ghat response for those words:"Trump CLEARLY thinks"so glad that THERE ARE STILL People that can think at all.. happened with ALL OF THE WORLD / "FREE WORLD/DEMOCRATIC WANTED Leaders" BUT that was in a Hopefull manner..(please all unite for unfortunately what was to us for years to prepare US ALL for "choosing" all this"ourselves"(a Hail from are now of two spots to evaluate the objective and objectivity of news themselves) #NewWorldOrderStage4Maybe5# Still don't think of all of this looks like that?Looved ghat response for those words:"Trump CLEARLY thinks"so glad that THERE ARE STILL People that can think at all.. happened with ALL OF THE WORLD / "FREE WORLD/DEMOCRATIC WANTED Leaders" BUT that was in a Hopefull manner..(please all unite for unfortunately what was to us for years to prepare US ALL for "choosing" all this"ourselves"(a Hail from are now of two spots to evaluate the objective and objectivity of news themselves) #NewWorldOrderStage4Maybe5# Still don't think of all of this looks like that?
D M 11 dager siden
Damn, even a Neanderthal is smarter than Trump.
TheRage 131
TheRage 131 11 dager siden
I think I understand Mexicans disappointment with the wall, because the first thing I saw when I was born was a | W A L L |
Enriko Pints
Enriko Pints 11 dager siden
Is it me or is that man wearing one those masks that robbers use, but it's orange
george 12 dager siden
SAGA turns to HAHA!
Dennis Bansgopaul
Dennis Bansgopaul 12 dager siden
The Great Wall of the USA 😂
Stunt Panda
Stunt Panda 12 dager siden
Trump ended up putting a stick with a No Trespassing sign on it.
tlozfreak888 12 dager siden
"The wheel is older than the wall" How did I miss this? Too much garbage spewing from his mouth.
WhiteWolfSmiles 12 dager siden
Savage man.... Lmao
sergio Benitez
sergio Benitez 12 dager siden
What is the problem in protecting our borders, perhaps our own houses do not have walls to prevent the entry of strangers, they should be grateful and not criticizing
Rebecca Hempe
Rebecca Hempe 12 dager siden
I knew Mexico wasnt going to pay for the “wall” as soon as he said it! Mexico is a third world country. How were they suppose to come up with that kind of money when they cant even help their own country.
Roberto Jackson
Roberto Jackson 12 dager siden
No wall
Chris 13 dager siden
So far only 20 miles has been built.
x_x DEADEMOJI x_x 13 dager siden
The extra wall for the wall is funny u can use extra protection with your condoms.
jooo 13 dager siden
And he build a wall around white house LOLL
Agustin Oliveros
Agustin Oliveros 13 dager siden
Yeah right like Mxico is as stupid as him and the people that believes him.
Wade Hough
Wade Hough 13 dager siden
Build the wall!
phanthuanthan nguyenthuanthan
phanthuanthan nguyenthuanthan 13 dager siden
truecrime voodoochild americanpie mls flightreacts
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson 13 dager siden
What about the ad that starts this video. Survival Food for Patriots? Freeze dried fat. Yummy. Demand for this product is through the roof by this guy.
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
Black news person I mean to be mean but you're fired
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
Well it could be an unethical Ahmed sami you know some the people from Mexico could be spies or the Mexican joke hotel in never know
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
And to say the American people we have the Mexican drug cartel coming through our borders like planting 87 the don't you care about your country or your fellow of merikin person I guess no incurred about the fellow American people accept the true Americans and present trump
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
Hold up hold up hes not wrong wheels have been around for a long time and for will works don't you think a wall would work I mean they work for the kings to protect the Kingdom's back than the revelator surround the castle's I mean you never know
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
I'm in you have to lines of defense
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
You never know you never know
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
You should be fine and the whole channels should be torn apart
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion 13 dager siden
Yeah well things don't go us plan sometimes you a** home
Dehlia Fredericks
Dehlia Fredericks 14 dager siden
On a monthly what?? Canada? Insane
افشاگر جعبه سیاه
افشاگر جعبه سیاه 14 dager siden
I think dictators' club don't want USA guns smuggled to their countries. This is why wall needed. Wall is not needed for immigration: 1- Most of Mexican immigrants come to your country to become an American citizen parent. Republican could stop "Jus soli" decades ago. 2- other incentive is becoming citizen by other ways while lots of this methods already have a quota. they can control that methods if they want 3- Illegal workers and their very risk taking employers (which I doubt about their existence) always will be arrested. When they can't become USA citizen after a while it is very certain.
RAMBO BLANCO 14 dager siden
Money/can be root to all Evil>CHINA
RAMBO BLANCO 14 dager siden
Mockery+satalites 😘🥰
Russ A
Russ A 14 dager siden
Show me a man that can build a 30 foot wall and I'll show you a man that can build a 31 foot ladder. Also love they made it so you can hand your drugs through the wall, much easier than diggin tunnels.
Vincent Arackal
Vincent Arackal 14 dager siden
If he's going to the gaol who will pay from his loser's bankrupt dump trump tower?
Nessa A
Nessa A 14 dager siden
The wheel and the wall analysis 😂😂😂😂
Liam Orozco
Liam Orozco 15 dager siden
"I built a wall around my house... and Donald Trump payed for it." 😂👏👏
uniquelly awesome
uniquelly awesome 15 dager siden
He always talking like hes the center guy making everyone laugh
No Face
No Face 15 dager siden
I need to stop watching Trevor Noah or I'll end up dying of laughter
ioannis I Mansola
ioannis I Mansola 15 dager siden
It is not a saga it is a business !
DestroyedPRO 15 dager siden
For all of you doubting trumps intelligence Jordan peter is a psychologist and he was not being political in this video
Cindy Mar
Cindy Mar 15 dager siden
He build a wall over Mexico, called COVID-19 the China virus and wanted to block black people from voting in Detroit. ....... what’s next?
LEO420 15 dager siden
We wouldn’t be keeping anyone out we would be locking ourselves in
Ellis West
Ellis West 15 dager siden
Katherine Stahl
Katherine Stahl 15 dager siden
The wall was built around 3000bc. Wheel was made around 3500bc Notice I wrote built....says the on my google
Katherine Stahl
Katherine Stahl 15 dager siden
This is why that walls getting built.
C K 15 dager siden
Thesadesttrex 15 dager siden
«Peaches The border wall...peaches is just a wall doing wally things» 🍑🧱
tae oh
tae oh 15 dager siden
A wall is older than the wheel... "few seconds later" The wheel is older than the wall... You see what I mean?
John P. Falzarano
John P. Falzarano 16 dager siden
The worst and most disgusting president in America's history has been fired by American citizens.
Apple Smart Fridge
Apple Smart Fridge 2 dager siden
@Mohd Hafiz HAIRY LEGS
Mohd Hafiz
Mohd Hafiz 3 dager siden
@Edward Wright biden turn
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 4 dager siden
*how the turn tables*
John P. Falzarano
John P. Falzarano 10 dager siden
@Edward Wright Donald Trump next act is what he always was a comedian clown!
Edward Wright
Edward Wright 10 dager siden
Then who are we gonna laugh at?
Mrinmoy Roy
Mrinmoy Roy 16 dager siden
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