Sergio Perez's First Interview as a Red Bull Driver!

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Dreams come true! Sergio Perez steps up to @Red Bull Racing for 2021, join the Sakhir race-winner as he talks through his first days with the team, and the challenges he's looking forward to attacking in 2021.
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FORMULA 1 Måned siden
Will Checo take more wins in his first season with Red Bull? Let us know how you think he'll do!
Tomáš Botlík
Tomáš Botlík 7 dager siden
Shiv Bajpai
Shiv Bajpai 13 dager siden
The checo won the race by being last
Dom A
Dom A 25 dager siden
Let's try get checo his first pole and more wins!
Firmansyah 25 dager siden
Of course, can't wait he battled hamiltion and Valtteri
Alfredo Bringas
Alfredo Bringas 27 dager siden
SP4CE INV4DERZ 6 dager siden
This is a well deserved move for Perez, as a RB fan I welcome him to the team and wish him nothing but the best
Tomáš Botlík
Tomáš Botlík 7 dager siden
GO GO GO CHECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JackyRin 15 dager siden
Fun fact: As Honda will exit the sport after the 2021 season, Red Bull has confirmed that it will continue to license Honda's engine technology for both its teams in Formula one till 2025. Honda arrived into the sport in the hybrid era of Formula One, but last year decided it didn't want to be apart of it any longer
Jhyro Messiah Pe
Jhyro Messiah Pe 19 dager siden
Vettel at Aston Martin Ricciardo at McLaren Perez at Red Bull Sainz at Scuderia Ferrari Alonso at Alpine Tsunoda at AlphaTauri Let's see how the 2021 season will work.
Nine Ninety
Nine Ninety 20 dager siden
He's gonna be a BEAST in that Bull! Can't wait!
DADO PILATES 24 dager siden
Vamooos Checo🇲🇽
Dom A
Dom A 25 dager siden
Checo will definitely ride that bull to pole and more wins😀😀😀😀
The Queen's Half Corgi
The Queen's Half Corgi 27 dager siden
Perez drove to survive
Eduardo MUXD
Eduardo MUXD 27 dager siden
Congratulation Checo Pérez You are the Best, and viva México
OsirisRBLX 28 dager siden
alright, i'm the top 1 sergio perez's fan.
Friday Gaming
Friday Gaming 29 dager siden
What’s the name of the song playing in the background?
FROMSCLA 29 dager siden
Never watched a completed season of F1 until 2021. Should be an interesting year for checo. Stay tuned 😉
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton 29 dager siden
Oh yes, I'm looking forward for the 2021 F1 season this year.
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield Måned siden
Sergio (to Max) : I am not in danger . I am the danger. I am the one who knocks 😅
Verdy _
Verdy _ Måned siden
Tom cruise and max taking podiums 2021
Underxted Måned siden
Hope he can do well in the red bull, great driver!
Robin Glim
Robin Glim Måned siden
Great driver for red bull! lets get some competion against mercedes!
Bastian Maoro
Bastian Maoro Måned siden
Imagine if this guy the title ... I think the whole latin America will go nuts even the brazilians that aren't Spanish native speakers.
Rey Aja
Rey Aja Måned siden
I'm just trying to imagine, if at the end of each race, with his experience and abilities, he actually got a better result than the other. What will happen?
Jose Maria Montiel
Jose Maria Montiel Måned siden
Venga Checooooooooo!!!!!!!
ProTest Måned siden
Sergio, be the best! why not? I wish you all the very best. You deserve to be at the top...
ELECTRON Måned siden
Albon crying in the corner with a tub of ice cream and the spoon
Steev Måned siden
Max + Perez this is what we have been waiting since last 7 seasons
emmanuel garcia
emmanuel garcia Måned siden
Ya lo había visto pero regresé a comentar. Alguien más que apoye a checo desde México.
Eduardo Eugenio Cortes
Eduardo Eugenio Cortes Måned siden
Grande Checo!!!
Jonah Satey
Jonah Satey Måned siden
I can’t be the only one who thinks he looks like Seth mcfarlane
Pierre Michaud
Pierre Michaud Måned siden
T’es le meilleur 👍...... lance stroll..... n est que le fils d un milliardaire qui n’a pas sa place en f1
Axel Omar
Axel Omar Måned siden
Enseñale a Max esos cojones mexicanos.
Ray Måned siden
I am so thankful he did not end up with Ferrari...
cliffthelightning Måned siden
Im so happy this guy got a seat, one of the quiet wholesome guys on the grid, also a massive talent.
David Endl
David Endl Måned siden
So happy for Checo and can't wait to see him in the car but it's still sad for Hulkenberg.
Prixm Måned siden
2 months until what could be the best F1 season in a long time!
Ali Bozyılan
Ali Bozyılan Måned siden
I'm going to cry if he wins the mexican gp for real...
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Måned siden
Vamoz Vato! Futuro La Presidentate en Mexico
Shifuleinad Mayo
Shifuleinad Mayo Måned siden
Vamos Checo con ser bueno no te va a alcanzar , espero que puedas dar ese ultimo paso para ser un campeon de F1!!!! exitos en esta temporada se que va a ser 1 2 de mercedez pero si sos costante podes llegar a ese 2do lugar!!!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
Really hope he brakes the curse on that second seat, and change the team so that it is never casted again
Andreas Beaufort
Andreas Beaufort Måned siden
I'm very glad he's with Red Bull now. It felt very unfair when he was kicked out of Racing Point.
JPR Sportsman 11
JPR Sportsman 11 Måned siden
Checo “I finally have the opportunity to race for a big team.” This is the guy who replaced Lewis Hamilton in McLaren
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
I'm just imagining crofty saying...."and sergio perez wins the mexican grand prix......"😀😀😀 What a day it would be❤️
Sergio David Buitron
Sergio David Buitron Måned siden
En un equipo puntero como RedBull demostrara su valía,suerte Checo
Максим Катренко
Максим Катренко Måned siden
Sergio greetings from Ukraine! I wish you victories. You are a great racer! You have fans in Ukraine!
Fx Wic
Fx Wic Måned siden
Simply an amazing human being this one... he deserves this.
Bradley David
Bradley David Måned siden
Redbull sales will go crazy in Mexico....
tay jin chong
tay jin chong Måned siden
I wonder which is better Mercedes's car or Red Bull's car Only Sergio Perez have the answer.
R R Måned siden
Such a humble guy
Namranil Roynath
Namranil Roynath Måned siden
throwback to when Tom Cruise drove a RedBull!
Keith Måned siden
The way he speaks... like a kid who has finally achieved a lifelong dream. Something about Perez getting a seat at Red Bull just feels right. I think he's going to go out and prove to Red Bull that they were right to give him this chance.
nelson ramon
nelson ramon Måned siden
So happy for Checo!!!! 🎉🎉
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Måned siden
Let’s go Checo, “The Mexican Bull” 🇲🇽!!
Devinツ Måned siden
Perez is sooo underrated
Juan Vezoli
Juan Vezoli Måned siden
Vamos Checo!!!!
R R Måned siden
F1 driver with 0 haters❤
Peter de Man
Peter de Man Måned siden
with 2 redbulls chasing hamilton.. they will have a hard time with strategy and they will start making errors.
Chris Cars
Chris Cars Måned siden
Great to see him with a top team and hopefully will get some great results
just have fun
just have fun Måned siden
great , now i am nervous instead of him
Mark Raahauge
Mark Raahauge Måned siden
Vamos Perez!
ChingadazosMMA Måned siden
If Bottas remains #2 at Mercedes, Checo's consistency could be a headache for them.
TheRealHoltzy Måned siden
This decision is the definition of win/win for all involved. Checo is insane and will do well there I reckon
y1521t21b5 Måned siden
All the best to PER as he comes up against the toughest teammate on the current grid. Chuffed to bits that he landed this well-deserved drive at a potentially championship-winning team. With his consistency and calmness under pressure, he will more than likely help _Red Bull_ score many more points than ALB did and give them a better shot in the _WCC_ race. Interestingly, he is one of the 2 or 3 drivers on the grid that could genuinely teach VER a skill ;-) This is, of course, tyre management. There is no better tyre whisperer in _F1_ than PER.
Drakeandrew1 Irvine
Drakeandrew1 Irvine Måned siden
Vamos vamos checko
jonas90 Måned siden
It's still strange to see him in these colors honestly xD
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva Måned siden
This is what we needed in F1! Both Max and Checo are very competitive, they will push each other to the absolut limit. Mercedes better be ready... Bottas probably wont be able to get 2nd place in the drivers championship. VAMOS CHECO! And yeah.. if Perez dont deliver, Its Redbull's fault with that second car for sure.
Ansh Puri
Ansh Puri Måned siden
Its hard to think someone with so much talent didn’t have a seat for half of last season
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Måned siden
I think this hopeful it well great thing for Sergio Perez I did not know he race ten years in F1 and so I think brilliant thing that Sergio was award a better team like Red bull who have seen all hard F1 drives at different times in he career but what great 2021 I hope Sergio Perez can do well and better like before.
Jack Barnes
Jack Barnes Måned siden
0:53 I love the brand = I down about 20 cans of Red Bull day
The Asia Innovation Air Tech Company
The Asia Innovation Air Tech Company Måned siden
2020: Yes Checo, P1! 2021: Yes Checo, world champion!
southderbyshirelad Måned siden
let's just hope they give him a great car that he can work with as I still believe in the right car and the right team he can become a world champion
scott aubrey
scott aubrey Måned siden
Best driver pairing in F1.
池上健太 Måned siden
bean bag
bean bag Måned siden
He absolutely deserves it
David Zaytsev
David Zaytsev Måned siden
Hopefully this season, he can be a contender for championship title, he deserves it.
Khalifa B
Khalifa B Måned siden
He deserves this so much
Arnab Roy
Arnab Roy Måned siden
You deserve it Checo
Zaki Basuki
Zaki Basuki Måned siden
Ah Red Bull, the blackmailing mongols. "Give us what we want or we'll quit!"
AtotehZ Måned siden
Red Bull will take both driver and constructor championship in 2022. 2021 will unfortunately be really hard for them. Aston Martin and Mclaren are both gonna pressure Red Bull and Mercedes are gonna win again. Alpine might even put some pressure on Red Bull, but I think Red Bull has that handled.
Chrisanoid Måned siden
I love how humble perez is on getting this opportunity in redbull
xSilverScreenx Måned siden
Super happy for this man, and for the team. Hopefully his tyre management with Verstappen's speed will be more of a challenge for Mercedes.
ivan durann
ivan durann Måned siden
*Mexico & Latin American supporting the Mexican Red Bull !! I'm so proud of you bro, you deserve this opportunity just give it all as always 🙌🏼🤙🏼⚡🔥🏆🏎💨🙏🏼!!!*
soufiane hamam
soufiane hamam Måned siden
Grimm Doker
Grimm Doker Måned siden
I feel so proud of him
Xeno Benoit
Xeno Benoit Måned siden
Hopefully finishes ahead of Stroll in every race
Jorge Arg
Jorge Arg Måned siden
We all want the fat perez talking
carlos olivares
carlos olivares Måned siden
Muchas felicidades Checo, por esta gran oportunidad de pertenecer a una de las mejores marcas en el deporte, ahora a darle con todo y que coseches muchos éxitos, México te apoya.
slothomatic Måned siden
He absolutely deserves that seat. It would have been insane if he didn't have a team this season.
TheGastonblues Måned siden
Checo campeón!!!
vike fon
vike fon Måned siden
0:55 to enter a top team AFTER news of no job is TRULY a miraculous ride...
Elliot Måned siden
Such a humble guy. I'm really happy for him.
intrax2tv Måned siden
He Max, this guy is no pancake (pannenkoek) !
shb361 Måned siden
Erol Germann
Erol Germann Måned siden
Best Luck in the Word of F1 dear Checo !!
Rodrigo Hidalgo Córdova
Rodrigo Hidalgo Córdova Måned siden
No entendí todo pero aquí estamos xD
Silas Lai
Silas Lai Måned siden
Y can do it ?
Spider T
Spider T Måned siden
Remember Albon felt the same...
Playboi Uzi
Playboi Uzi Måned siden
he's too old for redbull, the logo makes him look like a teenager
Aiden Romine
Aiden Romine Måned siden
Carlos VS Sergio this year?!
GYX Måned siden
He looks afraid
TheGojaofficial Måned siden
So it's time for predicting: Sergio will have bad season because of being "second driver" or better say "first after Max" , and tone of other reasons, I think Max will put tone of pressure, but even if he manage somehow this year, next year will be much worse... (This is not what I want, but it's just prediction, feel free join me)
Dathieflord Måned siden
So pumped for this.
Jack-D Ripper
Jack-D Ripper Måned siden
Well done Checo! Richly deserved. I know that you will make the best of the situation and help Red Bull win the Constructor's Championship.
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