Game Theory: Why YouTube Will NEVER Fix Rewind (YouTube Rewind 2019) Reaction!

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11 måneder siden

This is sad.
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JoshuSimp_ 11 måneder siden
You had a lot of fun making that intro.
melanie. martinez.111
melanie. martinez.111 6 måneder siden
Makoto is not impressed.
Makoto is not impressed. 11 måneder siden
Yeah , he had A LOT Of Fun.
JoshuSimp_ 11 måneder siden
@justCloud no. KONO DIO DA!
justCloud 11 måneder siden
Was that a jojo reference?
kurtoy 20
kurtoy 20 11 måneder siden
Trick Master 47
Trick Master 47 2 dager siden
2018 Rewind: Garbage Fire 2019: Top 10 WatchMojo video
Michael 9 dager siden
Lol when he said I hope next year they do good I almost died from laughter because at least in 2018 we get a rewind in 2020 we don’t even get one
wolfie joy
wolfie joy 13 dager siden
wait....your not Game Theory
Jaden rule
Jaden rule 18 dager siden
They never will listen 😐
Freqtion 25 dager siden
301 comment ! legend number
ok jamey
ok jamey Måned siden
That intro . . . . . . . .
Infiltrate 101
Infiltrate 101 Måned siden
*Oh boy do they have a lot to cover in Rewind 2020*
Skruube mobile gaming
Skruube mobile gaming Måned siden
Me and the boys waiting for 2020 rewind
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 Måned siden
Hey at least pewds wedding got in to rewind
Jay_plays 2 måneder siden
At the time of watching this there might not even been a NOpost rewind
Gavino Manuel
Gavino Manuel 2 måneder siden
You paused way to much
IdrisHyperYT 2 måneder siden
0:10 *me when I see a cockroach that's 6 feet away from me*
Mystic Reaper
Mystic Reaper 2 måneder siden
Almost a year later and you can still tell Susan was talking out of her rear end
Silvia Cervantes
Silvia Cervantes 2 måneder siden
9:22 Coppa: I'ma about to end this whole mans career
Ryan Productions
Ryan Productions 3 måneder siden
24:59 that's numberer1
Number 1 Youtube Fan
Number 1 Youtube Fan 3 måneder siden
Charmx should be in a NOpost rewind.
Red Crewmate
Red Crewmate 3 måneder siden
*Why am i a meme*
Christron the Robot
Christron the Robot 3 måneder siden
That ytper at 25:19 is named "Numberer1"
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 3 måneder siden
You know it's serious when mat is live action and not just an cutout
Aleksej ILJAŠIK 3 måneder siden
Only reason I can't wait for 2020 rewind for charmx to react to NOpost rewind but it's actually good.
Andrei Ștefan
Andrei Ștefan 3 måneder siden
Yeah 2015 was the golden age of youtube
Mason y Studios
Mason y Studios 3 måneder siden
Did you skip the intro no you couldn’t you would have to be a complete idiot to skip the intro.............................,you skiped the intro didn’t you
Aure Zilys
Aure Zilys 4 måneder siden
ima predict the 2020 rewind is gonna be like ughhhhhhhh look at these celebrities singing these songs to corona :(((( look a basketball player shooting shots for Kobe (RIP Kobe)
moosa ali
moosa ali 4 måneder siden
The intro is what your dreams are like 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Silkythickpancackes YT
Silkythickpancackes YT 4 måneder siden
Gamers are a gender equal rights (I’m a gamer so I can say this)
markustegelane 5 måneder siden
Considering what is happening in 2020, idk if youtube is going to get people together to make a rewind video
Nikolaj Novak
Nikolaj Novak 5 måneder siden
Thats Numberer 1's picture in the comments.
cringeitself 5 måneder siden
25:02 its numberer one.
vent cleaner
vent cleaner 5 måneder siden
If I say something about the intro I'll get a heart Oh I didn't oh..
vent cleaner
vent cleaner 5 måneder siden
Also I'm late
Billy Blüd-Bat
Billy Blüd-Bat 7 måneder siden
I just thought of something...why not make PEWDIEPIE the CEO of NOpost???? God imagine that...
Billy Blüd-Bat
Billy Blüd-Bat 7 måneder siden
MatPat: *points out everything wrong with NOpost and NOpost Rewind* NOpost: *suddenly demonetizes him* (To me, I bet this is EXACTLY what happened!!)
Rix Prester
Rix Prester 7 måneder siden
Let me just say it for once : Society problems
Meagan Nava
Meagan Nava 8 måneder siden
Sythez 10 måneder siden
My 2 like videos probably have will have more likes
Jerry Young
Jerry Young 11 måneder siden
Mat: talking about something serious. Charmx: boop boop beep boop
YesButWellYes 11 måneder siden
Hm Use santa hat *WITH EARPHONE* ah yes big brain
Platinum _
Platinum _ 11 måneder siden
Pls lick
António Silva Channel
António Silva Channel 11 måneder siden
GTA 5 is on NOpost Rewind 😄
Zenith Creed
Zenith Creed 11 måneder siden
"With great freedom comes great responsibility." - Thomas Jefferson Susan's colonized the savage wild west. Freedom's no longer free.
「Flawsome-Pancakes」 11 måneder siden
Sometimes I think that they did that to gamers because they didn’t wanna place pewdiepie a third again
Scrambled Potatoes
Scrambled Potatoes 11 måneder siden
19:22 no it's because it violates the terms and conditions of yt
The Drage
The Drage 11 måneder siden
Nah fam. If yt rewind remains the same we will see about 40% same creators every year. Like we will see Pewdiepie, T series every year in rewind.
Noni Channel
Noni Channel 11 måneder siden
Mmmmmm intro.....
Xavier Pedreros-Fischer
Xavier Pedreros-Fischer 11 måneder siden
Someone should make a new website like NOpost but better
show pp pls
show pp pls 11 måneder siden
And it needs memes
Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey 11 måneder siden
React to the Legends Edition
Ty Seeber
Ty Seeber 11 måneder siden
My ears >_
Asmo 11 måneder siden
19:15 the other pewdiepie vids didnt go in because every creator could only have one video in the top ten
e-Pointer226 11 måneder siden
NOpost just needs to get over their crap already.
M E 11 måneder siden
And you dont think its because he already was on the list with a higher video, imagine one youtuber having 4 or 5 videos on a top 10 most liked videos... if you instead just put the highest video and then let others be on the list theirs a chance someone or some people will check the videos out and the youtuber might earn some subs from people who like what he/she does
Yioguna 11 måneder siden
Boop Boop Beep Boop
Yioguna 11 måneder siden
Well guess what. NOpost won't watch this.. But Mat did nailed it
Mr Cupender
Mr Cupender 11 måneder siden
Matt really gave a new perspective here, when you pull off the fancy dress and makeup, your left with a robot soullessly collecting, exporting and importing data.
Gamer Mike I'ma be a sans for no reason
Gamer Mike I'ma be a sans for no reason 11 måneder siden
Oh hi this is where my name is suppose to be
Oh hi this is where my name is suppose to be 11 måneder siden
I love that intro
K Lamothe
K Lamothe 11 måneder siden
The only reason why rewind is getting alot of dislikes is because charmx is not in it
Sam playss
Sam playss 11 måneder siden
lol that intro made me laugh so bad
Made Ligar Nayottama 6A.34
Made Ligar Nayottama 6A.34 11 måneder siden
2018: Everyone: we want gamers and good quality youtube: nwod taht etirw
diamondguy Carlos Ortega
diamondguy Carlos Ortega 11 måneder siden
i guess youtube though hey you cant be angry at list which include liked videos yet we disliked it huh
Print 11 måneder siden
Should I sub it's cool channel
Just Cubify
Just Cubify 11 måneder siden
Watch jack's films rewind
yung kim
yung kim 11 måneder siden
pls react to youtube rewind legends edition by jaylaw
Doctor Hood
Doctor Hood 11 måneder siden
10 out of 10 intro! Keep it up!
AztonPlayz The gamer
AztonPlayz The gamer 11 måneder siden
Wtf hell do you use dat intro
Calvin Reynold
Calvin Reynold 11 måneder siden
The thing that they are a platform is why that should hire people that are good at making rewind
Scrubpai 11 måneder siden
Who gets cracked up just by the gnome leave alike if u say yes
shovel knight but he hates cherry cola Oreos
shovel knight but he hates cherry cola Oreos 11 måneder siden
Alfred East
Alfred East 11 måneder siden
Star Freak
Star Freak 11 måneder siden
Plz react to shed 17
Static Static
Static Static 11 måneder siden
Can someone buy this man another shirt
Drakien 11 måneder siden
Can someone tell him matts bald now with a beard
darkd3m 11 måneder siden
His beanie slipped off 11:39 Studid dummy made you click
Luke Johnston
Luke Johnston 11 måneder siden
The youtube poop creator was Numberer1!
Luke Johnston
Luke Johnston 11 måneder siden
24:57 Yep. I knew Charmx would talk about that!
Shane 11 måneder siden
Dinokiller 120
Dinokiller 120 11 måneder siden
I like players then gamers
DB Alex
DB Alex 11 måneder siden
Mat is bald boy now
Just Another Animator
Just Another Animator 11 måneder siden
2019 NOpost rewind should’ve had ksi and logan Paul boxing with soccer boppers
Pan D & Fox E
Pan D & Fox E 11 måneder siden
Matpats bald
LEAF KING 11 måneder siden
KingJoestar 11 måneder siden
Next year? That’s not gonna happen.
Mason68YT 11 måneder siden
Can you please react to sml movie: nintendo 3ds
Bobcloset 11 måneder siden
Old Christmas intro has returned!
Sofia Midoriya
Sofia Midoriya 11 måneder siden
Hey love the video! Could you react to schmoyoho's 2019 meme rewind?
Radif Alwuzara
Radif Alwuzara 11 måneder siden
David McCune
David McCune 11 måneder siden
Rip dad
Sousa Com Cê
Sousa Com Cê 11 måneder siden
NOpost more like NeutralTube
ryan jack
ryan jack 11 måneder siden
Any K pop is too much
Ōkami 11 måneder siden
Charmx: I'm a gamer. Me: *blinking white guy meme*
IcedElectric 11 måneder siden
Joxygen Oxide im blinking at this comment right now... (btw he is...)
Logan Gawlak
Logan Gawlak 11 måneder siden
900th Like!
Daniel Bernacki
Daniel Bernacki 11 måneder siden
"Boop boop beep boop" Charmx - 2019
Simon Elliott
Simon Elliott 4 måneder siden
duckyquackk [GD] it's not just that everyone's a robot, we're all the platform lol- One of us One of us One of us
colfront gd.
colfront gd. 5 måneder siden
Evidence Of Humanity Not Existing Anymore But Eveyone Is Now A Robot.
Him't ccr
Him't ccr 11 måneder siden
NOpost is a machine that pushes the lever back when you push it
layla dee
layla dee 11 måneder siden
im finally early... time to watch the intro for 10 hours
Sogesun Kun
Sogesun Kun 11 måneder siden
Every time you watch CharmX's intro you get Gnomed
BalancingFlame4 11 måneder siden
If Charmx sees this comment, just know that the YTP'er at around the 25 minute mark is called Numberer1
Zinx0path 11 måneder siden
The profile was from YTP NOpostr “Numberer1” :0
MrJohnnyBean 11 måneder siden
Beanie boi should make a gaming channel
Dark Spyro
Dark Spyro 11 måneder siden
if we can stop coppa's shit,I would love charmx doing a gaming channel
Laura Guillemette
Laura Guillemette 11 måneder siden
unknown 11 måneder siden
What happened to sml has 5billion views
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