Ylvis - The gene test (DNA) - IKMY 17.10.2013 (English subtitles)

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7 år siden

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Upload by Hilde M. Translation and subs by Linda M. English revising by Mana Nicola.
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Ingeborg Rosland
Ingeborg Rosland Måned siden
Noen fra 2020 her??
Juice man
Juice man Måned siden
Alpin-the-Floof 3 måneder siden
It’s more likely that Vegard is 0.7% Sami, given that they come from the same area.
Purple Dawn
Purple Dawn 24 dager siden
He could be anything really. I'm norwegian and even I scored like 2% central asian on my test. Rest was european.
Felicia umu S
Felicia umu S 6 måneder siden
Elmo År siden
"vi har aloevera" I love one man and it's Bård
Odin Sylte
Odin Sylte År siden
Hun hørtes litt ut som Siri i starten
Carl Flyman
Carl Flyman År siden
Great to hear the band play some Toto here! 🤟😄
Celine Eriksen
Celine Eriksen År siden
Calle sitt "kødder dokkor nå?" haha
Random Funny Gameplay
Random Funny Gameplay År siden
«Aaah, Svir det no hos deg?» «Neh» hahahaha
EHOT 2 år siden
Cuz Vikings was in Turkey 800 y. ago.
dahDougie Måned siden
Or their mom was 41 y. ago...
Katrine Stenbekk
Katrine Stenbekk 2 år siden
Men sånn, fra spøk til alvor. Er dette to brødre som ikke er brødre?
FromNorway 4 dager siden
Barn arver bare halvparten av genene fra hver forelder, og søsken arver ikke nøyaktig den samme halvparten med mindre de er eneggede tvillinger. At Vegard og Bård har litt ulike gener er derfor ikke noe bevis på at de har ulike foreldre.
HK Normann
HK Normann 2 år siden
De burde si det da ting er sponset, som det her så åpenbart er
crossover poem
crossover poem 2 år siden
please speak English! you are white!
MrEmrys24 2 år siden
She's beautiful 😄
Steven Savoie
Steven Savoie 2 år siden
Min DNAgbok / Min DNAiry. Brilliant translation.
Autumn Akins
Autumn Akins 2 år siden
Not sure where the english subtitles are supposed to be. Title says they are there...
Jostein 2 år siden
You have to enable the subtitles.
Smelend 2 år siden
DerpySonic Gaming
DerpySonic Gaming 2 år siden
Wow i just cant stop reading the substitles ts just too much text, oh wait their’s no substitles
Luis Eduardo Casper Braschi
Luis Eduardo Casper Braschi 3 år siden
Calle is 80% Brian Jones.
MISTAMEME 3 år siden
Møll er jo liver i går fint om du ikke tror meg sikkert ikke men jeg var full når jeg skrev det til deg bro i går var jeg skal du på festen i spy er jo ingenting bra med på no nå da skal jeg aldri gå inn på det temaet en gang så får du se på yt er jo ingenting bra med på no nå da skal jeg aldri gå inn på det temaet en gang så får du se på yt er jo ingenting bra med på no nå da skal jeg aldri gå inn på det temaet en gang så får du se på yt er jo ingenting bra med på no nå da skal jeg aldri gå inn på det temaet en gang så får du se på yt er jo ingenting bra med på no
Jonas Engesgaar
Jonas Engesgaar 3 år siden
Hvor er alle de norske at???
Leena Husa
Leena Husa 3 år siden
this show should be broadcasted all over europe with english subtitles. i fucking love it!!!
LaurenAnyone 3 år siden
That little look Bard gives when she says he's close to the songbirds hahaha
Hilal Balcı
Hilal Balcı 3 år siden
Vegardım kusura bakma Türkler ile alakan yok :(
lili 3 år siden
wait how tf can bård be more european than vegard when they're brothers ??
FromNorway 4 dager siden
Children inherit only _half_ of the genes from each of their parents, and siblings don't inherit exactly the _same_ half unless they are identical twins. The fact that Vegard and Bård have different genes does therefore not prove that they have different parents.
Medi katara
Medi katara 3 år siden
är bard och vergard halvsyskon, eftersom borde inte deras ursprung vara identiskt om de är helsyskon?
FromNorway 4 dager siden
Barn arver bare _halvparten_ av genene fra hver forelder, og søsken arver ikke nøyaktig den _samme_ halvparten med mindre de er eneggede tvillinger. At Vegard og Bård har litt ulike gener er derfor _ikke_ noe bevis på at de har ulike foreldre.
Ellinor 3 år siden
Medi katara nei de har bare arvet litt forskjellige gener fra foreldre/besteforeldre/oldeforeldre osv..
Fulltronpet 3 år siden
Sha is soooo sexy!
panos475 4 år siden
truth is that vegard looks like an italian or a greek.Hes so different from his brother
deniz 3 år siden
Bard and Vegard very alike actually. Sometimes I confusing them. They have just different hair colour and hair shape. Their face features are very alike. I think the most Norvegian (or European) looking one is Calle in here. Vegard is not looks so European too, to me. I mean, hair colour yes but facial features could have Asian DNA. Anyway, these tests are bullshits. Don't give your money for them. Not everyone could these tests. Even Nat.Geo doesn't accept everyone's claim for test. THERE IS NO DATA, AND THESE RESULTS ARE JUST SIMILARITIES OF DATAS.
Yaoi Oppai
Yaoi Oppai 3 år siden
Vergard is sweet perfection. His facial features are that of a God's; His hair is that of a beautiful Siren's.
Bikewithlove 4 år siden
That's a very good-looking genetic scientist.
John McClane
John McClane 4 år siden
ur white I get it
Amina 4 år siden
3:07 "MAHMOOD" Killed me xD
Lynn 4 år siden
'We have aloe vera."
QWER TYUIOP 4 år siden
that 0.7% exotic genes... 👌👌👌hubba hubba
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia 4 år siden
can you please not advertise as having "English Subtitles" if there are no ""English Subtitles."
1bam159 4 år siden
and I have iOS with CC
A S 4 år siden
+SoidSnake ? I have an android with CC.
SoidSnake 4 år siden
Click the CC button. If your on a mobile phone or tablet, your out of luck. Google still haven't bothered including CC and annotations on their android app.
Charlie Bomberg
Charlie Bomberg 4 år siden
There are English subtitles, you just have to turn on the captions. It's the little button that looks like a square.
V4Vendetta 4 år siden
How can you tell the country from DNA ??!
Gaboxxy 4 år siden
The turks are an ethnicity though...
Hord 4 år siden
+V4Vendetta As far as i know, they can't. But they can tell from which region you may originate from. The color of your hair, your skin tone, ears, nose, height, and so much more. Your DNA is an very detailed recipe of You< inside and out. And over many, many generations groups of people have adaptet so much to their region that it has affected their DNA. But im no expert on the subjet , i may have left out something...
Jacob B
Jacob B 4 år siden
Calle is just slow XD and pain doesn't reach his brain in time just like in the Tom&Jerry cartoons
Sylvexia 4 år siden
The caption button is lost ? I can't seem to find it. The CC button is literally lost. I'm not using a phone or anything, I can't seem to find it
Ray Day
Ray Day 4 år siden
They sound like the Sims
Kitsuke France
Kitsuke France 4 år siden
Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali 4 år siden
0:50 he's like "she got dat ass? nope" *sits down
Iselin Waagen
Iselin Waagen 4 år siden
hibertansiyar 4 år siden
Vegard is one of us, one of us!
CrazyLikeA... 4 år siden
Vegard is a so very adorable! He has such chubby cheeks and big eyes. But, he looked like he was panicking during the country of origin section.
QWER TYUIOP 4 år siden
duhh..😂 thats coz bård called it out earlier.. about him being a turk.. n mybe they r nt brothers..
Magda Draganova
Magda Draganova 4 år siden
if Vegard is turkish,then Bård is too!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Magdalena Krukowska
Magdalena Krukowska 4 år siden
Takie polskie „Paranienormalni Tonight” 😁😁😁
KaregoAt 5 år siden
I love this so much :D It's always so hilarious when they make fun of Vegard's looks! He does have a bit of an "exotic" look, I want to know more about his heredity.
the element
the element 5 år siden
Türkler her yerde :D Vegard da bizden asdadsda
Melissa 3 år siden
Lynn Cooper
Lynn Cooper 5 år siden
One of my favourite interviews on this or any talk show, ever! I come back to it whenever I need a good laugh. As always, thank you Facebookies for all you do!
Klothildeh 5 år siden
6:50 :-D
Hensbinator 5 år siden
There arent any subtitles to this...
MsAlexisMac 5 år siden
You have to turn them on
grannyspecs1 5 år siden
What does the FOXP2 say???
Minna Minna
Minna Minna År siden
@Jacob B Ines and Freya have no cense of humor
Jacob B
Jacob B 4 år siden
yes that much is obvious but the original comment i believe is meant to be a joke, referring to how similar the things are written? jeez...
Freya Haglund
Freya Haglund 4 år siden
+Jacob B (Whiteyjack) no, its not. Its a reading skill. Srsly, theres a difference between "what does the fox say" and FOXP2
Jacob B
Jacob B 4 år siden
Ines H Asserson
Ines H Asserson 4 år siden
+Jacob B (Whiteyjack) grannhspecs1 charged the comment ;)
Sheerein F
Sheerein F 5 år siden
'we have aloe vera'
Travelling with Slavena
Travelling with Slavena 5 år siden
Is Calle related to them? :/
Travelling with Slavena
Travelling with Slavena 5 år siden
@John Jones Thanks for the reply :)
John Jones
John Jones 5 år siden
sowe fotome
sowe fotome 5 år siden
Vi har aloe vera!!!!
Ingeborg Nisi
Ingeborg Nisi 5 år siden
"Vi har aloevera!"
StitchGV 5 år siden
I really am a little worried about Calle though.. I hope he's trying to quit smoking after hearing this. :-/
Maylen Fjalestad
Maylen Fjalestad 3 år siden
StitchGV it was just a joke
Accidental Lyrics
Accidental Lyrics 5 år siden
It was so funny that Vegard and Bard had to take their hands off the candles almost at the same time, and Calle is saying "Really, so soon!". Way to go, Calle!
Howard Sterling
Howard Sterling 5 år siden
*High sensitivity to pain is actually a good thing.*
GamePhysics 2 år siden
Howard Sterling Could be good and bad. You might be more careful about getting injured, but at the same time you might feel chronic pain worse.
Harry Ballassio
Harry Ballassio 6 år siden
I knew they were half brothers
lenangjf 6 år siden
Vegard and his tiny Turkish origin
Marion Tjøtta
Marion Tjøtta 6 år siden
i love this show :)
musicfan189 6 år siden
And the gene expert is just sitting there, when they do the pain test, all like "Why are they doing this? Why?" and looking exasperated....XD
007titok 5 år siden
Looks like she is very worried.
H M 6 år siden
I don't understand a word their saying but they are still entrancing.
H M 5 år siden
@VLTFV Oh really!. I didnt realize. That'll probs help me forever more. Thanks mate. Haha it makes everything sound so silly
6668084747 5 år siden
@Husna M you can slow it down -.-
H M 6 år siden
@***** I have a bit of a problem. I cant read very fast. But it was still enjoyable, :)
Summer Leppanen
Summer Leppanen 6 år siden
Vegard's face when she's like "Bård and Calle are 100% European," and he looks like he's terrified that that joke about him being adopted might actually be true. Although the Turkish thing actually being 0.7% true is amazing.
A J År siden
lol it had nothing to do with them being proud, it was the joke about vegrard. Stop creating problems.
Merlith 2 år siden
Turkey is located in Europe, and Turks is associated with european history and heritage. I dont know how this specific test groups the ethnic backgrounds. But i am pretty sure following this logic, turks themselves would be considered "European". So no, its not 0.7% turkish
Merlith 2 år siden
Summer Leppanen "european privilege", what is that supposed to mean? so the world's most powerful nation (USA) isnt priviliged? So what about the several third world countries that struggle in europe? Are they of this "privilege" too? Or are you trying to talk about the belief of european "superiority". Because that is definently not very common at all, nor has it been very common. There have been cultural/ethnic narcissisms in european history, but those were specifcially narrowed to one nation or a country (and/or debunked racial ideaologies) not europe as a whole. Or do you just automatically (like most americans) believe european means "traditional (germanic) white man", forgetting that spaniards, Italians, slavs, arabs etc are also of european ethnicity?
Merlith 2 år siden
Ghaladh you are a bloody idiot who has never actually touched a history book.. Every culture of any etnichity on any location of this planet has a gritty history.. Blood thirsty and destructive? How so? A minority of the norse population were actual vikings. Vikings were just a less richer germanic culture. The main difference was religion. The norse did not aggressively conquer alot of land nor tried to outdominate other religions. They raided the closer countries, and traded with others. They were just as "blood-thirsty" as everyother culture on the planet at the time. And "destructive" is complete billshit. The only culture they achieved destroying was their own, when they started converting to christianity for strategic and resource benifits. And the viking raids are childsplay anyway compared to the various "holy wars" perpuated by the abrahamic religions... religious conflicts that despite being older than the entire viking era itself, still continue to this day.
Ghaladh 4 år siden
+Immabeabit Chandsayit lol, well played 😆
TheNiennaTasartir 6 år siden
Haha, one of the best episodes! Thank you so much for the subtitles!
Markus Johnsen
Markus Johnsen 6 år siden
Really Great subs!
Linda Martinsen
Linda Martinsen 6 år siden
Thanks! :)
Raggo 6 år siden
(Really sorry for stating the obvious, but) She Is Smoking hot!
I am Alucard
I am Alucard 6 år siden
You have 42% HAHAHA. So brutal lol.
Aadibass 6 år siden
10:47 Smooth Criminal!
Ikkei Detheletatt
Ikkei Detheletatt 6 år siden
Tyrkerne har absolutt ikke noe å gjøre med arabere. I tillegg er tyrkisk et ural-altaisk språk som har lite til felles med afro-asiatiske språk som arabisk.
TheFunkhouser 6 år siden
are the subtitles transparent?
Insert Coin
Insert Coin 6 år siden
Turkish people don't dance like Arabish people. If you want that what is our culture, you can search it. And if you want to see our folk dances, search "Zeybek" "Avsar Zeybegi", "Serenler Zeybegi", "Alyazmalım Zeybegi", "Harmandali", "Cokertme", "Kerimoglu Zeybegi" or "Halay" on NOpost.
Insert Coin
Insert Coin 6 år siden
And "Zeybek" and "Efe" means "The person who always says the truth, honest" and they trip so much, they always change their location. I forget what does that mean in English. Love, Mr. Sarızeybek(Sarı[Sarışın] means Blonde)
joyeful 6 år siden
Bård's reactions at 5:54, 6:34, and 8:23 had me dying of laughter, and then Calle just ended me at 10:09.
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
This cracks me up. Bård is so happy with the entire thing and looks so proud when he pulls out the Aloe Vera. "It's been a pleasure"
Sparky Nelson
Sparky Nelson 6 år siden
Uff Da..........
Karl Fredrik Nilsen
Karl Fredrik Nilsen 6 år siden
Subs in English Try no 2 or 3 in the choose boxes down right in the picture.
Karl Fredrik Nilsen
Karl Fredrik Nilsen 6 år siden
English text - click on the two line symbol looking like = in the right of the clock down right. It works here!
MinVärld 6 år siden
haha 5:55
Hailey Miller
Hailey Miller 6 år siden
Where are the English subtitles?
TaiChiKnees 6 år siden
The FDA asked 23andme to stop doing tests in the US for a while because people get the results and freak out. Also the FDA couldn't verify the quality standards on the tests run. Just FYI *shrug*
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
@TaiChiKnees You're right about 23&ME. They have a disclaimer at the top of their website that they no longer do health related genetic reports. It's $99 to get a detailed report of the nationalities of your ancestors.
TaiChiKnees 6 år siden
@MA D. As far as I know, 23andme isn't doing the health-related test for consumers in the United States at the request of the FDA. You can find out what countries your ancestors came from. Of course everyone in the US is pretty much a mixed breed after the third generation.
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
Interesting, this is still one of my favorite scenes from I Kveld med Ylvis. How did you find out? Did you try to contact 23&me? I'm just curious. It would be funny to do with friends.
A.M. 6 år siden
That little tiny "Turkish!" that Bard says at 4:03 just cracks me up so hard.
cozycushins 6 år siden
What a cute bunch! Did not know that the Ylvis brothers were in their 30's and that Vegard even has three kids!! He is very good looking, good for him :)
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
@kaphibarka That would be excellent if he did that. My bday is this month.
Titina de Cassovia
Titina de Cassovia 6 år siden
@Mary Ann D Thank you and let´s hope for possibility that he actually was there, but he wants to surprise you on your birthday :)
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
@kaphibarka Yes I do! My son was in Sweden and France last month. I was begging him to go to Norway and go to one of the Expensive Jackets concerts so I could have a video at least. He wouldn't do it. That's an excellent price and it will be so fun for you!
Titina de Cassovia
Titina de Cassovia 6 år siden
In Slovakia so it is not that expensive to get into Norway (actually I have got return ticket for 100 euro only) in contrast to a transatlantic flight. But you definitive have a reason to visit Europe. :)
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
@kaphibarka My serious crush is on Bård (shares a birthday with my son - my son is 4 years younger though) and Vegard. I'm so happy for you. That is excellent you get to go see them in September. I wish I could. I live in the Utah, USA. Where do you live?
Dragotheone 6 år siden
Poor Vegard, Bård teases him so much xD
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
But Vegard punches harder
SyntaxErrorXoXo 6 år siden
Kalle: Stammer fra en ordentlig viking, uredd med lav smerteterskel og utsatt for rusavhengighet (vikingene knasket jo sopp før kamp) med dårlig helse slik som krigerne hadde etter dårlig med mat på tokt. Karen klarer å se røff ut, selv i dress.
Redbeard Metalviking
Redbeard Metalviking 5 år siden
Lav smerteterskel og lav følsomhet er ikke det samme.
Jelainiyuh 6 år siden
Another awesome vid hahaha... I can see how close Vegard and Bard are here...
Annabella M.
Annabella M. 6 år siden
okay, where are the English subs?
Annabella M.
Annabella M. 4 år siden
There was no sub button at the time when I asked, obviously I wouldn't have asked if there were. Thanks though.
Oli Cansdale
Oli Cansdale 4 år siden
+Annabella M. Under the sub button?
Mats Christiansen
Mats Christiansen 4 år siden
You must turn it on you fat bitch
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D 6 år siden
@whitepumpkin1 can you see the little cc button on the bottom left of the video? - that's it.
whitepumpkin1 6 år siden
@***** caption button? wheres that?
Nat Sp
Nat Sp 6 år siden
"Good thing I smoke then" :D
Im sorry but i see no subtitals
Amphibiot 6 år siden
Assuming you are not on a mobile device; press the button between the clockface and cogwheel down in the right hand corner.
mikosoft 6 år siden
The song they play when Ellen Blinkenberg enters is the ending part of I'll Supply The Love by Toto
RoseeVeronique 6 år siden
Thank you! D:
Delenn 6 år siden
Shin Gochu
Shin Gochu 6 år siden
Omg this was so funny xD
Hyena 15
Hyena 15 6 år siden
Why do they keep calling Vegard Turkish?
ChupaChupsCatty 6 år siden
@Double StudioSs They are just making a joke about it because he maybe look just a little like a turkish man.
Hyena 15
Hyena 15 6 år siden
oh,ok :)
Hyena 15
Hyena 15 6 år siden
I get that but why Turkish? Did something happened in the past so they made it a joke?
Nathan Cools
Nathan Cools 6 år siden
These guys are so funny! :D I wish I was Norwegian so I could see (and understand) them on my TV
Kenneth Giorgi
Kenneth Giorgi 7 år siden
Band plays TOTO!
passant macklad
passant macklad 7 år siden
at the heat test the scientist lady was like this is so stupid :)
talkingbowl 7 år siden
That they are. All three of them.
passant macklad
passant macklad 7 år siden
but at least they are attractive idiots
talkingbowl 7 år siden
I know, right? She was like, "I am surrounded by *idiots*."
Camilla Rose Nikolaisen Karlsen
Camilla Rose Nikolaisen Karlsen 7 år siden
hahaha, it was so funny when she said "bård and calle is 100% European" that face on vegard
talkingbowl 7 år siden
"Wait... you mean I really *am* Turkish?!"
pixiegrrl69 7 år siden
aloe vera!!! thanks for the subtitles!!!
eveny119 7 år siden
I think my "English subtitle" was broken : )
volikoto 7 år siden
hahaha! bard really felt the pain sooner than the others... :D
Arie 7 år siden
This was so funny, i feel bad when the girl said that vegard it's only 99.3 european and he's face was just like: WHAT?? and he joke about being turkish xDDD and i really loved when they took the heat test and calle had to look down to see if the candle was up or down. These guys are beyond funny i totally loved them
redblood1864 7 år siden
Bård and Vegard are so cute together
Mckenzie Boyle
Mckenzie Boyle 7 år siden
Well, I guess I have to learn Norwegian now.
PY 2 år siden
Norwegian is a Germanic language so alot of words sound similar or/and is written similar to german. Stuhl (ger) = Stol (nor) = Chair (eng) Schule (ger) = Skole (nor) = School (eng) and so on. So its pretty easy for a norwegian to learn the german lanugage and the other way around :)
Настя Nastya
Настя Nastya 2 år siden
As for me, Norwegian is very similar to German language
Autumn Akins
Autumn Akins 2 år siden
Duolingo is a good place to start.
Steven Savoie
Steven Savoie 2 år siden
Easiest language to learn for English speakers (in my opinion). It might be harder if you aren't surrounded by Norwegians though.. but it is a lot funnier to hear them say the jokes than to read them. Sometimes its more about how things were said, than what.
Charriza Lasanas
Charriza Lasanas 3 år siden
Mckenzie Boyle Same here
Jonna Saari
Jonna Saari 7 år siden
Glad to be european :) However, must say that Vegards 0,7% of non-european genes have done an excellent job.
Thurman Ulrich
Thurman Ulrich 5 år siden
Good to see they're are White Europeans who are proud of their heritage. As an Indian living in the West, I constantly see white people being ashamed of who they are because of past atrocities. Culture gives us an identity and a purpose, keep it up.
Kittja Gelmer
Kittja Gelmer 6 år siden
@talkingbowl Emma looks so much like Vegard omfg- She is tannish and has dark curly hair
talkingbowl 7 år siden
I saw a picture of him with his family, and it's even filtered down to his kids! Strong Turkish genes are strong. :D
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