losing control : Dancing with the Devil

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Demi Lovato

25 dager siden

“I crossed a line I’d never crossed in addiction.”
In part I of this fearless documentary series, Demi Lovato and her family and friends candidly open up for the first time about what led to her near-fatal overdose.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) helpline
1-800-931-2237 (they also offer click-to-chat messaging)

SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889

If you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741
UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

Pre-order Demi Lovato’s new album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’ DemiLovato.lnk.to/DWTDTAOSOID

LOVE Lee Libra
LOVE Lee Libra 9 minutter siden
Her Song “Turn Out The Light” helped me years ago. Her Voice was Sooo Healing 2 me😭 I would just Blast it💯 Prayers Baby Girl!! We ALL Adore You!!🥰 Be that Queen~ Leo that you are 🙌 💯 Help others with your story Demi! The world NEEDS You!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bernice Tapia
Bernice Tapia 14 minutter siden
LOVE Lee Libra
LOVE Lee Libra 23 minutter siden
Prayers & Healing... And Love & Light Sendt to Demi💯🙌🙌🙌
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Ferreira 58 minutter siden
I love you Demi 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💖💖💖💎💎💎💎💎 você é incrível 💖💖🇧🇷🇧🇷💎
Daryl Tom
Daryl Tom Time siden
she needs to come back to NM!
collateral Devin
collateral Devin 2 timer siden
she's ruining her life by drinking smoking
Skyler Howell
Skyler Howell 2 timer siden
Taita Gonçalves
Taita Gonçalves 2 timer siden
Tá repreendido
Taita Gonçalves
Taita Gonçalves 2 timer siden
Tá reprendido
aj yee
aj yee 2 timer siden
Hollywood breeds unhappiness
Lynsie Daniels
Lynsie Daniels 3 timer siden
The way they all just clap and cheer after she finishes singing Sober for them... it turns my stomach. Like did no one listen to the lyrics and think to ask about it???
Mel Jaz
Mel Jaz 3 timer siden
Demi we love youu
Chicago-98-DZ 4 timer siden
We Always loving you Demi
Major Angle
Major Angle 4 timer siden
You can put a dress on a pig but it’s still a pig.
Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera 4 timer siden
Addiction sells too. she acts like the only addict...there's a whole bunch of us who should be dead out here, but we aren't makin money off our addictions!
Bruna R
Bruna R 5 timer siden
Natalia Catalán
Natalia Catalán 5 timer siden
You are my childhood I love you!!!
Paula Marchiante
Paula Marchiante 5 timer siden
Alyssa Gardner
Alyssa Gardner 6 timer siden
You are amazing Demi
Jamie Womack
Jamie Womack 6 timer siden
Girl we Love you ♥️ be your self we don’t care what you do or look like you still the same person to use
Makaziwe C
Makaziwe C 7 timer siden
...when I watch things like things it just reminds that us as human beings aren't designed to be praised or to be looked at for too long...it becomes toxic for the person praising and for the person being praised aka "the fan" and "the celebrity"...this also goes show how us as human beings were designed to glorify or praise, sadly we just choose the wrong things to worship such as food, social media, clothes, fitness, dreams and other people...
GcIna Nene
GcIna Nene 7 timer siden
It was too late for DMX 😥
Sara Cristovao
Sara Cristovao 7 timer siden
But there is nothing going on with this girl life besides drugs and sadness and depression so many documentary’s about the same bullshit I know more of her life than my own at this point 🥱
Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies 9 timer siden
She's very fortunate to be able to get the help she needed unlike sooo many people out there. Can't help but wonder if her mum had a part to play in this..did she push her on to the stage too young, did she even want this? I don't know, never been a demi fan.
Abegail Gonzaga
Abegail Gonzaga 10 timer siden
She's been my the only artist i look up to since i was 14 now im 25. I love u DD
Madeline Owens
Madeline Owens 11 timer siden
Is this my 3rd time watching this seires? Yes, yes it is. Have I been a fan since she was on Disney? Yes I have.
Kari Webb
Kari Webb 11 timer siden
I love you Demi ❤️
Mitch Purdy
Mitch Purdy 11 timer siden
Just wear what you want to wear..
Karen Rodríguez
Karen Rodríguez 12 timer siden
Dónde puedo ver el documental completo en español!!!!
Elizabeth Orwig
Elizabeth Orwig 13 timer siden
This Breaks my Heart, the pain in her eyes is so emotional for me cuz I have felt that pain before and often but the fact that she's being so honest and forthcoming with what's happened to her and what she's going through makes me so proud of her and makes me a really big fan!!!
Jacira Guedes
Jacira Guedes 14 timer siden
No, but like, they know her body type. Why draw clothes that she might wear on a "model" like that? you could at least make her body type. Unless those were made for runaway models to wear straight away...
Andrea Rueda
Andrea Rueda 14 timer siden
i love demi so much ❤️❤️❤️
Yang King
Yang King 14 timer siden
You are my inspiration to continue studying medicine and drug abuse issues~~ Mental illness plus addiction are the worst combination. Hope you could have found a strong family medicine doctor.
Jaime Muñoz Martinez
Jaime Muñoz Martinez 15 timer siden
Why I don’t like her mom?
arisboca 16 timer siden
I hope she wanted to share this not forced to sit in front of a camera and talk.
Carine Todmia
Carine Todmia 17 timer siden
i feel like shes around a lot of toxic positivity
Doarda 22 timer siden
essa é minha terceira vez aqui TE AMO ❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 timer siden
i wish they interviewed selena gomez- i really wanna know what happened between them now that we know demi was high most of the time during disney channel
Devuan G
Devuan G 23 timer siden
Demi your beautiful know mater if you have a thick or a small waste your beautiful
Meko J.
Meko J. 23 timer siden
Is anyone else getting an error message on your TV trying to watch? Or a notification that the video requires payment?
Joao Padilha
Joao Padilha 23 timer siden
Desculpe isso não é rock
Jordyn Mora
Jordyn Mora Dag siden
the fact that i saw her the day before her od💔.
David H.
David H. Dag siden
Is this the same chick that put G-Easy, or whatever his name is, on blast for being an addict a few years back? Dancing with the Devil. Ok.
Keyla Coccarelli
Keyla Coccarelli Dag siden
It’s the ads every two second for me
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
To hear that she’s still drinking and smoking is shocking
unstable Pineapple
unstable Pineapple Dag siden
I think that people who put there kids on a screen are selfish and shouldn't have those kids anymore. Something so common with child stars is that they say it's hard to say no when they are the breadwinner and that's so sad with all these family channels and knowing how hard it can be for adults to find work so if they can sell their kid to the devil then ya they'd do it if it meant they'd get a bunch of money
Felden Krais
Felden Krais Dag siden
What a hack. Take away her microphone and she can't carry a tune in a bucket
Sophia Leydon
Sophia Leydon Dag siden
I feel like the image that her and her team continues to push of her being a warrior and survivor is their way of trying to control the narrative. I feel like it’s actually harmful to Demi’s recovery, it puts a lot of added pressure on her when in reality recovery is hard enough as it is. Having to be a positive role model when Demi is still actively on her journey of recovery is asking too much of her. She’s the sort of person who wants to be completely open about every part of her addiction and eating disorder but it just makes her feel even more ashamed and guilty when she has relapses (because recovery isn’t a uphill process, setbacks are common). I think if her recovery team really cared for her they would let her know that she should keep her process quiet from the public, even if she thinks she can handle the public scrutiny at the time she may feel differently later when she’s not feeling as strong. She really doesn’t owe the public or media anything, she should be allowed to keep it private if it’s what’s best for her recovery long term.
Lexie Wall
Lexie Wall Dag siden
I was at her show in Newcastle in 2018 must have been less than a month before the overdose. You could 100% tell she wasn’t happy. She looked miserable between every song-like she was going through the motions.
erika braga
erika braga Dag siden
Love her. This is so helpful to many
Emily Marshall
Emily Marshall Dag siden
I literally don’t understand why she keeps having to make these documentaries about her struggles and lowest points of her life.. unless of course, for financial profit. That’s sad, she shouldn’t have to do this
WNM Dag siden
Demi is so brave. Our hearts go out to you Demi. This video and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕
Ana Ruiz
Ana Ruiz Dag siden
I saw you in Madrid Airport before you flew to Rock In Rio, Lisbon. I slightly came to you and told you that I was flying to Lisbon as well just to see her performing! You smiled at me but, when we made eye contact, I realized that your look was sad.. I pushed a bit back because I did not want to disturb you but then I had a mix of emotions because I felt blessed to have seen you but It broke my heart seeing you like that.. Wishing you the sweetest path of life. and sm love for you
José Junior
José Junior Dag siden
Na imagem inicial pensei q era a Sheila Carvalho kkk
Melissa Ortiz
Melissa Ortiz Dag siden
Oh my gosh. Her story about her dad is exactly how it was with my dad. I loved my dad more thank anything but he was an alcoholic and drug user and 4 years ago I had to do the hardest thing and distance myself. Last year in March my dad passed away alone. He was alone until someone found him. We don’t know the exact day he passed as well. It was always a fear of mine that he would pass alone. I totally know how she feels. It’s hard and I’m still struggling with it. Demi is amazing and strong I hope she can pull through the pain. Like I’m trying too.
Lauren Elizabeth Ann
Lauren Elizabeth Ann Dag siden
She's real that's why her fans love her! Her music and her realness has saved me so many times from my own mental health issues and suicidal thoughts etc. I love you so much Demi 💖
melancícia Dag siden
My problem with this is it feels hysterical. Don't doubt her suffering tho It's no joke when you don't know how to live more lightly
Jasmine West
Jasmine West Dag siden
Demi this literally hit me in the gut with the similarities in the way we grew up. My father was schizophrenic and a h*rion addict. He beat my mom also. We moved away from him and I stopped talking to him in 2010. He died in 2016 by his addiction. He was found in his room. I have been fighting to stay away from his path, but at 16 I was binge drinking. At 17 I had a horrible adderall addiction. I lost 78lbs in 3 months. At 18 I went back to my childhood home and started focusing on my mental health. Stay strong hun 💖 you’re not alone.
Zeynep Didem Keskin
Zeynep Didem Keskin Dag siden
we need more language translations :(
Victory Nwanguma
Victory Nwanguma Dag siden
i never really understood the depth of her OD till i watched this, i am soo happy she is alive, well and at a much better place
Sydney Dina
Sydney Dina Dag siden
losing my dad caused me to lose control. I just want people to get it
Michael Dag siden
who else got chills when the news reports about her OD was going on like i started tearing up
PerfectlyImperfectMae Dag siden
Demi is so beautiful without the make up.
PerfectlyImperfectMae Dag siden
i felt so close to demi here.
Aaron S
Aaron S Dag siden
We really giving junkies 11 mil views talking about them being junkies but everyones up in arms over Dr. Suess
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
strength is amazing in telling your story about your OD. I love you unconditionally!!
Mary B.
Mary B. Dag siden
not the midrolls 😭
Katakin Goth
Katakin Goth 2 dager siden
Take care of you Demi; the world will always be here. We would rather you be here with us, please stay safe and stay healthy. Love you!
novembergrams 2 dager siden
In her 2017 doc, she said she idolized amy winehouse and wanted to be like her. Hope she stops leaning on drugs and alcohol because that didn't end well for Amy. Her talent is enough.
Monique Triana
Monique Triana 2 dager siden
What people don't understand is she really is dancing g with Satan. Mk ultra. She sold her soul a while ago for fame. Poor girl
Ethan Gaddiz
Ethan Gaddiz 2 dager siden
There was like triggers
Ethan Gaddiz
Ethan Gaddiz 2 dager siden
Very intriguing
Me 2 dager siden
I honestly wasn’t a fan until a few years ago because she back more real. I feel so bad anyone needs to feel perfect because of you make a life choice or do something then others might to do and then you get blamed. Which is so toxic. Everyone needs to be themselves
Camila Garridoシ
Camila Garridoシ 2 dager siden
I love you 🥺❤️
Rania Assal Del Valle
Rania Assal Del Valle 2 dager siden
Is this 13+ or 16+?
Aishwarya Ramasamy
Aishwarya Ramasamy 2 dager siden
Demi is a true SURVIVOR
Rickia Smith
Rickia Smith 2 dager siden
To be quite honest, I am not a huge fan of Demi's music however I have been following her story for the last few years. I am glad that she has found outlet and she is able to tell her side of the story. TMZ, tabloids and others new sources tell you what they are allowed to tell. I will never know what its like to be an addict's but I have watched some growing up and its a uphill battle. I refuse to believe that her team is doing this for "clout" I think Demi has gotten to where she knows who is supposed to be around her. I just pray that Demi is strong enough to stay up and/or and I hope that there are those around her who can help her heal.
rey max
rey max 2 dager siden
eres una mujer muy bella pero sobretodo muy valiente y tienes a mucha gente que te ama aunque no te conosca en persona eres una persona muy importante amate a ti misma y disfruta de lo bello de tu alrededor
Clarissa Caldwell
Clarissa Caldwell 2 dager siden
Most celebrities and such a hooked on drugs and alcohol. It sad because the people who are around them don't care because they're drug addicts too.
Daeja Galaska
Daeja Galaska 2 dager siden
The lady that said "be careful" just knew. She could feel something. And Demi was tearing up. The empathy was real . Demi really needed that, I hope she still thinks about it . Bc I would
chris.win 2 dager siden
she’s so damn privileged 😂 can’t believe y’all actually feel bad for her 😂
Artista plástico brasileiro arte naif
Artista plástico brasileiro arte naif 2 dager siden
Jessica Nunes
Jessica Nunes 2 dager siden
Lupe Mo
Lupe Mo 2 dager siden
Her childhood trauma from her father and from being this celebrity can be too much I’m sure. Maybe if she just ran away from everything for a while she could actually find the peace she is longing for
Leyla Brown
Leyla Brown 2 dager siden
i don't think she's gay at all i think she just had so much trauma that she's trying so hard to find love but that isnt it
cris yane
cris yane 2 dager siden
proud of you Demi
Little_mk_1122 MK
Little_mk_1122 MK 2 dager siden
they really open about the devil now lmao
Allyssa Gray
Allyssa Gray 2 dager siden
It's just insane that I've watched her my whole life and now even thought addiction she is still inspiring me to stay sober amd do better and that I'm worth it
Jill durham
Jill durham 2 dager siden
It was her mom who put her in the cameras at a young age. She was placed in beauty pagents by her parents (mainly her mom). NO child should ever live in the spotlight.
Nikki R Strong
Nikki R Strong 2 dager siden
I've always smiled bigger because of demi. I love her
Catie Carroll
Catie Carroll 2 dager siden
The importance of this is monumental. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters struggling with this illness. I love you.
Hanna Baby
Hanna Baby 2 dager siden
I don’t really know about Demi? Like I missed this whole time she is famous I don’t remember her like I remember miley Cyrus etc
Natalie H
Natalie H 2 dager siden
And now she wants to do a comedy series on her eating disorder. She really has lost her mind. 🙄
Natalie H
Natalie H Dag siden
@Aniyah Renee Yes.
Aniyah Renee
Aniyah Renee Dag siden
Milena F. da Costa
Milena F. da Costa 2 dager siden
a voz da renata vasconcellos do nada
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 dager siden
Everyone should understand that. We love you, Demi. 💜
penguinsRawesome 2 dager siden
I just love her and her voice is sooo wow! I can listen to her all day! I can also relate to her, addiction wise. ❤️ Demi U R BEAUTIFUL!!😍 If u don't have anything nice to say, like in some comments I'm reading, dont say sh** @ all! It's unnecessary. 🙏
Alexis Harris
Alexis Harris 2 dager siden
U r amazing
Brenda HARGRAVE 3 dager siden
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 dager siden
It’s interesting they called this dancing with the devil. Because a dance with the devil can last forever. She’s truly lucky to not have died while in the hands of the underdog.
LEELEEISME ! 3 dager siden
ramirezannette0 3 dager siden
What's with everyone saying "I'm so proud of her bullshit", she's HUMAN she's got problems like every body else give her a f@$&ng break!, give her some peace
SelenaVi 3 dager siden
Después de ver esto, me siento triste
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