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2 måneder siden

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Toma Horațiu-Andreas
Toma Horațiu-Andreas Time siden
Better than Eminem
Ed Shaw
Ed Shaw 9 timer siden
Unknown p doesn't put his opps in a spliff he puts them in a pipe
tyson macnamara
tyson macnamara 16 timer siden
Absolute fire
lemonade gaming
lemonade gaming Dag siden
Wow! I think we are seeing the future Eminem
Niggleblade Dag siden
Had to give man the london look 🔥🔥🔥Jeez
jp Dag siden
Powerful father Gohan😭😭😭
Loudinkooks 2 dager siden
These lyrics are absolutely incomprehensible 💯
Cheap Goat
Cheap Goat 2 dager siden
Need more posh grime
James Ikpunuekhai
James Ikpunuekhai 2 dager siden
'I would never go Greg's by choice the only rolls this man knows is a Royce '
Destine 2 dager siden
just imagine bandokay did this exact bars and beat
Ed Shaw
Ed Shaw 2 dager siden
Americans, this is a joke.
Cpt T McTurkish
Cpt T McTurkish 2 dager siden
"I would never go Greggs by choice, the only rolls this man knows is a Royce" 😂😂😂
Anonymous Gaming
Anonymous Gaming 2 dager siden
UK rappers do have skill
Bounty3point0 2 dager siden
dark_pheonix dark_pheonix
dark_pheonix dark_pheonix 2 dager siden
Rocco Boss mckeever
Rocco Boss mckeever 3 dager siden
Stop begging
Sweaty left testi
Sweaty left testi 3 dager siden
I'm surely not the only person who's bored of these donnys yet? Rollsafe was funny af, big shaq was bearable. But this guy I just cba it's hard to find entertaining tbh.
Big Mogger's
Big Mogger's 3 dager siden
I'd love it if he was secretly the hardest lad in the country.
Official. chase223
Official. chase223 3 dager siden
mayfair like the pengest munch ahhahaha
notfaze123 456
notfaze123 456 3 dager siden
best daily duppy so far -case closed
Joseph Hendriksen
Joseph Hendriksen 3 dager siden
he is my drilla
LXO O'Yingzz
LXO O'Yingzz 3 dager siden
1:43 sigh.
Nasir Hussain
Nasir Hussain 3 dager siden
yxng_ ̄bailey ?????
yxng_ ̄bailey ????? 3 dager siden
the royce line goes hard
Kay Lauwers
Kay Lauwers 3 dager siden
Barz barz barz all there is in this one
Tanner Darling
Tanner Darling 3 dager siden
This man can roast you politely.
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 4 dager siden
Are y'all really about to act like we didn't hear this man ad lib "Expelliarmus" on the Harry potter line? Y'all are? Ok then
HazzaPlayz 4 dager siden
Have you noticed his outfit is a more posh version of Unknown T's in his Daily Duppy?
Michael Stone Grandison
Michael Stone Grandison 4 dager siden
I'd never go to greggs either fam. Rather wake up early and cook. smh
Greg 4 dager siden
louis vaclavik
louis vaclavik 4 dager siden
Sheeeeshhh 💬💬🪖
J.mułłan12 4 dager siden
This guy 😬🌚
Thesavagee 4 dager siden
you know he researched this
BagelBoi 5 dager siden
The little Angler
The little Angler 5 dager siden
1:34 I personally prefer the Mexican chicken sandwich
Zane Stuart
Zane Stuart 5 dager siden
An astonishing amount of vocabulary used accurately congrats
Thomas Newbold
Thomas Newbold 5 dager siden
my man goes HARD
Ur Mum
Ur Mum 5 dager siden
NLse samenleving is erg
NLse samenleving is erg 5 dager siden
The meme team
The meme team 6 dager siden
He is posh gangsta
Don Owen
Don Owen 6 dager siden
Unknown P Vs Big Shaq when?
Mcdonalds King
Mcdonalds King 6 dager siden
TWO!!!!! TWO DRAGONBALL REFERENCES!!!!!!!! Right here, you buffouns, is a gentleman of true culture
Alex Gibbons
Alex Gibbons 6 dager siden
I rate him so much more after this
Basti Basti
Basti Basti 7 dager siden
Big "P"
Logan Heron
Logan Heron 7 dager siden
Samson Fayemi
Samson Fayemi 7 dager siden
If Dynamo was a rapper
kwesi obeng
kwesi obeng 8 dager siden
This man is joking but still bring out bangers big up man
Murkzz_shot 8 dager siden
That priyanka chopra bar WAS FUCKING COLDD
BumNuggetz Jr
BumNuggetz Jr 8 dager siden
My grandad likes this seriously 🤣
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone 8 dager siden
this is actualy good
bulky beetle
bulky beetle 8 dager siden
What did I just witness -_-.
John Gerangelos
John Gerangelos 8 dager siden
Hmmm yes that flow is quite adequate 😂
Ju1ce 8 dager siden
He's not a drug dealer He's a street pharmacist
The Speakable Cheese Shake
The Speakable Cheese Shake 9 dager siden
this is too bri ish for me
Don’t know meee
Don’t know meee 7 dager siden
Got the whole squad laughing at this one bro
Jessica Hancox
Jessica Hancox 10 dager siden
I didn't know how much my soul needed this
BonzoMcDrumCat 10 dager siden
I'm so happy this guy is from the same country as me
The Cobra
The Cobra 10 dager siden
All the dislikes are the prison guards keeping martin and tabatha behind bars
In bots we trust
In bots we trust 10 dager siden
These marvelous bars made the opposition bugger off and improved the speed of my schoolwork.
Cristhian Londoño C.
Cristhian Londoño C. 10 dager siden
This man is really outstanding in this industry, his style is unique and a really integral artist.
Carlos 10 dager siden
He sounds like a villlain LMAO
Natah X
Natah X 11 dager siden
Eminem been real silent since this dropped...
Nevan Howland
Nevan Howland 11 dager siden
he really good at writing lyrics about.. this kinda thing
lottie lancaster
lottie lancaster 11 dager siden
He would kill it if he actually did it normally ngl
Anton Beets
Anton Beets 11 dager siden
he doesn't do diss tracks, he does critical disagreement audio-entertainment
Juice Inc
Juice Inc 12 dager siden
idk why i like this
EM.1 12 dager siden
Dis guy😂😂😂😂
MR Alam
MR Alam 12 dager siden
Pushing your buttons, Charlie Sloth (seal) 😂😂
First Last
First Last 7 dager siden
Seal 🤣🤣
Natah X
Natah X 11 dager siden
Seal 🤣🤣
Marcelo Recinos
Marcelo Recinos 12 dager siden
Gintendo Nitch
Bingus D'bappo
Bingus D'bappo 12 dager siden
epic rap battles of history flow.
KINGKK 07 12 dager siden
he makes so easy
Frankie Dean
Frankie Dean 12 dager siden
Country dons ???????
Frankie Dean
Frankie Dean 12 dager siden
Dorian Blois
Dorian Blois 13 dager siden
Finally urbanite music I can relate to 🧐
HOWARD_978 13 dager siden
I can't handle the barzz
Luke Toner
Luke Toner 13 dager siden
“Switch up girls like Nintendo” 😂
Wifle Your Waifu
Wifle Your Waifu 13 dager siden
I love how everyone is saying the lyrics are fire but they don't make sense and the insults are interesting 😂
Gislailson 12 dager siden
Do you know what humor is?
Sauce ET
Sauce ET 13 dager siden
Why this song kinda slap though?
Michael Priest
Michael Priest 13 dager siden
Lmaoooo 🤣 the accent.
Christian Miller
Christian Miller 14 dager siden
Diss confused Fulani boy
chatterfox 14 dager siden
why was this actually good
mwangi wanjau
mwangi wanjau 14 dager siden
This man doesn't diss you *He gently displays your flaws alphabetically*
Clinton Domingo
Clinton Domingo 14 dager siden
He aint rapping he is Verbally Reciting a Sonnet
friedbraids 14 dager siden
Adetola Akanbi-Onasanya
Adetola Akanbi-Onasanya 15 dager siden
It was the Dragon Ball Z bars for me. And then the steaks / stakes word play. Phenomenal
Paula Gould
Paula Gould 15 dager siden
"the only rolls this man knows is a Royce" OHHHHHHHHHHH
darude gaming
darude gaming 15 dager siden
that philly chunkz line was insane
Sarah Noor
Sarah Noor 15 dager siden
Eminem is shaking in fear to diss this guy
Arnold Atuhaire
Arnold Atuhaire 15 dager siden
Man at first, I was like, tf? But 3 days later I'm bopping to this😂😂. Something hella classy about this drill ting now Love me some unknown P
Noel Caprazi
Noel Caprazi 16 dager siden
Mans dissed half of the uk rap community in 2 minutes an 40 seconds
KULTz 16 dager siden
William Shakespeare if he was a rappA
KH7 16 dager siden
it's so bad that it's incredible.
bluelogs 16 dager siden
How is his wordplay so good 😂
jacob2710123 16 dager siden
This guys terrible
jacob2710123 4 dager siden
@Moses Mendez moses come again bro that was terrible
Moses Mendez
Moses Mendez 4 dager siden
The best rap you have done is probably flash games
Ziggy Boi
Ziggy Boi 15 dager siden
id like to see you do better jacob
Viktorr 16 dager siden
Only musical video where the auto-generated captions are 100% correct
TyloWren Wren
TyloWren Wren 16 dager siden
Chris Kindafunny
Chris Kindafunny 17 dager siden
Chris Kindafunny
Chris Kindafunny 17 dager siden
Fucking sick
tommyjoe20 17 dager siden
Give man the London look, leave mans teeth with a gap in.....bro 🤣🤣🤣
Tarell Fearon-Doyle Year 8
Tarell Fearon-Doyle Year 8 17 dager siden
nice bro
Ashton_dodd 1
Ashton_dodd 1 17 dager siden
Absolute filth
Aaqib Ahmed
Aaqib Ahmed 17 dager siden
He doesnt rob you, he simply partakes in an unfair exchange of goods
Louis Moss
Louis Moss 3 dager siden
D_A_P 8 dager siden
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