Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!

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4 måneder siden

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Naruto is an anime staple. It was also a pioneer for many memes, the most famous of which is arguably the "Naruto Run". You know the one - arms back, forward lean, head down. It's used as an example of silly anime choices, but what if I said there may be some merit to running like that? Hear me out! The Naruto Run may NOT be as dumb as we've all been thinking!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Myles Fields
Myles Fields 12 timer siden
BC has a new definition not before Jesus Christ but Covid-19 WOW
Genzen Playz
Genzen Playz 15 timer siden
How does Kakashi eat?
Anthony Ori
Anthony Ori 20 timer siden
Did you really watch Naruto Just asking
Owen Kobel
Owen Kobel 20 timer siden
“ a few months” he says “ A FEW MONTHS” he says Hehhehe....he..........he..he..
SigmaTheSponge 22 timer siden
Used in Roblox as the "Ninja Run"
Bubblegum 22 timer siden
You don't realize how much easier your arms make running until you walk two dogs on leashes. Running with both your arms in front of you is more tiring than youd think. But the arms behind you. I haven't long distance naruto ran so i dont know
Flare Vanguard
Flare Vanguard Dag siden
MatPat 1/4 Also MatPat 26%
MatriX Balkan
MatriX Balkan Dag siden
8:13 *Vape naysh*
The young kids:runs normally* The young kid that watch naruto and studies science:
X 2 dager siden
1:29 you mean 2 thousand and 19 years before covid? no? than its 1BC (before covid)
TheSolidMidget 2 dager siden
Can't believe Naruto running was stolen from fortnite. Smh.
Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson 3 dager siden
small version: Naruto running is fast
Samuel Woodmansee
Samuel Woodmansee 3 dager siden
" a few months," he says
Samwitches 3 dager siden
What happened to the intro?!?!?!?!?!
Kynan Aliyusuf
Kynan Aliyusuf 3 dager siden
When people credit kakashi wearing a mask for 5 years but you've worn a mask for more than 10 years : * sad kakuzu noises*
Naufal 888
Naufal 888 3 dager siden
Yeah, he died in the end because he opened his mask while fighting naruto
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng 3 dager siden
Simplextree9 [ST9]
Simplextree9 [ST9] 4 dager siden
its funny, because i was that kid in gym class lmao
Randomdud 4 dager siden
dude i tested it out from same length you wont believe what happened normal running 2.57 seconds and naruto running 2.33 seconds
Maksudar Saymon
Maksudar Saymon 4 dager siden
ma khin
ma khin 5 dager siden
Kid I'm not a kid I a gunean.
Hudson Mosher
Hudson Mosher 5 dager siden
actually Kakashi has worn that mask ever since he was 5 possibly younger but as far as we can see in shippuden he has been wearing it since he was 5
Manuel C
Manuel C 5 dager siden
Why did 11:44 sound like a torbo
Manuel C
Manuel C 5 dager siden
Turbo *
Itsme_ivycorn 3309
Itsme_ivycorn 3309 5 dager siden
My crush loves Naruto hes a weeb, and hes in love... WITH HINATA HYUGA
Poke-art 5 dager siden
Hmmmmmm wear a mask for a few months try almost a year
Adwertise 5 dager siden
1:24 Guess people from year 1 knew how to run
Pulgz 5 dager siden
Didn’t kakashi start wearing his mask since he was a child
Jona Humpeler
Jona Humpeler 5 dager siden
Lmao i runned like narutowhen i was 3 y o and was slower than i was when I didnt run like him
Kai Stafford
Kai Stafford 5 dager siden
dude its anime anything is possible
firegear 1003
firegear 1003 5 dager siden
But every one makes fun of me
firegear 1003
firegear 1003 5 dager siden
Boy I believe that to
firegear 1003
firegear 1003 5 dager siden
The best way NARUTO RUN
Kage Taylor
Kage Taylor 6 dager siden
Did you let an Indian guy create make the title?
Adventure Sammy boy and Elijah TDM the hedgehogs
Adventure Sammy boy and Elijah TDM the hedgehogs 6 dager siden
Everybody know Naruto copies Sonic's running skills everybody knows that
Its24vLuka 6 dager siden
Bro What a Dragggg!
Grady 202
Grady 202 6 dager siden
Well in the world of Naruto you could probably some how fly with some sort of special wing suit cause of how fast they run
Certified Gamer Girl
Certified Gamer Girl 6 dager siden
I’m proud of being a weeb now
Antonio Voinea
Antonio Voinea 6 dager siden
106 cm
Spare_YT 6 dager siden
Coreection: Kakashi wore his mask for 720 episodes and hes been wearing a make since the age of 4
Its_Austin_YT 7 dager siden
Dude u said it wrong NAH roo toe not nuruto
TheMegaBackfliper 7 dager siden
I’m still surprised how Kakashi still hasent died of not breathing
Ghost_Hat_Beats 7 dager siden
Half of me feels like Im bein' bullshitted on but another half of me feels like I wanna start to naruto run more often Edit: is it easier or not? 😂
Daan 7 dager siden
Naruto can run faster than the speed of light or speed of sound I forgot but is one of them
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata 7 dager siden
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
Rv79 V.
Rv79 V. 7 dager siden
sonic runs the same
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue 7 dager siden
Kakashi was wearing masks before it was cool/necessary
Zenovarse 7 dager siden
So crawling on all fours should be much faster, less area, more speed.
Slumbuur 8 dager siden
was the yellow stuff a hint to food theorists NOBODYS THEORIZING CAUSE U DO ITAAAAA
My gaming Center
My gaming Center 8 dager siden
Well if kakashi wears a mask for 5 years he had to have to have to get rid of his mask to shower so if a shower is 15 minuets and having to put on your clothing and haveing to drink water and and he has to eat too so how long does he actually wear?
Kotoamatzukami 8 dager siden
I like how in naruto it’s rare to see characters naruto run
Britasha 8 dager siden
"16 times the drag" - Todd Howard announcing a racing game
696 Productions
696 Productions 8 dager siden
Watch the “few months” become years
Alpha Light
Alpha Light 8 dager siden
Idc about the science. I will continue to naruto run.
Diva Abbas
Diva Abbas 8 dager siden
you do know this is just an anime so a lot of things in the anime arent true, kishamoto can make a character move their arms while running and still be fast as the speed of sound
King Karma
King Karma 9 dager siden
Guys can you remind me to check in on this comment and say if I've had a mask for 5 years. Cause I've worn a mask for a while now, over 5 months.
Raman Gupta
Raman Gupta 9 dager siden
nobody me: that's not Naruto run, it is my boy greninja's run
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata 9 dager siden
A natureza é maravilhosa
Stephen Siegel
Stephen Siegel 9 dager siden
Wrong the run was from the actual feudal area and farm ninjas ran with arms and hands behind them to grab weapons attached to their back easier. That is all. Anime just made it look like it was made to make you were going to run fast. So yeah accessing weapons was why not running faster
Ashni Yuni
Ashni Yuni 10 dager siden
Well he does take his mask of at home
Benning Arista Dekanaya
Benning Arista Dekanaya 11 dager siden
He actually did helped me pass
ninth king. 427
ninth king. 427 11 dager siden
U thought of that
Crimson Playz
Crimson Playz 11 dager siden
It works for me ror some reason like i am going faster and your right when naruto running its like i am a bullet and air is going on my side
Anupam Roy
Anupam Roy 11 dager siden
Dude...Never ever make "boruto's dad" naruto's identity....Never 🙂 ever🙂 love u bruh
Jeremy712 kim
Jeremy712 kim 12 dager siden
Kakashi has been whereing a mask since he was 3 and 4!
SupremeTax 12 dager siden
You👏🏻need👏🏻to👏🏻make👏🏻a👏🏻video👏🏻on👏🏻promised👏🏻never land👏🏻
kaiden Bryan
kaiden Bryan 12 dager siden
me being in grade 6 not understanding any of this
Justas Dobrovolskis
Justas Dobrovolskis 12 dager siden
ok me run like look naruto -_-
Ryan Wikner
Ryan Wikner 12 dager siden
My son runs Like Naruto.
Arsal Adnan
Arsal Adnan 12 dager siden
Yeah this video is cool but why does matpat call naruto "Nar uuu to"
Nishant P
Nishant P 12 dager siden
Thx Mat pat for justify me😁 2:20
Kamal Rifka
Kamal Rifka 12 dager siden
Ok we get it, you’re releasing Food Theorists. Stop with the ‘creepy, teases, you’re not FNAF
HM 13 dager siden
One more thing Naruto and the other ninja’s can use their chakra to keep their balance So they won’t be able to fall compared to us ( people without chakra)
BBot Goes Wild
BBot Goes Wild 13 dager siden
Hey MatPat, I have a theory that the world of Naruto actually takes place in a futuristic version of earth where society has developed science so advanced that it seems like magic, but then they forgot about the science part. Maybe you could look into it?
Foopy 13 dager siden
2019 BC would be 1 year AD because it is the covid year 2020 - 2019
Hannah Kostic
Hannah Kostic 14 dager siden
How are you and why are you so smart
Aaron Pacheco
Aaron Pacheco 14 dager siden
I'm doing my science fair project on this. I'm working on the research paper wish me Luck.
Lovely Cherry
Lovely Cherry 14 dager siden
I wish you luck buddy ʘ‿ʘ
Sym Riot
Sym Riot 14 dager siden
7 / 360 what am I missing some thing
Annie Preston
Annie Preston 14 dager siden
I did not no that Rebecca Param watched film theory.
Kenny Dang
Kenny Dang 14 dager siden
Another reason why while running at high speed, the anime Anime gang put their hand backward is because when doing the "Naruto Run", the center of gravity is put toward the front of the runners, if leave as it be, the runners might fall down the ground. The hands in that position somehow put the center of gravity a bit backward, making it balance while running.
Hamse Abdillahi
Hamse Abdillahi 14 dager siden
The hole nara clan: what a drag
Goat Slayer250
Goat Slayer250 14 dager siden
did you know bungee gum possesses the properties of both rubber and gum
Andre Rad
Andre Rad 14 dager siden
My eardrums bleed every time that intro plays and I hate it
skykid 802
skykid 802 15 dager siden
That kid is me
PenguinMaster 118
PenguinMaster 118 15 dager siden
Upset that MatPat didn't quote Shikamaru *What a drag*
Jose Manzol
Jose Manzol 15 dager siden
Now, how do you explain Flash (Dawn of Justice) Running?
Goru Dee Roga
Goru Dee Roga 15 dager siden
"700+ episodes" One Piece: *distant laughter*
why do i exist 2020
why do i exist 2020 15 dager siden
1:09 wrong eye, matpat sensei! lol great vid!
Mc Carrelli
Mc Carrelli 15 dager siden
Drag force more like what a drag force
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 16 dager siden
It works I ran fill tilt into a door while Naruto running
Emma's Everything
Emma's Everything 16 dager siden
ugh what a drag.
Sarp Soysal
Sarp Soysal 16 dager siden
*When you realize sonic did the run since 1993* *Oh right Naruto did it first!*
Kelsey Pace
Kelsey Pace 16 dager siden
The film theorists: spends half the video talking about drag force Shikamaru: what a drag
too broke to afford ramen
too broke to afford ramen 17 dager siden
So Kakashi predicted Covid-19
Jaded Quinn
Jaded Quinn 18 dager siden
STAHP saying NaROOto it's Nah-ru-TOH
Jeriel Marti Ayala
Jeriel Marti Ayala 19 dager siden
Brooo I go to full sail!!!!!!!! I can’t!!!! Matt please let me know when you come to Orlando
Blake Everett
Blake Everett 19 dager siden
I will not wear a mask!!!!!
Zane McMillan
Zane McMillan 19 dager siden
im playing terraria lisining to this great video
Zane McMillan
Zane McMillan 19 dager siden
i cant spell
Ian Barr
Ian Barr 19 dager siden
Lemeix •
Lemeix • 19 dager siden
I thought in the start he was gonna say And remember kids always to the naruto run
¿•Zara•? -
¿•Zara•? - 19 dager siden
im i the only one who is a Naruto fan? I think Boruto was said wrong dont come for me
Carlos Appoe
Carlos Appoe 19 dager siden
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