Among Us but it's my GREATEST impostor round

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Mr. Fruit

4 måneder siden

Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but it's my GREATEST impostor round

Jack Davids
Jack Davids 19 dager siden
Sonic is such a baby and his conclusions are always without any basis he just gets it right by accident
casartherandom Måned siden
I've actually pulled something off where I was playing with some friends, and one of them faked Card Swipe. I noticed they ran up and stood there, and then walked away and the green bar never moved. I never do when Ohm did either. I just happened to notice it.
Fort Fulton
Fort Fulton Måned siden
11:20 WatchMojo Top 10 Anime Betrayals
Queue Areste
Queue Areste Måned siden
Did no one else notice that sonic NEVER said shark but fruit said “how’d you know shark was in medbay then” and blu agreed. Sonic only ever said Bryce and never said shark that’s how dork knew it was fruit and blu. Around 7:00
Woo White
Woo White Måned siden
OMG Breakbots: I'm Yours! @ 9:56
geopaipa Måned siden
actually you are the greatest impostor round
Kim Smith
Kim Smith Måned siden
#frut is my fav
William Silva
William Silva 2 måneder siden
Thomas Kratz
Thomas Kratz 2 måneder siden
Ohm: I trust Fruit then. Fruit: Ladies and gentlemen... WE GOT EM **EARAPE** 9:52
Canon Waters
Canon Waters 2 måneder siden
What in the galaxy brain inception uno reverse card did Fruit just pull? First fruit starts getting blamed for a kill on Bryce that he didn’t commit by Sonic but he has a Freudian slip insisting he didn’t kill Shark, who was not mention but is the person he kills. Somehow this Mandela effects everyone into agreeing that Sonic said Shark instead of Bryce which is the body he reported and masterfully shifts all sus to Sonic. I’m awestruck by this play.
Rubenthe1 2 måneder siden
Which one of u watch a among us video then u want to play among us like if u agree
Hydra_Drizz 216
Hydra_Drizz 216 2 måneder siden
7:03 Giggity Giggity
Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle 2 måneder siden
I like how dork says who the imposters are and nobody noticed
ADSM17 2 måneder siden
shouldn't have killed sharkk, he was very sus so the crewmates might have voted him out for you. Nice gameplay tho!
Tyler Schings
Tyler Schings 2 måneder siden
Does sharkk have some eve online on his bottom screen?
DIMITRI FINDLEY 2 måneder siden
no this is patrick
RHChy 2 måneder siden
8:38 someone please tell me where can I find that voice over? Shit has me creased 😂
Doctor T.
Doctor T. 2 måneder siden
Mr.Fruit sounds like mr.cheese like if you get the reference
Irkedly 2 måneder siden
Sonic was way too salty at the end jeez. Fruit and Blue had to lighten the mood
FAT 2 måneder siden
I love Mr. Fruit
ShadowReaper2006 2 måneder siden
Wires are actually a task with several steps like downloads and uploads.
Victor Andersen
Victor Andersen 2 måneder siden
8:46 *mr fruit makes monkey noises*
Estuardo Castillo-Tino
Estuardo Castillo-Tino 3 måneder siden
Good job
Shadow Games
Shadow Games 3 måneder siden
The things my friend what do to you mr.fruit
Matei Olteanu
Matei Olteanu 3 måneder siden
Sharkk: Im invincible! Fruit: *Are you sure about that?!?*
Chris Weakley
Chris Weakley 3 måneder siden
I live that Mr Fruit says screw it, like 10 seconds after he already killed lmao
drAgONi 187
drAgONi 187 3 måneder siden
How did dorkshadow know who the first Imposters where in the first round
Mr Aesoup
Mr Aesoup 3 måneder siden
" I have some sort of immunity " * dies seconds later *
Leo the lion48
Leo the lion48 3 måneder siden
DifferentMan 3 måneder siden
This was fun. I like that we saw other perspectives. Can u do more of that?
The Raptor Squad
The Raptor Squad 3 måneder siden
Here is the thing if you do the wires if you do the second or first wire the bar still does not go up
The Raptor Squad
The Raptor Squad 3 måneder siden
Only the last of the two parter tasks or more the two parter task Only the last of the two parter task then the bar goes up
The Raptor Squad
The Raptor Squad 3 måneder siden
If it is a two parter taskif you do the first one it does not move
Tenaya Knox
Tenaya Knox 3 måneder siden
"Blood Thirsty Fruit!!😡"....I died lol😂
P1NK ZO31 3 måneder siden
Specially when ur the Imp
P1NK ZO31 3 måneder siden
Mr fruit keep the good work love ur vids
P1NK ZO31 3 måneder siden
This is my fav movie
Fir3Chi3f 3 måneder siden
I love the zoom in on their name while speaking and the detective music.
Daniel T Mcclintock
Daniel T Mcclintock 3 måneder siden
idj why but M0:00DY BLUES
Domino Plays
Domino Plays 3 måneder siden
Sky Light
Sky Light 3 måneder siden
No I my little brother did better
Markus Zuckburgers
Markus Zuckburgers 3 måneder siden
i hate sonic
Dr. Neptune
Dr. Neptune 3 måneder siden
Keisonna Buckner
Keisonna Buckner 3 måneder siden
Please check out Peak Madness on NOpost. Really trying to make his dream a reality
Aisuruu 3 måneder siden
Fruit is too quiet when he's Imposter. That's how they keep finding you out. You gotta be accusing people and taking notes when you're Imposter.
Sloth Videos
Sloth Videos 3 måneder siden
9:51 legendary
.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .
Tavis Carlson
Tavis Carlson 3 måneder siden
Gamecock Mickey
Gamecock Mickey 3 måneder siden
"BLOODTHIRSTY FROOT!" "On with da lights on with da lights :D"
London Walton
London Walton 3 måneder siden
mackie kayeh
mackie kayeh 3 måneder siden
Cynth 3 måneder siden
11:02 So I'm gonna go to communications to upload. *Proceeds to pass communications*
Christopher Dawson
Christopher Dawson 3 måneder siden
The best thing about this video, is the music you play during Sharkk's and Datto's POV.
Brian McGill
Brian McGill 3 måneder siden
I feel so, so bad for people who don’t have a discord or friend group to play this game with. Randos don’t ever spend time discussing, and they just sus people for no reason, and when they’re asked for evidence they never give any that makes sense. Some even vote before seeing a word in the chat, UGH they’re the worst. If you don’t have a group of friends that play this game, just find a discord group and play with them
SumChange 3 måneder siden
This editing is just fantastic. Just the right amount, keeping it funny and interesting without it being jarring. Nice content, looks like a good group of friends too.
Ryder Stewart-Lunn
Ryder Stewart-Lunn 3 måneder siden
First wire does not go up
N1kster BS
N1kster BS 3 måneder siden
Mr fruit asteroid are visual task they see the flame
Creeper_lover 3 måneder siden
But the visual tasks are off thay can't see it
Jason Anthony
Jason Anthony 3 måneder siden
Sharkk: BLOOD THIRSTY FRUIT!! *cuts to mr. fruit* Mr. Fruit: *sings* all of the lights all of the lights! 😂😂😂😂best edit ever
A de
A de 3 måneder siden
Mr. Fruit for President. Make America Sus Again 2020!!!
Alphim 3 måneder siden
"As a free man" .... dead man lol
Silent 3 måneder siden
“Ladies and gentlemen, we got him”
C-Dream 3 måneder siden
A tip! Click the sabotage button Then walk to cams. Cuz then people think youre on cams but youre on sabotage. Tip 2. If someone says they are on cam ask witch cam you where on
de14jabs 3 måneder siden
Super salty SONIC 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wasn’t he part of BSK when all that vile shit was exposed?
james Kimball
james Kimball 3 måneder siden
Skylar Vankirk
Skylar Vankirk 3 måneder siden
favorite part is the outro
Melissa Hanson
Melissa Hanson 3 måneder siden
You should show other people’s POV more
Rafael Segura
Rafael Segura 3 måneder siden
agreed with pepe
AYDEN SALAZAR 3 måneder siden
if u dislike this ur gay
ZRIZ GAMING 3 måneder siden
That is some good gameplay
santemen321 3 måneder siden
how did dork figure out it was fruit and blue and no one caught that?
Metal 3 måneder siden
Fruit had nothing to do with Bryce's death.
Khajiit Hadwares
Khajiit Hadwares 3 måneder siden
Title: GREATEST impostor round In an opposite world: Greatest crewmate BUDDY ever
Ryan Hickcox
Ryan Hickcox 3 måneder siden
Hey he’s just standing there ...MENICINGLY. WE WO WE WO WE WO
Gabe Parker
Gabe Parker 3 måneder siden
this game ruins friendships
galetaf 3 måneder siden
yeah if the friendship is two days old...
PoliwagPi 4554
PoliwagPi 4554 3 måneder siden
Sharkk sounds like a disney villain
lizzy marlow
lizzy marlow 3 måneder siden
Blub ya boy, bryce ya boy...stop bein greedy.lmao datto yo boi
Zaizaii 36
Zaizaii 36 3 måneder siden
Wait did Dork say in the first round: OMG ITS FRUIT AND BLUB or did i hear it all wrong?
LIME DEADLY 3 måneder siden
i love your vids for quarantine
Courtney Edmondson
Courtney Edmondson 3 måneder siden
I loove that ur showing the prespectivs now also ur voise is 𝙎 𝙊 𝙊 𝙏 𝙃 𝙄 𝙉 𝙂 Mr.Fruit
slurper dubz
slurper dubz 3 måneder siden
Could we just stop and look at how clean mr fruits ending picture is like the tavern looks nice and super detailed
Zombieslayer2047 3 måneder siden
That sudden OH NO! got me laughing so hard for no damn reason
Cookie Zara
Cookie Zara 3 måneder siden
Ohm: either he lied to me Ad: you got goals
- CheapRemix -
- CheapRemix - 3 måneder siden
Fire vid bro
Michelle 0
Michelle 0 3 måneder siden
Dork is such a dork🤣
Lingering Potatoes
Lingering Potatoes 3 måneder siden
Bryce last second. " BY THE WAY ITS NOT DATTO" Me in my total right state of mind "now that's kind of sus not gonna lie"
Tyrnak Fenrir
Tyrnak Fenrir 3 måneder siden
Ohm will never trust anyone again
Apollo 3 måneder siden
killing shark was kinda dumb everyone was sus at him
CiyborgCommando 3 måneder siden
9:54 smooooothhh
J_Mike214 3 måneder siden
Damn Fruit with the 100 iq explanation! Improv on 99
weebs HD
weebs HD 3 måneder siden
fruit: *initiate nano blade STRENGTH FLS THRU ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thunda Guy
Thunda Guy 3 måneder siden
You remember me fruit?
A DL 3 måneder siden
This round was cleaner than a baby's cheeks [XD]
dragonticks2 3 måneder siden
Bro I killed a guy on axydent in admin and no one Salk me when there was 2 peaple walking in lol
Alexander -
Alexander - 3 måneder siden
At 7:20 you were pretending to do weapons, but that is a really bad idea. Because if a crewmember does that task the cannons will fire. Sonic should've known you were the imposter there. Other than that great video!
Paul Pescos
Paul Pescos 3 måneder siden
Visual Tasks were off, if they're off you can't see anybody do anything
Andy W
Andy W 3 måneder siden
Rhabby: You piece of sh** Mr Fruit: What can I say except your welcome
N1njaTwitch 3 måneder siden
Is it just me, or is Mr Fruits voice REALLY soothing and calm, I love it 🥰😂
Mr8mazing Playz
Mr8mazing Playz 3 måneder siden
you stole from toast's idea
Mr8mazing Playz
Mr8mazing Playz 3 måneder siden
@I'm n i c e yes
Paul Pescos
Paul Pescos 3 måneder siden
@I'm n i c e he is
I'm n i c e
I'm n i c e 3 måneder siden
are you dumb
Jarod Haws
Jarod Haws 3 måneder siden
Knowing what shark looks like compared to his voice is insane to me
Alphe Rodriguez
Alphe Rodriguez 3 måneder siden
9:51 - 9:58 tho That was truly the greatest imposter round in Among us H I S T O R Y
Max Williams
Max Williams 3 måneder siden
Sharkk Has a gift to always make himself sus. Its truly a gift
dulce agravante
dulce agravante 3 måneder siden
the annoying thing on being an impostor is when ur waiting on ur kill cooldown and its only 1 sec....then....**emergency meeting** or **dead body reported**
SeanHart124 3 måneder siden
Tip: when impostor, don't do asteroids, it shows when you shoot and you are big sus if someone see you standing there doing nothing
SeanHart124 3 måneder siden
@Paul Pescos oh i didn't see, i guess my tip is only useful if the visual task is on
Paul Pescos
Paul Pescos 3 måneder siden
Visual Tasks were off, if they're off nobody can see what anybody is doing unless they check if the taskbar goes up
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