Lara Trump Interview Goes Horribly Wrong

  Ganger 257,869

David Pakman Show

3 måneder siden

--Donald Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump is interviewed on CNN and it goes horribly wrong
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Can Nobody See the Problem with Eric Trump?
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Broadcast on October 19, 2020
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Lola Joselin
Lola Joselin 2 dager siden
I knew Trump wouldn't be our president for more than one term!!! After all this America!!! And sooner or later his bs would get him voted out!!!
ba sook
ba sook 7 dager siden
this isn't Lara Trump's fault, this is CNN's wrong doing. CNN should interviews somebody with intelligent people.
Ttv Fortnitegod 56
Ttv Fortnitegod 56 11 dager siden
She disgusts me!!!!
Ttv Fortnitegod 56
Ttv Fortnitegod 56 11 dager siden
The real question is...why wouldn’t he?
david hunt
david hunt 15 dager siden
All these family members in the Whitehouse there is a word for it Nepotism . Trump Inc only thinking of themselves whilst thousands die and suffer and all because of their and their enablers negligence . Their first duty is to protect people they failed .
mikes campfire
mikes campfire 29 dager siden
Non answers are their way.
kadeem. Måned siden
She's not wrong though 😂
Garfield Farkle
Garfield Farkle Måned siden
Let's not forget Lara's field of expertise - - - she has a degree in pastry making ..... lol
A. Marie
A. Marie Måned siden
I don’t think she know what “cognitive decline” meant!! I mean!!! Gosh did she really say that!!! And the way he (Trump) reads on air and I’m sure in private shows me he has some level of cognitive decline.
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz Måned siden
CNN is fake news
Greeves421a Måned siden
...senior political advisor least she's pretty
Karen Meyer
Karen Meyer Måned siden
How could you not know that Joe Biden overcame a stuttering problem? Oh yea, a family that didn't know you had to register to vote and couldn''t get a security clearance.
Yajaira Ramos
Yajaira Ramos Måned siden
matt west
matt west Måned siden
It makes total sense to me now. It’s called grifting!
Laurene Carter
Laurene Carter Måned siden
Ohh she is awful....
Ketutar Jensen
Ketutar Jensen Måned siden
I don't know why I'm so disappointed. Of course this woman would be just as deplorable as the rest of the family. Why would she marry into it otherwise?
BAZZER965 Måned siden
Does that insensitive piece of trash have a coathanger in her gob or is that her normal condition ????
David Ferguson
David Ferguson Måned siden
When I read here that Jake Tapper was going to interview Lara Trump, it looked like the biggest rematch since The Terminator went toe to toe with Bambi. But once the interview started and Bambi started talking, I was rooting for the Terminator. Lara T is one of those special breed of plastic women, like Paris Hilton, not particularly good at anything but having been born or married into the right family. Maybe, she can join Sidney Powell's 'Elite Strike Force', now that Ms Powell has been kicked out of 'Dye-Hard' Giuliani's platoon for achieving the seemingly impossible (Being too nuts, even for Trump). We should sympathise with Sidney Powell because her speech on Saturday with 'Dye-Hard' Rudy (this time the 'press conference'' didn't take place in a car park between a sexshop and a crematorium - ah, the places these GOP 'lawyers' go to, to have a wild time. But his head did seem to explode at one point and spewed out strange dark lava). Yes, we should have sympathy with Sidney Powell because much as her speech was mocked and derided, it did cross over into mental illness, so please everyone out there, she is to be pitied, ok? Back to Lara T, who deserves no pity, particularly as every question was answered with a lie, a denial or she started speaking about herself. Yes, she has learnt much from Donald 'The Orange Man' Trump.
Entropy 2 måneder siden
Lara Trump literally looks like a monster
Benji Hillsdon
Benji Hillsdon 2 måneder siden
Lara Trump: "Why would the president knowingly test positive and go to a debate", the same reason he would lie to Americans about paying off women for sexual affairs... Because he's an idiot.
Ariel Bordenet
Ariel Bordenet 2 måneder siden
Most people who aren't feeling sorry for someone like Lara Trump are NOT sociopaths, because they just choose to be empathetic to someone who deserves the empathy. Lara Trump is having a good time being who she wants to be, so you feeling sorry for her is waste of energy.
Thomas Camarda
Thomas Camarda 2 måneder siden
This guy is a complete jerk. Why don't you guys ask Biden some tough questions.
maureen somers
maureen somers 2 måneder siden
No empathy here.
MrsAlways RightForever
MrsAlways RightForever 2 måneder siden
The question is not why would trump do that? The question is what would trump do to hurt others?
todd prifogle
todd prifogle 2 måneder siden
I promised myself during the first months of the trump administration , witnessing trumps complete absolute refusal to any form of bipartisan cooperation that i would never forgive and forget . Since those early days ive only been convinced more and more that there must be NO absolutely NO forgive and forget regardless how sad and powerless they may appear . No forgiveness no forgetfulness for trump and trump family and the enablers in the republican senate .
Diane Barron
Diane Barron 2 måneder siden
Carol Lund
Carol Lund 2 måneder siden
What A Moronic BIMBO. There doesn’t seem to be a BRAIN between Trump and his entourage put together.
Carol Lund
Carol Lund 2 måneder siden
IS THERE ANYONE IN TRUMPS CAMP THAT ISN’T Brain Dead? His sister is the only one that told the truth about him with a book she wrote
Carol Lund
Carol Lund 2 måneder siden
I have not heard Biden stutter during any of the speeches that he was giving. Go back and look at some of the speeches Trump did. He can’t put two words together, he can’t read a Teleprompter I don’t think he can read well at all.
Aaron Freed
Aaron Freed 2 måneder siden
This David Parkman is a complete fake, its pretty easy to see his one sided biased Ideology! What a fricken idiot!
Trisha Herom
Trisha Herom 2 måneder siden
T laner
T laner 2 måneder siden
I see issues on both sides of this interview
Lilia Nicomedez
Lilia Nicomedez 2 måneder siden
Of course she will blame the democrats. She wants to be the favorite of his father in law. His favorite is his daughter Ivanka.LYING LYING LYING WOMAN.
S Deee
S Deee 2 måneder siden
It’s all about her! Narcissism in it truest form!! 6:26 l feel bad for listening to her!
Matthew S
Matthew S 2 måneder siden
Trump is so irresponsible and takes no blame for his actions. Ginning up anger and hatred during rallys was popular in Germany in the 1930's too. So was the fear of the other and nationalism. He knew exactly what he was doing or his only defense is stupidity.
Books & Crafts
Books & Crafts 2 måneder siden
She was still in the middle of a sentence when he stopped her with derogatory words. CNN ... typical. This is a bad habit.
Books & Crafts
Books & Crafts 2 måneder siden
@Richard Pierpoint Was soll die hochagressive und freche Bemerkung? Nimm Baldrian, dann geht es Dir sicher bald besser.
Richard Pierpoint
Richard Pierpoint 2 måneder siden
What? When everything emanating from "her" mouth is horseshit, why wouldn't ANYBODY stop it from talking? Are you REALLY this stupid, or are you just pretending? Serious question.
C Constantinou
C Constantinou 2 måneder siden
Horrible woman, thank god their out.
Annette Edwards
Annette Edwards 2 måneder siden
What’s with the sons of trump always seems to go after these facially challenge women.
M Vir
M Vir 2 måneder siden
What year she became playmate of the year?
lori burke
lori burke 2 måneder siden
Lara Trump, why don't you watch the movie "The Kings Speech". Wonderful movie about a real King with a stuttering problem. Brilliant movie, brilliant man. May God Bless you l Burke.
Monique Gordon
Monique Gordon 2 måneder siden
I don’t think he even had the 🦠 in the first place. He’s a liar 🤥
Stephanie Kluth
Stephanie Kluth 2 måneder siden
OK I really want to see her Twitter threads where all those terrible Democrats are threatening her and her family because they don’t exist
Peter Meeuwis
Peter Meeuwis 2 måneder siden
buy buy Laura
John Bond
John Bond 2 måneder siden
I've always suspected that Trump never had COVID19, but may have known that it WAS in the White House so; he used the opportunity to claim to have COVID19, and suddenly, a miracle cure! The one he had assured everyone was coming VERY SOON, and that he promised to give to every infected person for FREE - [Just ONE of the miracle drugs would cost Trump over $3,000 per patient.] After watching the Video of a Dr. going over the list of Medications Trump was supposedly given, and going over each one,... the Dr. seemed confused at times, at the choices made, but replied in a seemingly agreeable, but reluctant manner...... He left me doubtful of this 2 day cure.... but wondering WHY? Till the light went on....
Really crazy tiny bobbi
Really crazy tiny bobbi 2 måneder siden
When anyone says the name "lara" it automatically sounds like they're mocking her
Judy DEBonis
Judy DEBonis 2 måneder siden
Annemarie Dimola
Annemarie Dimola 2 måneder siden
She has a cognitive decline
Annemarie Dimola
Annemarie Dimola 2 måneder siden
She's as stupid as his children. Know wonder she married Eric. Two Idiots.
the king
the king 2 måneder siden
He never had covid it was just another of his million lies.
Heather Morgan
Heather Morgan 2 måneder siden
Since she is not a Trump by blood am gonna take a wild guess and say stupidity is contagious well at least in their family.
J N 2 måneder siden
The whole family is horrible! Disgusting ..
MGF Gir 2 måneder siden
O my gosh Lara didn't say anything about stuttering how stupid. She was talking about he forgets and says all kinds of crazy stuff. The man is a big mouth know it all.
Danielle King
Danielle King 2 måneder siden
duhhhhhhhhuhhhhhuhhhuuuuhduhhhhhuuuudhhhuuuuuhhhhhh.WTF is wrong with her?
Toni Love
Toni Love 2 måneder siden
Mocking ppl will come back to haunt them. Especially mocking ppl who have no control over their circumstances as Dump Truck did.
cool Killa B
cool Killa B 2 måneder siden
Why don't the cut off the mike? The press needs to take responsibility.for helping 45 with tons and tons.of free press.
Therese V
Therese V 2 måneder siden
Yes jake was absolutely RIGHT You have no right diagnosing someone’s mental abilities shut up you’re out of you mind not thinking of
C J 2 måneder siden
Man, those Trump's are horrible arrogant creatures. They disguse me.
Bug Nasty
Bug Nasty 2 måneder siden
Who’s here while the election is going down 🤔 Use me as a here button | | \/
Wanda Alabarces
Wanda Alabarces 2 måneder siden
The Con man ALWAYS lies. Why wouldn’t he lie on this issue as well? Liar-in-Chief.
Keith Brown
Keith Brown 2 måneder siden
Poor excuses from her since she is a poor excuse for a human being.
Cap Badger
Cap Badger 2 måneder siden
Again, lies. A cognitive decline. Always making excuses.
Cap Badger
Cap Badger 2 måneder siden
Just what I want, the most powerful position in the world (for who knows how long) and he is having fun with Americans lives. Go live in North Korea t-Rump.
Gail Jackson-Chapman
Gail Jackson-Chapman 2 måneder siden
Trump's daughter-law is just as dumb as Trump. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
robertstewart9071 2 måneder siden
Anybody that's part of the Trump family is Loco
Virginia Ortiz
Virginia Ortiz 2 måneder siden
The whole Trump family is a mess. Trump's father suffered from Alzheimer's and Trump made fun of his father's dementia. Karma can be a b____. Trump already suffers from extreme case of narcissism. Now he shows signs of Alzheimer's. The paranoia, the extreme lying, his either forgetting what stupid things he's saying or lying that he ever said them. His slurred speech, forgetting he's what he's saying in the middle of his speech. Either way this is not a person who we need as POTUS.
David Hughes
David Hughes 2 måneder siden
in the footage of the Joe Biden Slight look at the smile on the woman's face, to the left of Lara Trump suddenly melt to nothing
Pej Bartolo
Pej Bartolo 2 måneder siden
Who would volunteer to insert a fat swab inside trump's.nose? White House would be hard pressed to find a person to do the covid test.
MrAlvarei 2 måneder siden
People Trump was never infected, it was just another lie to show the masses that Covid-19 is no big deal "Look at me".
Ricky Reed
Ricky Reed 2 måneder siden
Such a lieing corrupt family
James Devine
James Devine 2 måneder siden
Her face looks like she had a run-in with Freddy Kruger.
Ann Naylor
Ann Naylor 2 måneder siden
She is a moron, it runs in the family.
Beth Mercado
Beth Mercado 2 måneder siden
She is just like Trump: bullying her waynto express her side.
Dandelion 2 måneder siden
Trump and his minions are all morons, his charisma to attract them to the swamp is amazing! He has superpowers! lol
Shirley Brown
Shirley Brown 2 måneder siden
They don't give a damn. Enough said.
Corba D
Corba D 2 måneder siden
1:05, 3:16, 5:47
Monica G
Monica G 2 måneder siden
What’s hell she mean that it makes her uncomfortable 😣 he’s not related to Binen she’s in the right family they all nutz
Birgit Matola
Birgit Matola 2 måneder siden
Condescending itch
James Poore
James Poore 2 måneder siden
How stupid are these reporters, if they have any sense. They would know that Trump never had covid 19, that he fake it. That's why he's not letting anyone know about his tests.
fightintxaggie98 2 måneder siden
I like your mom and will be using her line!
Be Kind
Be Kind 2 måneder siden
The Trumps are heartless!
Bettina Lester
Bettina Lester 2 måneder siden
True you speak Fact's and that's very important in these uncertain times
J D S 2 måneder siden
I'd go with he really wanted to do the debate and get tv time. Even though I'm cynical usually ...I don't think Trump thinks that much about least not enough to outweigh his personal need for attention.
Curt Hartman
Curt Hartman 2 måneder siden
Inbreeds runs deep in that clan
Blake A
Blake A 2 måneder siden
I knew Lara was married to one of them but I didn't know it was Eric! 🤣It makes so much sense!
Mary Chavez
Mary Chavez 2 måneder siden
Wow 😮 how insensitive can she be awful
Mary Chavez
Mary Chavez 2 måneder siden
This woman doesn’t answer a question!! She’s a woman too I cannot believe she’s saying his having fun.
William Keaton
William Keaton 2 måneder siden
Would somebody ask her about the children that was separated from their parents. I would ask that question to anybody affiliated with the Trumps or the administration. The question should be asked multiple times a day. How is the Health and Welfare of the children that was ripped from the arms of their parents.
Laura Rosete
Laura Rosete 2 måneder siden
Stfu bio❄❄❄!!!
Ann Scott
Ann Scott 2 måneder siden
She is just as awful as the rest of the bunch
Martien Tegelaers
Martien Tegelaers 2 måneder siden
your shows were good, now you start to throw up theories, and become lesser. also you commercials on the videos are bad bad.
Frank Griffin
Frank Griffin 2 måneder siden
David Packman must be a real hack and tool. "10s of millions don't have empathy" Just because someone doesn't agree with you or kowtow to your belief does not mean that they lack empathy....
Hanspetersw Swbrunner
Hanspetersw Swbrunner 2 måneder siden
As stupid as all from the Trump family
Eve Orlando
Eve Orlando 2 måneder siden
Having fun feeling all the hate and ignorance! I think our Michigan Governor has done a good job. And it makes me sick to see all the crud that has crawled out from under the rocks in Michigan😕 I certainly hope Michiganders don't let me down this election.
Abigail BP
Abigail BP 2 måneder siden
Can she blink anymore rapidly?? So weird
Judy Duncan
Judy Duncan 2 måneder siden
He was just having fun those words haunt me is he going to push the button and say I was just having fun is he going to go golfing with North Korea and say I was just having fun is he going to be making just fun when he is making vital decisions affecting this country and the citizens is it just fun for him to take health Care is it just fun for him to not admit that he is instigating violence even if it is by words of omission so he says? I'm afraid our fun days will be over if he's elected only he will be having fun because he loves watching people suffer that's obvious the way he's taken care of the pandemic it's a big joke to him he's having fun
Sarah Austria
Sarah Austria 2 måneder siden
Proud of donald trump jr ex wife to exit and be not a member of the trump clan anymore. She doesn't want to get involve in their craziness and sick family. As they say same feather flucks together.
Linda Owens
Linda Owens 2 måneder siden
We've seen Trump supporters shoot people.
Lithesher Biglene
Lithesher Biglene 2 måneder siden
Their all clowns
Louie Fence
Louie Fence 2 måneder siden
Makes me want to spank that batch :P
Paul Russell
Paul Russell 2 måneder siden
FFS get the sound in sync
Sasha Messer
Sasha Messer 2 måneder siden
like your show David. disagree that Trump could pull off being tested positive COVID-19 and covered it up. There are doctors involved, who potentially would be at legal and professional jeopardy.
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