The Impact of Dragon Ball Z: The Series that Changed Everything

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Super Eyepatch Wolf

2 år siden

This videos been a long time coming, Dragon Ball Z is one of my all time favorite shows, and with the recent release of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, I thought it was about time we talk about why that is.
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Brai The Kai killer
Brai The Kai killer 3 timer siden
Im glad for dbza for giving me a 2nd chance of watching dbz in a new way on the anime that i grew up with, i still dont like vegeta that much tho
Shadowcat 79
Shadowcat 79 12 timer siden
@Super Eyepatch Wolf This is another really informative and well-thought-out analysis. Just beware that when you talk about the West, you are actually referring only to the USA. Although the US are catching up, France has been the 2nd biggest consumer of manga in the world and has had Toonami-like TV programs since the 1970s (from Récré à 2 to Le Club Dorothée). Many manga and anime that have yet to be translated in English were cult series in Japan and France. As a result, from the 1970s, long before the USA discovered Pokemon, many francophone countries were already familiar with Japanese anime's adult, ruthless, fight-oriented plots through series such as Judo Boy, Fist of the North Star which you mentioned, Grendaizer (know in France as Goldorak), Devilman (the 1972 series), Captain Harlock (Albator), or Cobra for instance. Francophone viewers also knew very well that characters could die, lose loved ones, limbs, and the main fight, even in the very first episode of the show (Aah, Harlock!), and they were used to seeing protagonist struggle miserably as they had been watching heart-wrenching anime based on history (The Rose of Versailles) or adapted from American, British, French and Japanese classics such as Little Women, Little Princess, Nobody's Boy Remi (Rémi sans famille), or The Lion King (the original version by Tezuka). This does not invalidate anything you said about how DBZ defined shounen but, unfortunately, some of it did not apply to francophone countries (France and many of its former colonies) because Dragon Ball was broadcast on francophone channels in Western countries in the early 1990s and Dragon Ball Z was on public TV even in the French Caribbean (so North America) in 1992. I really enjoyed watching your video and I would love it if you could add that distinction in your next anime lecture, sensei! Sorry for asking you to do supplementary research, but I have no doubt it would attract supplementary subscribers as the francophone fandom is numerous and passionate. Keep up the good work.
Ducky Duck
Ducky Duck 18 timer siden
Ok so as a person who can speak spanish and english the spanish dub was far superior and it took me some time to get use to the english dub Edit:was this the case for anyone else?
Trotsky era um picareta
Trotsky era um picareta Dag siden
Vegeta is the luckiest man to ever exist (in reality or fiction). He got Number 18 to step on him.
xXPandaGalaxyXx Dag siden
I remember watching it when I was in kindergarten. Its something that helped me bond with my older brothers along with video games. Its one of the reasons I got into art. I owe it alot.
ZashFilms91 Dag siden
Goku holds the key to all Anime. Fax ^^ Yes I commented in my comment XD
Jesse j
Jesse j Dag siden
Fuck kai. That is all
Generic Youtube Username
Generic Youtube Username Dag siden
It's interesting seeing how highly people regard this show. I marathoned all of Dragon Ball Z Kai in 2020. Honestly, even cut down, it was hard to get through. I watched Dragon Ball years ago and it's one of my favorite anime, and it was hard seeing my favorite characters either shoved to the side only for short cameos (Tien), drawn as a background character but never given lines (Puar), totally ruined and made into a joke (Yamcha), or just completely thrown out entirely (Launch). My boyfriend, however, who watched Z first, gave me a different perspective with everything he likes about the show. He didn't have any attachments to these characters before, so things like Yamcha becoming weak and scared and Puar being made into a background decoration didn't bother him at all, and he got to go back and learn their backstory later as an add-on. He also hadn't spent 150 episodes growing accustomed to the more whimsical artstyle of Dragon Ball and therefore didn't mind everything becoming so angular and sharp. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to understand the praise of Z because of how sharp of a turn it took from the events that came before it, and I won't ever be able to go into it without context. (The fact that Yamcha was my favorite character probably doesn't help.) I also showed my boyfriend a little bit of GT recently because I decided to continue with that after watching Kai. He said "How Z fans feel about GT is probably how Dragon Ball fans feel about Z." And honestly, that's probably totally right.
Kawaii Benson
Kawaii Benson Dag siden
12:44 Clever use of the City Ruins theme from NieR:Automata
Sam Hibron
Sam Hibron Dag siden
When I was a kid everyone at school made fun of me because I watched DBZ rather then the regular cartoons other 90s kids watched. I’m glad I stuck to it because DBZ will always be in my heart and Goku will always be my hero no matter what other anime comes along.
Giorgos Cut
Giorgos Cut 2 dager siden
japan numba 1
The book of enoch
The book of enoch 2 dager siden
When goku turned super sayain for the first time against freiza is what set it.
B10H4ZZ4RD 2 dager siden
Little green..
Álvaro Neves
Álvaro Neves 2 dager siden
That build up and finishing with Vegeta's character development just made me if I know how to draw today I owe it to Akira's work and all the people involved in the anime.
darniel williams
darniel williams 3 dager siden
This just proved my argument that super sucks and it will never capture us like DBZ did
Gerardo S
Gerardo S 4 timer siden
DBS only sells nostalgia
matthew lujan
matthew lujan 3 dager siden
Amazing video and content
Munchie Mac
Munchie Mac 3 dager siden
The comments are pure gold y'all. The nostalgia.
Ruskea Mies
Ruskea Mies 3 dager siden
LOVE how you put Children by Robert Miles in the background. You have wonderful taste in music. Watched more of the video. SO MUCH TRANCE!!!
nemo 27
nemo 27 3 dager siden
My that anime was jojo
jinx1599able 3 dager siden
Dbz was like wwf attitude era it was must see
KaiDG 3 dager siden
Watched this as a kid and started from Dragonball, and still watching it because of Super!
oddity21 3 dager siden
First anime: AKIRA. DBZ was good though.
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 3 dager siden
Incredible video. We must be the same age coz I had the same experience. I agree would be hard to go back back and watch it all again but I watch clips every other day trying to find the best bits....there's too many I've decided
Alejandro Otero
Alejandro Otero 3 dager siden
and Abridget changed only the escencial.
Tadas Jakubauskas
Tadas Jakubauskas 3 dager siden
How do you make a video like this and not get a copyright strike? Is it because you don't make money with it through ads and rely on Patreon instead? I want to understand how copyrights work in this case. God-like video btw.
Taheful A
Taheful A 4 dager siden
I didnt watch all of dragon ball, but I watched the full sayin saga. I still remember the time when goku turned into a super sayin for the first time. I liked it since no offense, it was better than shows like power rangers or whatever was on (I forgot what program I used to watch it on but tht program only had one anime and it was dragon ball z)
Amioghosa Osadolor
Amioghosa Osadolor 4 dager siden
Ikr but I'm young and started off watching dragon ball super. But I later caught up in dbz and db.
burt turdison
burt turdison 4 dager siden
I have Dragonball tattooed on my body. One could see I kinda like the series.
Raymond Joannette
Raymond Joannette 4 dager siden
Character designes were just perfect for this shoe
IntoxicatedSensei 4 dager siden
All you’re missing is the years of ‘is Goku a super Saiyan?’ On namek and the show starting over and over with a different production house in the states. Then it continues with all new voice actors.
IntoxicatedSensei 4 dager siden
Edited my phone correcting ‘saiyan’ to ‘saiyab’
Theophanis Ketipidis
Theophanis Ketipidis 5 dager siden
Loved the way you summarised Vegeta's arc, totally nailed it
Memo 90
Memo 90 5 dager siden
I wasn’t actually a 90’s kid, I was born in 2003 but at some point during my early childhood, and I don’t remember exactly when, I learned about Dragon Ball. I must have been extremely young, since I can’t remember a specific event, but DB has always been something I knew about. I imagine that it is because of my older brother and cousins, since they were fans of the show. I played a couple video games on the game boy and PlayStation, but didn’t actually know anything else about the series. Then, sometime once I grew older, when I was watching Saturday Morning cartoons, which were the coolest things ever back in the day, I heard about a show that was going to start airing, called DBZ Kai. I started watching the series and immediately got hooked, and I don’t even know what it was that grabbed my young minds attention. But every Saturday, I would be up in the morning to watch a new episode. Eventually, at some point, one of my older cousins when they were staying at my house, realized that I loved the show, they downloaded the entire original series onto my laptop. DB, Z, and GT, along with any movie or special. Don’t know how they did it, but they did. I spent the next few months hooked on the series until eventually I finished it. I don’t remember all too much about how I felt when I finished the series, but Dragon Ball engrained itself in my heart. Then, a few years later, I was a bit more grown up and Battle of Gods was announced. Dragon Ball was something so ingrained in my life that I can’t even remember how I was introduced to the series, and to this day is something special to me. Love this series.
Mapa 21
Mapa 21 5 dager siden
When you think about it shrek and vegeta go through the same character growth
Royce Raizen
Royce Raizen 5 dager siden
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Video bro, really felt that emotion when you talked about Vegeta's story! Good job!
Mecca Vai
Mecca Vai 6 dager siden
My favourite thing about the show is its evolution. How many other shows cartoons anime etcetera have characters. Grow and have children and those children have children like this show has Generations it's so amazing it has grown with me
TECH SENSEI ONLINE 6 dager siden
Meh I watched it as a kid but it was overdone and felt the story and relationships of the characters of Inuyasha were far superior. The soundtrack was alot better too.
Matthew Lugo
Matthew Lugo 6 dager siden
I hear nier music, stop teasing us eye patch wolf and make a video on nier automata so more people can have their eyes on it
Marcialago The Scorpiogod
Marcialago The Scorpiogod 6 dager siden
I ain’t even mad at you bro when I die I hope and pray to god if I make it out I will be blessed to be born in the dbz universe
Don't Be
Don't Be 7 dager siden
Man the ending is so sad... how busy are you that you can't rewatch something that was so infleuntial? That's some straight up bs if you ask me. I've watched it over 5x alltogether. I watchen one piece completely twice, and will rewatch when it is truly finished. Watching an influential masterpiece again after years is such a great 'waste of time'. Feeling this summary though. Good job
Don't Be
Don't Be 7 dager siden
Bruh... AMV's of dragonball with Linkin park music... just love you for remeniscing on that alone
ItsOneShotKO 7 dager siden
What a masterpiece of a video, really captured everything I loved about this serious as a kid, and then as a young adult now
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood 7 dager siden
I’m 30, born in 1990 and I’ve only just watched my way through DBZ, I’ve always wanted to watch through it but never really got round to it until now and I regret not watching it as a kid. Nothing but respect for DBZ now, great, great show. Loved every second of it, even as an adult with little to no nostalgia linked to it. Onward to Dragon Ball Super!
Dino Gt
Dino Gt 7 dager siden
did you watch original dragon ball?
mikew1990hello 7 dager siden
While I enjoyed the video and liked/or agreed with most of what you said I have to say two things: 1. Brian Drummond is the best VA on the whole show which is seriously saying something considering the talent the show had (as good and recogniseable as Sean Schemmel is I personally really like the Ocean Goku VAs. I liked Kirby Morrow's SSJ3 transformation more than Sean's for instance). 2. I've rewatched DBZ countless times as an adult, over a span of 6 years or so. For a while I went through a period of watching whole sagas separately but in their entirety, but whenever I got the taste for the Frieza saga again I always watched through to the end of the Cell Games saga.
FastFerrari82 7 dager siden
You dont know DBZ unless you see Goku power up for 20mins of a 22min episode. You don't know DBZ unless you watched Snake way over the entire summer. You don't know DBZ unless you saw Tree of Might, Lord Slug, Worlds Strongest on VHS
Gordo 7 dager siden
It’s crazy to think how vegita childhood is soo different from trunks childhood growing up
DynxstyJums 8 dager siden
"and Hunter *X* Hunter" ...god I love seeing people saying it wrong
Christopher Moran
Christopher Moran 8 dager siden
I was already misty-eyed for most of the video but when you dedicated the last few minutes to Vegeta I was absolutely floored. Thank you! We need more content creators like you.
I agree with you
I agree with you 8 dager siden
Well, truth be told for me atleast, the best anime(or any show or movie for that matter) is not that with solely the best story line, character development or logical explanations attached to it but the one which is the most captivating and entertaining. And without a doubt DB holds the top spot. People complain that there is too much screaming, inconsistentpowerscaling and what not which maybe true but its fun, so who cares. At the end of the day its just something that's there to entertain you. Watch it and enjoy.😁
I agree with you
I agree with you 8 dager siden
The show that largely defined the late 20th, early 21st century. Those who spent a part their childhood watching this show know that it holds a special place and is replaceable by none.
I agree with you
I agree with you 8 dager siden
In recent times there are a lot of DB haters. Its like ppl just can't stand its popularity. But all things said and done, everyone knows that whenever a new season of db is released it definitely is going to break the internet.
I agree with you
I agree with you 5 dager siden
@Jantheking ya, it has to be from thr DB Fandom. Its kinda lame if you hate on it without even watching it.
Jantheking 5 dager siden
There is a lot of DB haters, but to be fair a lot of the hate for DB comes from other DB fans, not other fandoms. For example, a lot of the DBGT haters, DBS haters, and Buu saga haters are from the DB fandom or Naruto fandom.
Mr jones And me
Mr jones And me 8 dager siden
This is so well done
Dileily gonzalez
Dileily gonzalez 8 dager siden
Spanish countries got DBZ way before USA
Diamondstrike 8 dager siden
A fact I love is that they work for the power and they don’t be born with monster power
Det. Games
Det. Games 8 dager siden
It got really famous when Vegeta showed up lol.
mmartinisgreat 8 dager siden
Lolz what u talking about. Lolz
Dino Gt
Dino Gt 8 dager siden
The best dbz video
MVegetto1 9 dager siden
Akira was mine
Kristóf Kristóf
Kristóf Kristóf 9 dager siden
The music is way too loud, I can't hear what he's saying!
garry johnson
garry johnson 9 dager siden
So I am now a broken 37 yr old combat veteran and I'm just now coming across this video. With that being said The way you presented this and broke down this series... brought me to fucking tears bro. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Your thoughts and feelings about this masterpiece mirrored my own right down to Vegeta. I am a Goku fan first but even at the young age I was at I understood that it was Vegeta that made me realize how special this show was then. It was my my 5 yr old brother who brought this show to my attention and the he was violently and suddenly taken from my family's lives and this show stayed with me more so than ever. Years down the road after a few times surviving the Iraq war and divorce I was in the worst and lowest point in my life. I shit you not I was sitting up around 3 AM drunk out of my mind with my handgun sitting on my table debating on the worst final personal choice of my life if I remember correctly 2012. I was on my laptop and I came across the article about Dragon ball's return... I saw it and instantly I knew I no longer wanted to end my life. I had to see it ! It only got better for me from that moment on. I know how ridiculous this sounds but it is the truth. Dragon ball literally saved my life and to most that is pathetic but that is the kind of connection I have to that franchise. This video was a masterpiece and forced out all those exact emotions out all at once and I sincerely thank you for it. I am now your newest subscriber and wish you nothing but success.
Fitz Wilson
Fitz Wilson 9 dager siden
The first time I was expose to DBZ was at the age of 9, and will watch it on Nicktoons, I am currently 18 and this anime shaped me as a person both physically and mentally. I do not like anime, to be honest I didn’t know DBZ was an anime, but this show is so good I can go on and on with this conversation. This show felt like a journey, that I was actually with Goku and his friends, and I hope Dragon Ball Super can make me feel like a 9 year old again
Dylan Brasier
Dylan Brasier 9 dager siden
Playing a classic TIESTO track in one of the sequences with an action montage absolutely nails the nostalgic value
LX En France
LX En France 9 dager siden
I've literally finished rewatching the show from the episode Future Trunks appears and I still love it immensely the same way I used to in the 90's. Seriously, at the time, Cell was considered the best villain ever. The fact that he literally sucked people out of existence was both horrendous and super intriguing for a 10 year old. That saga made me fall in love with the show as the story was rather intense. So glad I got ro experience the show almost 30 years ago! The nostalgia never ends.
Josin Jiju George
Josin Jiju George 9 dager siden
Dragon Ball Z *N😔stalgia*
cazza710 9 dager siden
Honestly the first time i saw Gohan reach SSJ2 against Cell changed my life forever. Monumental show, nothing will ever top it
Mayravixx 9 dager siden
My first ever exposure to anime was when a friend of my mom's brought over her DVD collection of Inuyasha, I started watching and fell in love with it immediately. I've watched it all the way through so many times that I know the episode just by the first five seconds (not counting the OP's.) I was 5 years old at the time, and it's produced some of the fondest memories I can look back on. I even went as Inuyasha himself twice for halloween, one when I was 7 and one when I was 10. The only other character I had ever given that much love to before Inuyasha came along was Spiderman. I never got exposed to Dragon Ball Z until I was 16, and now I'm a fan of both series', although I'm also one of those people that says Super isn't as good as DBZ but at least it wasn't GT levels of bad, plus the movies for Dragon Ball Super are amazing in my opinion with Dragon Ball Super: Broly being my all time favorite. This exposure to Japanese media along with my mom being a huge fan of Jrock I feel has shaped my childhood in a very unique way, and honestly, I'm glad it did.
spunkflunk 9 dager siden
I remember the episode where goku is just freshly turned super saiyan just came on and 1 minute In the episode my parents shut off the TV and said, we are going out for dinner. They didn't get it 😔
ShonenAce 2 dager siden
Munchie Mac
Munchie Mac 3 dager siden
Damn bro I'm sorry to here that
Jantheking 4 dager siden
I wasn't even born when get Goku went super saiyan, so the closest experience I have to that is watching him go Ultra Instinct and seeing the interet break over the ultra instinct. If Ultra Instinct broke the internet, I can't even imagine how Super Saiyan 1 or Super Saiyan 2 would've broken the internet given how much hype their transformations had.
DAD5Draco 5 dager siden
Caleb Herrera
Caleb Herrera 7 dager siden
Gregory Pan
Gregory Pan 9 dager siden
My friend, I just have NO WORDS! You are speaking POETICALLY and there just isn't a single word of yours that I didn't agree with in this entire video. I share ABSOLUTELY the same feelings as everything you've described, and I'm 32 and still can't abandon DBZ out of my heart. I still watch it, play its videogames, enjoy it and LOVE it as if I am still a kid, and that I believe is never going to change to matter how much I grow up. DBZ is what most BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE the world of animes has ever produced in history! Not just an anime, but an INSPIRATION for the WHOLE LIFE!
Stanleefan2217_JJ Lee
Stanleefan2217_JJ Lee 10 dager siden
I loved Dragon Ball Z hell I even like the non Canon movies from the 90s it was Dragon Ball Z that introduced me to Anime it was my first and DBZ is like family sure they fight but they protect each other
Brett Karns
Brett Karns 10 dager siden
Oof. Right in the feels... Dragonball Z had such a huge impact in the US. And not just teens either. I still remember talking with people who were way older than I was at the time. And them explaining how DBZ was a gateway to a world they never explored, but were now fully engrossed in. To put it simply. Dragonball Z changed the entire world forever.
Grant Smith
Grant Smith 10 dager siden
They deserve all the credit in the world
Chiseled Adonis
Chiseled Adonis 10 dager siden
This is one of the reasons why I truly feel 90s kids had the GREATEST adolescence experience. Not only did Dragon Ball Z shape the generations of following anime... The characters were so well put together they serve as an alter ego for most people. Vegeta's character development is by far the GREATEST in television HISTORY. Nothing was given to these characters throughout their story, they had to WORK for everything. As a child during that time it taught me work ethic; showcased to the masses that if you truly want to succeed you must develop an unyielding relentless pursuit of improvement or else you'd fail. A truly masterclass show. Well done 👏🏿👏🏿
Aurangzeb Rathore
Aurangzeb Rathore 23 timer siden
@John Zhou i never said super was any good. Super was crap. DBZ was fun to watch as a kid. But it is really shitty story telling.
John Zhou
John Zhou 23 timer siden
@Aurangzeb Rathore what asspulls does dbz have? You mean transformations? They actually made sense and still contained logic. Unlike Super, which had asspulls and plot armor. How about you wake up? Super will never reach the level of Z.
Aurangzeb Rathore
Aurangzeb Rathore 7 dager siden
Vegeta definitely didn't have the best character development on television. Best on DBZ, yes. But not even remotely that compelling to be even considered as one of the best. And lol what are you on about the characters were repeatedly handed a random power up out of their ass. You really got that nostalgic goggles on mate.
Lord Baylish
Lord Baylish 10 dager siden
It was Fist of the North Star for me but I understand kid.
Natália 11 dager siden
In Brazil it's almost like DBZ's never even ended. People are still fucking crazy about it. I have a Goku tattoo and I can't tell you how many times I've been stopped by excited fans just to chat about it. And I recognize the smile and the fondness in the eyes of each one of those people who stopped me just to say "Hey, that's Goku!" DBZ literally shaped a great deal of our generation and if you're a part of it, it's easy to recognize when you find another person who's grown up with Goku. It's heart warming and I love DBZ for it.
TheBucket86 11 dager siden
I’ll always remember the time when my father and I finally started to repair our relationship(he had been pretty emotionally abusive and kind of violent, but started going to church and getting a little better as a person) and as I returned home from school(middle school) we would put DBZ on. What a great show.
Emiliano Villarreal
Emiliano Villarreal 11 dager siden
I’ve never watched dragon ball from episode one and that’s something I wanna do for sure but idk where I can find like DVDs of the whole series or Idkk
Isaac León
Isaac León 12 dager siden
I’m gonna rewatch the whole thing with my future kids 😭
Isaac León
Isaac León 12 dager siden
marinus18 12 dager siden
One thing that I never liked about Dragonball is how most characters have pretty samey abilities. They might have a few signature moves but those are often learned by other characters and even then aren't that unique. Compared to other shounen like MHA and HxH that have a much stricter division of abilities the characters of Dragonball tend to feel somewhat interchangeable.
Angelo Paolo Hernaez
Angelo Paolo Hernaez 13 dager siden
Too bad DBZ fans are the cancer of the anime community. Not MHA. Not KNY. Not even Naruto. DBZ fans are straight Stage IV pancreatic cancer. The anime itself? Pretty good during its time, really dated now but that's just how it goes. The fans? They couldn't suck cum out of this 32 year old anime hard enough if you gave them a silly straw. Before the internet this anime was totally okay for me I wasn't much of a fan but it didn't bother me either but especially after the "bUT CaN hE BeAT gOKu" I now actively hate it and will automatically think any fan of this franchise until now has braincells countable on one hand. Tl;dr guy gets in his feeling about toxic dbz fanbase
K M 2 timer siden
Damn bro you're pretty toxic
Jantheking 5 dager siden
Not at all, MHA fans and Naruto fans are honestly the worst fanbases in the entire anime community. KNY fans aren't that bad, Naruto fans are annoying sometimes but there are some chill ones, but the MHA fandom is BY FAR the worst fandom in human history. What kind of fandom sends threats to their own author over something as trivial as not making Bakugo part of the LGBT community?
Israel Masebe
Israel Masebe 14 dager siden
This video was far greater than I anticipated and your narration was impeccable
Boon Chon Lim
Boon Chon Lim 14 dager siden
Actually Ghoku designed from Jacky Chan
IGN Reviewer
IGN Reviewer 14 dager siden
"Go to any random episode and you'll likely find two overly muscled men beating the ever loving soul out of each other" perfectly summarizes DBZ imo
Eliezir Barbarin
Eliezir Barbarin 14 dager siden
I was born in 2005 and I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this show.
Ty Scarborough
Ty Scarborough 14 dager siden
I wish so badly that they would have put more rock music into the show or other movies like they did with coolers revenge and Lord slug. Those were just so epic to me as a 12 year old kid and I still watch them sometimes today just for the nostalgia it brings me.
trajectoryunown 14 dager siden
What? These aren't tears. I am simply experiencing a temporary cranial leakage.
ya-boi-mees 14 dager siden
dragon ball better than z
M3t4PhYzX 15 dager siden
What is "The Piccolo Effect"?
Reformed SToic
Reformed SToic 15 dager siden
Great job bud. Cheers.
Evil Kig
Evil Kig 15 dager siden
i loved finding anime on tv! sifi, techtv, and cartoon network was the heros of anime fans everywhere
tristman 84
tristman 84 15 dager siden
I'm 36 and still love it
Michael De La Rosa
Michael De La Rosa 16 dager siden
Bro i remember my cousins telling me if I practiced the kamehameha for 10 years I would get it. I practiced for one year 😂😂
jh5kl 16 dager siden
i haven t seen the entire video, but it has been utterly left to oblivion in the last times how anime has been such a tremendous giant influence worldwide, particularly hollywood, not just disney, its quite shocking how this keeps not being addressed
recordingerror 16 dager siden
DBZA is a must watch
Alec Vazquez
Alec Vazquez 17 dager siden
Does anyone know the title of the song that plays @ the 2:38 mark?
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 17 dager siden
Two years later, I still revisit this for that amazing rundown on Vegeta at the end
Neville Mathews
Neville Mathews 18 dager siden
You completely crystalized my thoughts and feelings about DBZ, a series that partly defined my childhood. Thank you for this nostalgic trip :) I still remember that due to not having a TV at home, I used to run to a sports club half hour away that had a TV just to watch this show, everyday at 7pm.. and then try to run back and reach home before my parents got back from work.. lol, got a lot of beatings for staying out late, but never regretted it
Bacar-said Allaoui
Bacar-said Allaoui 18 dager siden
I don't know the extent of the impact DBZ had in the USA before the 2010s because I'm french, I has 20 years, but here in France, DBZ in the 2000s was on fire and even now, for millions of kids DBZ was their life even for me who discovered this masterpiece at the age of 7 years, I fell in love with the manga/anime because of DBZ ( thank you Toriyama ) besides C-18 was my first waifu.
Juan E.
Juan E. 19 dager siden
Ohh Starscream (Infinity Shred) music at 27:22. Cool band
Ty Hamilton
Ty Hamilton 19 dager siden
so which dub is best?
BirdOfHermes83 D.
BirdOfHermes83 D. 19 dager siden
Senzu Bean!!!! Watch Team Four Stars dbz parodies! You'll thank me if you haven't already seen it!
BirdOfHermes83 D.
BirdOfHermes83 D. 19 dager siden
I remember getting annoyed when someone called it " Japanime " It's ANIME dammit!
Why The Dragon Ball Z Manga is Great
Super Eyepatch Wolf
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The History of Dragon Ball Z on Toonami
Overnight In The World's Cheapest Hotel
Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 30
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We’re Married! by Alex Gonzaga
Alex Gonzaga Official
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