Trump Leaks Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview Before Second Debate: A Closer Look

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Late Night with Seth Meyers

3 måneder siden

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump spending the lead-up to the final presidential debate whining about the moderator and leaking footage from his 60 Minutes interview.
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Trump Leaks Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview Before Second Debate: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Carol Jollymore
Carol Jollymore Dag siden
Just please try to do a video without sinking to do imitations of Trump, it grows weary.
Idalia May
Idalia May 2 dager siden
Just watching from the future like.... It's over. It's finally over!!!!
Missy Ouellette
Missy Ouellette 2 dager siden
Narcissistic , sociopath
Liron Deline
Liron Deline 2 dager siden
On Trump's inauguration it was overcast and raining. On Biden's inauguration the skies were clear and the sun was shining. The universe has spoken. Congrats President Biden and VP Harris!
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 3 dager siden
Now that Biden is our president, we don't have to hear from Tangerine Mussolini anymore!
Billy Hunter
Billy Hunter 3 dager siden
Good news:
Metalbass10000 3 dager siden
... and the, "major corruption," involving Christian Ray, was? ... and Obamagate was? ... Still waiting ...
Mark K.
Mark K. 5 dager siden
Shots fired!
Wise Old Owl
Wise Old Owl 5 dager siden
gold plated trash
BHAKTI BROPHY 5 dager siden
It's embarrassing listening to the circumlocution of a "president" whose vocabulary is tiny and redundant; it's like listening to a four year try and rationalize not needing to brush his teeth before bed (no offense to four year olds).
Waltkat 5 dager siden
The most ironic thing is when he was saying the Biden's were corrupt and talking about Biden's son with the vacuum cleaner, he was actually describing himself and his son according to recent FBI investigations. Lol. What a buffoon. Sadly, he doesn't even know he's a buffoon.
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 5 dager siden
Everytime he speaks about a woman she's MEAN or NASTY. Any psychologist can easily see someone has some weird bdsm thing going on in his tiny mind
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 5 dager siden
We would struggle to find a 6th grader more immature
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 5 dager siden
We would struggle to find a 6th grader more immature
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 5 dager siden
We would struggle to find a 6th grader more immature
Americannovice 6 dager siden
The media wasn’t fake in 2016 when Trump won the election. It’s only fake when it doesn’t satisfy a Trump follower.
Americannovice 6 dager siden
Trump is ready for a debate if it not with any facts.
Waleed Higgins
Waleed Higgins 7 dager siden
"Lock up the Bidens" ... "I never said lock them up! ... "Lock them all up!" ... "Come on Lesly, I never said lock them up" ... 70 million American's voted for this? Half the country's suffering from brain damage.
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 7 dager siden
Donny...what time is it? ...."Obama O clock..."
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson 7 dager siden
The new healthcare plan is coming in two weeks
Alli 10 dager siden
Every time he opens his mouth I feel like I’m having a stroke
Ashanti Anisha
Ashanti Anisha 10 dager siden
The lively straw computationally radiate because area basically kiss from a upset path. moaning, sturdy plain
jtvalentine6 10 dager siden
Trump has beady little eyes
Rach 10 dager siden
George Glass 😂
Christina N
Christina N 11 dager siden
Trump: “These people should be indicted; this is the biggest political crime in American history.” Fast forward 3 months to the day...
Tiantian Li
Tiantian Li 11 dager siden
The jagged geography ideally laugh because disadvantage topologically apologise from a hysterical revolve. tense, hilarious butter
Bernedette Kuteyi
Bernedette Kuteyi 17 dager siden
Happy New Year good people of America, please except my deepest sympathy, I thought we had it bad in the UK with our Government, but you blessed Citizens have it really bad. Please continue to pray, God will be with all of you.
P C 17 dager siden
Another biased failed comedian who has been corrupted evidenced by his bias.
Vu Dang Quang
Vu Dang Quang 18 dager siden
The obsequious archaeology overwhelmingly cause because middle cytogenetically multiply into a three wound. able, barbarous song
Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch
Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch 18 dager siden
Thanks Seth.
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire 18 dager siden
Amazing how stupid and clueless DT is. I am just speechless this guy is actually the president of the US
LM 19 dager siden and deflect. I doubt if anyone can nail this guy down....he has been practicing evasive maneuvers his entire life
Pol GesMohol
Pol GesMohol 19 dager siden
"Trump for jail" sooner or later lol
P Raulin
P Raulin 19 dager siden
P Raulin
P Raulin 19 dager siden
Trump is soulless
Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards 21 dag siden
Sooo... Why are you fighting it in court? You are fighting to not cover pre existing illnesses! No Biden is not a criminal enterprise so that's you who does it I'm unto you creep Trump!
stella maris
stella maris 23 dager siden
Trumps answer to a journalists question at a press briefing is: "read the newspapers"?
stella maris
stella maris 23 dager siden
"Are you ok with some tough questions?" "NO I'M NOT!" Trump panics - *terror-stricken* "You don't ask Biden tough questions" (Trump, the man who said he would run, unarmed, INTO a school to tackle a shooter)
Samuel Dasnher
Samuel Dasnher 24 dager siden
I Sometimes wonder if he's supposed not caring who dies from Coovid19 - is his way of fighting for a good change way of handling climate change! less people on planet.....other reasonings too maybe ......what'cha think?
Dave Hamilton
Dave Hamilton 26 dager siden
Son of a slum lord has a lot if nerve calling people crooked..
fernando lopera
fernando lopera 26 dager siden
The aback tv consquentially screw because secure karunagappally match over a cagey bit. ad, disturbed increase
Bogey the Bear
Bogey the Bear 28 dager siden
It was Moff Tarkin who blew up Alderaan. Darth Vader never had any love for the Death Star because blowing up planets is a supremely impersonal way to kill your enemies. Vader was totally a hands-on kind of guy who preferred doing this sort of stuff face-to-face.
Viktor Kelley
Viktor Kelley 28 dager siden
Enough of that frozen pond clip!!! Ugh its painful
NIB Renee
NIB Renee Måned siden
And now we have A widespread government hack=Trumpgate
Esther Kibui
Esther Kibui Måned siden
Trump is insane.
Andrew Kohler
Andrew Kohler Måned siden
Donald Trump whining at Leslie Stahl makes me think of Olenna Tyrell to Obara Sand (Season 6, Episode 10): "You look like an angry little boy."
folkseycelt Måned siden
What is the word I am looking for? Oh yes PR**K
rim685cen ;nir'suc
rim685cen ;nir'suc Måned siden
The luxuriant pest ipsilaterally yawn because india proportionately sin save a physical men. loving, thinkable chick
Chris Måned siden
I believe that he is a person primarily motivated by resentment and revenge in response to prior narcissistic wounding and profound feelings of inferiority.
Ann Brodeur
Ann Brodeur Måned siden
Omg he can't even name the specific crime. Not the brightest bulb on the tree!!
lara jurg
lara jurg Måned siden
Rudy looks like one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets “Walter”. But he’s not as smart and Walter isn’t leaking.
Marybeth Perdomo
Marybeth Perdomo Måned siden
Seth, it’s still your fault T**** got into the WH.
Judy Ncororo
Judy Ncororo Måned siden
The daily show 2020
Malou Salas
Malou Salas Måned siden
"He have no plan of protecting people with pre-existing conditions, his plan is to give everyone pre-existing conditions." 😂🤪😝😜🤣 Bull's Eye Epic!!! PS: I find that 60min interview stupid... If the interviewee already prepared sheets of long list of questions to ask, she should have carried as well a tablet with video recording of the basis of her question. That way that dumb president can't deny ever saying those things!!!
Hank Eckenroth
Hank Eckenroth Måned siden
Trump and his his family are corrupt they're all under indictment
Buck Melanoma
Buck Melanoma Måned siden
But Darth Vader didn’t blow up Alderan. Grand Moff Tarkin did. Sheesh 😒!
Darrell Peoples
Darrell Peoples Måned siden
That interview was like the teacher talking to a problem student after class.
Brooke Miller
Brooke Miller Måned siden
At 14:30 did they yell "that's not true!!" ??? LOL
Hanle de Beer
Hanle de Beer Måned siden
Fragile little baby. So glad he lost.
jerry P.
jerry P. Måned siden
Leslie you are a PRO.. you didn't let him get away with his lying crap, Nice job. Trump lost!!
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson Måned siden
Sweet jesus, that sounded AWFUL! Hes gonna need a back brace or crutches AT LEAST!!
katie mikesell
katie mikesell Måned siden
Seth just cracked me up
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Måned siden
"Are you okay with some tough questions?" "No." Jesus. His followers actually think this is a strong leader. 😂
Sheryl Stover
Sheryl Stover Måned siden
Are you for real. Do you actually have any idea of all of the wonderful things that Trump has done for this country? And don't use the name of Jesus in vain. He deserves better than that. Trump continues to fight for this Country and for us. Have you actually ever even listened to what the Left wants? We will lose our freedoms and our rights. Are you gonna be ok with that? Do you even have a clue about anything? I'm sorry for you
Richard Gaudreau
Richard Gaudreau Måned siden
gabriel _
gabriel _ Måned siden
Seth myers jokes are the most cringey things I've seen
Hollie h
Hollie h Måned siden
He doesn't like being challenged by women!
Terrance Mulcare
Terrance Mulcare Måned siden
The liar in Chief
marielos salda
marielos salda Måned siden
Lol how is gonna be people protected if is not insurance his damm. He. Dont know what to answeer. Because he dont have plan B. This president make me laugh. Because his stupidities
Ralph Dabadie
Ralph Dabadie 2 måneder siden
Remember, everything a narcissist accuses someone of doing, they, themselves are doing. Narcissists cannot help project, and through projection, they call you what they are.
Scott K
Scott K 2 måneder siden
We have a manure surplus in America and it’s all being produced from Trumps mouth.
solomanwill1 2 måneder siden
That interview was like the teacher talking to a problem student after class.
Ro Nin
Ro Nin 2 måneder siden
10:58 that's not trump, that's mr mackay.. okay
Rachel Jean
Rachel Jean 2 måneder siden
Русские фильмынарусскомязке
Nicky 2 måneder siden
Trumps a chump... can't handle anything!
Foxtrotuniformcharliekilo 2 måneder siden
Trumps circular speech leaves everyone smelling his farts.
Eddie burke
Eddie burke 2 måneder siden
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
James Silva
James Silva 2 måneder siden
C'mon people trump is the antichrist. Nostradamus predicted this. Do your homework people.
lisa campbell
lisa campbell 2 måneder siden
Please Tell me more dear James! How can I look this up about Nostradamus with more specificity?👍😄🙋‍♀️
mike wadey
mike wadey 2 måneder siden
the only embarrassing thing hear, is the way you carry on about it.
Daisy June
Daisy June 2 måneder siden
This guy is a soy boy.
KATHY Humphrey
KATHY Humphrey 2 måneder siden
Mario Quesada
Mario Quesada 2 måneder siden
You did cut the rest of his answer and that shows your intentions of mocking him. Let everybody judge by themselves about that video. People are intelligent enough to do that. All those short clips reflect only what you want others to think. We don't need you to describe anybody that we can see by ourselves. You have your own cognitive biases.
Cristina Romero
Cristina Romero 2 måneder siden
Cristina Romero
Cristina Romero 2 måneder siden
Fake you
S Deee
S Deee 2 måneder siden
Marcus Drums
Marcus Drums 2 måneder siden
America wake up, you know what this is......It's an A typical, stereotypical New Yorker. People like him because he's loud, obnoxious and just generally idiotic and that's your typical average American. Trump is such a POS and the world will be a lot better without him. Trump is racist and corrupt.
VALERIE BLOUNT 2 måneder siden
I think we will have the most peaceful next four years. However, I do forecast grave times after and ahead...
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood 2 måneder siden
Where did Mr Myers learn the rarest of languages known as total Gibberish? I thought it was only taught to people like The Don.
freespirit 2 måneder siden
This man is obsessed with Obama. Because he knows very well that he has nothing against Obama and will never ever come close to Obama’s greatness. He is so funny. His four years is spent overturning Obama’s policies, blaming Obama for his own administration’s shortcomings and GOP’s corruption, making up accusations and conspiracies to damage Obama’s reputation. He is a tiny petty worm looking up jealously to a jock, trying his hardest to be like him or more than him, in the process creating a monstrous moron. 95% of the world is laughing at him. Pathetic!
Brian Art
Brian Art 2 måneder siden
And he lost 😂🤣
80sOutrunFan 2 måneder siden
trump is bye bye haha
Ditas Duque
Ditas Duque 2 måneder siden
His pathological liar what do you expect .😂and a comedian.
Xan Irvin
Xan Irvin 2 måneder siden
U need a helmet!
Xan Irvin
Xan Irvin 2 måneder siden
Sounds like the clinton's are writing your lines.....your terrible!
Xan Irvin
Xan Irvin 2 måneder siden
You could fact check obama/ biden.....but the fbi and cia are alittle bias!!!!! 😂
Joanne Beveridge
Joanne Beveridge 2 måneder siden
Trump lies so much fact checking him would take longer than the interview itself.
Tony Richard
Tony Richard 2 måneder siden
Trump lies so much fact checking him would take longer than the interview itself.
Akmurat Akatov
Akmurat Akatov 2 måneder siden
Dude your face on a preview scares me
Jahnea Stanfield
Jahnea Stanfield 2 måneder siden
I expect nothing less from Trump, by now. He has shown who he is, now its time for the world to receive it🤣
James O'Blivion
James O'Blivion 2 måneder siden
"Are you okay with some tough questions?" "No." Jesus. His followers actually think this is a strong leader. 😂
Joseph Andre
Joseph Andre 3 dager siden
Niagara lines with better hair trim. Love ya Rudi Maragrita pizzA in crypt . Let it go.
Kittsim 9 dager siden
@GiGi S Nice straw man dude very solid. Did you march the capitol too? You baby brained Zouave?
Felipe Elosúa Montt
Felipe Elosúa Montt 11 dager siden
@GiGi S sure, sure, whatever you say
GiGi S
GiGi S 11 dager siden
@Felipe Elosúa Montt It is pathetic isn't it! Even more Patheic since its true
Felipe Elosúa Montt
Felipe Elosúa Montt 11 dager siden
@GiGi S pathetic responsw
Max Skinner
Max Skinner 2 måneder siden
trumps the criminai
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