Food Theory: Will Masterchef Gordon Ramsay FAIL?

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3 måneder siden

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Today we put two very successful chefs against one another to figure out who would be the true Masterchef - since they have failed to live up to this challenge themselves. On one side of the ring we have Gordon Ramsay. The man, the myth, the one who dreams in our faces about our terrible food and we love it! His shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen bring out the beast each episode. In the other corner we have Bobby Flay. This chill, southern chef is not only an Iron Chef, but his show Beat Bobby Flay thrives on the idea of pitting him against another chef. Will we spur them to actually stoke the fire and get this battle started IRL? I will certainly try!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Vítor 3 måneder siden
You know, I think food theory is my favorite channel
Vanilla_melk YuM
Vanilla_melk YuM 12 timer siden
same :>
Jaycey Animates Stuff
Jaycey Animates Stuff 2 dager siden
Jhas Vlog Channel
Jhas Vlog Channel 6 dager siden
C 7 dager siden
I can agree
hot coco25
hot coco25 7 dager siden
Pudseyplays_YT 2 timer siden
I didn't know who flay is
Alea Lytle
Alea Lytle 8 timer siden
Even before the ending result I figured that would be it. Bobby is probably more image focused while Gordon honestly could care less about the optics if he truly believed it was a worthwhile contest.
CDtheKing 44
CDtheKing 44 8 timer siden
I love this new channel, you chose the right other theory category
Lunar Stardust
Lunar Stardust 16 timer siden
I would pay money to see these to chefs go at in on Cutthroat Kitchen. Some of the best chefs in the world have been beaten by Alton Brown and his devious contraption. That is some neither of these chefs have experience will and can give a more even playing field. Get on it Food Network!
Anthony Chavez
Anthony Chavez 20 timer siden
Do alcohol theory. I will bombard every video on this channel for it. Lol!
Albert Lemieszko
Albert Lemieszko 20 timer siden
minty foxlord
minty foxlord 23 timer siden
Hey matpat is their any australian chiefs this is a question
Sunday De Dios
Sunday De Dios Dag siden
We need sum fried rice theory. My fried rice got burned. :-:
ConnorHFishing Dag siden
Am I the only one who thinks it’s outrageous that Rocky is the 28th best boxing movie apparently?
Tjaš Dreo productions
Tjaš Dreo productions 2 dager siden
This Rocky Balboa Theory has a lot of food references in it
Why does Bobby flay as a teenager look like linguine from ratatouille
Somebody who makes videos Cause why not
Somebody who makes videos Cause why not 3 dager siden
Next is card game theory
Somebody who makes videos Cause why not
Somebody who makes videos Cause why not 3 dager siden
And then board game theory
Spoopy Time
Spoopy Time 3 dager siden
*Who would even judge..?*
Gaming WHEEL
Gaming WHEEL 3 dager siden
Weird fetish...
Trần Khắc Kinh
Trần Khắc Kinh 3 dager siden
You forgot to add a little bit about Gordon. He also have traveled to VietNam, Laos, ThaiLand....and learned a lot about the eastern cuisine! So Gordon WILL win!
Mark David Jones Music
Mark David Jones Music 3 dager siden
Yes, Gordon Ramsay would win.
AWildPerson. 4 dager siden
I wonder? What is the fourth simon says, Space Theory?
woblr gaming
woblr gaming 4 dager siden
Hehe is checking a real word it don't sound like one
Syed-Mohammad Karim
Syed-Mohammad Karim 4 dager siden
I clicked on a Gordon Ramsey vid and got a Gordon ramset ad
Elias Alexander Flakke
Elias Alexander Flakke 4 dager siden
F**KING delicious
Christevenly Cirera
Christevenly Cirera 4 dager siden
Maybe The Student Councils In Shokugeki No Souma?
True_Odd 5 dager siden
He got some trashy pai Thai
Trashboat 5 dager siden
Am I the only one who doesn't know who Bobby Flay is?
Smuli Fas
Smuli Fas 5 dager siden
theeweez xD
Benjamin Fu
Benjamin Fu 5 dager siden
"While x just adopted a, y was born in it; molded by it." You used that same script in the Among Us 300IQ -_-
Cy Cyril
Cy Cyril 5 dager siden
Have you talked about Michelin stars being given by the tire company? I think that is a fantastic little fact.
S1LV3R 3DG3 5 dager siden
I love em both but c’mon now. Gordon is too much of a beast
Gloria Neris
Gloria Neris 5 dager siden
I'm an idiot sandwich.
Vaxo Kizivadze
Vaxo Kizivadze 5 dager siden
Gorden wode isile deastroi bobi
Angelo Gabriel Rivera
Angelo Gabriel Rivera 5 dager siden
Gordon Ramsey: *W H A T*
Rosule Khoda
Rosule Khoda 6 dager siden
You know, I think food theory is my favorite channel
Cody Heath
Cody Heath 6 dager siden
Pfft Gordon would win any day of the week whilst blindfolded. Bobby’s a coward smh.
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza 6 dager siden
Trische Callister
Trische Callister 6 dager siden
I swear to everything holy Ramsey and flay need to show up or shut up
liloz sharo
liloz sharo 6 dager siden
*me looking at the comment section for Gordon Ramsay comment looking like* :👁-👁
MacFurby ‘D GothLlama
MacFurby ‘D GothLlama 6 dager siden
Bryant Sharpley
Bryant Sharpley 6 dager siden
Bobby Flay is a tool. I was in middle school when he jumped on the cutting board and I still haven't forgotten my favorite, Morimoto's, reaction. Gordon would wipe the floor with Bobby.
Death Rose2020
Death Rose2020 6 dager siden
Matpat you can defuse the hype in one word that being Covid
Pikko Strike 888
Pikko Strike 888 6 dager siden
Everyone wants gorden Ramzi to win
Crazy Sans 0324
Crazy Sans 0324 6 dager siden
why do all the food theory videos get so many dislikes? They're Awesome!!!
[~P e n g u i n • P l a y~]
[~P e n g u i n • P l a y~] 6 dager siden
Hello Internet welcome to food* theory
Puzzleman 6 dager siden
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 6 dager siden
Now I’m hungry
Rachel Romero
Rachel Romero 6 dager siden
I can't believe it, I watched hell's kitchen and kitchen nightmares almost religiously and Bobbly Flay is more in my tv than not and I STILL didn't know about this?! Also, seven years, really? Duff and Buddy did TWO SEASONS of them competing against each other, and THIS guys couldn't agree for one Iron Chef episode? Wtf.
Dosun Kim
Dosun Kim 7 dager siden
Chopped will be my favorite food show
Brian Maxwell
Brian Maxwell 7 dager siden
Brian Maxwell
Brian Maxwell 7 dager siden
Do a book theroy
Jessica Schweers
Jessica Schweers 7 dager siden
This theory is so raw it is still bad
Mima TaTa
Mima TaTa 7 dager siden
I actually don’t know Bobby Fley
Bryan Latade
Bryan Latade 7 dager siden
Yo someone has to beat ratatouille
Boop Da Boop
Boop Da Boop 7 dager siden
Me: Time to watch this for the 5th time *ad pops up* Ad: Watch carefully gordan ramsey masterclass
Tsismosa mong kapitbahay
Tsismosa mong kapitbahay 8 dager siden
Is no one going to talk about he's advanced and insane editing skills? And is no one going to talk about MatPat's intelligence? Only a genius can make this theories.
Venty Mayes
Venty Mayes 8 dager siden
Mattpat is awsome
#1frenchdude gamer
#1frenchdude gamer 8 dager siden
I am an idiot sandwich! Lol
The Real Trivia Livia
The Real Trivia Livia 8 dager siden
I got a Gordon Ramsey Masterclass ad while MatPat was talking about Gordon Ramsey's culinary background.
TheAlolan Poketuber
TheAlolan Poketuber 8 dager siden
Why is Ramsey wearing blue boxing gloves if he is in the red corner ? Mat EXPLAIN!
Nerdingrita G
Nerdingrita G 8 dager siden
I love both of them. I love to watch Beat Bobby Flay at food network and Chopped. Will be so nice to have them cook next to each other.
SparkSparkle 8 dager siden
What about Tune-Theory? like ya!
MAXIM OFF MP 8 dager siden
Honestly,I didn't know of bobby flay before.
FNAF boy
FNAF boy 9 dager siden
Matt 11ksimp
Matt 11ksimp 9 dager siden
there should be anime theory lol i would sub so fast
Amelie Fleming
Amelie Fleming 9 dager siden
Emmmmmm I dunno who the heck flay is... ima say gordan wins!
the american herper
the american herper 9 dager siden
Everything video is awesome
Cocktails & Consoles
Cocktails & Consoles 9 dager siden
Uh that's not a crostada donkey :)
Chris DudeDurian
Chris DudeDurian 9 dager siden
It’s rly awe inspiring how mat pat can make a whole video about cooking and make it interesting and keep me exited and at the edge of my seat. Can’t wait til the next video
Poképro 9 dager siden
Dawn 9 dager siden
I read that as "Can he beat meat"
John David Bautista
John David Bautista 10 dager siden
Did Gordon and Bobby commented yet??
Evie J
Evie J 10 dager siden
I knew it
Dorky 10 dager siden
You know what this is all about? A Shokugeki. Food Wars.
shadow trooper
shadow trooper 10 dager siden
I've never even heard of Bobby flay
Seth Morrow
Seth Morrow 10 dager siden
food wars is just anime iron chef, I get it now
Elad Boruchowski
Elad Boruchowski 11 dager siden
NGL, I want a food theory Gordon Ramsay collab
iAm _Sp33d
iAm _Sp33d 11 dager siden
"WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE!!!!" -Gordon Ramsay
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 11 dager siden
Gordon will never find me in here...
Sophia Annis
Sophia Annis 11 dager siden
I know Gordon Ramsey but uhhh who is bobby flay
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales 11 dager siden
"Sign the contract big boIii sign the contract"
Isaiah 11 dager siden
Looks like MatPat forgot the lamb sauce
Hello I’m a human
Hello I’m a human 11 dager siden
When I was watching this I got an online class advertisement of Gordon Ramsay
Stealth Ninja07
Stealth Ninja07 11 dager siden
Yesss BANE
AMplayz15 11 dager siden
these vids are great to have in the background when gaming
Da Dawg
Da Dawg 12 dager siden
Mat u’re fogetting Jamie Oliver
Winter Bunny
Winter Bunny 12 dager siden
Shadowholocaust 12 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks the intro sounds a lot like Roundabout by Yes?
Con Solo
Con Solo 12 dager siden
Sports theory
NicMineDude P
NicMineDude P 12 dager siden
since when was there a food theory? btw its actually good
John the Lemon
John the Lemon 12 dager siden
but Gordon Ramsay is also butchering Italian cuisine as seen in maaaany videos over the internet. but no matter what he would just destroy that other guy that i never knew existed before this video. im sorry im german and im not familiar with american food shows.
Eliza Carrie
Eliza Carrie 12 dager siden
The best thing about being called a donkey by Gordon Ramsay is that being a donkey is really a position in a kitchen… The chef that’s going around the kitchen cleaning, washing dishes, sweeping the floor? It was mentioned in a Hells kitchen episode that that position is known as being the donkey
Charlie 12 dager siden
ThatsKlaudioJ 13 dager siden
Gonna be about time he makes a channel for everything
Qristi Louie
Qristi Louie 13 dager siden
T h e e w e e
a diamond sword
a diamond sword 13 dager siden
I'm too scared to go in the comments but I will
a diamond sword
a diamond sword 13 dager siden
I feel like he's here
T M 13 dager siden
Was clear to me he had a bios to Ramzi from the begginning
Benny_ Boi gaming
Benny_ Boi gaming 13 dager siden
I say that Bobby Flay would win because he has more competition experience and has more casual winning food. Not complaining, just saying, Love your vids (and over explanations
Brad Moore
Brad Moore 13 dager siden
what you are mat pat is a theorist sandwich
Chaos Playzzz
Chaos Playzzz 13 dager siden
Jamie Oliver
Swedish Comedian
Swedish Comedian 14 dager siden
I got shokugeki vibes. Like the *anime, food wars!* Food battle basically, cool. Just not as weird LOL.
LunaBit 14 dager siden
Gordon: We have a cook off at 11:30! Chef: He's in New York. Sounds like an automatic win there.
I am a cat person
I am a cat person 23 timer siden
@Alison Snider _ Staff - OberlinMS I don’t believe you that you don’t believe them
Alison Snider _ Staff - OberlinMS
Alison Snider _ Staff - OberlinMS 6 dager siden
I don’t believe you
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo 14 dager siden
Who else scrolled to see if ramsey or flay have commented on this vid
Trevor Haddox
Trevor Haddox 14 dager siden
Is an idiot sandwich classified as a sandwich? XD
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