Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! (All 5 Combo Meals)

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Matt Stonie

2 måneder siden

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Morgan & I asked for 50k Likes & 20k Comments, and you guys delivered! So, as promised (as if I wasn't going to do it anyways...) we are doing the Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! All 5 Combo Meals in one sitting & finish as fast as I can!

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ludovico lesti
ludovico lesti Time siden
TYGAnthony 5 timer siden
Anyone else watching at midnight and is craving some canes
Hypixel Trio
Hypixel Trio 7 timer siden
You will be remembered "man who got obese eating burgers pizzas etc
Renier Jaravata
Renier Jaravata 7 timer siden
Me watching Matt Stonie while eating: eating as fast as I can
Plap 8 timer siden
My mouth rn🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Bultdifrnt G
Bultdifrnt G 9 timer siden
I would lose cause the cowl slaw
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok 9 timer siden
Ball spray 😂
hihelloimRJ 9 timer siden
i don’t get it
Nonoman Gaming
Nonoman Gaming 10 timer siden
This man can eat a whole menu in the time it takes me to eat one meal.
Dinodragon 10 timer siden
Kid: grandma can I have a piece of chicken Grandma: *brings everything he ate
Cdt Aaron Zhang
Cdt Aaron Zhang 10 timer siden
To be honest, the time that it takes for him to recover from chugging the coke down would be more than enough for him to drink it all normally instead
Jayanna Walker
Jayanna Walker 13 timer siden
Wow he is a legend man but u wish you could share rasian canes is the best fools place will my favorite
Ham Mustard
Ham Mustard 14 timer siden
To the 1% who sees this have a good day
Jessica DiNapoli
Jessica DiNapoli 16 timer siden
Gaming Majd4
Gaming Majd4 17 timer siden
I have one question who is that girl that said "it will taste good with the sauce"?
Kyleen Drake
Kyleen Drake 19 timer siden
Please don't be an enabler for this guy. You have to realize this isn't healthy for him. I'd rather see him donating to charity than abusing his body. I can't stand NOpost videos like this, wish they'd never pop up in my feed.
Second Courier
Second Courier 19 timer siden
Carlos Macias Osornio
Carlos Macias Osornio 20 timer siden
Can I have some
ClxedSZN 20 timer siden
Damn that shit look good asf
watch my only vid
watch my only vid 20 timer siden
I love how he though that coke zero has 0 cal It actually has cal its just a name so that people will buy it
watch my only vid
watch my only vid 20 timer siden
I wonder how im fatter than him even tho i only eat once a day
yeah Yeah
yeah Yeah 21 time siden
Android 3:59
J DIZZLE 22 timer siden
He didnt eat the kids meal
Saeed Nomani
Saeed Nomani 23 timer siden
Do you even eat enything in the gap you take after every video?
The PRO Gamers
The PRO Gamers 23 timer siden
He was not drinking coke he was drinking minis from FORTNITE😂🤣🤣🤣
ميمر 27
ميمر 27 Dag siden
50 thousand likes??????????? 0:00
That's Was crazy
That's Was crazy Dag siden
Better than you cooking is Bilal better than you 🤣🤣🤣🌹🌹😉😉
Wcro Dag siden
thank you for recommending me something cool, weirdtube.
Aiden Hanson
Aiden Hanson Dag siden
the android text tone
vegeta rowedder
vegeta rowedder Dag siden
Dude raisin cain best sauce ever
Jordan McKibben
Jordan McKibben Dag siden
imagine wearing a mask in your car by yourself
RuPt Lucky
RuPt Lucky Dag siden
U forget about the tailgates
Mike Burns1
Mike Burns1 Dag siden
He makes it look so easy.. wait until he got to that Diet Coke 🤕
Alex Chubbz
Alex Chubbz Dag siden
I’d be full eating one and I’m bigger than Matt Stonie😭
Yup Dup
Yup Dup Dag siden
Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness
Paul's World Food Reviews
Paul's World Food Reviews Dag siden
Wow that was fast I love this channel 🔥🔥🔥
しらたま Dag siden
Jack G
Jack G Dag siden
No way that Apple juice is only 35 calories lmao
slack Dag siden
im black
Ethan Nelson
Ethan Nelson Dag siden
I watch these videos when I'm really really wanting to eat out but have to stay within my monthly budget 😂😂
NE R Dag siden
how does he eat that much
Samah Zein eddine
Samah Zein eddine Dag siden
How can u eat a full menu when i struggle to eat 2 burgers
Matthew He
Matthew He Dag siden
What did you say to the guy who
Arjahane Anderson
Arjahane Anderson Dag siden
Ik his stomach hurts
Emma One
Emma One Dag siden
Kids don’t eat like this
Red End the 5
Red End the 5 Dag siden
I like the chicken
dino yt {PG3D}
dino yt {PG3D} Dag siden
Me : oh wow this guy is eating a lot of food Also me finding h'is channel and look at h'is video Me : GoD mOdOf*kIn DaM 😱
Tvaettis 065
Tvaettis 065 Dag siden
I’m disgusted by this type of chicken just thinking of how they’ve been treated.
LikeAboss Dag siden
why don’t you just get the drinks with no ice stupid ass . Thanks for the content tho
VHA J Han Dag siden
6:36 that's why i told them''no ice''
Irsan Eva
Irsan Eva Dag siden
Halo bang salam dari indonesia
DABPRO62 Dag siden
Could you at least give me some
Epic Esha
Epic Esha 2 dager siden
He never gains weight
Epic Esha
Epic Esha 2 dager siden
This guy has a VERY fast metabolism
Osas Erun
Osas Erun 2 dager siden
尹紫緹 2 dager siden
order all these things same person: diet coke??????!😂
powerless worm
powerless worm 2 dager siden
My guy struggling since I love canes I fr think I could beat his time but oof I'm broke and me child so I can't go vroom vroom or uses Deb card
jake dantoni
jake dantoni 2 dager siden
I could do this so easily. Put 100 grand on it
hamblagar gamer
hamblagar gamer 2 dager siden
He’s not fat o-o-or dead bbbbut HOW
Shaun Diz
Shaun Diz 2 dager siden
i was waiting for you to drink the sauces
HAMİD reza
HAMİD reza 2 dager siden
Are stupid me what are you doing
Some Random Guy 113
Some Random Guy 113 2 dager siden
5:00 Never I see a guy who said Nooo.. when they found there's a another chicken tender
Pro Hunter
Pro Hunter 2 dager siden
Raising Cane is overpriced af
Blew Lol
Blew Lol 2 dager siden
Sometimes I wonder if he ever gets full lol
Aiden shearman
Aiden shearman 2 dager siden
Blaze pizza full menue challenge
its_nermin 2 dager siden
Tbh i want to smell my original ball's smell!
Rsn Yousif
Rsn Yousif 2 dager siden
Ok how this guy is not fat yet he’s just like a wood stick
Mikuel Walters
Mikuel Walters Dag siden
Probly fasts he only does these like once a month
Andrew Hurst
Andrew Hurst 2 dager siden
I got 4 bites into my burger and he was already done with two meals
Kyle Ott
Kyle Ott 2 dager siden
You forgot to add the tailgate from the menu! Lol
This guy could eat!! Ever tried Caribbean food??
Eden Zammit
Eden Zammit 2 dager siden
the people behind matt “god he’s taking forever what is he ordering the whole menu?” matt”😐 yes”
The Weeb
The Weeb 2 dager siden
Anyone else hear the android when he dipped the bread into the sauce
Blackaar 2 dager siden
And the kids meal with THE APPLE JUICE 😮
Karan Chanani
Karan Chanani 2 dager siden
Malia P
Malia P 2 dager siden
I heard a Samsung.......
Dark_Ghast 2 dager siden
Lol Mat Stonie be like: Ok lemme get ALL ur combos with a total of 8000 calories as breakfast, BUT do get me that diet coke, or Il get fat... xD nohate lol
KasaniWorld 2 dager siden
lol i don’t see how he did it i hate canes it’s so fat , i usually eat it when i’m starving
sockman 2 dager siden
Mohand Aldaus
Mohand Aldaus 2 dager siden
How are you still skiiiiiiiiiiinnnnny how
Zicky Kane
Zicky Kane 2 dager siden
Anyone else notice the Sauce was more calories than the Chicken or Fries? That is nuts! lol
Rose Lattmann
Rose Lattmann 2 dager siden
Wish that restaurant was near me. Food looks amazing 😋 Omg Brain Freeze. Ouch
BillaNyeMoDZ 2 dager siden
How does he stay in shape does anyone know?
Our not so perfect life
Our not so perfect life 2 dager siden
Him : Apple juice Me: WHAT!!!!?!
vibes4 life
vibes4 life 2 dager siden
Matt Stonie is Raising up
Islom Pulatov
Islom Pulatov 2 dager siden
Fucked, mat stone
Rudra Kochhar
Rudra Kochhar 2 dager siden
I love u man
Um Ali
Um Ali 2 dager siden
Hate you man
Debbie Chu
Debbie Chu 2 dager siden
They made the apple juice look so badass
Omxr ツ
Omxr ツ 2 dager siden
3:18 video starts
Tanmay Singh
Tanmay Singh 2 dager siden
How am I enjoying just by seeing someone eating like an animal..
fyuck U
fyuck U 3 dager siden
I could never I hate my food being cold .
Youssef Abdelbaky
Youssef Abdelbaky 3 dager siden
He just gained 1 kg bruh
Harry Vu
Harry Vu 3 dager siden
I love how he doesn’t beg for likes or anything else and builds his way there
Jack Lopez
Jack Lopez 3 dager siden
Noe Valencia
Noe Valencia 3 dager siden
craig bowley
craig bowley 3 dager siden
I just gotta ask why diet Coke?
Araoluwamide Bolarinwa
Araoluwamide Bolarinwa 3 dager siden
Just think about his toilet after this
Froztie 3 dager siden
3:58 that Samsung sound got me dead
Dropping Slides
Dropping Slides 3 dager siden
Me watching this at 1 in the morning craving canes now🥲
Eric Lartey
Eric Lartey 3 dager siden
Dude had a stroke in the middle of this and laughed it off😂😂
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