FNAF Sister Location: The Hunt for Ennard and The Secret Ending!

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4 år siden

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I KNEW there was something up with that cupcake mini game! I'm beating this mini-game - and, then the hunt is on for the elusive Ennard and other Easter Eggs. What mysteries will we uncover? What theories will we explore? ARE YOU READY??
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Shiela, that one inactive youtuber
Shiela, that one inactive youtuber Dag siden
This is actually 3 hours long- Goodbye sleep
gwen6210 gwen6210
gwen6210 gwen6210 2 dager siden
is it just me or is crying child in th bed?
Android Boy
Android Boy 2 dager siden
mat pat I recommend roblox. You can go to bux.cx to get some free robux
Navneeth Krishna
Navneeth Krishna 18 timer siden
Don't trust this it's a scam
Tyler Reicks
Tyler Reicks 3 dager siden
i just pause when they got jump scared creepy
Colin Clark
Colin Clark 4 dager siden
Electrolytes are what plants crave
Lolbit is Lolbit
Lolbit is Lolbit 5 dager siden
heres explanation for cb having green eyes the little girl she ate the little girl elizabeth afton so the reason behind cb having green eyes (in the fandom) is because elizabeth too control
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly 5 dager siden
That music lit
AshLEY VloGs
AshLEY VloGs 6 dager siden
Fnaf theory glichtrap or spring trap are in the bed cuz I see bunny ears
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly 6 dager siden
JV Macario
JV Macario 6 dager siden
In case others who don't know ennard is a product of the f. Freddy F. Foxy ballora and baby thats why ennard sounds like baby and thats why the animatronics bodies are empty
Liu Gigi
Liu Gigi 6 dager siden
everything is in place
michael byrd
michael byrd 7 dager siden
i dident see the eye
Spixie 7 dager siden
Did they actually finish playing this game? i mean all the endings and stuff, because i couldn't find a video from them
You're playing as a nightguard named Michael or Mike if you look at the hand unit you'll see the name Mike and Mike is the older brother of Elizabeth the girl who got sucked into baby at that time Elizabeth didn't know Mike was eggs benedict the nightguard......... Michael and Elizabeth are the aftons
Jess Mahoney
Jess Mahoney 8 dager siden
If the animatronics hung the technicians, can't they use THAT body?
Zachary Gregory
Zachary Gregory 10 dager siden
Fnaf 4
Zachary Gregory
Zachary Gregory 10 dager siden
Dantdm has been there already
Hoodie Horizon
Hoodie Horizon 10 dager siden
"is baby related to golden freddy?" She's related less symbolically and more literally
Max Pupillo
Max Pupillo 11 dager siden
Maybe that chip is glitchtrap
Noah Wilcox
Noah Wilcox 11 dager siden
I finally did it!!!
Luis ortiz
Luis ortiz 11 dager siden
I dont hate sticky keys... I hate that for a week you didn't bother to disable them offscreen..
marteena 12 dager siden
anyone back here bc the new fnaf game is coming out soon
Shelli Blossom
Shelli Blossom 12 dager siden
wait hasnt shocking baby never worked in this game it wouldnt if she was already removed and i think the bodys hanging serve a purpose because they came up as foxy and ballora to handy and with those two not being tricked into trusting baby they wouldnt of walked into the scoop room and killing isnt what on the robots mind at the moment they want out so didnt really see a need to do much probably broke their necks and hang them in an attempt to hide the killing kinda a twisted putting the humans in their places they are force to go to everytime its just that they arent really the right people to use more anything
Andrea Schrimp
Andrea Schrimp 12 dager siden
I love how no one online questoins about the doors opening when you run out of power even though they would technically close. Anyways I just think it is funny. Edit also baby in the ice cream mini game loses her eyes and insides like the area where you type the code in to her head
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly 12 dager siden
Read the hello neighbor books
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly 12 dager siden
Please do more fazbear frights book theories!!!
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly 12 dager siden
Nice video
•?Oakley Plays?•
•?Oakley Plays?• 13 dager siden
In the sun on the mini game at the start the sun has William aftons face on it
tyler not so joseph
tyler not so joseph 14 dager siden
The background music in the secret room is perfect *chefs kiss*
Juanalotta 18 dager siden
4 years ago! I am old.... :( **sadness**
Sara sweeney
Sara sweeney 18 dager siden
I was eating Pretzels and they went down my throat so many times with the jumpscares
Sara sweeney
Sara sweeney 18 dager siden
Under my house is a basement that’s not underground and my house is being Rained on
Julianne Llanes
Julianne Llanes 19 dager siden
But you can see her in the posters tho
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 19 dager siden
There seems to be three “positions” on the door cams. One when he enters, one off the screen, and one right before he attacks. Since he seems to disappear after entering the camera then reappearing next to the door.
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 19 dager siden
Edit. Looked close at the maps. There are rooms next to these “rooms” which are hallways. The second position is Ennard going into one of those rooms.
Akikko Yataro
Akikko Yataro 20 dager siden
mini theory: What if that chip is some kind of tracker? It would explain how Ennard was able to find us in our home and it would make sense to put a tracker in an animatronic to avoid them being stolen or lost. I might work on this theory a but more but thats all I got right now
ducky_S14M07 23 dager siden
Handy Unit in this game sounds so tired and sick compared to the Help Wanted one. It’s like the kaleidoscope Tattletail compared to the real game Tattletail.
Sirjt Khan
Sirjt Khan 23 dager siden
I'm like Sticky keys, everyone hates me and yells at me to go away when I show up
Mike playZ stuff
Mike playZ stuff 24 dager siden
I like how Mat doesn't edit his video he just makes us watch for what seems like forever
MidnightBlaze16 26 dager siden
It feels weird that everybody refers to Ennard as 'he' even though its components are either 50% female 50% male 75% female 25% male or 50% female 25% male 25% other No matter how Funtime Foxy identifies it's always either 50/50 or majority female so why does everybody use male pronouns for Ennard?
MidnightBlaze16 26 dager siden
"Is Baby somehow related to Golden Freddy" funnily enough, yes but probably not in the way we were thinking back in 2016
Manusito Chikito
Manusito Chikito 26 dager siden
0:23 Mat pat: Adiós Steph: Well I'll die now
RagingCakeMan 28 dager siden
Came to rewatch because I wanted some more live theories, interesting how that chip in baby's arm hasn't been explained yet, if the plan was to trick you into going to the scooping room, I don't think they needed to get you to "help" instead of just asking you to go to the scooping room, unless that chip really was important
no one
no one 23 dager siden
Wait so does everyone have a chip foxy, freddy, ballora like baby?
SadBoiHours 29 dager siden
🎶He's here he's there he's everywhere who you're going to call psychic psycho friend Fred Bear!~🎶
SadBoiHours 29 dager siden
Seems like Matthew Patrick matpat PatMat theory does not want to do his job lets motivate him with a controlled shock
Fezaki Måned siden
when the
Sophia Thompson
Sophia Thompson Måned siden
Watching without headphones is quite an experience. I'm tilting my computer so I can put my ear to the speaker, but I'm not watching the scree, so jumpscares are a...journey
Sophia Thompson
Sophia Thompson Måned siden
The kids in the cupcake minigame have a similar hairstyle to the Crying Child...
JoyfulWolfEyes Måned siden
Mattpat : Your daughter in that got sucked in Me : 😂😂 You mean his little sister? You play as Michael Afton Elizabeth Aftons older brother Also! The cameras show FNAF 4 Correct? Well.. That means Michael is also looking into his brothers bed room... And this is all after the bite of 87.. And C.C is dead and he’s probably sad about it :(
WillowPlayz Måned siden
MatPat hasn't made a Sister Location theory in a while. Let's motivate him with a controlled shock! XD
Remlap 07
Remlap 07 Måned siden
I can't hear what baby/enard is saying but you guys are the bestestest
Jacob Allison
Jacob Allison Måned siden
Can we appreciate how good the ennard music is? TUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!
I know it has been 4 years, but I just realised thst this Fredbear plush has a walkie talkie, and the fnaf 4 plush for some reason talks, maybe someone ( probably William ) got a walkie talkie inside the fredbear plushies around the house
Mike playZ stuff
Mike playZ stuff Måned siden
It's a known fact already for 4yrs don't try to make the fact look like it was discovered by you
MallDawg V
MallDawg V Måned siden
xxX MAD Xxx
xxX MAD Xxx Måned siden
I wanna say 6 things and 1 question 1. Clothes change on the kids to what it seems liz is wearing 2. 5th night the enard mask is gone 3.(BIG THING) enard has a bunch of eyes but i saw each eye is the same colors as each animatronics including baby and liz 4. There are pins all over her letting her shape shift 5.baby was never talking that was enard who copied her voice bc of her eye on him he is a part of ALL of them 6. Baby NEVER KILLED LIZ her father mr.afton killed her by accident he heard of baby's misfuction and scooped her but nobody looked in the storage unit so could "the bad part of her" be baby ? Question: what does the microphone become when she shape shifts ?
Crazy Bacon
Crazy Bacon Måned siden
Matpat: rants about hand positioning. Also matpat: hand slapping other hand showing that your making a point intensifies
Ender G4MER
Ender G4MER Måned siden
That ennard jumpscare was the first time this game series has ever actually gotten me
pugs onkazooskazoos
pugs onkazooskazoos Måned siden
when they said i like cupcakes but that's just a theory i was like food theory prediction in 2016
Mark Winger
Mark Winger Måned siden
5:39 was matpat about to make a no no joke
Anonalee Cardinalli
Anonalee Cardinalli Måned siden
Dustin Harell
Dustin Harell Måned siden
Anyone else saw the golden Freddy plush
Dacookiebunny Måned siden
Does anyone hear William afton screaming in the springtrap suit when?
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here Måned siden
I seriously got yet another ad in the middle of the Ennard jumpscare at 43:52... NOpost, just let me get scared in peace...
GachaWorks Studios
GachaWorks Studios Måned siden
If these locations are so high-tech, why do they have such low power supplies? Like, I mean, it would take a lot of power to power these animatronics and everything else there, that when it comes to the security guards, it's like they're trying to get them killed. They could supply the areas where the night guard needs to close the doors and stuff with a larger power supply. It's just weird... And yes I know that it's part of the game, or it makes the game more challenging or whatever, it's just weird in the lore concept to me.
Alexa Fletcher
Alexa Fletcher Måned siden
Wait what was in the corner around 1:09:20 ?
Gāchā_ Kīÿøkø
Gāchā_ Kīÿøkø 2 måneder siden
People trying to watch a throwback in 2020 here-
Caitlyn Roper
Caitlyn Roper 2 måneder siden
How did I never notice/realize that on Night 5, Baby’s eyes have been ripped out?
Gacha Quartz
Gacha Quartz 2 måneder siden
Why is Ballora afraid if the scooping room? Bad memories?
Terry Dobson
Terry Dobson 2 måneder siden
mat what if you say good lore instead of good lord?
Charlotte Thomson
Charlotte Thomson 2 måneder siden
‘They’re nowhere and they’re everywhere’ The mood
Elliott Alexander
Elliott Alexander 2 måneder siden
Lord the first jumpscare really got me
EmDoesArt 2 måneder siden
I just LOVED the music
BorahBros 2 måneder siden
Ennard: *jumpscares!* Add in the middle of the jumpscare: nope Ennard: bruh...
Double X Maxwell
Double X Maxwell 2 måneder siden
Can I pls say, that he has done a theory where he points out to the hand unit saying Mike. And that means ur actually Michel afton. And I also have something to say. What if the fnaf games are the actual code. What If the code is the total number of days in the games in order. And then if you were playing as william what would the hand unit to auto correct it to???? Also what happens if you actually like finished everything. Being william in the game dosen't make any since. He got spring locked in the fnaf 1 pizzeria and left to rot for 30 years. Supposingly Clara afton is ballora, Chris's spirit goes to posses shadow freddy, and Elizabeth his little sister goes on to possess C.B or Corcus Baby. And theory has it they have another older brother Terrance. What happened to terrance!?!?!? That's all from me. Big fan of fnaf. And will you ever continue the series???? Also there is a theory that a boy/girl named sammy was killed by ennard. And sammy is told to be Henry Emily's son/daughter. Is that true???? I need to know!!!! Also if baby was deactivated the entire time, then how did she grab Elizabeth and pull her in??? Sone think a malfunction, others think she was only activated during that time. Or as I believe the first and only day she performed witch isn't in the game, she had grabbed elizabeth because of a really weird malfunction, so a lil of a couple different theories.
Double X Maxwell
Double X Maxwell 2 måneder siden
thephantom claw
thephantom claw 2 måneder siden
look at the begining of the stream and look at mat pat then go to the end of the stream
buttery fries
buttery fries 2 måneder siden
Pinky and the brain
TJ DashMan
TJ DashMan 2 måneder siden
Code 1983
RainyDay 2723
RainyDay 2723 2 måneder siden
The golden Freddy plushy sometimes looks like a face
John The 5th
John The 5th 2 måneder siden
I'm whatching this at the middle of the night, with headphones on
WSD 781
WSD 781 2 måneder siden
Hey, I have that pumpkin pillow!
AccurateMemin 2 måneder siden
GTLive: *succeeds the minigame, about to see the girl die* Minigame: *suspense, then cuts to first frame of death* NOpost: Yeah but before that, here's an ad for fixing your teeth. TL;DR NOpost pulled the biggest "To Be Continued" meme on me via an ad.
John Martin
John Martin 2 måneder siden
foo fighters everlong
Chicken Hell
Chicken Hell 2 måneder siden
Watching them trying to to fix sticky keys is more technologic then all his theories lol
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 2 måneder siden
Kawaii Ash
Kawaii Ash 2 måneder siden
It's Elizabeth brother look on the name pad. It might be a nickname Ennard is made with baby and ballora,etc parts
Dont Please
Dont Please 2 måneder siden
And Ennard, FF and FF
CoolEgg 2 måneder siden
A Weeb
A Weeb 2 måneder siden
you play as mikle afton
Leon Riden
Leon Riden 2 måneder siden
Mat: Oh that got me, That got me haaaardd. Me giggling: oh did it now.
your friendly neighborhood child
your friendly neighborhood child 2 måneder siden
RareCrafter_ 978
RareCrafter_ 978 2 måneder siden
I subbed and liked this channel just because ghost llama
Terrafume 582
Terrafume 582 2 måneder siden
Terrafume 582
Terrafume 582 2 måneder siden
Selterz 2 måneder siden
Selterz 2 måneder siden
@potatohead I can’t remember why I put that stamp at that time, I remember I put it there for a weird reason tho
potatohead 2 måneder siden
What does this lead to
Lewis’s Fortnite Game Play
Lewis’s Fortnite Game Play 3 måneder siden
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
People don't own models of characters they didn't create. That's not how that works. And Machinemas make no sense because how do you access sprites and models?
fire fern
fire fern 3 måneder siden
poor Liz, btw when I watch/rewatch this and no one comments I feel like I know everthing,like Im from the future
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
This franchise is way too in its own head? What does that mean? It sounds arrogant to me, as if MatPat knows best.
Anti-HyperLink 3 måneder siden
Only the shitheads edit out all the fail.
Flynn Carter
Flynn Carter 3 måneder siden
So they didn't even get the ending? Oh what??
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