Minecraft - HermitCraft S7#36: Freewill Is Finished

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28 dager siden

Minecraft Server. Today I sacrifice my free will and pay for it big time. We head RipZone to get it stocked with enchanted gear and fix up some game play issues. We get 54 trivia questions ready for Brain-E-E's and then finish up the building and island. We visit Xisuma's mad potion brewery and set up Order-Lee-E's in Aque Town.
Xisuma: nopost.info
Note Block Music:
Chrono Trigger - Robo's Theme 2
Cooking With Etho
Thomas The Tank Engine Theme
HermitCraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com
HermitCraft Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/
HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG
Twitter: EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
#hermitcraft #etho #minecraft

NotAGoat 2 timer siden
I think letting him keep the crossbow depends on whether you want customers or not.
NotAGoat 2 timer siden
7:20 Reminds me of a few months ago when I discovered you could turn beatroots into red dye.
NotAGoat 2 timer siden
Probably too late, but I think you need to "proofread" some of your questions, so to speak. I've seen a couple in the other hermits' videos that still have 2 of the same answer in them, which I assume means you put the comparison item in the wrong slot.
Atomic Retard
Atomic Retard 2 dager siden
0:14 woah there etho calm down lol
legobuilderfrom2000 2 dager siden
leave the pillager with the crossbow, its a warm up to hurting Hermits
AkiPro 3 dager siden
What kind of computer do you have? Are you going to shoot pure vanilla, that is, just survival of a guy on an island or something?
Chadzmuth 5 dager siden
Was thinking about how way back on the mindcrack Ftb server when etho tried to launch minecarts from rail craft between his sky islands and immediately the Thomas music starts playing
Jorge82mk2 Animations
Jorge82mk2 Animations 7 dager siden
9:08 The timing.
Manolo Gonzalez
Manolo Gonzalez 9 dager siden
Hey Etho, Bdubs just built a building in has city, but didn't make an interior, so you can bully him about it!
Omega Primer
Omega Primer 9 dager siden
What part of Canada are you from Etho?
Seth Jordan
Seth Jordan 9 dager siden
Xisuma :D
Morghan Stalnaker
Morghan Stalnaker 10 dager siden
Etho you have to price your Order-Lee-E boxes higher! Your effort is worth a lot more than around half a stack per box. Minimum price of 64 diamonds for each shulker box.
corenz 12 dager siden
22:56 I was dying lmao
john oickle
john oickle 13 dager siden
we just gonna pretend etho didnt just do that in his intro
BobCCLIV 13 dager siden
LOL I love how many arrows were in you at the end. Definitely let him keep the crossbow, that's hilarious. Just add a remove thorns armor before entry, Canadian custom sign.
Per Jogbäck
Per Jogbäck 13 dager siden
Headsup, you might want to install some security cameras at your newly acquired hacienda courtyard. Your rich neighbor seems devious. 😉
Mithrandir Eärendur
Mithrandir Eärendur 13 dager siden
I love how everyone pronounces "Aque Town" differently. Grian: "Aqueee Town" X: " Aqua Town" E: " Ah-Q Town"
variant 13 dager siden
Order-Lee-E's has had its first customer (that we've seen at least... just realized that the shulker box purchased is not the same colour as the one you had in that left-most space)!!! If you check the payment box you'll easily be able to tell who it was. ;) Your episodes are still getting better and better and it somehow shocks me every time. 1 - that title. Even after all these years you're still able to come up with attention grabbing titles. I couldn't watch the episode right away and the title had me so intrigued yet all my guesses were wrong. 2 - your intro: unique and hilarious while setting the expectations of what the episode will be about 3 - your tracking shots of the hermitcraft server between scenes. I don't think I've ever seen any hermit do this in the several seasons I've been watching. It adds such a peaceful flow to the episode and we get to see and admire other hermits builds and see just how long it takes to fly between some areas. 4 - your explanation of lazy building vs. A game building and actually showing us how you do it. I like time lapses but I like it better when builders explain their thought process. 5 - you got me bad with that Hurtin' Hermits fake out! >:( 6 - The fixes to RipZone and the possibility we'll get to see the hermits play it again! I hope you play a round! 7 - the visit to the brewery - you might be the first hermit to use the brewery without breaking it unless you cut that part out :P 8 - a great idea for a shop and its name as well as the dig at scar and the aggressive sales pitches by the pillager xD Can't wait for the next episode!
DragonriderTechnologies 14 dager siden
Wait, why are the boots diamond? With curse of vanishing?! We all know you're rich, but this is silly. Or do leather boots not hold those enchantments or something? I also like the eastern influence to the build style. I'm not sure if that was the intention, but it looks cool.
Matthew Olive
Matthew Olive 14 dager siden
I think it would be cool to dispense the shulker boxes as they buy them. Also do you have a red stone shulker box? Mumbo and iskall are always losing theirs.
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 14 dager siden
I love those "this is your brain on drugs" If that's your brain on drugs my brain is the cheese from diary of a Wimpy kid.
Riley Simpson
Riley Simpson 14 dager siden
It's not just me is it, this is not our Etho, our Etho does not build roofs, nay, he shivers when roofs are mentioned. IMPOSTER.
eoh 14 dager siden
@15s im- was that intended
István Szikra
István Szikra 15 dager siden
1:23 "We need hundreds of levels" I would gladly help you if I could, I have 1100+ levels :) 1:30 Yes I have. I have built 2 trident farms (on 2 different servers) :)
Roslyn Jolene
Roslyn Jolene 15 dager siden
I just about died when he turned his camera and he was full of arrows
Martin Schlömer
Martin Schlömer 16 dager siden
Welcome to Don't be a Scar
Gideon Metcalf
Gideon Metcalf 16 dager siden
You could add a yellow and dark blue dye shop above shadees and call it sunees and nightees depending on the time of day
ARZIAC 16 dager siden
Ooo I like that Thomas The Tank Engine theme. Ah childhood.
Smuckers T
Smuckers T 16 dager siden
Damn, Etho sounds different from the last time I watched him during ooge
Lydia Alatorre
Lydia Alatorre 17 dager siden
Etho casually doing his outro while covered in a billion arrows
Stretchy 17 dager siden
Ergo how do you build so good
Expert of Lizard Corrugation
Expert of Lizard Corrugation 17 dager siden
the name of this episode vaguely feels like a threat
P.W. Plays
P.W. Plays 17 dager siden
Wait he asked a new machine he made whether to make something new or not! He's A GENIUS.
Limrock 17 dager siden
How many episodes have I been hearing the Thomas the tank engine theme? And better yet why am I just NOW realizing what it is? I gotta start this season over and see what else I may have missed. @EthosLab I need a soundtrack list!
Zoopie 17 dager siden
Your one of my favorite canadians to listen to alongside my mom
Alex Blanquie
Alex Blanquie 18 dager siden
First time seeing one of your videos and you’re a great builder, but you sounds like beef.... like a lot....
Mich ael
Mich ael 18 dager siden
+1 vote for letting him keep shooting the hermits
Hiznogood 18 dager siden
Etho, what happened to your upload schedule?
хммM Rekt4うu
хммM Rekt4うu 18 dager siden
Odd title. . . .
sponj 2
sponj 2 18 dager siden
Just noticed lol that tour minecraft skin is kakashi from naruto
thegreatbeavers 18 dager siden
Etho? Is that a lever in your pants you're talking to directly at 0:14 or are you just happy to see us?;...
Matias Izaguirre
Matias Izaguirre 19 dager siden
i think maybe you should make the pillager peaceful
Owen Carter
Owen Carter 19 dager siden
Etho you should really play factorio, since you enjoy the redstone aspect of minecraft I think factorio is a game you'd really enjoy.
Yerff Caasi
Yerff Caasi 19 dager siden
Etho over here surprised you can smelt sea pickles for dye (which I knew) and I’m just like “WAIT YOU CAN USE WOOL FOR FUEL???”
Yuriko Maeda
Yuriko Maeda 19 dager siden
Top 10 anime betrayal
Utkarsh Javalkar
Utkarsh Javalkar 19 dager siden
that Kakashi hatake MC skin is amazing
paulo 19 dager siden
0:10 uhm that lever etho...
pbr duddy
pbr duddy 19 dager siden
I like the banjo kazooi vibe to the music
NewMoonFeline 19 dager siden
"Today I sacrifice my free will and pay for it big time." life in a nutshell
artaud 19 dager siden
whose base is that massive pyramid at 15:46?
Hiznogood 19 dager siden
That base is Impulse’s base that Stressmonster101 re-coloured (pink instead of yellow).
7h3F33d3r 19 dager siden
Need a Scar pixel map with a round circle and slash next to that sign.
Alexander III
Alexander III 19 dager siden
Hello 20 dager siden
wouldn't the Thomas the Tank Engine music get claimed?
jpaugh64 20 dager siden
You guys can't get mad, it happened by chance... 2 seconds later: "Gawwwoah!"
Tirex367 20 dager siden
I think the lectern is outputting a redstone signal into Brain-E-E
TheGrillSergeant 20 dager siden
Today I learned grilled cheese=brains on drugs
volta's daffodils
volta's daffodils 20 dager siden
this title scared me a lot when i read it. i thought it meant you were taking away free will in hermitcraft. please dont take this as a suggestion
Grant Whyne
Grant Whyne 20 dager siden
You should let the pillager keep the crossbow, but have him shoot empty fireworks.
Das Snail
Das Snail 20 dager siden
Leave the cross bow, I laughed so hard when b-dubs checked out this shop and kept running out because he kept getting shot lol.
CrisAnonymous 20 dager siden
puts the "scar" in "scare tactics" to be sure!!!
DahMeh928 21 dag siden
That was an amazing intro
Somecallmetimm 21 dag siden
the Thomas the tank engine song :D
Matthew McMillan
Matthew McMillan 21 dag siden
Am i going crazy or was etho using Thomas the tank engine tune
Aka Iced Tea
Aka Iced Tea 21 dag siden
Its really sweet how much everyone on hc likes you so much
Lord Marquaad
Lord Marquaad 21 dag siden
I'm imagining ethos next business called laze-e's or sleepe-e's where he sells beds
Joshua Chan
Joshua Chan 21 dag siden
0:59 Doesn't that sound like "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley?
google smells
google smells 21 dag siden
I almost thought we were seeing two terrafirmacraft episodes in a row
Zombielugia Dragonwind
Zombielugia Dragonwind 21 dag siden
Can you do RLCraft let's play?
Ben Burrell
Ben Burrell 22 dager siden
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Thomas theme song sounds absolutely fantastic on note blocks. Has etho posted a video or link to the tool he uses to make note block songs? I'd love to put this in my own world
Matthew Stainbrook
Matthew Stainbrook 22 dager siden
Etho should add a feature to the trivia game so the hermits have the option to pay another diamond to see the answer if they got it wrong. Very shadyE
J FC 22 dager siden
Tridents are so easy to get in bedrock edition lol
Dawn Hero
Dawn Hero 22 dager siden
Hermit craft is incredible. Wow
Sean Biller
Sean Biller 22 dager siden
“this is your brain on drugs, then they show a picture of grilled cheese”
Super Ponge
Super Ponge 22 dager siden
The other hermits:today we made an entire biome next to my base the size of Manhattan. Etho : so I changed those 3 blocks lol
Furret_Man7 22 dager siden
Hey etho, do you make the music yourself or do you get it off of a website?
Some Salmon
Some Salmon 22 dager siden
Maby you could splash the hermits with regeneration potions when they enter and keep the pillager
Jude Pisarczyk
Jude Pisarczyk 22 dager siden
Light work needs to be pricey
chloe kwa
chloe kwa 22 dager siden
Such a good video!!!
Jesse Quist
Jesse Quist 22 dager siden
Can I make a suggestion for your slogan? 'don't be like Scar, sort your stuff in a jar'
Nic 22 dager siden
What if you make a reason for them to go all the way up those stairs? Hehe
Luke Shaw
Luke Shaw 22 dager siden
That lever at the start tho
CHAPTEN CENAPTA 22 dager siden
Hello i am from indonesia 😁
Jay 22 dager siden
Mike van Lieshout
Mike van Lieshout 22 dager siden
Instead of using curse of vanishing armor, you could also enable keep inventory while y'all play RipZone.
3ICE 22 dager siden
0:14 *lol* that's a _____ Look at the lever he backs into and it pops through his 3D avatar just in the right place
Carrie Naylor
Carrie Naylor 22 dager siden
i’d listen to an audio book read by etho
Blackstar1701 22 dager siden
goddamn this server is maximum effort minecraft
DinoInADress 22 dager siden
Glass should be 2 diamonds per stack, ya know since not only do you have to mine the sand which is 1 diamond per stack but you also have to smelt it and dye it
Kenzie M
Kenzie M 22 dager siden
I will literally pay you to post videos more frequently. My favorite NOpostr. We need endless videos !
Andy Rothstein
Andy Rothstein 22 dager siden
break the crossbow
小丑Joker 22 dager siden
Is Etho trolling us with that 1 piece of stained glass instead of a full stack?
Jake Scheirer
Jake Scheirer 22 dager siden
That was a lot of building that I gained nothing from. Thank you for posting though!
Ryan DiSanti
Ryan DiSanti 22 dager siden
hyro 22 dager siden
It's a mod
The Saxiest
The Saxiest 23 dager siden
Hey Etho, so I saw XB played Brain-e-e's and I think you may have a comparator reading the lectern with the instructions on it. The game seems to be broken when he's not on the first page!!!
Callum 23 dager siden
Patchwork building sounds a lot like my approach to life - wing it until it works
Jordan Lickma and
Jordan Lickma and 23 dager siden
crazy to think iv been watching etho for 7 years wow
Lemonyfart 23 dager siden
1:32 Good editing etho, haven't seen this in one of your vids before so I thought I'd comment on it
Glasses Face
Glasses Face 23 dager siden
i wonder if your one line where you said “this is your brain on drugs” is why there’s an addiction recovery ad on this video lol
endgame Executor
endgame Executor 23 dager siden
Have them keep the crossbow but as a promotional stunt have who ever they break it on get a prize of some sort.
Allen Smith. {aAffect.}
Allen Smith. {aAffect.} 23 dager siden
Let him shoot!!!
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