Monster - Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber (Live From The AMA’s / 2020)

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You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best
Raise me up into the sky until I’m short of breath
Fill me up with confidence, I say what’s in my chest
Spill my words and tear me down until there’s nothing left
Rearrange the pieces just to fit me with the rest
But what if I what if I trip, what if I what if I fall
Then am I the monster yeah, just let me know
what if I what if I sin, what if I what if I break
Then am I the monster yeah, just let me know yeaahhh
I was 15 when the world put me on a pedestal
I had big dreams of doing shows and making memories
Made some bad moves trying to act cool upset by their jealousy
Lifting me up, lifting me up, yeah and tearing me down, tearing me down, down, down,
Take responsibility for everything I’ve done, holding it against me like you’re the holy one
I had a chip on my shoulder, had to let it go
Cause unforgiveness keeps them in control, I came in with good intentions then I let it go
And now I really wanna know
What if I what if I trip, what if I what if I fall, I fall
Then am I the monster, just let me know
what if I what if I sin, what if I what if I break yeah
Then am I the monster, just let me know
Please just let me know
Please don’t let me fall
Oh please don’t let me fall
What if I’m the monster, what if I’m the monster yeah

olivia figoli
olivia figoli 7 timer siden
love to see my 2 Canadians babe work together
Luckas Mathheus
Luckas Mathheus Dag siden
Kade os brasileiros ?????
Julia Scholtis
Julia Scholtis Dag siden
Kenaisa Frieson14
Kenaisa Frieson14 2 dager siden
Can we just talk about justin`s and Shawn`s vocals❤❤
Giovana Braga
Giovana Braga 2 dager siden
Socorro 🖤
Gian Mbec
Gian Mbec 2 dager siden
Big talent
tvtime2122 2 dager siden
This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you......
Anastazja Kot
Anastazja Kot 2 dager siden
This is so good 🤧🥺🖤
Danielle Dixon
Danielle Dixon 2 dager siden
I havent been able to concentrate since I heard about this collaboration
Y /N
Y /N 2 dager siden
How tha fuq did I get here from Irene and Seulgi- anyways I love this song-
Blank Man
Blank Man 2 dager siden
I used to wear those kind of pants when I was in high school way back then in 2001, and now my son wants it badly because of Justin
Salt Swarts
Salt Swarts 2 dager siden
Just wondering why it took me so long to see this😭😭😭
Daniel Fabritsky
Daniel Fabritsky 3 dager siden
I've never listened to justin but I guess it's cool to do that nowadays..
Benjiman Dog
Benjiman Dog 3 dager siden
So jnco jeans are making a comeback!
COCANAT 3 dager siden
Collab we never knew we needed😍
Hanniah Grace Beacham
Hanniah Grace Beacham 3 dager siden
never seen Shawn wear dressy pants like that...hes still the most amazing human out there
Alexander Prince
Alexander Prince 3 dager siden
I do love JB but why does he look so homeless 😂😂😂
رقيه رقيه علي
رقيه رقيه علي 3 dager siden
اكو عرب
Jacob Kemp
Jacob Kemp 4 dager siden
no inspiration
no inspiration 4 dager siden
remember when JB said who’s shawn mendes lmaoooo
Sylvana A
Sylvana A 4 dager siden
1:48 my heart skipped a beat at that moment
nismo613 5 dager siden
Isn't beiber like 40 years old now? Still dressing like an idiot
ARSHED 3 dager siden
He’s 26 and it’s because of his team
andreea carnaru
andreea carnaru 5 dager siden
Tony Lee
Tony Lee 5 dager siden
Son pura arteee
뚜비두밥 5 dager siden
Justin bieber sweet...
뚜비두밥 5 dager siden
TonyPain*_* 5 dager siden
Worst crowd
Team Dark
Team Dark 5 dager siden
This version sounds more meaningful than the original. It hits me differently.
Michael Lane
Michael Lane 5 dager siden
instagram: @thehipmusicologist
JRIDA BLACK 6 dager siden
blumkinpie 6 dager siden
Guilty me hopes jb slips up again so we can get another masterpiece
Audrey Ann
Audrey Ann 6 dager siden
Billy 6 dager siden
Best song
Brook Ralona
Brook Ralona 6 dager siden
Shawns voice is too sexy 🤍
Emily McNort
Emily McNort 6 dager siden
I was waiting for this duet all my life I swear
Loreto Arancibia
Loreto Arancibia 6 dager siden
Senpai Kun
Senpai Kun 6 dager siden
I love them both but damn Shawn Mendes had me blown away with that voice
andreea carnaru
andreea carnaru 7 dager siden
Samafamily Sama
Samafamily Sama 7 dager siden
L S 7 dager siden
Who remembers that video when Bieber said “who is Shawn Mendes” 😂 and now here they are..
Noah's I Gaming
Noah's I Gaming 7 dager siden
harry 007
harry 007 7 dager siden
Az Playz
Az Playz 8 dager siden
Shawn Mendes fans over here?
PAKISTANI GIRL Kpoper 6 dager siden
F16 Tiger gaming
F16 Tiger gaming 8 dager siden
Justin's voice is so peaceful
Lucia Isabel Baeza
Lucia Isabel Baeza 8 dager siden
Am I the only on that thinks they sound better without auto tune
Bua MercyChannel
Bua MercyChannel 8 dager siden
What is people and chips on their shoulders these days?
Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan 9 dager siden
Such a bop
Alex B
Alex B 9 dager siden
This Song made my Day...Thanx👍💯
Gii Freitas
Gii Freitas 9 dager siden
OH MY...😍
Anh Thu Thi Nguyen
Anh Thu Thi Nguyen 9 dager siden
What do I see? Two people vibing in their own zones.
Kem Pos
Kem Pos 10 dager siden
JacekMMA 10 dager siden
Hilfiger and Jnco jeans are NOT coming back Justin
Estefania hernández
Estefania hernández 10 dager siden
Que hermoso canta justin en vivo lo amoooooooo me enamoré de su voz❤️
Mark M
Mark M 10 dager siden
2 great singers. Great live performance! I'd like to see more with these 2 together
Audrina Wyatt
Audrina Wyatt 11 dager siden
Man why this live version hits different?
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez 11 dager siden
These two Canadians further prove how kind and literally good looking Canadians are prove me wrong
Sadman Sakib
Sadman Sakib 12 dager siden
wah....what a song
Abril Lantigua
Abril Lantigua 12 dager siden
Me encanta
Hannibal west
Hannibal west 13 dager siden
Algún mexicano por aqui
Lucy Whiting
Lucy Whiting 13 dager siden
Pau Bieber
Pau Bieber 13 dager siden
XGREENYBOYX 13 dager siden
love this song
Jeweliah Freeman
Jeweliah Freeman 13 dager siden
Justin is literally 10x better! Sorry not sorry!
김민아 13 dager siden
Antônia Rosa
Antônia Rosa 13 dager siden
grey tommo
grey tommo 13 dager siden
So good 🥰🥰🥰 love this song so much!!!
Adiba Aiman
Adiba Aiman 14 dager siden
Love you Shawn
Apple Pair
Apple Pair 14 dager siden
michael jackson vibes from shawn
KapetaN 14 dager siden
Is that Bieber... or fast&furious Paul Walker 🧐
lucid apple
lucid apple 15 dager siden
Em I the only one who thinks Shawn has a better voice . No hate on Justin just a opinion
Rakesh Kunwar
Rakesh Kunwar 15 dager siden
Beautiful as always ❤️❤️
Manel saly
Manel saly 15 dager siden
whose shawn Mendes..!?
jiniyaok 15 dager siden
숀 멘데스의 최고의 음색. 놀랍다~~ 신이 주신 목소리
Ryan Lerma
Ryan Lerma 15 dager siden
Live version better than studio recording! Naisu
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 16 dager siden
y'all need to watch Panic! At The Disco's song Hey Look Ma I Made It it also shows the dark side of fame but in a completely different way
ARMY Thats What I Am
ARMY Thats What I Am 16 dager siden
Sounds way better with the instrumentals. The music is completely missing
Nate Moyer
Nate Moyer 16 dager siden
These two together is always gonna be a good show
LAKERSFan1 16 dager siden
Bieber RUINED it.
Seyda Demircan
Seyda Demircan 16 dager siden
I don't know who needs to hear this but please fix your posture, thank u love and have a good day
Diego Silva
Diego Silva 16 dager siden
Yuna Hang Subba
Yuna Hang Subba 16 dager siden
Canada's finest..
Isabella Cruz
Isabella Cruz 16 dager siden
wtf im fucking dead
Dahlya K
Dahlya K 17 dager siden
It’s weird cuz like nothing’s happening on stage and the music is very minimal but Bieber is just GOING AT IT 😂
Dahlya K
Dahlya K 17 dager siden
The two Canadian icons 👌👌👌🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Kim Possible
Kim Possible 17 dager siden :D..
Maddie Jemison
Maddie Jemison 17 dager siden
Ugh. Y'all killed this. 🥰😁🔥
Keziah Lyn Brizo Velasco
Keziah Lyn Brizo Velasco 17 dager siden
I really love this two singer.. .You are my idol..
Kermit uwu
Kermit uwu 18 dager siden
they both sound amazing live WHAT
Catia Fernandes
Catia Fernandes 18 dager siden
How sexy they booth are?!? Soooooo fucking sexy damn
RUSTY 18 dager siden
Justin has stolen the show....sorry to shawn ,but he looked like he was having problems trying to sing his part his voice was way to feminine...meanwhile justin was to smooth🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emilly Pereira
Emilly Pereira 18 dager siden
Esse é o comentário em Português que vc procura kkk🇧🇷
Naomi Azonwu
Naomi Azonwu 18 dager siden
I'm just hearing this! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS THIS SONG IS 💫Amazing 💫 Aman!!
Maria Da Conceição
Maria Da Conceição 18 dager siden
Apaixonante 😍❤️
무갈밝은 18 dager siden
Okay, your rhyme scheme is phenomenal....!!!♥
Som1ove _
Som1ove _ 19 dager siden
Biebeeer this is amazing
Som1ove _
Som1ove _ 19 dager siden
Бибер лучший
Hi Marc
Hi Marc 19 dager siden
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Vitoria Morais
Vitoria Morais 19 dager siden
voz do shawn tão angelical ♥
Anne 1523
Anne 1523 19 dager siden
1:48 damn.
Kashyap Sharma
Kashyap Sharma 19 dager siden
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