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Earlier tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, undefeated champion Teofimo Lopez shocked former champion Vasiliy Lomachenko, beating him by unanimous decision to unify the lightweight titles. You don't want to miss what went down immediately after the fight. Check it out!

Angelina X
Angelina X 2 dager siden
g.asia/hotgirlteen1 I loro stati di salute respettivi prevenirli
Trinity 5 dager siden
Lopez is everything the boxing world needs and deserves, the takeover is here! Devin needs to step up or get stepped on
bond james
bond james 6 dager siden
Parents must be proud congrats
Steve L.
Steve L. 8 dager siden
Devin, why are you so sad? I know you're team Loma. You can join the Teofimo Express lmao
RingRage Boxing
RingRage Boxing 16 dager siden
Mature words
Eddie Hernandez
Eddie Hernandez 16 dager siden
I follow this killar seance he spard the tanks this killar talks shit but he backs it up a very good 👍 boxer the best I seen
Shah Bey
Shah Bey 17 dager siden
He really is a coke head like his father I'm telling you..he getting ready to flop
Sasa Sese
Sasa Sese 18 dager siden
Teo is the next thing on fire
Carlos Higareda
Carlos Higareda 19 dager siden
This kid has everything it takes to be the face of boxing, knowledge, skill, and hes not even cocky 😂 he’s just straight up with everyone and thats the best typa attitude you can really have.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 19 dager siden
Canelo id gonna go down ad the greatest middle weight in history. He keeps growin so much
tony guzman
tony guzman 22 dager siden
You ⛽ up a little
Uriel De La Cruz
Uriel De La Cruz 22 dager siden
Teo im Glad you said what you said People hyping this boxers for nothing
HCBCHEMISTRYoCOM 24 dager siden
I respect the fact that he said he’s not here to pick and chose who he fights Wants to fight the best. That’s good because these so called undefeated champions pick and chose fights they can win to get 50-0
Pablo Figueroa
Pablo Figueroa 24 dager siden
Mr Lopez invest your money take 300000 put it into a SP 500 fund let it grow god bless big fan Hartford CT
Orange Skittles
Orange Skittles 24 dager siden
I like this kids mindset he is poised and he dont go with the trend he go against the grain. You cant be the best if you're not facing the best words of a true fighter.
Sergio Aragon
Sergio Aragon 24 dager siden
Teofimo is the future! Everyone else is wack and is scared of a real fight with Teofimo. He is the real deal. I would love to step in the ring with him one day.
James Huckleby
James Huckleby 24 dager siden
If you think Teo can beat Tank, you smoking something. Tank a Monster, a Pitbull. He don't just beat his opponents, he Beat they ASS!! Take they SOUl!! I know alot of yall got "personal" reasons why you against the Money Team but Tank go Knock his ass out To. Bet that..
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart 24 dager siden
Max Holloway in the building 🤣
Ez P
Ez P 25 dager siden
He said it "he's smart when he's in there"... he's a very smart fighter and I think that's what makes him the most difficult to beat. He talks the talk and walks the walk. I don't see anybody beating him including Tank.
Julian 25 dager siden
He act like Tank cant knock his ass out lol
Junior Ibarra
Junior Ibarra 25 dager siden
The best talent out my country since pavon 🇭🇳
M Coates
M Coates 26 dager siden
I Like him
Star Archie
Star Archie 26 dager siden
The fight couldve been even easier if teofimo threw more fuckin rights but he still won
Sherm DaCaesar
Sherm DaCaesar 26 dager siden
Santa cruz wanted to fight davis... Bus let's say tank fights haney ryan and teo and knocks the all out then what? Who will be worthy of a fight and has a title to grab.
Danny 26 dager siden
That dude is a REAL DEAL.
Tafida Gadzama
Tafida Gadzama 26 dager siden
I want mayweather to put Geovanta Davis in front of Teofima Lopez if truly they are who they said they are. We want a good fight.
Christopher Henderson
Christopher Henderson 26 dager siden
darryl chargingbear
darryl chargingbear 26 dager siden
this kid is delusional...I doubt him and his dad will take on the top guys...they'll make the excuses that they'll have to fight the mandatory..
DALLAS- JOE- 27 dager siden
Lomachenko gave away the first 6 rounds by not punching. We wouldn't even be here, if Loma had just been himself.
Jason Thibodaux
Jason Thibodaux 28 dager siden
His father will tarnish his career are he will end up getting a different trainer to replace his father just like Floyd had to do to his father for the simple fact that his father is trying to make his son live threw his own dreams instead of allowing his son to take his own path.. I seen it way to many times when it comes to professional sports and fathers with there children smh they forget that’s there kid and ruin that relationship because they put the sport above the love of there kids...
Selam Habte
Selam Habte 28 dager siden
Who's this guy lol
Mayo Lopez
Mayo Lopez 28 dager siden
Dtb teo nd ur family just keep doing ur thing there's always going to be hater's saludos desde Oklahoma great champ gbu
Stewart Gach
Stewart Gach 29 dager siden
Okay u knw a bad man is about wen all truth comes out, tank pick n choose, Teo the real deal
MexicanO Glover
MexicanO Glover Måned siden
Lopez’s would whoop them
Lewis Mpangala
Lewis Mpangala Måned siden
People hate mywether for no reasons,
elcormoran1 Måned siden
nobody want to fight Félix Verdejo
Pablo Mansini
Pablo Mansini Måned siden
Breath of fresh air this kid. Props
Waka Chavez
Waka Chavez Måned siden
Damn cherry picking!!!!
DC chitown
DC chitown Måned siden
Lot of great fights to come
junior macedo
junior macedo Måned siden
What he said in the end faxxxw
Beetle Will
Beetle Will Måned siden
Man cuz!!! U slipped by lomachenko sooooo enjoy your belts brother!!!!
McGhee Omar
McGhee Omar Måned siden
I like this guy... Hes crafty..
NY State Of Mind
NY State Of Mind Måned siden
I LOVE THIS KID!!!!! DAMN, I JUST DISCOVERED HIM TODAY? I'm Old School 80's. I agree, best fight the best. Mayweather fucked up the sport with his bullshit. Bring back the Mike Tyson gladiator days baby!
Leveledearth Måned siden
Teo you lost...your face says it! Lomas face is a lot cleaner. Now you talking like Ryan!
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Måned siden
Floyd is to scare to have hes dummies fight with a real fighters.
Stacy Weisner
Stacy Weisner Måned siden
Haney will beat the $hit out of Lopez facts
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Måned siden
You are stupid you win because loma have stupid trainers
Mark M
Mark M Måned siden
Tank will smoke this fool
Andrew Duran
Andrew Duran Måned siden
Cherry picking ass gervonta Davis , now everybody on his hype train just cause he beat Leo , a 126 pounder , it is sad
Jorge Morales
Jorge Morales Måned siden
"Im a shark. Take me to deep waters" maaannnnn im so happy this dude came so far. Ive been watching him for 3 years already and I just couldnt wait for a moment like this! Viva honduras🇭🇳
manoucheka leger
manoucheka leger Måned siden
I don’t think he would beat loma again
manoucheka leger
manoucheka leger Måned siden
I like Teo
Byron Jones
Byron Jones Måned siden
I love this guy can’t no1 in his weight class can beat him just my opinion
Juan Pineda
Juan Pineda Måned siden
Tank and Haney both clowns of boxing. Stay ducking fights, cant do the pretty boy Floyd work lmaoo what a joke they are.
Lee 1227
Lee 1227 Måned siden
I like the way he talks let's see if he faces Haney. Haney isn't overrated Loma..I doubt it
Terrance Richardson
Terrance Richardson Måned siden
Agreed.. He said it all.. When I argue these points with other supposed to be boxing lovers, I’m called a hater.. When all we’re asking is how or why? Lol I like Tank and Devin, but their next opponents.. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Well, this comment is after Tank and Leo.. So!! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
《Thee Sweet Science》
《Thee Sweet Science》 Måned siden
Super cool articulation here... tons of people talk about the Mayweather era and how before it, elite fighters could take an L and still he up top ... how the Mayweather era makes it all about the undefeated record... But the way he said if you wanna be money Mayweather you first need to be pretty boy floyd! Noones said it in that wording before, its spot on
《Thee Sweet Science》
《Thee Sweet Science》 Måned siden
He named boots ennis in there as young excited elite fighters on the breakout! that's wassup man
palemon vazquez
palemon vazquez Måned siden
lopezvs tank
D Man
D Man Måned siden
Teofimo Lopez vs GERVONTA DAVIS, 2021
dezinetech1000 Måned siden
He has a point lol. I like this kid! He’s just speaking his mind and not really trash talking. He saying it like it is. I’d like to see tank step up and fight this kid. That’s why Floyd will never be greatest of all time cuz he fight dudes when they are out of their prime but as a business man Floyd is the best but as a fighter he definitely avoided many in their prime.
george evans
george evans Måned siden
Yeah... how’d that work out?
Reloaded5x Måned siden
Leo ask too fight Davis and kept asking Tanks camp Tank really didn't want that fight because his camp knew Leo was no match, Teo is saying that now but when its time Tank will certainly take all your belts its coming. either way it would be a good fight Tank is going to run threw everyone in his path.
ugene quagmirer
ugene quagmirer Måned siden
I wanna see this guy and tank davis!!
Rodney Hunt
Rodney Hunt Måned siden
This young man is a legend in the making, just stay straight.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Måned siden
Teo knocks Out Tank no doubt!! I'm trying to think who could beat this kid and I only see Errol Spence Jr doing it. Errol has that "it" factor.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Måned siden
Teo!! My man!!
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Måned siden
Lopez is King!! But Lopez is willing to fight the best in his same promotion.. I think Loma was scared. Lopez put Hands on Loma. Loma will never be the same fighter after that ass beating
Aaron Måned siden
Why is there so many duplicate comments on here? Wtf
Palm Tree
Palm Tree Måned siden
"You guys hype them up for so many things" -Teo. True! I'm tired of all that glorifying bullshit. I understand is a business and you guys have to excite ( almost deceiving ) the people. But damn, write a disclosure. lol
D Måned siden
He wouldn't last 4 rounds with Tank.
Anna Diaz
Anna Diaz Måned siden
Mayweather is not a fighter... He is a runner.... He is 30 percent punching and 70 percent running...
Sequoah Hicks
Sequoah Hicks Måned siden
and 100% winning
imabadmofosofux2 Måned siden
Terry King
Terry King Måned siden
I like this young guy, very intelligent young man.
Terry James
Terry James Måned siden
This kid is the read deal and he showed the world in the ring, lets see him and Tank get it on.
Johnny R
Johnny R Måned siden
@Beast Boy MAYWEATHER didn’t take the mic, he snatched it 😅😂🤣
Beast Boy
Beast Boy Måned siden
Tank is to scared didn’t you see when the asked him about teo mayweather took the mic
cryptogreen Måned siden
This kid got sh*t wrong. Nobody wants to be like mayweather.
Mack Man
Mack Man Måned siden
This kid just made me a fan...he talks the talk..👍👍💪✊✌
Joseph Hopkins
Joseph Hopkins Måned siden
Bro he was sooooo much bigger than Loma... but we not gone talk about that
Zanty Zander
Zanty Zander Måned siden
👏 👏 👏.!! Gotta say Lopez is the real talk.! I don’t think Tank will be cherry picking it’s more like promoters. Floyd sees Tank as a mine full of diamonds 💎, he’s not stupid.
SamBruin7 Måned siden
I never liked this kid after all the disrespectful celebrations he did on his downed opponents and his poor performance against Nakatani but after the loma fight he got my respect.
JakobeMyers Måned siden
JBI Tile
JBI Tile Måned siden
Cause teo has his dad calling his fights hes old school fight the best no pick and choose fight.
Scott walker Walker
Scott walker Walker Måned siden
Been watching this lad for while he holds himself well interviews I will buy his next ppv
Maybe, maybe not.
Maybe, maybe not. Måned siden
I'll admit I was on the fence about Teofimo before this fight but he proved that he's real deal and he seems like a good dude too. Damn he just beat the P4P and he did it with ease.
عبداللطيف Måned siden
Out of all the people to beat LOMO, I am glad it was this guy. Next, let’s see him to destroy Tank “padded record” Davis. Teo called it: Tank has been taking on journeymen and b-level foreign fighters for way too long.
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison Måned siden
This is the new age of boxers, there are not wanting to fight bums to make the W's go up unchallenged, these boys want to fight the best to prove they are they best not avoid each other because they are scared of loosing the O's
The Misfit Jit
The Misfit Jit Måned siden
Give this kid the respect he deserves
Lime jp
Lime jp Måned siden
Teo is an exact copy of young mayweather 😂
mukhtaar landrum
mukhtaar landrum Måned siden
What’s up davin let’s see you chase him down like you did Gary Russell
MOSINxNAGANTx7.62 Häihä Måned siden
Puro vato barbero antes ni creian en El si no me creen miren video de Teo antes que peliara con Loma . Ojala y despierten y aprendan algo en el box ya hay puro Mayweather la mayoria de chanugas evitan peliar entre ellos . Bien por ti Teo sigue exponiendo a estos fraudes .
Alhajie Manneh
Alhajie Manneh Måned siden
When is davies fighting farmer again? 🤔
Antonio Blanco
Antonio Blanco Måned siden
Weak .. Teo .. Haney knock yo ass out !
Brian Birch
Brian Birch Måned siden
I was never a Lopez fan but I took notice of him sparing with tank Davis, thought he was a very hungry boxer and very light on his feet..and he was going after tank... so congratulations to him and his victory...
TrappGLueQueen Måned siden
Teofimo lopez vs vergil ortiz!!!
Real Deal
Real Deal Måned siden
Devin Haney is no doubt the best fighter in the division! Lopez woodduck Haney like the rest of the fakers!
Real Deal
Real Deal Måned siden
Lomachenko avoided Devin Haney to take the easier fight against Lopez. We all know Lopez will not fight Devin Haney Lopez needs to stop faking..
Strip 4Gxxdrich
Strip 4Gxxdrich Måned siden
Bruh he said after the fight he took the fight with Loma cuz it was his longest layoff of his career not other reason out his own mouth after the fight
Paul Storms
Paul Storms Måned siden
Teofimo Lopez is a breath of fresh air with an old school swagger. I just wish his Dad would keep quiet
Joseph Badua
Joseph Badua Måned siden
Loma u was sleeping in the early rounds u woke up too late. Lopez good fight congrats.
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