Hidden Fates Pokemon Cards Opening CHALLENGE // 300 Packs In 1 Sitting

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2 måneder siden

Attempting to open 300 packs in 1 sitting. Let the Hidden Fates Pokemon cards opening challenge begin!
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Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth 18 dager siden
Still can't believe I pulled that shiny charizard!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luis Dominguez
Luis Dominguez Måned siden
I have a strong feeling that Xy evolutions will be reprinted some time soon!!!
Logan8fifty Måned siden
when they do releases like this when you can't buy packs makes me not want to buy single packs due to fear of them being weighed
Renee Bowran
Renee Bowran Måned siden
love ur vids dude keep goin
PokeABE Måned siden
Nick Williams
Nick Williams Måned siden
Oh, here is a tip for those opening single packs. Green code card at the back of pack = TRASH! Grey Code card with Stadium = Holo or Better. You're welcome.
Iveseenlovedie Måned siden
Always so hyped to see a PokeRev video!! Thank you for the fun!
Chris Py TCG
Chris Py TCG Måned siden
The only thing that can beat this set will be the shiny star V set that got announced for Japan. If they do a full English release of that next year it will Be the craziest set in pokemon history I think actually in terms of how much get opened or sold
Chris Py TCG
Chris Py TCG Måned siden
Love this content.. I'm a magic content creator but I've had the itch and getting back into pokemon and its so much fun!!! Your video and streams are killer man. Amazing content. This set looks so fun to open. !!!!
kenneth 2 måneder siden
That set is so fire still to this day, gotta love it 🤩🔥🔥👍
Vincenzo Rosati
Vincenzo Rosati 2 måneder siden
Best of luck to everyone!
Kuenzo 2 måneder siden
How much per pack
breadcola 2 måneder siden
randomly clicks to 37:05 #replaysquad i swear its like your a spirit that just knows when I click and somehow time doesn't matter. #magikarpin #acrossTheUniverse Im not kidding. why does this kind of thing keep happening. lol I mean, ....I hope it never stops. or something haven't had time to tune in lately but I try. check out my latest video about some xy evolution booster packs on ebay. totally scammed and resealed. hopefully I'll be able to get into it more like you sometime.
Stephen Bellingham
Stephen Bellingham 2 måneder siden
I guessed 87 shinies from the start and those last 4 packs I don’t think my butt has been so clenched 😅 had to be the last pack that smashed my dreams
Rovgor 2 måneder siden
You are living my dream dude
mika todt
mika todt 2 måneder siden
Garrett W
Garrett W 2 måneder siden
Was opening HF myself while watching and during a hit recap for someone you said "Charizard" reading off his hits and at that second, I pulled the Shiny Zard from this set for the first time!!!
Laura Young
Laura Young 2 måneder siden
Once again another great video to brighten the day!
Pokemon Awesomeness
Pokemon Awesomeness 2 måneder siden
Adrian Kwan
Adrian Kwan 2 måneder siden
Jebun S
Jebun S 2 måneder siden
Hidden fates is the best !
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 2 måneder siden
#PokePositivity! Love this channel and this community. I spread the positivity to my kids and my brother and they have started collecting too. its now a family affair! Your never alone!!!
Ntr_ac 2 måneder siden
This showed up in my recommended I enjoyed it
Catrina Chill
Catrina Chill 2 måneder siden
I haven’t opened any hidden dates because I just got into collecting. This was a cool opening.
trainereugen 2 måneder siden
Hidden Fates is such a beautiful Set! Nice pulls and great work Rev! Greetings from Germany :P
Joe Cartwright
Joe Cartwright 2 måneder siden
Here to spread the positivity: Don’t forget to enjoy Pokémon. It’s easy to feel like your missing out on all of the valuable awesome stuff out there, but don’t forget to enjoy what you have. Stay positive, be content, and keep hustlin.
Ploisy 2 måneder siden
Dude... thanks for advice and reminder! I've been sometimes so enthusiastic about it and lost control (luckily not too bad) Another Tip : If you really want something, wait a week(or even more the more it costs), if you still want it you can get it
Ashley Favorito
Ashley Favorito 2 måneder siden
Hiddin dystany ... Unhiddin fates those could be names for sub set 2
Ashley Favorito
Ashley Favorito 2 måneder siden
Eric Navarro
Eric Navarro 2 måneder siden
pokemon saving survivals . poke positivity away from cra
Team Rocket Thom
Team Rocket Thom 2 måneder siden
What an absolute beauty that Zard is! Congrats on the pull!!
F.B.I of the floor gang religion
F.B.I of the floor gang religion 2 måneder siden
I’m so glad I found this guy, his positivity and good vibes spreads across to everyone. Loving the pokè positivity! Whoever reads this have a great day/ night and make sure to spread the positivity! 👍✨
Dustin Josten
Dustin Josten 2 måneder siden
Love your videos man thanks for what you do! Got me back into Pokemon and love seeing your opening!!
Antzy Olgs
Antzy Olgs 2 måneder siden
Lol I bought 2 packs from my local shop and hit a raichu and onyx gx 🤣🤣🤣
Julie Zapatka
Julie Zapatka 2 måneder siden
I love your videos, I will be looking forward for little poke Rev
Max Falore
Max Falore 2 måneder siden
Hi Pokémon trainers and connoisseurs, did you know that dugtrio is the fastest of all the ground type pokemon?
Joe Rutledge
Joe Rutledge 2 måneder siden
How much was each pack? 9 bucks is my guess
Mike R
Mike R 2 måneder siden
HIdden Fates is definitely an awesome set
Stiker 45
Stiker 45 2 måneder siden
Thanks a lot for another great video, this has inspired me to get into collecting again and I even want to do my own pack opening videos here soon so keep up the great work!!!
Fdsagio 2 måneder siden
Started collecting a month ago. Haven't had the chance for any hidden fates yet. But it's great to see all the glorious shiny cards coming out of it.
Ruben Neelen
Ruben Neelen 2 måneder siden
You got me back to the pokemon card hype. Keep up the amazing streams!
Jannik Windler
Jannik Windler 2 måneder siden
Nice so much fun
EPIK Gamer
EPIK Gamer 2 måneder siden
Otto Metalkake
Otto Metalkake 2 måneder siden
#shared This was epic sir!
Niv199 2 måneder siden
Love watching your openings. Old school feelings
Dark Gaius
Dark Gaius 2 måneder siden
Started recollecting about a year and a half ago and i pride in all my rares and up. Might seem silly to some haha. Trying to collect every ho-oh ever made.. being my fave pokemon and all. Kinda hard to do when some go for $100 or better but i will make it happen! Love the channel! Wish the shelf in the background was in my house
Got your Goat
Got your Goat 2 måneder siden
This video was really cool. I have seen more hidden fates here then in my whole life lol
M. Lang
M. Lang 2 måneder siden
Amazing as always! Pulled my first Zard VMax from Darkness Ablaze earlier today and still can't believe it! Poképositivity AW YEAH!!
Will Chou's Personal Development Show
Will Chou's Personal Development Show 2 måneder siden
how many charizards were pulled?
Ykhavari 2 måneder siden
I unfortunately missed the live stream but watching the recap right now! So many 🔥 pulls. Hope everyone has a awesome day and wanted to spread some pokepositivity to everyone!!!
Gregor Tomšič
Gregor Tomšič 2 måneder siden
Cheers from Slovenia to the best community in the world!
kidtury 2 måneder siden
mmschirk 2 måneder siden
This was an awesome opening, and while Evolutions is my favorite, this set is growing on me!
Trevor Volk
Trevor Volk 2 måneder siden
I cant wait to see the next one! Awesome stuff Rev and one day I will make it into one of your breaks!
ulvenhekz 2 måneder siden
Alien luck to all of the pokemon community still trying to pull that shiny zard!!! 😊😊😊
Graham dunnett
Graham dunnett 2 måneder siden
Liz Fourie
Liz Fourie 2 måneder siden
love the streams rev love seeing evrywun pokepaying it forward kepp up the good work #pokepostivity
Blake Tyler
Blake Tyler 2 måneder siden
Always love a good hidden fates opening.
Patrik Puchert
Patrik Puchert 2 måneder siden
Awesome Opening, hope my Hidden Fates Tins arrive soon to experience the magic.
Finlay Pokemon
Finlay Pokemon 2 måneder siden
Married & Gaming
Married & Gaming 2 måneder siden
Rainbow rare on the very first pack is crazy! Can't wait for more Champion's Path
Mud Pie
Mud Pie 2 måneder siden
Watched this on the replay 😊 glad I pulled 1 shiny out of 4 packs -- I didn't have that full art Kartana yet!! 🔥
Alfredo Vera
Alfredo Vera 2 måneder siden
I’ve never opened up any hidden fates. I probably should lol. I just keep them collected in the closet..
AlexNoName1 2 måneder siden
Im so happy that I found this Channel through Trilluxe :D Keep up the good work! #PokéPositivity
Matthew Naoum
Matthew Naoum 2 måneder siden
Why dont you lay out the cards on the counter so they stay on screen; an update every few minutes isn’t necessary
Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker 2 måneder siden
#replaysquad So amazing to see all the generosity in this community. Thanks for all the love and positivity from Rev and the entire Poke Cave family. Love seeing so many shiny pulls! Can’t wait to see some more champions path and hopefully we can pull that fire 🔥🔥🔥
Captain OpShop Nerd
Captain OpShop Nerd 2 måneder siden
#replaysquad may all the comments above and below be blessed with shiny openings :)
TheMilchgeburt 2 måneder siden
vettchy- archer
vettchy- archer 2 måneder siden
Hidden fates is the best modern set by fare! Love the shiny pokemons and the Charizard is just so awsome!
Matthias Siegler
Matthias Siegler 2 måneder siden
ThermalRain_YT 2 måneder siden
That's so cool that people give away stuff on here. Gotta love the pokemon community
Comic Counsellor
Comic Counsellor 2 måneder siden
Found the channel recently and have been addicted ever since
Julian Stephan
Julian Stephan 2 måneder siden
It was nice to see all the PokePositivity and paying it forward with everyone that's what this community is all about being a good place where you can see awesome content and talking with everyone in a good way about the hobby we all enjoy.
Berkshire Boy
Berkshire Boy 2 måneder siden
im going with "Fates Revealed"
Paya Papaya
Paya Papaya 2 måneder siden
Shiny zorua is baby
Zakk Boyd
Zakk Boyd 2 måneder siden
Wooooooo! Get it! I'm guessing 89 shinies!
Charlie Keohane
Charlie Keohane 2 måneder siden
Thanks PokeRev for helping spread positivity in the PokeCommunity. Love catching your streams when I can from the UK and then being part of the replay squad! You are one of my inspirations to share more positive vibes and start my PokeTuber Channel. Keep being awesome and spreading the fire!
Poke Kiwi
Poke Kiwi 2 måneder siden
Love this channel so much. Keep up the awesome work!
Sean Ryan Toys & Games
Sean Ryan Toys & Games 2 måneder siden
I missed this one hope to see some magic on the replay!
Van Full of Rhoads
Van Full of Rhoads 2 måneder siden
#replaysquad great entertainment to get me through the work day... Thanks!
Bribble Studios
Bribble Studios 2 måneder siden
You actually pulled a zard? I just recently pulled the shiny rillaboom just saying
Lars Eizen
Lars Eizen 2 måneder siden
300 Packs, you are really carzy :) I love it
The Chameleon
The Chameleon 2 måneder siden
A certain PokeRev Told Me to spread the PokePositivity so there you go: Have a nice day to anyone who's reading this and I hope you will get a shiny charizard one day!
YSepie 2 måneder siden
Found your channel some days ago, your streams are awesome :)
Lacy R
Lacy R 2 måneder siden
Love watching these videos to help me get through the bad days keep up the awesome work!!!!
Drajkon 2 måneder siden
Hidden fates got me back to collecting new pokemon sets! :D
Renee Cole
Renee Cole 2 måneder siden
I love the hidden fates set! I really like the shiny cards, but I dont have many yet.
Tom Walczuch
Tom Walczuch 2 måneder siden
Again, your openings create so many emotions and even if the cards go out o random people around the states you still are happy if they get a nice hit! Thanks man...
- Chris -
- Chris - 2 måneder siden
Lets gooo didnt get to see the stream but lets see what yall got :)
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 2 måneder siden
The PokeCave is The best Place to hang out when u need Some Poke Goodness
James Van Balen
James Van Balen 2 måneder siden
Loving the positivity from the pokerev 🤙
ShinySuperB0wzer 2 måneder siden
ShinySuperB0wzer 2 måneder siden
If there is a newborn out there with the name PokéRev this will be a major Poké cave victory! #Replay
Tjejbaciller här
Tjejbaciller här 2 måneder siden
Love this. Lets hope for champions path and hidden fates combo for next members opening
andyknobi 2 måneder siden
Hey Rev, André here from the opening. I want to thank you again because I don’t think you could read the chat during the live. I love your channel so much. Thank you for being a realy awesome ambassador for Pokémon and vintage collecting in gerneral. You are a great person with a huge heart. The funny part of this opening is I wanted to buy 10 packs. I missclicked and bought 10 sets of 4 :D But after the pulls I am so happy that I missclicked it. I can’t wait for these lovely beauties to arrive. If you could do these lives only a bit earlier. I almost allways fall asleep because it starts at midnight here in germany. So I missed a lot of opening in which I really wanted to be part of. Anyway keep up your excellent work and spread positivity. Greetings André.
Pokemon OverTime
Pokemon OverTime 2 måneder siden
Id go with darkness ablaze :)
Nick Vasquez
Nick Vasquez 2 måneder siden
Good shit dude! I loved Pokémon growing up but, just getting into trading cards now. Awesome steam!
Thorsten Schaapman
Thorsten Schaapman 2 måneder siden
Daaaaamn great livestream, saw the first part before my 6 hours of sleep, just finished the other half😁 only down part is that i’m waayyy to late for the platinum boosterboxes😭 i love that set❤️ Dont know if u reading this, but keep up the good work and love your livestreams👀👌🏼
ooogamergurlooo 2 måneder siden
Nice pulls tonight!
Frostman 492
Frostman 492 2 måneder siden
What a nice stream Thank u very much
Sasu Santaranta
Sasu Santaranta 2 måneder siden
Spreading pokepositivity!
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