Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

SmarterEveryDay Måned siden
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )
Two Dogs AndaMan
Two Dogs AndaMan 12 timer siden
@darcy stabler Hello.
herbert164 Dag siden
except i got banned from patreon for making an account 3x.
darcy stabler
darcy stabler Dag siden
Gizno Fux
Gizno Fux 2 dager siden
Dave Chapman
Dave Chapman 2 dager siden
@haythem khrayfi No such thing as an "air hydraulic", hydraulic means Fluid (hydra - hydro), air is pneumatic (pneumo), so the proper terminology is Pneumatic. Just helping!
alexander w
alexander w Minutt siden
Its amazing..
Rookie Monster_133 M
Rookie Monster_133 M 21 minutt siden
You could’ve just become better at pool and that way you wouldn’t have to go through all this
Izzy Izzy
Izzy Izzy 23 minutter siden
Genius 😀
Kawaljit Singh
Kawaljit Singh 42 minutter siden
spends a lot of time building a robot stick that wins pool matches.. wife after one match: alright I'm outta here
Tuan Tran
Tuan Tran 52 minutter siden
Reach 56 minutter siden
People like you inspire crayon eaters like me to be a more intelligent person
Pete Costanzo
Pete Costanzo Time siden
I wish I had 1/4 of this guys brain power! Kudos!
Sepher Agon
Sepher Agon Time siden
That girl is one sore loser. Lol
Crookside’s Garden Shed
Crookside’s Garden Shed Time siden
Incredible. You deserve all the subs.
Okie NDN
Okie NDN Time siden
How can one brain hold so much?!
Okie NDN
Okie NDN Time siden
I bet his house is the funnest place to play
Bubie 6126
Bubie 6126 Time siden
I would love to see you go against a pro pool player with that stick and see who wins
Noah's Video Productions
Noah's Video Productions 2 timer siden
This guys gonna grow up and his kids gonna ask me or the pool stick?
An bu
An bu 2 timer siden
SPARTA 2 timer siden
When he says he is an idiot, it makes me wonder "if he's an idiot, who am i???? I'll go to my room and cry myself to sleep 😢😢😢😢😭😭
Gr3nadgr3gory 2 timer siden
My dad always just wanted the first half of this build and a projector.
Gr3nadgr3gory 2 timer siden
How does it handle a shaky hand?
Jody Stacey
Jody Stacey 2 timer siden
Does it correct for scratch shots?
TOD 2 timer siden
I thought i can do that if i knew where to start and what are the steps, but when i heard your process of thoughts figuring out where to start from and how you connected all those layers together, i’m simply mind blown, it would take me ages to get that far, subscribed for life.
Cero 2 timer siden
This guy makes Mark Roper look like child’s play
YanTing Cheng
YanTing Cheng 2 timer siden
You: They hire a lot of nerds ... wait... You are a nerd :/
Seven_Deadly_Sins_Archillies 2 timer siden
The old tv show quantum leap did something like this with holograms and a bit of help but awesome idea 💡
perthbmx8 2 timer siden
All that time n effort you could of just learnt to play pool but what fun would that be
elmuneco 3 timer siden
We gonna ignore the part where he almost gave up and had to search if it was ok 11:29
MoGho MCMXCII 3 timer siden
What a genius work!
FitzChivalry 3 timer siden
This is like that episode of Quantum Leap.
Pliyanage 3 timer siden
BROOOO the amount of effort is amazing keep it up
Adam K
Adam K 3 timer siden
Well.. It's friday 4 am I'm writting this but.. You said it's 2nd cousin to ray tracing... IMO this is best solution... start with holes since they are constant, find a vector to every single ball from every hole, create a point on other side of ball as a "target" for cue ball and there you have it. No need to find every single relation ( this is classic light calculation not ray tracing).
Demonspeeding152 3 timer siden
In the time it took you to build this you could've just learned how to play pool.
Brotendo420 3 timer siden
Put balls on the side
GNS vtxnes
GNS vtxnes 3 timer siden
My brain
Zay T
Zay T 3 timer siden
Yeah robots destroy American jobs real great
Don Lencioni
Don Lencioni 3 timer siden
Does anyone else hear the weird ringing type sound that happens for like 15 seconds in one ear on about 4:40
Behemiian 3 timer siden
My brain understood a total of nothing from this video.
xXxNASHVILLE10nCxX x 3 timer siden
I never realize how dumb I am till I watch this dude
Mark Paterson
Mark Paterson 3 timer siden
I felt that sometime in the future I’m going to need a tooth pick or two, so I have planted some trees and beginning work on a robot to harvest and make them! 😉👍🏼
Dan and Dave
Dan and Dave 3 timer siden
Ashton Burrell
Ashton Burrell 4 timer siden
11:28 The top monitor 😂
DaredevilMoon 4 timer siden
Why clickbait? This is good enough by itself to not need it... so why do it?
RonaldPlaysRoblox 4 timer siden
Alright who’s smarter NOpostr? Mark Rober? Or Stuff Made Here
Sharp SK
Sharp SK 4 timer siden
Micro center is great.
Omar Yasser
Omar Yasser 4 timer siden
what the hell...I think I'm smart at school when I make some mobile app or something...but how the hell do I be this smart? makes me feel amazed but sad at the same time.. I don't know if I can be like this one day, even if I try my best :(
Charlie P
Charlie P 4 timer siden
this hurts my head
Noah Piatt
Noah Piatt 4 timer siden
7:44 lol, We've all searched that
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 4 timer siden
PLEASE READ!!!! can u please make a "hover board" that runs on GAS???? meaning take a regular hoverboard and add a 22cc gas engine and an alternator so that the hoverboard doesn't need charging
MaskHero Zo
MaskHero Zo 4 timer siden
The Pentagon: some random NOpostr is making pool programs that can play pool in the real world. We can hire him to our space force.
Leon Williams
Leon Williams 4 timer siden
Mega brainwaves!! Also im pretty sure i was already subbed but resubbed anyway!
Omar Vivas
Omar Vivas 4 timer siden
Hey bro, the way I see it YOU WON, that pool stick is your son, you deserve it
Fabio Barreiro
Fabio Barreiro 4 timer siden
5:06 "it's really simple and works well" Me: Simple? Of course..
sara lynn
sara lynn 4 timer siden
i sent microcentre all of my contact's e-mails because you deserve to be sponsored and more people in my life need to see this.
blackcid 5 timer siden
Video: "Robots are better than us" Reality: They can't even walk like a human...
TheJuanov20 5 timer siden
Tyson Cross
Tyson Cross 5 timer siden
This guy is wicked smaht...and funny, to say he wanted to play the game the way it was meant to be played while making advancements
christophe ponsard
christophe ponsard 5 timer siden
Tip of the hat, good sir.
Lil 002
Lil 002 5 timer siden
Yes, a new way to destroy my haters
Richard said
Richard said 5 timer siden
"getting this thing done was about as hard as labor"....I believe you
Mansoor Siddiqui
Mansoor Siddiqui 6 timer siden
God damn. You are an absolute genius.
Michael 6 timer siden
Can we get another video on the pool stick, like a video just on some really awesome shots
S Diltz
S Diltz 6 timer siden
Lmao proof of concept? Your POC and my POC are two different levels. Cool project
Ur3rdIMcFly 6 timer siden
Now attach it to a segway with an ipad on it.
Craig Vaughn
Craig Vaughn 6 timer siden
Holy crap! You are way too smart. I feel super dumb now. Lol...
OEG Productions
OEG Productions 7 timer siden
I am into Software Engineering, and man you are a Rockstar! You motivated me to continue my thing with computers. Props to you! 😃🥳👊
Kai-William Rasshan
Kai-William Rasshan 7 timer siden
"I wanna enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played" *While making changes to his cue to never miss*
MrHighway 7 timer siden
Dang I wish I was smart
Martin Hedberg
Martin Hedberg 7 timer siden
Thanks a lot for your skills and video. My guess to your minor problems was parallax of the balls above the table seen from the camera. But maybe you compensated for that already. Thank you again for a great video.
qtipextra 7 timer siden
Now you have got to make a rail system all the way around the table and automate the positioning of the stick on the table for a true remote implementation!
Kishan P B
Kishan P B 7 timer siden
This is amazing! You should look into algorithms like AlphaGo, AlphaZero in Reinforcement Learning instead of a bruteforce solver.
Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos 7 timer siden
Is there a chance to win the game hitting the 8 ball straight away?
Josie Bianchi
Josie Bianchi 7 timer siden
"The robot is not your kid, we've talked about this" that line KILLED me
Cyrek Johns
Cyrek Johns 7 timer siden
“work for no pay... better than us...” *hmmm*
greenlane5555 7 timer siden
This guy lives in year 3000
Ray Hua
Ray Hua 8 timer siden
Geez as a CS students I feel Im dumb
Alvin Jagelund
Alvin Jagelund 8 timer siden
Sad... i live in sweden, Micro Center is not found in sweden... 😩
sid 8 timer siden
Hey I like how down to earth you are
AM production
AM production 8 timer siden
Imagine losing to his wife after all of that 😂😂😂
phaneendra chaduvula
phaneendra chaduvula 8 timer siden
Wowzaaaaaaaah..........! Absolutely brilliant.
enad alotaibi
enad alotaibi 8 timer siden
This couple reminds me of devoe and his wife from The Flash tv show
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 8 timer siden
To those arguing it would have been more efficient to have just practiced actually playing pool... perhaps if your goal is to win a game of pool, but efficiency:production wise, this method has a lot more to show for it than just winning a game of pool.
James Carmichael
James Carmichael 8 timer siden
I just play Pool Nation while the pubs are closed.
mikenike0221 8 timer siden
12:30 lol haven’t figured out the code for not scratching ig
Stigstigster 9 timer siden
This man is so clever.
TheFishFTW 9 timer siden
Truth time... About 21 minutes 18 seconds ago I thought I was smart... I have now been exposed to what ACTUALLY SMART is... thanks ._. I have now accepted my true form ._.
Sandro Mauriello
Sandro Mauriello 9 timer siden
Why so many dislikes This vid was awesome 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Roy Sigman
Roy Sigman 9 timer siden
You are the smartest and most motivated man I have ever seen, and my IQ is 135
Karim Xyz
Karim Xyz 9 timer siden
Hey there. I have one question. What is the name of that grapic studio you are using? It looks very, very interesting.
Vlad Serhiychuk
Vlad Serhiychuk 10 timer siden
Dgoldwire 10 timer siden
Makes a pool robot "I want to play pool how it's ment to be"
Froster 10 timer siden
I just didn't understand a thing but the outcome was excellent
o5dKMB6yNbTj QtDdKjk6F6cR
o5dKMB6yNbTj QtDdKjk6F6cR 10 timer siden
Mind Blown
danward48 10 timer siden
You and I have very, very, very different brains, sir.
Plfj Aa
Plfj Aa 10 timer siden
This man has made $420,000.00 from 93 million views in the last 10 months on you tube at the least. That's ruffly $4,500 every million views is my estimated guess. It may be more but I don't think it's any less. At this point they'll have to pay this young man a million a year to even talk to him about working for them. I admire his talent and his hustle.
Ali raza
Ali raza 11 timer siden
The guy you wana be with when apocalypse hits
The potato Kingdom
The potato Kingdom 11 timer siden
Aim bot
Bob Harper
Bob Harper 11 timer siden
I would love to see it hit in multiple balls in one shot.
aden gouled
aden gouled 11 timer siden
Dude your wife looks like she could be your sister lol
Yogesh Kumar Bathri
Yogesh Kumar Bathri 11 timer siden
How to become good in programing like u?
Carl Ibal
Carl Ibal 11 timer siden
I want to enjoy it as it was meant to be. Hmmmm I see
Nick Knittle
Nick Knittle 11 timer siden
Is that a kids table? I've never seen a pool table so small
Moderately Amused
Moderately Amused 12 timer siden
Once you get past the strategy part which includes planning ahead, defensive moves and putting spin on the ball, you are ready to market this for people to play at home alone against a computer much like computer chess. Would be a great teaching tool for any level of player.
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