Trump Eviscerated by Biden in Brutal Final Debate

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David Pakman Show

2 mÄneder siden

--Joe Biden attacks while Donald Trump self-destructs in the second and final presidential debate
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Broadcast on October 23, 2020
#davidpakmanshow #debate #2020election

Tomgroovin 18 dager siden
Cant wait until Biden gets him out of the White House.
Donna Delaney
Donna Delaney 25 dager siden
Looked like Trump was pouting
Liz MĂ„ned siden
If your innocent and you’ve never done anything wrong, then you shouldn’t have to defend yourself every waking moment... #factsdontchange
S McDonald
S McDonald MĂ„ned siden
Damn he looks very orange in this video!
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez 2 mÄneder siden
Man... I learn a lot in this Chanel
B Real
B Real 2 mÄneder siden
Why did I just watch Donald Trump say basement so many times?
JMUDoc 2 mÄneder siden
"Would you care to denounce left-wing violence?" Biden: "I denounce left-wing violence." "Would you care to denounce right-wing violence?" Trump: "I denounce left-wing violence."
Blissful Insomniac
Blissful Insomniac 2 mÄneder siden
Just wanted to point out that when Biden calls Trump out for catcalling hate groups, and refers to him as a "racist", the one thing Biden said that Trump takes issue with is being compared to Abraham Lincoln... xD
Rory 2 mÄneder siden
Biden’s facial expressions to Trump’s statements are absolutely hilarious. Sometimes he looks genuinely amazed at how ridiculous they are, lol
Ratchet Rock
Ratchet Rock 2 mÄneder siden
Talk your shit joe!!!!! Make me love America again
Joshua Harazin
Joshua Harazin 2 mÄneder siden
Trump complaining that Biden will introduce socialized medicine is rich, given that Trump literally said in 2015 that he wanted to introduce socialized medicine (60 Minutes interview, 28 SEP 2015).
ShadowGundam1989 2 mÄneder siden
11:17 is priceless hahaha
chameleon47 2 mÄneder siden
Joe laughing is the BEST possible response to Trump's "malarkey." It is real, it is genuine, and it is hilarious.
Jeff Dettling
Jeff Dettling 2 mÄneder siden
Debate moderator let trump rebut biden 2,3x saying you can have 30 more seconds, never threatened to mute his Mike. She let him talk through like in first debate. He cannot control himself and she let him ride over her
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 2 mÄneder siden
The failure to understand basic economics or basic government policy is the recipe for economic disaster. Trump should know better but I think he has shown that he did not know and could not be better. Biden victory is the solution for the current situation. And the failure of Trump to contain coronavirus is the recipe for economic disaster.
The Internet
The Internet 2 mÄneder siden
The malarkey counter was off the charts!
Anime _gamer
Anime _gamer 2 mÄneder siden
Finally the orange man is about to lose
John Doe
John Doe 2 mÄneder siden
What, when did this happen? When I watched the debate, Biden was acting like a buffoon while Trump completely destroyed his every argument. I'm not American so I don't really care who wins. But for gods sake, you can't be this obviously biased. This is why Trump calls you fake news. Absolutely disgusting. But I must admit, the effort you put into distorting facts and turning fake into real... it's impressive. Incredibly shameful and a completely disgusting to do, but very impressive work. I'll never understand how the nutjobs on the left can lie with a straight face like this. Sometimes I wonder if you're all psychopaths.
David Allen
David Allen 2 mÄneder siden
Nice Job David; great review!
Alfany Diaz
Alfany Diaz 2 mÄneder siden
Trump's accountants could not give him specific amount of taxes paid to the IRS? What kind of information is that? And when he said "in the last numbers of years" those accountants could tell him? Is it hard to remember 1 year or 5 years or 7 years 5 months etc.? That's the easiest way you know this man is unequivocally lying!!!
Uncontrolled Substance
Uncontrolled Substance 2 mÄneder siden
Devalued their currency to pay up?That doesn't make any sense as usual. And no China pay anything that came out of the pockets of consumers and businesses here this F'n lying fool.
phoarey 2 mÄneder siden
Australia 1/14 the U.S. population (about the same as Texas). Zero covid fataliies some days and 6 of 8 states near covid free. Dumb phucks Trunt supporters.
RetroJohnny 2 mÄneder siden
This debate was a right wing debate.
Chi_squared 2 mÄneder siden
I just love watching the post-debate scene where you can tell Melania is so sick of Drumpf. The best free press she could get at this point might be divorcing him after he loses.
Chi_squared 2 mÄneder siden
I still can't believe so many blue collar workers still support Drumpf after the mess his tariffs caused. It's one of the main things I still bring up to this day when people ask what he did wrong. Sure, he killed NAFTA, but he still screwed over US workers.
Philosophy Frog
Philosophy Frog 2 mÄneder siden
The debate was much better and I hope the US will continue using mute buttons to force a civil debate going forward. However there were some concerning foreign policies I would like to bring up and I hope the American people are intelligent enough to get it and care about it. The debate once again brought up election hacking which of there is NO shared evidence to back it up but even if it is true according to your own data it was so insignificant that it had no effect on your election. Saying that it did and can is only undermining your own democracy and its legitimacy. Foreign governments are too busy governing to care about your election, because so far we don’t appoint children. The second foreign policy that is worth bringing up is North Korea where you say you will continue your military expansion (near the Chinese border) in till North Korea dissolves its nuclear capabilities. This buffer zone is super important to prevent a 3d world war and from what history can tell us when a country agrees to dissolve its nuclear capability it immediately gets invaded by the US like Iraq. Nukes are not a weapon but a shield at this point. Try to see this from their perspective. Would you be cool with the Chinese putting nukes near Canada and say it’s to protect them from the untrustworthy Canadians? Hell no! One would think that after Trump the American people would learn the importance of taking responsibilities for your own screw ups and stop blaming all your issues on foreign boogeymen. Now maybe most Americans actually get this but your media does not show it and shockingly continue not to show it.
Tim Collins
Tim Collins 2 mÄneder siden
And here are my thoughts, I reckon trump probably faked his infection to gain a sympathy vote for being "brave" and downplaying the tragedy he caused!
Butt Hurtz
Butt Hurtz 2 mÄneder siden
Come on man show who is supplying you with money. Show your taxes you liar.
james allen
james allen 2 mÄneder siden
David I love your show. You're a big breath of fresh air in this trump dumpster fire.
Vuvu Fuze
Vuvu Fuze 2 mÄneder siden
Which presidents congratulated you president sir. No you ran and hid in the bunker when the heat was too much to handle. You’re so us your records, smart pants
Ms V. poindexter
Ms V. poindexter 2 mÄneder siden
drumpt is like they went and got a pitbull to run a country? how utterly ridiculous and they expect a good outcome ??!!
Lilian Duval
Lilian Duval 2 mÄneder siden
David Pakman, that is the BEST debate analysis I've seen or read anywhere. Your summary of what went on that night is elegant, astute, and hilarious!! We're going to have to find something else for you to go after, once these dodos have been sent out of D.C. forever!!
Colin Miller
Colin Miller 2 mÄneder siden
I honestly still don’t understand what people are saying when they complain about how things are going in the country right now and then say, “I’m voting Trump cuz the Dems are just screwing everything up to get him out of the Whitehouse!” So if “the dems, however many of them there are, are ruining the country and he can’t overcome it, why on earth would you even vote?? Your vote doesn’t matter then either way, right? Trump can’t overcome them how will he after the election?? It makes absolutely no sense. And if “dems” are that powerful, why have elections at all? They could just take over the world at any time. The obvious answer is, these Trump supporters are completely brainwashed. They have no grasp on actual reality and don’t understand real life. Just what Trump has hypnotized them to think...
jimmy juses bars
jimmy juses bars 2 mÄneder siden
how was he you biased divvy haha he's clearly senile
zeke 11
zeke 11 2 mÄneder siden
Does Trumpy know the Kushners did a meet and greet with the wealthy Chinese after he was elected?
J RR 2 mÄneder siden
Beautiful job by the moderator! Tackling Trump like the belligerent child he is. (my apologies to all children for the nasty comparison)
NFMD 2 mÄneder siden
Trump holding out both hands with palms facing us is like telling "I don't have anything to do with that".
Hulkgreen Razor
Hulkgreen Razor 2 mÄneder siden
trump was actually way more civil then the first debate but that was about it
Scott Yahney
Scott Yahney 2 mÄneder siden
ITS BYE BYE FOR ORANGE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Yahney
Scott Yahney 2 mÄneder siden
Craig M
Craig M 2 mÄneder siden
Magas think trump won this matchup.
Poornima Vijayagopalan
Poornima Vijayagopalan 2 mÄneder siden
Poornima Vijayagopalan
Poornima Vijayagopalan 2 mÄneder siden
We stay on the farm , for the past 8 month .we are very careful . America get up and look around' you . This man is mortaly sick . Ah Ah 😳
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 2 mÄneder siden
Those tariffs Trump is supposedly using against China is really a " shake down " of American consumers who pay more for goods that go into the Republican pockets.
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 2 mÄneder siden
You could tell Trump was coached just looking at his body language and tone of voice . Biden baited him out some but Trump lost that debate since again offered to do nothing in the next term if he got it .
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap 2 mÄneder siden
You can release your taxes when you’re under audit, and Joe Biden should’ve said that!!!
ariel sunico
ariel sunico 2 mÄneder siden
No Country had ever congratulated you, that’s a Blatant Lie...Your Huge failure in responding to Covid 19 Irresponsibly and incompetently made americans suffered a lot...
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap 2 mÄneder siden
I personally don’t think Welter was that good, I think she’s getting overrated way out of proportion.
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap 2 mÄneder siden
Trump can’t lead his GOP ELEPHANTS to water!
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor 2 mÄneder siden
Pre-paid? How did the accountants know what to subtract from? Did he get to estimate how much to pay in $750. sounds like it.
Edward B
Edward B 2 mÄneder siden
Trump should be locked up ----in prison.
Tim K.
Tim K. 2 mÄneder siden
"Trump Eviscerated by Biden" .... oO Are you sure you were watching the right debate ?
phoarey 2 mÄneder siden
Dumb Kundt
Terry Stephens
Terry Stephens 2 mÄneder siden
Trump is such a weak, pathetic bully. Biden was on point and handled Trump’s conspiracy stories with humour brilliant put-down.
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds 2 mÄneder siden
16:30 Trump doesn't "understand" anything, he's a moron, he can't even wipe his own ass without trailing TP on his shoe
Reuben Dobbs
Reuben Dobbs 2 mÄneder siden
I love it "c'mon man" T shirts needed!
Cee Gabe
Cee Gabe 2 mÄneder siden
(.kud.) If ever we needed THE LORD before-we SURE do need HIM now. "Focus on GOD-and NOT your problems.") (Dr. Charles Stanley) ***************************** ("PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans." (the late Pastor Stephen Darby): GOD'S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER: 2 CHRONICLES 7:14: Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land. (HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV ) HE can surely do it for us. GOD will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.) Pass it on...
Juan E. Rodriguez
Juan E. Rodriguez 2 mÄneder siden
My God , this guy donald triump is so stupid , how he end up being the president of the United States , he is insane . . đŸ€”đŸ€”đŸ€”đŸ€”đŸ€” .
YoutubeOverTV 2 mÄneder siden
He put so much energy in debating t fact that he s not abraham Lincoln like debating that is going to change anything for the country...
Joy Porcella
Joy Porcella 2 mÄneder siden
2 people who didnt vote in 6 years they voted early with me. I corraled them and showed them this. They voted Biden.
Kimberly Witt
Kimberly Witt 2 mÄneder siden
Trump is suing Nevada again to try to suppress mail in ballots being counted.
vvebvvaster 2 mÄneder siden
8:36 The look Joe gives the camera and viewers speaks volumes. "Yeah buddy, we don't believe that malarkey for a NY minute.'
Ryan Sandaker
Ryan Sandaker 2 mÄneder siden
That is the funniest thing I’ve seen. I don’t care what party you belong to. Trump is a disgrace all around!
Max Spee
Max Spee 2 mÄneder siden
Trump is such a sook .things not getting he's way so he gets all pouty
ethiopian 2 mÄneder siden
There is no Democrat states or Republican states there is one THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Hot it Trump.
HaleyMaryArtzab 2 mÄneder siden
Biden's face when Trump said; "I don't make money from China, you do!" It was like Joe was thinking, "What the hell is this guy talking about?" LMAO! And, Biden was calling Trump Lincoln, that was funny, but so sad that Trump didn't get the humor. I guess if he really got the joke, he would be very offended, though. It's a good thing Trump is so stupid and don't understand how people make fun of him.
Samloco AA
Samloco AA 2 mÄneder siden
Biden smashed that debate
Maribel Roman
Maribel Roman 2 mÄneder siden
The truth of the matter is that Trump has from the very beginning of the pandemic. not cared. His whole administration have gone to great lengths to make it look like the trump had control of the virus. He bullied the cdc into changing the guidelines. Why can’t he just be an adult and say he messed up. And at least try to come up with a plan to stop the spread. Even after he himself got Covid. You would think that he would tell Americans to wear a mask. Yes just show your taxes. And he talks so much about China when he has accounts there.
Ryan Greene
Ryan Greene 2 mÄneder siden
Biden is 100% corrupt, but he should have hit Trump on his own kids profiting off his brand while he’s in office and the corruption within his administration
Everton Cunningham
Everton Cunningham 2 mÄneder siden
Joe's complexion seems to have a naturally healthy glow compared to Donald who seems buffed up or some thing. Does not have a healthy look at all
Evan Shiong
Evan Shiong 2 mÄneder siden
The burisma Bullshit had an investigation. While it's certainly dirty and corrupt what Hunter was doing, there was no evidence that it was against the NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS of the United States.
Bob Pasqueretta
Bob Pasqueretta 2 mÄneder siden
The clincher for me was the last opportunity for each one to answer the question, "what would you tell the people at your inauguration", Joe Biden spoke of uniting the country, and said he will be the president of all of America, while Trump whined again about his grievances.
Aniko Varga
Aniko Varga 2 mÄneder siden
I think as soon as Trump loses Melania will file for divorce. I have a feeling after everything that came out about Trump they separated but because he’s the president she can’t divorce him right now. They are clearly not together anymore and you can see thw hate and disgust in Melania’s eyes
Sarina T
Sarina T 2 mÄneder siden
Watch Trump's face starting at 13:43.
Rodney Settle
Rodney Settle 2 mÄneder siden
There never will be a perfect leader of any country but the populous deserve at least a competent leader and that is not Trump by a long shot.
blue fish
blue fish 2 mÄneder siden
I can’t believe this is the best that America has to offer !
Kyle Stubbs
Kyle Stubbs 2 mÄneder siden
Another trend I'm noticing with [NAME REDACTED] - He usually answers questions of when or how he's going to do something with "It's already been done" or "I've already done it". He never has, it's just his way of shutting down the questions so he can pivot to a more favorable point.
Lynette Wilson
Lynette Wilson 2 mÄneder siden
He needs to get away from the hunter Biden their story its sounds made up no sense that people believe it because no harm came out of it like the covid19 lost over 200,000 Americans
Austin Gibson
Austin Gibson 2 mÄneder siden
Mothers know how to control bad BEHAVIOR in children!
Michele Gerson
Michele Gerson 2 mÄneder siden
There are hundreds and hundreds of Trump's supporters on NOpost, Facebook, Twitter. A tiny percentage for Biden, to the point that I was searching to see what the minority thinks and says. Hurray, I found one, that's your videos. You are so stupid and blind it is unreal. I am glad I don't belong to your ignorant club!
Michele Gerson
Michele Gerson 2 mÄneder siden
LondonerInNewYork 2 mÄneder siden
Come on David, this is a bit too sensationalist and hyperbolic. By no stretch of the imagination did he "eviscerate" him. On a balanced scorecard it's fair to say that Biden probably "won" the debate, especially considering that Trump needed such a strong win to bolster his numbers, anything less than that would functionally be a loss net-net but it certainly didn't rise above the level where an argument could be made either way.
Michele Gerson
Michele Gerson 2 mÄneder siden
I can't believe my ears. Did you clean yours? Biden was found on 10 counts of lying, contradicting himself since 1987 in this last debate, asking Trump to 'PROVE IT'! Next day, Trump PROVED IT with all the interviews, public proclamations, media recordings etc. of BIDEN STATING JUST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE STATED DURING THIS DEBATE. eg FRACKING, IMMIGRATION, COPYING JFK'S, UK LABOUR LEADER NEIL KINNOCK'S, ROBERT KENNEDY'S WORDS. I was so embarrassed hearing these lies coming out like venim out of Biden's mouth, I truly believed the man suffers from amnesia. How can he not remember what he said decades ago and recently. How can Americans trust such an aloof man, who won't be able to govern, is unable to prepare his own speeches, and has to copy other notorious leaders's texts to impress, thinking anyway that we are stupid and can't remember "Oh, I've heard that somewhere" and we start to research. So we type on our keyboards BIDEN'S BLUNDERS, BIDEN'S LIES, BIDEN'S EVIDENCE OF LYING, BIDEN'S CONTRADICTING STATEMENTS ETC. Oh you'll be spoiled for choice. Educate yourself, know your leaders down to the nitty gritty, study them, you who can read and write or not, but have enough IQ to understand that the man has a mental disposition and should be left alone with his peculiar confused mich mach thoughts and ideas, his mutterings and stuttering. Lock him in his bag of lies and let him listen to himself and talk to himself, but do not let him diffuse this to your brain. He is a poisonous dwarf and wag his serpent tongue at random, spitting his false promises which he did not keep for 47 years, so why should he keep them now, when he is loosing his mental faculties?
bearnurse1 2 mÄneder siden
Trump is the pouter in Chief, the Prima Donna in chief
Timo van Tiel
Timo van Tiel 2 mÄneder siden
Coming down from dexamethasone must be tough. Must suck to be you.
noir sept
noir sept 2 mÄneder siden
Thank you!
levi mata
levi mata 2 mÄneder siden
Can’t wait to watch Trump throw his tantrum because he lost the election. It’s gonna be glorious
CYA 2 mÄneder siden
Joe Biden won
dorian wolf
dorian wolf 2 mÄneder siden
Send trumpo t the funny farm
J. 2 mÄneder siden
Melanie despises him.
Joanne Cleveland
Joanne Cleveland 2 mÄneder siden
Smoking Joe not sleeping Joe đŸ€Ł
The Gringo Life
The Gringo Life 2 mÄneder siden
Trump says in his rallies he's going to lock the Bidens up. Then he goes into a debate complaining "He's been locked up in his basement for months".So...does he want him locked up or not? đŸ€”
Flaschenlimo 2 mÄneder siden
Please let Joe win!
Chris Green
Chris Green 2 mÄneder siden
Thank you for the integrity you bring to journalism. Your assessments are spot on.
Gary Brunson
Gary Brunson 2 mÄneder siden
Donald John Trump has proven to be a confused old man who was confined by the rules. Maybe it's time to leave Donny?
Tunyonce' Knows
Tunyonce' Knows 2 mÄneder siden
The look on Biden's face when he realized just how much the Abe Lincoln joke went over Trump's head was the highlight of the debate for me!! đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł
MsAnThrope 2 mÄneder siden
Hey trump, the village called, they want their idiot back.
lisa Chaput
lisa Chaput 2 mÄneder siden
If you prepay taxes, it's added up in the last columns with what you paid in the year. $750 means total amount with prepay. Also, the IRS never has a filing fee. đŸ€Š
Chris 2 mÄneder siden
Trump Supporters...are joined together by hate/vengence/ignorance and they are poison. This is America in 2020.God help you.
rolonmascara 2 mÄneder siden
A lot of your comments get filtered through your animus of hate and comes across as click bait, very seldom does your opinion deliver based on your episodes headline.
Jessica Massie
Jessica Massie 2 mÄneder siden
I'm a contractor. That means I prepay quarterly taxes. I could release the at any time. Also, you could see how much I pay. This makes no sense.
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