Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

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Drew Gooden

14 dager siden

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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Call Me Conor
Call Me Conor 13 dager siden
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
tani 4 dager siden
tani 4 dager siden
tani 4 dager siden
tani 4 dager siden
tani 4 dager siden
FishPokékev 37 minutter siden
9:36 that ad placement is hilarious
D 3
D 3 Time siden
Drew is like if an 18 year-old was a 14 year old who got older
Nalsium Time siden
*i t s n i n j a*
Zach Barlow
Zach Barlow 2 timer siden
Man when he started ranting about his cable provider I knew it was spectrum immediately. I’m so glad my area has a competitor that offers fioptic
GEN 2 MEDIA INC. 3 timer siden
nice move with that commercial break bit
Zoe Roberts
Zoe Roberts 3 timer siden
I enjoy going to my grandmas house because she has cable and the most random shows are playing that I even forgot existed
Sierra Tiatia
Sierra Tiatia 3 timer siden
drew complaining about adult stuff for 25 min makes me appreciate all of the shit my
Amanda 3 timer siden
In Australia we have a service called Kayo for streaming live sports. $25 a month. So freaking good.
1123581321 34
1123581321 34 3 timer siden
Oh god, internet and cable fuckery? Our internet price got doubled randomly with xfinity/Comcast for literally no reason (officially, they “”””upgraded”””” us) and they turned our internet off for a day when my roommate who officially pays the internet bill tried to change it back to our original plan which worked fine
1123581321 34
1123581321 34 3 timer siden
Keep in mind, we’re all college students attending university mostly on zoom, so this was a very serious issue
GiaMarie9301 4 timer siden
The fact that even my grandma on her own decided to cancel her cable and settle for alternatives such as Netflix and HBO really says something 😬
Stephcurrymcflurry96 4 timer siden
6:06 Among Us be like
1123581321 34
1123581321 34 4 timer siden
You know, I know this isn’t the point of the video, but there’s something kind of chilling about people just saying “before the pandemic” casually. I mean it’s a fact of life now, but it’s just... odd
smudgeshank 4 timer siden
This is disgusting, I can’t believe how much Spectrum costs/takes the piss out of people. Fuck Spectrum. I think our most expensive cable provider in the UK is Virgin or Sky, last time we had Sky it was like £70 and that was a few years ago. Very nice video Drew, very nice.
ari 4 timer siden
I hate spectrum that I don’t even watch cable anymore
Fidel RMZ
Fidel RMZ 4 timer siden
im a cable person._.
Fidel RMZ
Fidel RMZ 4 timer siden
Imagine they sue you 😳
Hycree C
Hycree C 4 timer siden
I despise spectrum, I think every streamer/youtuber I watch that has them has complained about them. Never heard one positive thing so far haha
Oh So Very
Oh So Very 5 timer siden
Getting rid of cable was the best thing I've done. I watch all my shows on freebie pirating websites or Netflix
Jordan Simpson
Jordan Simpson 5 timer siden
When my grandmother tried to cancel her cable a few months after my grandfather passed away, they told her she couldn't cancel until she had sufficiently proven that he was dead, because the account was in his name. Naturally, this led to a seven month long battle between my seventy year-old grandmother, and a cable company who had decided that a death-certificate was not sufficient evidence that my grandfather was, in fact, dead. She has Netflix now.
The OG Dominic
The OG Dominic 5 timer siden
9:34 i got an ad directly after he said this. I’m guessing that’s part of the joke
L.J. Rainbowglider
L.J. Rainbowglider 5 timer siden
Cable is a gamble it could be good or just bad
A y d a
A y d a 5 timer siden
TLC and any other trashy reality show is my guilty pleasure I love it so freaking much it's sad.
honey bee
honey bee 6 timer siden
quinevere 6 timer siden
just a reminder that this man's full name is Andrew.
Jill Butner
Jill Butner 6 timer siden
I actually love the OG versions of both singing shows. There's an iconic episode of the the "Hidden voice" one with TVXQ that I absolutely ADORE
Darlwyn Guerrero
Darlwyn Guerrero 7 timer siden
There is no Sergeant First Class rank in the Air Force
A Neubeck
A Neubeck 7 timer siden
You’re risking your life by getting in your car to go see the show.
Tom Owen
Tom Owen 7 timer siden
I love that I knew it was Spectrum before he told me
C S 7 timer siden
I find it fun watching cable when I'm staying in a hotel. It's like a treasure hunt and feels nostalgic after not having cable for 10+ years. Never would've experienced the edited version of The Big Lebowski and MTV Classic is always fun to have in the background.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 7 timer siden
"You should hydrate right now" -Sun Tzu The Art Of War
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 7 timer siden
I love the skip bay less slander 😈
danɪelle 8 timer siden
The original masked singer that is from Korea is way better than the American version.
Sweet MochiMoka
Sweet MochiMoka 8 timer siden
Oh the comedic placing drew! Right after you say and constantly interrupted by commercials. BAM. Commercials.
Crystal Odiri
Crystal Odiri 8 timer siden
Most TV's have streaming services on them so... cable is kinda useless
cursed_cats 8 timer siden
Paying a cancellation fee is as bad as paying for uninstalling a game
Nermine Amdouni
Nermine Amdouni 9 timer siden
love it how when drew mentions the commercials his vid stops and 2 ads play 🤣🤣🤣
Television 9 timer siden
*Please Help*
A. Lenox
A. Lenox 9 timer siden
9:43 way to call me out like that :( let me watch cable & eat my sandwich in peace lol I’m still living with my parents and they only have cable. They aren’t interested in any streaming services because they want to watch the news & sports and if they watch shows they just check them out from the library.
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald 10 timer siden
The shows you watched aren't better then the other junk that is on TV now. Just stop watching TV
Rey Saturn
Rey Saturn 10 timer siden
Hey I love Ncis.... But I can watch it on Amazon Prime for £9 so fuck TV
Your dads Butthole
Your dads Butthole 10 timer siden
My dad works for direct tv and they don’t care about there workers at all they just care about money
Your dads Butthole
Your dads Butthole 10 timer siden
I use to watch house hunting shows with my and eat plain butter noodles like every weekend with my grandma when I was little
Abigail Hoekstra
Abigail Hoekstra 11 timer siden
the american masked singer is actually a spin off of a korean singing show called King of the Masked Singer
Maru Lavrynovych
Maru Lavrynovych 12 timer siden
Damn in Europe we pay less than a dollar every month for cable
N1teN1te 14 timer siden
Did he actually call attaway general a real show lmfao
Gibbles 14 timer siden
I literally got a Spectrum ad on this, thank you NOpost
Blert 22
Blert 22 15 timer siden
“Constantly interrupted by commercials” *youtube cuts to an ad*
Blert 22
Blert 22 15 timer siden
I love the skip bay less slander 😈
Olaf Weeseburger
Olaf Weeseburger 15 timer siden
Scrubs is not the same as greys anatomy
Khaliesah Asyiqah
Khaliesah Asyiqah 15 timer siden
After he said "constantly interrupted by commercial", youtube ads pops up
Mia Elliott
Mia Elliott 15 timer siden
hulu sucks... a paid service that still plays commercials??? netflix is much better
catherine jordan
catherine jordan 15 timer siden
not even to mention hulu has a live tv option
catherine jordan
catherine jordan 15 timer siden
and it’s only 50 dollars a month
Justin 16 timer siden
Okay, well, 10:00 hit kinda hard, just gonna turn off my phone I think
raspymorten 17 timer siden
I only found out about The Masked Singer because of a pro wrestling show based on it called The Masked Wrestler.
Waffie The Dweeb
Waffie The Dweeb 18 timer siden
Right when he said. "And constant advertising interpretations-" an ad just pops up.
T Dawg
T Dawg 19 timer siden
This video is very informative and i think should be shown to any boomer with patience enough to watch it. save this for reference when convincing someone to cancel cable. CANCEL CABLE CULTURE
Alana Fussing
Alana Fussing 19 timer siden
I neeeeeeeeed that t-shirt!
EveryCrazyDay 19 timer siden
Thank you for completely destroying Spectrum. I had Adelphia which got turned into Roadrunner, which got turned into Time Waner Cable, which then turned into Spectrum. All of which have been terrible. (My parents choice, not mine) cost a ton , worst service, and horrible features especially given we’re in the age of Netflix and Hulu.
EveryCrazyDay 19 timer siden
Clever ad placement, makes me wanna watch it lol.
Teh_AquaKnight 21 time siden
9:36 “and constantly interrupted by commercials” the second he said that I get an unskippable ad
Ryan Gonzalez
Ryan Gonzalez 22 timer siden
Minecraft Adley
Minecraft Adley 23 timer siden
Criminal Minds really says ACAB at LEAST 3 times a season
alix charlotte
alix charlotte Dag siden
9:35 lmao i got an ad right after he said that
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie Dag siden
this turned into drew explaining his beef with spectrum
dalal ab
dalal ab Dag siden
that's deregulated corporate activity, love 💅🏼
goats Dag siden
The Sing Off was iconic how dare you compare it to the others
WTBGold Dag siden
Why you gotta hate on Words with Friends?
yee haw
yee haw Dag siden
8:28 they WHAT
Thndr_ Dag siden
For some reason I really like the voice at 6:44
Seyi Bisade
Seyi Bisade Dag siden
Drew: "Constantly interrupted by commercials-" *ad plays * Me: 👁️-👁️
Mr. Cool Gaming
Mr. Cool Gaming Dag siden
i thought i was the only one lol
Pinnacle Express
Pinnacle Express Dag siden
Mans got charisma at 255/100, that's quality content
Honey Badger On Youtube
Honey Badger On Youtube Dag siden
Okay but, criminal minds is way better
Gello Dag siden
*me a highschooler watching a man in his late 20s ranting about paying for cable* “time to alivent!😀”
Luna McBoss
Luna McBoss Dag siden
I remember my mom watching the exact episode Ninja appeared in, and i literally guessed him as a joke
Walter Davis
Walter Davis Dag siden
I know your pain with spectrum
A J Dag siden
People still watch TV?
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant Dag siden
XPlay and AotS?!? damn man hit me right in the feels there...
Mecanical55 Dag siden
cable is the new ultimate flex
Not Someonelse
Not Someonelse Dag siden
ay strokes album in the background
david edwards
david edwards Dag siden
He forgot to mention that when you're laying on your couch in a vegetative state at 3am, cable starts playing 30 minute advertisements for an adult toy website *twice in a row*
xXpandamoniumXx Dag siden
He credits American idol is stolen from UK but doesn't acknowledge masked singer is stolen from Asia wow
Andrew in space
Andrew in space Dag siden
Don't put criminal minds with all the bad crime shows :(( 😔
Toe Dag siden
"the way movies were meant to be watched, in 720p, censored, and constantly interrupted by ads" cuts to an ad
Cassie Dag siden
That was just straight up a commercial for attorney Dan Newlin lol Orlando peeps see you Drew
Waddles85385 Cookie
Waddles85385 Cookie Dag siden
wait so disney xd is just... playing youtube videos now??? what happened in the past few years??
Cassie Dag siden
“That way you can watch movies the way intended, at 720p and constant commercials” perfectly placed ad
Sienna M
Sienna M Dag siden
Y’all don’t have free to air tv??
The Lethal Shadow
The Lethal Shadow Dag siden
When they tried to make you continue paying you should have just refused. They would have called you to tell you that you owe them until they forget but you don’t have to pay. My mom did it to shaw
Mopishfool Dag siden
This video could have been split into 2 parts: one about TV and one with Drew ranting about his internet provider
Mopishfool Dag siden
Eh Songland isn’t really about the people competing.
David Aldrich
David Aldrich Dag siden
Honestly don’t get cable cause of sports. Just get like NBA tv or Sunday Ticket
Melissa Sanders
Melissa Sanders Dag siden
The one good thing I can say about Spectrum is they are complete pushovers. At least in my area. I have called multiple times asking about exact charges and they have always bent over for me.
Bucherviews Dag siden
2:43 - I spot a Welsh office background! 'Diolch, Thank You' :D
James A.
James A. Dag siden
Lolol I love how you use Sora's lines for the Haley skit
Smalls Dag siden
You completely glossed over “detective show but TWIST they’re a ___”. Like Monk which is “detective show but TWIST he’s OCD” or psych which is “detective show but TWIST he’s psychic but also TWIST he’s actually not”
Deerio Dag siden
everyone else: *talking about the video* me: hehe bouncy tv
Hannah Fisher
Hannah Fisher Dag siden
I loved g4! They also had the original Japanese ninja warrior episodes
i don't know my name
i don't know my name Dag siden
Damn , did not see your vid come up in my reccomended for a long time. Gj danny for a great vid.
gio s
gio s Dag siden
Ahh I see you’re another old soul from the greatest time as well and has partaken the member berries
beet Dag siden
feelin bad for those old people being shysted out of their cash.
Randy Bautista
Randy Bautista Dag siden
There's a fantasy utopia where Kevin James is President??? How do I get there?
Gacha Glitch
Gacha Glitch Dag siden
“That way you can watch movies the way intended, at 720p and constant commercials” *perfectly placed ad*
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