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Complete story summary of Final Fantasy VII, starting chronologically from years before the game begins. This video focuses solely on the original game, and deliberately omits information from the extended FFVII universe.
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00:00 - Intro
01:21 - The Ancients and Jenova
03:12 - The Rise of Shinra
05:00 - The Jenova Project and Origins of Sephiroth
06:59 - Professor Gast and Ifalna
09:17 - War Against Wutai, Shinra Space Program, Zack and Cloud
10:54 - Nibelheim (Five years ago)
16:28 - Corel Disaster, Cloud and Zack Escape, Tifa Finds Cloud
19:26 - Game Begins, Shinra Reactors, Turks, Shinra's Plans
21:53 - Midgar Slums, Shinra Headquarters
24:10 - Chasing Sephiroth, Corel, Cosmo Canyon
27:10 - Nibelheim, Rocket Town, Gold Saucer
28:34 - Temple of the Ancients, Forgotten City
30:47 - Icicle Inn, Great Glacier, The Crater, Jenova Reunion
34:00 - Meteor, Junon, WEAPON, Huge Materia, Cloud's Past
37:06 - Junon, Rocket Town, Forgotten City, Lucrecia, Midgar
40:15 - Sephiroth and Holy
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Jino Grant
Jino Grant Dag siden
No it wasnt complete remwmber on dierge of cerberus genesis is alive and he have the other half angel wing just like sephiroth have the other
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine Dag siden
Wasn't it 4 weapons? Great video have a great storytime voice!
Charlie Waffle
Charlie Waffle 4 dager siden
Do ff8
Fritchoff Nilsson
Fritchoff Nilsson 6 dager siden
Would you consider doing Alundra, Brave Fencer Musashi, and Saga Frontier 2?
NinjaOnANinja 10 dager siden
You didn't show the tits scene. You get an F.
benjaxsiempre200 13 dager siden
I just finished playing the original game for the first time and I am so thankful for this summary. Amazing game but a true headache. You put all the events in a line and it was really helpful. You're awesome
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 13 dager siden
Thanks for the awesome feedback!
Gru122 19 dager siden
I wish final fantasy didn't make us do this, and the game is no fun if you don't know what's going on. But what if I wasn't supposed to know most of this before I played? Oof
Gru122 19 dager siden
I played ff7 remake but wait for part 2
RasenRendan 21 dag siden
Before i even finish this video i have to saw the game did Vincent mad the hell did the girl he love fall for fucking HOJO or all people?????? EDIT now that I watched it all its insane to see how far FF story telling has come from FF1. I was always confused on who Cloud actually is now i get it. Now i can go watch the FF7 Remake video
gantzisballs 4 dager siden
Lucretia and her decision was explained a lot more in Dirge of Cerberus. Lucretia was originally in love with Vincent's father, who was her sempai and senior researcher. She blamed herself for his death in a lab accident and couldn't be with Vincent because she saw his father in him. Hojo pretended to be a decent dude and tricked her into falling for him because he wanted her research, along with Gast's and Vincent's father's. Hojo is actually kind of a shitty scientist by himself, which Sephiroth mentions in the main game. After Hojo shot him, it was Lucretia who revived Vincent and gave him the powerful chaos materia within his body. Hojo then did his bonkers experiments, which explain Vincent's limit breakers in the main game.
david carney
david carney 22 dager siden
I really really enjoyed this it’s was like reading a graphic novel I did complete the original FFVII game but that was several years ago now with the release of the FFVII remake this was the perfect re cap I love the game so much I even ordered the collectors edition that comes with Cloud and the Cloud Strife Bike that’s saying something seeing I never ordered a collectors edition before I also shared your video on my gaming twitter page @TwoVirtualDave the Chrono Trigger video was interesting as well awesome channel man and Thanks for covering these stories and putting in such a solid effort I thought this was an ingenious way the cover these games storylines almost as if they were chapters in a book a great listen and super entertaining
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 22 dager siden
Thanks David, I appreciate the kind words and glad you enjoyed it.
The Piper Report
The Piper Report 26 dager siden
Sorry, but I think 6 is the best, then 9, then 7. I liked 9 a lot more than 7 :(
Skuhdlife 27 dager siden
Just finished the game and I don’t recall the scene where Zack rescued Cloud or the one where Vincent saved Lucretia, guess I missed something during my play through. Great video though, it’s a massive and complex story with a lot of cogs in motion, it can definitely be hard to keep track of all of it.
gonzalo mercado
gonzalo mercado 29 dager siden
Steve Chamberlain
Steve Chamberlain Måned siden
Just hearing the music again gives me a fuzzy feeling And recognising their screens and locations
The White Recluse
The White Recluse Måned siden
Cloud threw Sephiroth in, allowing him to gain true knowledge of the Cetra and begin the Reunion. Cloud was the one to hand the black materia over. Cloud didn't make Soldier despite his combat superiority due to having a weak mind. The weakest of all the clones, it turned out.
Peter Wood
Peter Wood Måned siden
Finally someone who knows the story!!! So many people I have spoken too have no clue! I played this to death and found every hidden bit of story. It is good to see someone else who knows the story! Thank you!
PAP Gaming
PAP Gaming Måned siden
Hot take here. Today I watched Xygor's videos on the story of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. I haven't played either of these games. From what I heard and saw in the videos it seems to me that the story of Chrono Trigger is way more interesting than that of FFVII. Again this is just my judgement based on the videos. I think if I were to play the games I would find the story of CT actually good and that of FFVII overrated. I'm not saying that FF's story is bad. Only that it has been praised so much that it can't meet expectations. Sorry if I triggered anyone.
WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent Måned siden
I was 13 when I first heard of ff7 and one year later: "I can put it together! Someday I will understand!"
TacoBell Call911
TacoBell Call911 Måned siden
18:43 this guy is the true hero of the world. He had mercy
j johnson
j johnson Måned siden
Ff7 is a plot hole
Carl N
Carl N Måned siden
So are the humans dead? How cheery.
Kenneth phillips II
Kenneth phillips II Måned siden
I’m pretty sure Mako is pronounced “Make-Oh” not “Mack-oh”
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett Måned siden
Them birds outside of Wutai hitting you with Lightning and fucking the whole party up
Bartek Goryński
Bartek Goryński Måned siden
The only reason why am i watching this is that i don't understand why was Sephiroth in a rock.
RoBaDoB143 Måned siden
I love it because Sephiroth is the main villain of the story but he's ALSO the main Victim of the story. Its wonderful.
Scorp Måned siden
still one of my all time favorite games...idk about the remake though =(
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins Måned siden
Nice video. I wish you'd make one of Terranigma.
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins Måned siden
@Xygor Gaming wicked
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming Måned siden
I hope to eventually. It's an awesome game.
Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu Måned siden
All these pop culture references are killing me😆, a bar called 7th Heaven? Really?
HAM Miranda
HAM Miranda Måned siden
I never understood why they had to make the story so convoluted. It's just a video game not a sci-fi novel.
Travis Måned siden
I’m currently playing the remake and I don’t wanna know the ending, but I’ve watched the crisis core movie scenes and I’m now I’m here and will stop the video once it talks about the main ff7 story. I’m only leaving this comment because of the name Aeris, don’t wanna skip ahead, but how did her name change to Aerith? Edit: this video is great, but does a terrible job at lining up what’s showing with the narration. I had to rewind a bunch of times because I was too focused on the visuals instead of the actual story.
Snow Flake
Snow Flake Måned siden
Wait a sec... so the whole game lead to a kind of “bad ending”? You know, with everyone getting killed and all? What the hell, game.
Shadow Dream
Shadow Dream Måned siden
What the hell did I just watch?
KHfan0011 Måned siden
24:07 Remake ends here....holy fuck they have so much left...this game will never be finished...
DRnotz 2 måneder siden
Listen, ff7 was a revolution in gaming. But IMO the story is too convoluted, and not explained very well at all. And I looooove the game.
7 Up
7 Up 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else rename all of the characters Nanaki just to make it funny when Red xiii was revealed to be called Nanaki?
Artofficial 2 måneder siden
The planet made Ruby and Emerald weapon to defend against Jenova. They both could have killed Jenova and Sephiorth. Were they too big to fit inside the North Crater?
chocolat13angel 2 måneder siden
22:56 I literally thought he was going to say, "And cloud had a mental breakdown." That's what it looked like anyways 😂
Jacek Molski
Jacek Molski 2 måneder siden
the details of the story and sound bulding atmosphere.... Playing Remake first time can be Dream come True.... waiting since Tech Demo for PS3....have It with console... first ff experience late 90s best story line ever made
Reznor440 2 måneder siden
After playing through the original recently and now playing through the Remake I still struggle to fully understand all of the characters and the plot but I absolutely love this masterpiece of a game and can't wait for the rest of the Remake in the next 25 years
Wildcard2483 406
Wildcard2483 406 2 måneder siden
Definitly had better voice acting than Advent Children. But wish it was directed and even re written by original creator
geoff9905 2 måneder siden
If I had a Gil for every mispronounced word in this video...
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 3 måneder siden
Kefka is still a scarier villain than Sephiroth for me. The former a nihilistic sadist (arguably the worst traits of humanity) while the latter is a brooding narcissist. That doesn’t make him compelling. What’s even scarier is that Kefka succeeded in his plan (if he ever had one) and destroyed the world and magic. Sephiroth...didn’t.
Nguyễn Hải
Nguyễn Hải 2 måneder siden
They are two different universe. Why do u need to compare?
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 3 måneder siden
Midgar...something something something , Golden Chocobo, Jenova, Sepiroth. The end..?
Sheriff of Rock Ridge
Sheriff of Rock Ridge 3 måneder siden
“ what a fascinating story “
Sheriff of Rock Ridge
Sheriff of Rock Ridge 3 måneder siden
Cetra lives matter
Nguyễn Hải
Nguyễn Hải 2 måneder siden
Jenova: sike
mr_2dinners 3 måneder siden
Lovely. Thanks for this.
The Dill Dozer
The Dill Dozer 3 måneder siden
Wal-market. Even 20 years ago when I was a kid I wondered if that was a subtle jibe at wal-mart.
Rough City
Rough City 3 måneder siden
Just here to say how amazing this breakdown is, and very helpful right now during the remake!
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 3 måneder siden
Thank you! Many more to come!
zardos pibe
zardos pibe 3 måneder siden
thotiana blueface
Ben Byers
Ben Byers 3 måneder siden
Tseng is pronounced (t-sung)
IYPITWL 3 måneder siden
I need a 2 min version
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent 3 måneder siden
Thank you so much for your content! I never understood the clone part of the story...I think tonight I’m binge watching all your videos my dude! What did you think of ghost??
Terrion Sadows
Terrion Sadows 3 måneder siden
Amazing work
King Maker
King Maker 3 måneder siden
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 3 måneder siden
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The coolest Prinz
The coolest Prinz 3 måneder siden
You won't believe this about my theory but I think sephiroth try to new game plus Because after the remake release the story line has change usually sephiroth only appears after the president of shinra is dead but he appears immediately toying with cloud using his illusion not only that he appear as the true final boss on part 1 So get ready for the change of story in remake
Zoran Arapovic
Zoran Arapovic 3 måneder siden
in the 20 or so years since i've seen it, and no matter how many times i see it, aerith's death still gets me
ian m
ian m 3 måneder siden
from what ive seen on here the next 2 remake parts are gonna be insane with the new graphics
demon king45
demon king45 3 måneder siden
The most convoluted plot i've ever heard and yet people are complaining about ghost's
Mark Gamolu
Mark Gamolu 3 måneder siden
Im quite confused with the years. In relation to Crisis Core: *Cloud returned to nibletheim = After 5 years *Cloud experimented, before having escaped = 4 years Wouldn't that total to 9 years? before meeting tifa again? *So how come tifa only said its been 7 years when she saw him at sector 7?
Vettel Fan17
Vettel Fan17 Måned siden
*7 years before FF7: Cloud leaves Nibelheim to join SOLDIER. He meets Tifa at the well *5 years before FF7: Cloud returns to Nibelheim with Zack and Sephiroth, Nibelheim incident happens *1 year before FF7: After being trapped for 4 years Cloud and Zack escape. I'm not 100% sure on when Zack dies exactly but I think it's about 3 months before FF7 *just before FF7: Cloud meets Tifa again The 4 years you refer to is part of the 5 years before FF7 begins
Kevin Pele
Kevin Pele 3 måneder siden
Jenova is Sephiroth's Martha
matt f.
matt f. 3 måneder siden
Hojo is vacationing on the beach still in his white coat.
The Great Slayer
The Great Slayer 3 måneder siden
I cannot wait until this is all reimagined in the upcoming parts of the remake.
Benjamin Jobe
Benjamin Jobe 3 måneder siden
For a chronological timeline I like how Sephiroth's dissent into evil is skipped over pretty much 100% "He read some books and went evil" skipping a chance encounter with an avalanche member who asks him what he fights for and what he believes in. Afterward he realized the Shinra was not the legacy he wanted to leave he instead gave himself to being there for his friends (genesis, angeal, and zack) only to be betrayed by genesis and angeal. Soon after he finds out parts of the truth about the Genova project (mislead as he thought Genova was an ancient and that Gast was the scientific mastermind who made him) there is also no mention of our petite spitfire Yuffie
Bu Jin
Bu Jin 3 måneder siden
Well done!
1Larxene1 3 måneder siden
i dont understand why Aerith is special ?She is a child of normal humans ....
Above Water
Above Water 3 måneder siden
No, her father is a human, her mother was an Ancient.
Crazy_Lew 90
Crazy_Lew 90 3 måneder siden
Play raid of shadow legend now Hey there, trading standard wants to encourage you to become a confident salesman Gets to video and is bored before its even started
Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen 4 måneder siden
Coming from the Chrono Trigger video which was an impeccable video, this video is ultimately nostalgia for me. I remember during my childhood when my older brother got his hands on this game, one day he asked me to come over to his room to play this game with him. With both of us being so immersed as we progressed, the game definitely left a lasting impression and little did I know what I got myself into. My brother really set the stage for me to get more involved with JRPG's after playing one of the most classical titles of all time known to be; FF7. Awesome.
steveo314 4 måneder siden
I’m almost done with the remake and then I’m going to play back through the original. Best game ever IMO
Kevin Douglass
Kevin Douglass 4 måneder siden
I know this is a weird compliment, before I say it. But I really like your pacing in the way you talk. it's very relaxing and i think makes for a good story teller
Allison Fields
Allison Fields 4 måneder siden
Me? Gongaga
hey hey
hey hey 4 måneder siden
Ac_Psycho 4 måneder siden
Thank you sooo much for your amazing hard work on gathering the whole story.im22 and I’m here after finishing the remake version and learning the whole FF7 universe (gotta say I’ve never paid attention to it even after the advent children animated movie)and i gotta say damn it was and is such a deep story behind the gorgeous characters.never thought the plot would be so complicated,deep and long and even at this age it’s too much to take in. I am amazed at it in 2020.gotta appreciate aquare enix on the FF series💐🎊
demon king45
demon king45 3 måneder siden
Honestly explains why Kingdom Hearts is so crazy. The crazy just got mixed into Disney
Jackson Davidson
Jackson Davidson 4 måneder siden
the way this game built sephiroth up was epic. You hear about him a few times...but don’t see him tell hours in the game. It made each encounter with him epic
Tenboy Deezy
Tenboy Deezy 4 måneder siden
I played the remake first to comment about it
terradrive 4 måneder siden
This is crazy because the original game proposed to be Final Fantasy VII is Xenogears, which is rejected because of being too dark. But Xenogears still became a critical acclaim yet the real Final Fantasy VII topped it. Xenogears story seemed to be even better than Final Fantasy 8.
KiraNesser 4 måneder siden
This was fabulous! Thank you so much!
Junobeach 4 måneder siden
when does the scene with zack and cloud escaping show up???? I never saw this in the game
Sheriff of Rock Ridge
Sheriff of Rock Ridge 3 måneder siden
I don’t remember it either and I have played this a LOT!!!
Above Water
Above Water 3 måneder siden
After Cloud and Tifa repair Cloud's mind in the lifestream. You can go back to Nibelheim, and go to the Shinra Mansion basement and you will see the flashback of that scene.
Mega Prime
Mega Prime 4 måneder siden
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Whoa
DarkSide Beats
DarkSide Beats 4 måneder siden
Sup3rD4ve 4 måneder siden
I never got to finish this game, I only got to roughly Golden Saucer. I'm glad I finally got to learn, all these years later, how it all turned out.
Lala 4 måneder siden
First of all, as much as I love the original storyline, I’m excited to see *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* how they add Biggs (and Jessie who is hinted to have survived..and wedge who still may be alive too ) into part 2. I know they’re minor characters, but I hope they don’t get thrown to the side like the original. They were discarded so easily in the og that I didn’t care for them, but I really fell in love with them and their more prominent role in the remake. I mean, I hope the devs didn’t save him (or them) to feel good about it😅 secondly, I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t understand the story growing up. Even though I got my hands on it in the later years, as a grown adult, it’s still hard to keep up.
DrTim !
DrTim ! 4 måneder siden
30:00 At that exact moment... The person playing the game screams at the game, because it's necessary. After switching to the next CD (as I remember playing the original multitask PS1 game) the player tries Phoenix Down's [fenix down?] only to find out Aeris' death is permanent, causing the player to scream obscenities again [after Cloud she was my 2nd, with Tifa a close 3rd, permanent death dammit!]. I'm not saying the narration is bad or incorrect, quite the opposite. Just saying what I'm sure many people FELT while playing, both emotional from the loss and frustration from the time put in leveling Aeris. FF7 absolutely one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series, and best games released for the PS1.
Waleed Ahmad
Waleed Ahmad 4 måneder siden
If that video doesnt deserve a like, i dont know what video does
For the love of K-pop
For the love of K-pop 5 måneder siden
rufus didnt die, he was in dirge of cerberus and advent children ,who knows what the remake will bring
Mario Fajardo
Mario Fajardo 5 måneder siden
Cole Rugh
Cole Rugh 5 måneder siden
I don't remember seeing alot of these cutscenes w zack
just4funx11 5 måneder siden
Man that’s with a movie!
TheWaffleFactory 5 måneder siden
Loved this breakdown, I missed a few side missions and felt a little confused!
LaMain Tyndle
LaMain Tyndle 5 måneder siden
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LaMain Tyndle
LaMain Tyndle 5 måneder siden
Cool #loveislust #Nonchalant #Kyosuke #Pluto #LaMainTyndle #FoolyCooly #Takkun #ShinShyRon #DreamCast #Fortuna #Mew0 #ALA #Amon #SuKu #Zion #Polo #Solo #Skywalker #KazekageGaara #Nemesis #HeeroYuy #ThePatriot #ShisuiUhciha #YoZhin #i #Apollo #Aladdin #Vergil #ieyetheSUNieyetheMOON #Equinox #BcBrocket #Random #Andromalius #AvagesecoreAmonninan #TasafubinAndromaliusonca #Aladdin #ALA #Update #JBoy #WaltDisney #Fox #JessicaSimson #MarilynMonroe #ivanka #Kendalljenner #TaylorSwift #GwynethPaltrows #Kyliejenner #KourtneyKardashian #Lee #LeMainTyndle #Shahad #Koron #Fubin #Dream #MoMoLand #Paramore #Seleznevevaaa #demandingAmanda #MaMaMoo #Zordon #TobiUhciha #Naughty #Maikeinga #LaNaughty #ZeroSystem #Zeus #Rin #Sony #FinalFantasy #Cloud #:-)
David Dacorro
David Dacorro 5 måneder siden
I had no idea what the story was about when I played this 20 years ago until I watched this great video !!! LOL
RPG gaming89
RPG gaming89 5 måneder siden
If you watch advent children rufus survives
JayVi 5 måneder siden
watch in x2 speed to see this in about 20 mins ! Awesome video, man !
omwtfyb 5 måneder siden
So is it assumed that the human race is extinct? What event caused the extinction of the human race?
The Redfield Way
The Redfield Way 5 måneder siden
ok I'm confused about something, HOW exactly are Zack and Cloud's memory mixed? like what happened exactly to make cloud inheret Zack's memories?
The Redfield Way
The Redfield Way 4 måneder siden
@World of Gameplays thank you I think I will, i never got into Final Fantasy until this remake so I'm intrigued about the plot and lore, and I want to know more
World of Gameplays
World of Gameplays 4 måneder siden
@The Redfield Way "Cloud undergoes a transformation due to the combined trauma caused by the Nibelheim incident, his mako poisoning, and witnessing Zack's death. He impresses Zack's memories and fighting abilities into his own, along with Tifa's memories of him and his own ideal image of himself as a SOLDIER, creating a new set of memories with an accompanying persona. What emerges in Cloud's mind is a reality in which he joined SOLDIER and was Sephiroth's partner-Zack did not exist-and in most of Cloud's twisted memories he takes Zack's place. Cloud presents himself in Midgar as a former 1st Class SOLDIER, now a mercenary for hire." You can read more about it here if you want:
The Redfield Way
The Redfield Way 4 måneder siden
@World of Gameplays oh so it was trauma that confused Cloud, thus being mixed up in Zack's memories. so there's no magic involved? like no spiritual inherentance or like Hojo inserting part of Zack's brain into Cloud?
World of Gameplays
World of Gameplays 4 måneder siden
It was when Hojo injected Jenova's cells into Cloud and Zack's body and the high exposure from Mako that Cloud got really fucked up mentally. When Zack and Cloud where travelling to Midgar, Zack told everything about his life to Cloud then when shinra came for them and Zack died, Cloud got traumatized by it and being mentally broken he mixed everything with Zack's memory taking his identity.
Phil G
Phil G 5 måneder siden
Sakaguchi: wow FF7 remake added some nice parts. Nomura: I'm about to end your career.
MPFD - Gabriel Salzetti
MPFD - Gabriel Salzetti 5 måneder siden
Brandon Lapple
Brandon Lapple 5 måneder siden
Is it just me or is this Xygor narrator dude an alternate personality of Sean Evans from Hot Ones???
Luminous 5 måneder siden
41:10 a vision of Aeris is seen in the lifestream?!!! they planned the remake from the beginning, that vision is the 2nd world line
Blood_Fire exe
Blood_Fire exe 5 måneder siden
Yuffie: is not mentioned in this video Yuffie: sad ninja noises
Agnes Robbins
Agnes Robbins 5 måneder siden ඇය ඔහුගෙන් සහ විලියම්ගෙන් සහ මගෙන් ත් වී ඇගේ මුහුණ ඇගේ දෑත් ඉහළට ඔසවයි
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