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Complete story summary of Final Fantasy VII, starting chronologically from years before the game begins. This video focuses solely on the original game, and deliberately omits information from the extended FFVII universe.
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00:00 - Intro
01:21 - The Ancients and Jenova
03:12 - The Rise of Shinra
05:00 - The Jenova Project and Origins of Sephiroth
06:59 - Professor Gast and Ifalna
09:17 - War Against Wutai, Shinra Space Program, Zack and Cloud
10:54 - Nibelheim (Five years ago)
16:28 - Corel Disaster, Cloud and Zack Escape, Tifa Finds Cloud
19:26 - Game Begins, Shinra Reactors, Turks, Shinra's Plans
21:53 - Midgar Slums, Shinra Headquarters
24:10 - Chasing Sephiroth, Corel, Cosmo Canyon
27:10 - Nibelheim, Rocket Town, Gold Saucer
28:34 - Temple of the Ancients, Forgotten City
30:47 - Icicle Inn, Great Glacier, The Crater, Jenova Reunion
34:00 - Meteor, Junon, WEAPON, Huge Materia, Cloud's Past
37:06 - Junon, Rocket Town, Forgotten City, Lucrecia, Midgar
40:15 - Sephiroth and Holy
Check out all of my video game story explanations here:
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Rusheel Anne
Rusheel Anne Dag siden
Ah yes Final Fantasy, the game where you need to spend 20 minutes before actually starting the game's story
Devi Lance
Devi Lance Dag siden
thanks man
AislingLaplace 2 dager siden
Ugh while I mostly enjoy this channel, hearing the mispronunciation of 'Cait Sith' so much makes me cringe
David BooG E
David BooG E 2 dager siden
I've always known the story. Ever since I first played it and beat it at 13yo. My all time favorite game ever made.
Zoroark1999 2 dager siden
When and where does the vicent back story happens?
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 2 dager siden
You see those scenes when you talk to Lucrecia late in the game, Vincent must be in the party
herron ariela
herron ariela 5 dager siden
"where she slaps scarlet silly" best line in this whole video
J. Tendean
J. Tendean 11 dager siden
This game's story was so moving lol. It was deeper than any movie or novel. Shit was just amazing. 10 was dope too. Who writes this shit? The plot was better than a movie.
Darkhellia DarkFire
Darkhellia DarkFire 12 dager siden
First off you're pronoucing Lucretia's name wrong, secondly Lucretia was to marry Hojo but had an affair with Vincent but Vincent found out about his father's death and that caused Lucretia to run back into Hojo's arms and finally marry him fully, then it was discovered that she was pregnant. Now we don't know if Hojo is actually Sephiroth's father or if Vincent is his father because the timing is a little too close for it to be Hojo's son, personally I believe Sephiroth is Vincent's child and not Hojo's. And thirdly you forgot about Professor Hollander who also worked alongside Hojo and Gast during the Jenova project.
Dane Miller
Dane Miller 12 dager siden
The real health holly meddle because loss increasingly spoil per a nappy flavor. elegant, wiry glue
Joe C
Joe C 15 dager siden
This channel is underrated af
Herscher 12
Herscher 12 15 dager siden
Ff7 is overrated, i wouldnt have to watch this video otherwise
Herscher 12
Herscher 12 15 dager siden
Nvm, even the story is retarded. This is sonic the hedgehog level writing
The Periodical
The Periodical 19 dager siden
Thank you so much for this, I finally understand the story!
Death Guidance
Death Guidance 21 dag siden
sorry but this game is so overrated in so many ways
volvo145 23 dager siden
Seems like some of the ideas of some characters are off I mean cloud would have been like 11 or 12 are leaving for Midgard Mathias bullshit like white sapphire off for peeing in the woods I wore them
Rich Garcia
Rich Garcia 23 dager siden
This was great! Thank you! My favorite game of all time
Cøınpusher 25 dager siden
Joseph Zugoola
Joseph Zugoola 25 dager siden
20:18 Cloud has a SPAZ attack! 🤪
fumanchu168 27 dager siden
fumanchu168 27 dager siden
Oh so human are just lazy Cetra,lol
Ezequiel Nascimento
Ezequiel Nascimento 29 dager siden
arghy doodles
arghy doodles Måned siden
Bro why Zack winks at 18:48
trashgoon Måned siden
i missed all this stuff with zach in my original play through not sure how
TwinBladeFury Måned siden
I can't believe he condensed the ending of the game down to like 1 minute and didn't actually mention that all of humanity is wiped out.
fdzaviation Måned siden
This is awesome. Thank you!!!!
Max Matson
Max Matson Måned siden
With character names like "Sid" and "Barrett" and a weapon called "the sister Ray". Makes me wonder if the Developers were early "Pink Floyd" and "Velvet Underground" fans?
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Måned siden
For me IX is the best JRPG of all time, but VII is close. Its plot is not that complicated like the one from BlazBlue games, for example. Just focus.
Stéphane Mallette
Stéphane Mallette Måned siden
Wow bro.... Amazing storyline. The ending blew my mind man!
VirtueCry Måned siden
"Macko" please stahp
Trime Måned siden
Your "Nibbleheim" kills me :D
Henri Rohde
Henri Rohde Måned siden
Final Fantasy 7 was great, but what they did to the lore is terrible. Aeris is now the planet? lol. It was a way better when aeris just died to safe the planet.
S K Måned siden
Everything after the game itself has been complete trash tbh.
Ee chee
Ee chee Måned siden
"Final Fantasy VII Complete Story" "This video... deliberately omits information from the... FFVII [series]." Pick one. They're not the "extended FFVII universe", most of them directly explain events that occur (or are at least explored) within the initial title in the series. That "disclaimer" is like saying FFX is the "extended universe" of FFX-2. An "extended universe" would be FFXIII-2, World of Final Fantasy, Chocobo Racing, Dissidia, etc. Heck, if you want an extended universe for FFVII, then technically Cloud is in Tactics and that counts. Omitting titles in a series that directly explain events and lore within the initial title but still claiming you're telling "the complete story" is just false and clickbait.
S K 17 dager siden
@Ee chee Lol whats with the sass. How does your definition of 'complete' have anything to do with that. We are not arguing what complete means, we are debating what the complete refers to. The complete story of FF7, or the complete story of the FF7 universe? Complete 'FF7' story. If by FF7 he's only referring to the original game, then yes it is a complete summary. When the developers of the game in 1997 made it, they didnt make a half ass game and say hey we will fill out the lore later. They gave a complete, cohesive, brilliant story. They filled out extra details later on, but that, to me, is the EXTENDED FF7 universe. FF7 to me refers to the original game. But honestly this is such a pointless argument. I know people on the internet love being right and will continuously argue. So I will say okay to you it means something else and to me it means something else. To me the definition is totally fine and this video is what I was looking for. A lot of the later lore is just too much detail. Especially if you consider the remake part of the FF7 universe, since the remakes story is pure nonsense.
Ee chee
Ee chee 17 dager siden
​@S K It's funny that you use TLotR as an example. You tried to use The Silmarillion as a point of unnecessary lore, to contrast specifically The Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I raise The Hobbit as a counterpoint. It's the source material and, without it, TLotR wouldn't exist. A better analogy using the same material would have been using TLotR to explain The Hobbit. You admit that you didn't click on the video to learn the complete story but the gist of it. Unfortunately, the title of the video is not "Final Fantavy VII The Gist Of It Explained". The word "complete" may not mean to you what it means in a dictionary but, I assure you, it does not mean "only what you want to talk about". It means everything. Yes, there are numerous videos that detail elements of Final Fantasy 7. They don't claim to explain the complete story.
S K 21 dag siden
@Ee chee Well they made FF7 in 1997 and the rest of the games came at least 9 years later. They never made FF7 and were like oh lets explain the story later. They made FF7 as a stand alone game. The rest is just fleshing out of the story. You don't need to talk about Silmarillion to talk about Lord of the Rings. Lets say someone wants to know specifically what happened in FF7. I played FF7 23 years ago and I came here to see whether the story was more structured and cohesive than the remake (which I did not like at all.) Like what was the big deal about its story? Theres numerous other videos if you want to learn about the FF7 universe.
Ee chee
Ee chee 22 dager siden
​@S K They've all been "FF7" It's in all of their titles. Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 (oh, look, there it is in the title) explains a lot about Vincent (particularly the plot hole of how he was able to survive Hojo's experiments that cause his limit break mutations, which would obviously kill a normal person) Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 (coincidence?) explains the plot hole that is the origin of AVALANCHE, which was never even touched in the first installment (or the player is left to assume Barret originated the organization, which is not canon and thus requires this installment to explain it.) Claiming none of the other installments "bring anything" to explaining the story of the first installment shows a complete lack of understanding of the the story of the first installment. Try again.
S K Måned siden
Yeah he picked one... Just focusing on FF7. Everything after that has just been for hyper fans. Discussing the story of FF7 itself is a good video, as that game was released individually, and its story stands well itself. Actually all the extended lore just adds convolution without bringing anything.
Supa Sett
Supa Sett Måned siden
I know you said you'd keep the explanation to just this game's main story points, but I think it's at least worth mentioning once that Tseng and Rufus survived.
Hex Entertainment
Hex Entertainment 2 måneder siden
10:15 Me?
Dynam0 2 måneder siden
34:50 always wondered how hot the gun barrel would be since it had just fired lol
SMB superfan
SMB superfan 2 måneder siden
About three minutes in, and I’m already more lost then I am watching a poorly constructed shamaylan movie.
Taka Taka
Taka Taka 2 måneder siden
If only I can have subtitle, why isn't the button enable? :(
Taka Taka
Taka Taka 2 måneder siden
@Xygor Gaming oh yes! it works now, It didn't work for the FF VII remake and FF VI tho
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 2 måneder siden
CC button seems to work for me...
Kathy Navin
Kathy Navin 2 måneder siden
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TerracDglss 2 måneder siden
39:08, in Advent Children, Rufus still alive just to correct you.
random stuff
random stuff 2 måneder siden
Just a slight correction Lucretia had a baby with Hojo for Science and not for love.
btfrenchy 2 måneder siden
Holy cow - great overview of the story. I just finished it and it's crazy how much detail I missed on a first play through.
Michellangelo22 2 måneder siden
it's funny cuz this is actually still skimming the details
Sir Vega
Sir Vega 2 måneder siden
Your intro gave me goosebumps
Ga Chai
Ga Chai 2 måneder siden
Duuuuude No wonder i understood nothing just playin the remake
Ebay Account
Ebay Account 2 måneder siden
22:00 how is tifa in midgard before cloud if they were both in the mako?
Alex Tangen
Alex Tangen 2 måneder siden
This has to be Sean Evans’ brother
Chris Sachenbacher
Chris Sachenbacher 2 måneder siden
"maaako" >.> o my
LanternHJ 2 måneder siden
Man this is really nit picky, but I don't believe Tifa was captured by the Don. I believe she was going, on her own will, to audition to be his next girl/wife/whatever.
emerl2002 2 måneder siden
1. Yes I’m here because Sephiroth is in Smash 2. Damn that’s way more than I ever expected 3. So long story short an alien crashed into the planet, a scientist injected its cells into his child & that child who is Sephiroth tried to become god by crashing a meteor into the planet, but was stopped by a group of throw together cast who all had different ties and goals. What the actual hack did I just witness
Dewa Dewi
Dewa Dewi 2 måneder siden
SickK 2 måneder siden
playing it like 5 times over 10 years isnt enough, good i can rewatch it hear. ty man
Nerudaa B
Nerudaa B 2 måneder siden
So what happened in the end did the meteor kill everybody?
Jouh 2 måneder siden
26:30 Dyne gives him a pendant to give Marleen, then commits suicide by throwing himself off a cliff... This is a game made for children.
Zan 2 måneder siden
There's so many plot holes in this story but the ending is nice with no words but just scenes. Why did Jenova come to the planet to destroy it, how did Hojo find the Jenova and get it's cells, why did Sephiroth go mad and want to destroy the planet, why did Cloud and his party steal huge materia which could have stopped the meteor and is Sephiroth really dead or not. My favorite part of the story is definitely Cloud's back story because it really was unexpected and it showed Cloud is a normal human being instead of a main character kind of person.
NerfGunz35 2 måneder siden
never played FF but this story is one of the most interesting stories a game has ever produced.
Defensive Control Deck Strategies
Defensive Control Deck Strategies 2 måneder siden
Your video really bring everything in a cinematic and entertaining manner. I am about to finish up FF7R and needed a refresher. Thanks so much for this amazing video
FPS Karma
FPS Karma 2 måneder siden
when you add on crisis core along with advent children just adding even more to this story, A complete novel could be written about this damn game
Well Well
Well Well 2 måneder siden
Sephiroth: I need to find out more about my past Cloud in the background: *Chuckles* I'm in danger
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 måneder siden
Literally my favorite rpg and I still have no idea what the fuck is going on
daniel. 2 måneder siden
After Sephiroth was announced to be in Smash Bros, I knew I had to *finally* do some research on him and learn of FFVII (along with the whole series). I’ve been meaning to for many years. Better late than never I guess... I knew I would not have understood the story back in the 90s during my childhood. Been binge watching all of your FF recaps lately and they are all superb. Thank you for making them.
No I won't sign your Armpit
No I won't sign your Armpit 2 måneder siden
Here to better appreciate Sephiroth's inclusion in Smash by learning the story.
Itz Apeil
Itz Apeil 2 måneder siden
This game came out 11 years before I was born and I love it
Twinkle Tale
Twinkle Tale 2 måneder siden
Who is here to recall the game after the Smash Reveal?
Animals With Jobs
Animals With Jobs 2 måneder siden
JhomelmaZ HD
JhomelmaZ HD 2 måneder siden
cKy TV
cKy TV 2 måneder siden
If you play remake watch from 0:00 to 24:00 since it will help you out and I would recommend to watch 24min before playing
Thimmy Fredriksson
Thimmy Fredriksson 3 måneder siden
Thank you man for posting this! You fill in THE blanks very good and despite i've been a fan for more the 20 years. Now I never understood all of the story, however please is it possible that you could add subtitles to your Comments please...😮😮😎😎
Adam Beardy
Adam Beardy 3 måneder siden
Addison Joseph
Addison Joseph 3 måneder siden
It’s Aerith. And it’s bugging the crap out of me.
Parminder Jaura
Parminder Jaura 3 måneder siden
The most basic conclusion is that hojo was the big baddie all along.
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent 3 måneder siden
What are your thoughts on Midgar? Do you think everyone died? Moved to another place? Is all human life extinct?
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 3 måneder siden
I think the game implies that everyone died...but that the lifestream ensured that the civilization recycled itself in the future.
Jino Grant
Jino Grant 3 måneder siden
No it wasnt complete remwmber on dierge of cerberus genesis is alive and he have the other half angel wing just like sephiroth have the other
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine 3 måneder siden
Wasn't it 4 weapons? Great video have a great storytime voice!
Charlie Waffle
Charlie Waffle 3 måneder siden
Do ff8
Fritchoff Nilsson
Fritchoff Nilsson 3 måneder siden
Would you consider doing Alundra, Brave Fencer Musashi, and Saga Frontier 2?
NinjaOnANinja 3 måneder siden
You didn't show the tits scene. You get an F.
Areti Gk
Areti Gk 3 måneder siden
I just finished playing the original game for the first time and I am so thankful for this summary. Amazing game but a true headache. You put all the events in a line and it was really helpful. You're awesome
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the awesome feedback!
RasenRendan 4 måneder siden
Before i even finish this video i have to saw the game did Vincent mad the hell did the girl he love fall for fucking HOJO or all people?????? EDIT now that I watched it all its insane to see how far FF story telling has come from FF1. I was always confused on who Cloud actually is now i get it. Now i can go watch the FF7 Remake video
gantzisballs 3 måneder siden
Lucretia and her decision was explained a lot more in Dirge of Cerberus. Lucretia was originally in love with Vincent's father, who was her sempai and senior researcher. She blamed herself for his death in a lab accident and couldn't be with Vincent because she saw his father in him. Hojo pretended to be a decent dude and tricked her into falling for him because he wanted her research, along with Gast's and Vincent's father's. Hojo is actually kind of a shitty scientist by himself, which Sephiroth mentions in the main game. After Hojo shot him, it was Lucretia who revived Vincent and gave him the powerful chaos materia within his body. Hojo then did his bonkers experiments, which explain Vincent's limit breakers in the main game.
david carney
david carney 4 måneder siden
I really really enjoyed this it’s was like reading a graphic novel I did complete the original FFVII game but that was several years ago now with the release of the FFVII remake this was the perfect re cap I love the game so much I even ordered the collectors edition that comes with Cloud and the Cloud Strife Bike that’s saying something seeing I never ordered a collectors edition before I also shared your video on my gaming twitter page @TwoVirtualDave the Chrono Trigger video was interesting as well awesome channel man and Thanks for covering these stories and putting in such a solid effort I thought this was an ingenious way the cover these games storylines almost as if they were chapters in a book a great listen and super entertaining
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 4 måneder siden
Thanks David, I appreciate the kind words and glad you enjoyed it.
The Piper Report
The Piper Report 4 måneder siden
Sorry, but I think 6 is the best, then 9, then 7. I liked 9 a lot more than 7 :(
Skuhdlife 4 måneder siden
Just finished the game and I don’t recall the scene where Zack rescued Cloud or the one where Vincent saved Lucretia, guess I missed something during my play through. Great video though, it’s a massive and complex story with a lot of cogs in motion, it can definitely be hard to keep track of all of it.
gonzalo mercado
gonzalo mercado 4 måneder siden
Steve Chamberlain
Steve Chamberlain 4 måneder siden
Just hearing the music again gives me a fuzzy feeling And recognising their screens and locations
The White Recluse
The White Recluse 4 måneder siden
Cloud threw Sephiroth in, allowing him to gain true knowledge of the Cetra and begin the Reunion. Cloud was the one to hand the black materia over. Cloud didn't make Soldier despite his combat superiority due to having a weak mind. The weakest of all the clones, it turned out.
Peter Wood
Peter Wood 4 måneder siden
Finally someone who knows the story!!! So many people I have spoken too have no clue! I played this to death and found every hidden bit of story. It is good to see someone else who knows the story! Thank you!
PAP Gaming
PAP Gaming 4 måneder siden
Hot take here. Today I watched Xygor's videos on the story of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. I haven't played either of these games. From what I heard and saw in the videos it seems to me that the story of Chrono Trigger is way more interesting than that of FFVII. Again this is just my judgement based on the videos. I think if I were to play the games I would find the story of CT actually good and that of FFVII overrated. I'm not saying that FF's story is bad. Only that it has been praised so much that it can't meet expectations. Sorry if I triggered anyone.
WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent 4 måneder siden
I was 13 when I first heard of ff7 and one year later: "I can put it together! Someday I will understand!"
TacoBell Call911
TacoBell Call911 4 måneder siden
18:43 this guy is the true hero of the world. He had mercy
j johnson
j johnson 4 måneder siden
Ff7 is a plot hole
Carl N
Carl N 4 måneder siden
So are the humans dead? How cheery.
Kenneth phillips II
Kenneth phillips II 4 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure Mako is pronounced “Make-Oh” not “Mack-oh”
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett 4 måneder siden
Them birds outside of Wutai hitting you with Lightning and fucking the whole party up
Aspar D
Aspar D 4 måneder siden
The only reason why am i watching this is that i don't understand why was Sephiroth in a rock.
RoBaDoB143 4 måneder siden
I love it because Sephiroth is the main villain of the story but he's ALSO the main Victim of the story. Its wonderful.
Scorp 4 måneder siden
still one of my all time favorite games...idk about the remake though =(
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 4 måneder siden
Nice video. I wish you'd make one of Terranigma.
Balboa Baggins
Balboa Baggins 4 måneder siden
@Xygor Gaming wicked
Xygor Gaming
Xygor Gaming 4 måneder siden
I hope to eventually. It's an awesome game.
Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu 4 måneder siden
All these pop culture references are killing me😆, a bar called 7th Heaven? Really?
HAM Miranda
HAM Miranda 4 måneder siden
I never understood why they had to make the story so convoluted. It's just a video game not a sci-fi novel.
Travis 5 måneder siden
I’m currently playing the remake and I don’t wanna know the ending, but I’ve watched the crisis core movie scenes and I’m now I’m here and will stop the video once it talks about the main ff7 story. I’m only leaving this comment because of the name Aeris, don’t wanna skip ahead, but how did her name change to Aerith? Edit: this video is great, but does a terrible job at lining up what’s showing with the narration. I had to rewind a bunch of times because I was too focused on the visuals instead of the actual story.
Snow Flake
Snow Flake 5 måneder siden
Wait a sec... so the whole game lead to a kind of “bad ending”? You know, with everyone getting killed and all? What the hell, game.
Shadow Dream
Shadow Dream 5 måneder siden
What the hell did I just watch?
KHfan0011 5 måneder siden
24:07 Remake ends here....holy fuck they have so much left...this game will never be finished...
DRnotz 5 måneder siden
Listen, ff7 was a revolution in gaming. But IMO the story is too convoluted, and not explained very well at all. And I looooove the game.
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