Jose Mourinho on Sir Alex Ferguson's response after Porto's Champions League win over Man United

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A late goal from Francisco Costinha sent Jose Mourinho running down the Old Trafford touchline as Porto knocked Manchester United out of the 2003/04 Champions League. Jose Mourinho discussed Sir Alex Ferguson's response to the defeat when he appeared on on Goals on Sunday in 2015.
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Only In LORD JESUS I Trust!
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Benjamin Tanuwira
Benjamin Tanuwira Måned siden
How I wish I could go back to 2004
Pedro Brites
Pedro Brites Måned siden
when football was football
Loungejay Måned siden
Garry Neville, at no point, and he still doesn't, carry any kind of the alpha male gravitas that you need in that world. I don't know who or what he thinks he is.
Capitan Futuro
Capitan Futuro Måned siden
Wyatt Pride
Wyatt Pride Måned siden
I sink he's a special one
Alaistar Cook
Alaistar Cook Måned siden
He might have won all those trophies! And whatever but he isnt half of manager what sir Alex was, and Even Ole is better at man management skills than him. !
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Måned siden
Was a big sink for my club. Lot of water fit in it.
Nene 139
Nene 139 Måned siden
Couldn't beat Celtic in the UEFA Cup final with unsporting and cheating antics tho could yeh Jose?
wazza mc
wazza mc Måned siden
Still bugs me that Referee scrubbed out "GENUINE GOAL"! Think Russian Mafia may of bought officials off. In order for mourinho to sign with chelski.
Awarapan Måned siden
For what he does while taking charge of comparatively mediocre teams is what makes him the "Special one".
freaker126 Måned siden
Jose had good players in that Porto champion team. I remember deco which I like and he went to barca. I think cavalinho and Fereira followed him to Chelsea. Couldn't remember the rest.
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni Måned siden
Fergie never lacks respect💯💯
Jacky .W
Jacky .W Måned siden
long time ago
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe Måned siden
Jose is one of those guys who can get great success even with limited budget and with his own resources. Fraudiola meanwhile a cheque book manager, he couldn’t even get into a final with Bayern after spending millions in his 3/4 years with them. Same goes to his reign with city now. What Jose achieved with Porto is one of the best managerial masterclass of all time. He did well with united as well despite his lackluster squad. Hope he does well with spurs.
Nash Swer
Nash Swer Måned siden
Fergi retired as Manager because he knows Mourinho is back at Chelsea. How many times Fergi had win against Mourinho?
Vedansh Nathani
Vedansh Nathani Måned siden
Full video for this?
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru Måned siden
THAT time Ferguson didn't know Mourinho would eventually become Chelsea's legendary manager.😁
FlotationXx Djez
FlotationXx Djez Måned siden
The special sacked one. What a great sacking was from Man United, now prepare your self for the Totenham one 😉👍
adad Måned siden
What did he mean about Latin culture? Are British people that polite after losing ? I can imagine the British congratulating Gandhi for losing India LMAO. They probably congratulated Hitler for beating their ass.
Can Ozkan
Can Ozkan Måned siden
Sir Alex Ferguson.. real class..
W H Måned siden
Back in the days where beating Man Utd means something.. 😂
ian ibbotson
ian ibbotson Måned siden
Sandeep Athwal
Sandeep Athwal Måned siden
I love this good Sky/Madame deserve a round 👏 of👏 applause.!!
Bubbi Måned siden
Everyone forgetting or not knowing here that United got robbed. A decision that could have changed football history. Would Mourinho have joined Chelsea getting knocked out here? Probably not. Quite fascinating when you think about it.
Francisco Nóbrega
Francisco Nóbrega Måned siden
Glad to know Porto actually robbed something in Europe instead of getting robbed as usual.
Dhanaramk db
Dhanaramk db Måned siden
He is cool guy until he loses the match
John Munro
John Munro Måned siden
Ferguson should have won at least 2 more champions League titles, the year they lost to Porto was one of those years.
Admiralmoti Måned siden
Scholes wasn't offside. That goal should have stood would have seen United through
Mark Latchford
Mark Latchford Måned siden
Latin culture as said why jump all over suness for saying the same
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson Måned siden
@Scott Wildash Why not? "Doesn't *get* to talk about" - please. Newsflash: he can talk about whatever he likes, and so can you. In the context of human history, this is a relatively recently won right for all but a very select few. People like you seem committed to reversing that.
Scott Wildash
Scott Wildash Måned siden
Souness isn’t Latin so he doesn’t get to talk about Latin culture.
Abel Coelho
Abel Coelho Måned siden
Best manager in the world and now the manager of my favorite team in England the best of luck SENHOR MOURINHO
Clive TheRedDevil
Clive TheRedDevil Måned siden
They were so lucky to win that game. Paul Scholes had a goal disallowed for offside when he was played onside by 3 Porto players. It was scandalous.
Barry McAllan
Barry McAllan Måned siden
He should be man u manager one day...
José Costa
José Costa Måned siden
Scholes may have been onside and that may have led the game into extra time but remember, Porto was composed of totally unknown players and a very low budget compared to UTD's. Smaller clubs like Porto are always punching up because they just don't have the same financial abilities so if you find yourself needing a goal to go into extra time and MAYBE save the day against a team whose squad is valued at a fraction of yours maybe you're just bitter. Man Utd should've won by a large margin. Porto should never have won the champions league. The fact that those things didn't happen either means your club was grossly incompetent or something extraordinary was going on on the other side, which, even sir Alex recognised to be the latter.
Gina Brierley
Gina Brierley Måned siden
Was this the game manu had a perfectly good goal ruled out for offside
GoodTourguide 170
GoodTourguide 170 Måned siden
Yes 👍 from Paul Scholes and it wasn't offside at all. Ref was a prat.
corleth84 Måned siden
He's wrong though.... F.C. Porto had knocked out Man Utd before, in the 1977/78 edition of the Cup winners Cup (4-0 home win (Antas), and loosing 5-2 at Old Trafford). The 2 away goals were scored by Seninho (passed away on July 4th 2020, R.I.P.) who then went to play for New York Cosmos. Porto was knocked out by Anderlecht on the following round (1-0; 3-0)... and Anderlecht went on to win the Cup... they had the great dutch player Rensenbrink (passed away on January 24th, 2020, R.I.P).
Karl Marx Nunca Trabalhou
Karl Marx Nunca Trabalhou Måned siden
Sporting clube de Portugal was the first beating Man United.
Ankit Manna
Ankit Manna Måned siden
Greatest coach for me in the football history there are many other good coaches like sir alex furgeson, johan cruyff, pep Guardiola, Ancelotti,etc. But I think Jose Mourinho's victories are from incredible. Porto winning the champions league who is from a league which most people consider low or dont know about, Chelsea winning the premier league in a time when man utd dominated the world under sir Alex furgeson ,taking Man Utd to 2nd place which had a defence as good as Phil Jonesta(greatest owngoal scorer)and Chris Smalldini and winning the league with real Madrid against that Barcelona team which was just unstoppable and had almost all the best players from Spanish team and if I am not wrong someone called Messi. And so many other trophies(25 something) Not all coaches could have done these things But yet he is constantly criticized. Forever a footballing legend.
Ankit Manna
Ankit Manna Måned siden
I take his winning cl with porto
David S
David S Måned siden
Yes he has done brilliantly, but why do you list Chelsea and RM with them? With Chelsea he took a very expensive team that was already building towards success (2nd to the Invincibles) to the title. And at RM you're also looking at a team that's always there or thereabouts, as well as having Ronaldo establishing himself. It's also worth noting that he didn't win the CL with RM. I'd include his time at Inter over Chelsea and RM.
Son Jay
Son Jay Måned siden
Absolutely amazing what he has done with the squad he had. Full respect to the man, he has such a charming character
Jay Krishna
Jay Krishna Måned siden
I remember Mourinho saying that Manchester United were unlucky to lose against Real Madrid.. The Nani red card game!! He has always had class.. it's just that sometimes he choses not to show it!! Respect his achievements big time.. For the sake of context, yes, I'm a Manchester United fan
rusty_frame Måned siden
sir alex has always been class. unlike some of the younger managers these days *cough* lampard *cough* who are so full of themselves.
Asad Jang
Asad Jang Måned siden
Which program, channel and interview year is it?
Nick Hamblin
Nick Hamblin Måned siden
This could have been a massive 'sliding doors' moment in European football. Had Scholes' disallowed goal had stood (replays suggest he was onside), Man Utd would likely have progressed & Mourinho wouldn't have won the Champions League that year, possibly meaning he might not have been appointed Chelsea's manager & not furthered his reputation (at least, not as early).
Tobi A.
Tobi A. Måned siden
Class acts all round
BukayoSakaSZN Måned siden
His achievement was becoming Angry Rantman's dad.
Tactical Genius
Tactical Genius Måned siden
Signing maguire. Signing left back. This is what Mourinho asked the club to do at his time. Yet people think mourinho is wrong. Now nobody wanna talk about luke shaw or pogba. Not much difference in pogba's gameplay. Mourinho's bruno was lingard.😃🤣
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe Måned siden
The man that settled any argument as to how important managers are.
Peabo Mkhize
Peabo Mkhize Måned siden
To this day I really don’t like how Chelsea management treated this man and chose ill-disciplined players like Costa over him after all that he’s done for your team. It’s a business case on how not to resolve conflict.
Colin Bason
Colin Bason Måned siden
20 second unskipable ad for a product i will never buy on a video shorter than 2 minutes.
P. AlterEgo
P. AlterEgo Måned siden
just use ad blockers :)
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Måned siden
Bring back GOS and Sunday Supplement!
Masoud M
Masoud M Måned siden
U should thanks lines man to incorrectly disallowed Paul goal too in first round
NITROFURY Gaming HD Måned siden
"Big SINK" 🤣 i sink...
mark Måned siden
why aren’t they wearing masks?
Neal McEneaney
Neal McEneaney Måned siden
Typical Ferguson. Couldn't just let them have their party without getting involved.
Hassan Miah
Hassan Miah Måned siden
They laughed when he said finishing 2nd with Utd was his greatest achievement, well they’re not laughing now
Shaun R
Shaun R Måned siden
So accurate. Mourinhi is king, man United should've backed him.. Ed Woodward is the issue.
Villy Explorer
Villy Explorer Måned siden
@Only In LORD JESUS I Trust! I don't think Ole's achievement is great at all, and Mourinho's second place was good, but not great compared to his actual great achievements. I never compared the two.
Only In LORD JESUS I Trust!
Only In LORD JESUS I Trust! Måned siden
@Villy Explorer Ole’s achievement is great, but it has to be put in proper perspective, he achieved 3rd place with 66 points, while Mourinho achieved sixth place with 69 points. The only reason he achieved 3rd with 66 points is because last season the rest of the teams besides City and Liverpool were very poor. If it was like Mou’s first season, Ole team would have finished below sixth position. Basically, I am saying United were poor last season even though they finished 3rd. I was simply challenging your earlier statement because you brought up Ole’s third place position as if to say that is somehow equal or similar to what Mou achieved with Man U. Like I said, Ole’s best, 3rd place with 66 points is not even better than Mou’s worst, sixth place with 69 points. I am not even going to bring up Mou’s second place finish, because trying to somehow compare Man United’s third place finish with that is actually hilarious.
Villy Explorer
Villy Explorer Måned siden
@Only In LORD JESUS I Trust! what has that got to do with anything I said?
Only In LORD JESUS I Trust!
Only In LORD JESUS I Trust! Måned siden
@Villy Explorer Ole managed third with 66 points! Mourinho manage 6th with 69 points and second with 81 points. Mou at his worst was still better than Ole at his best.
p D
p D Måned siden
Big zink
James O'Neill
James O'Neill Måned siden
Lucky, lucky, lucky. Paul scholes disallowed goal for offside was at least 3ft onside. And then there was tim howard's howler!
ol ela
ol ela Måned siden
@owendagreat1 He had a goal wrongly taken away?
Darius Måned siden
Sport is primarily chance-based...
owendagreat1 Måned siden
Same thing happened to Liverpool with Adrian and no one gave them any sympathy.
Jose Cardoso
Jose Cardoso Måned siden
Cry more
A terrible football gamer
A terrible football gamer Måned siden
We were robbed that day on the offside goal but what a class SAF and Neville had.
R F Måned siden
Bring back goals on sunday
Lunar Skyye
Lunar Skyye Måned siden
Robbed. Scholes was onside.
You're Not That Guy
You're Not That Guy Måned siden
He won the Europa league the year before then the champions league the year after wow
safe Måned siden
@Mohammed Hussain then won the treble with inter
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain Måned siden
Then won the league with the highest points ever at the time the next season with Chelsea.
You're Not That Guy
You're Not That Guy Måned siden
@Srijith Menon I’m not a tottenham fan
Dan Leydon
Dan Leydon Måned siden
so did benitez, that rivalry was great
Retro MUFC
Retro MUFC Måned siden
@DillyDyson007 Which is the Europa league
Jeff Shaw
Jeff Shaw Måned siden
He looked up the word class afterwards and realised he had none.
Nafis Ibna Sayed Turja
Nafis Ibna Sayed Turja Måned siden
Sky Sports Retro needs views? Releases Jose's clip
M E Måned siden
Im a United fan, I love this guy. Thanks for the 6-1. You deserve it
@Advay Jhunjhunwala exactly bro he's clearly not a united fan
Advay Jhunjhunwala
Advay Jhunjhunwala Måned siden
A united fan wouldn't thank mourinho for that
Hessam Tabrizi
Hessam Tabrizi Måned siden
Yes I never forget that match! United was so unlucky because had so many chances to score and Poal Schols scored second healthy goal but referee said that was offside which it wasn't, after that Harold United keeper made a bad mistake and Porto scored,end of the day match draw1-1then Porto carried on and eventually became champion.
A.79 Måned siden
Mourinho is still childish just like he was when he was 6. An embarrassing character.
kev in
kev in Måned siden
I still haven't forgotten that we got knocked out of champions league 2013 undeserved and morinho said better team lost
adad Måned siden
What did he mean about Latin culture? Are British people that polite after losing ? I can imagine the British congratulating Gandhi for losing India LMAO. They probably congratulated Hitler for beating their ass.
مُرْتَضٰى على المنهج السلف الصالح
مُرْتَضٰى على المنهج السلف الصالح Måned siden
I still haven’t forgot that
Peter Francis
Peter Francis Måned siden
@horny Lorney as dyson above me has alluded to - he lived in a hotel room. I am not convinced that the long term manager of Man United should be living in a hotel room. I don't care how big and like home he said that it was. It doesn't send out the right message to me. But that's just me, I appreciate your view too. I think Mourinho is a great manager and even better person, however I don't feel Man United was always the job he wanted. He happened to be available when they needed a new one and who would ever turn it down. I think people have a tendency to romanticise people and situations. It's like that line from the song Always Wear Sunscreen - "you too will get old-- and when you do, you’ll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders". Mourinho was moody, confrontational and to me never looked like he was happy to be in Manchester. All of a sudden he comes back from the wilderness with a smile on his face to lead Spurs, and the dark experience most man utd fans went through with him is supposed to be forgotten. The awe in his eyes? haha please.
horny Lorney
horny Lorney Måned siden
He always wanted to manage United. Always showed Fergie respect from day 1, he'd walk out of the tunnel as away manager and turn left to the look at the massive North / Alex Ferguson Stand and you could see the awe in his eyes... especially that Real Madrid game you're talking about. It's such a shame we weren't the same United when he came because he really wanted it badly, but we're just too fucked up under the Glazers and Woodward
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson Måned siden
Jose Mourinho was one of the greatest manager when he managed Porto, Chelsea FC, and Inter Milan only after that his move to Real Madrid was started his downfall in his managerical career.
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson Måned siden
@Miguel Baptista whatever you say I don't care but I am saying the truth that Jose Mourinho downfall started at Real Madrid.
Miguel Baptista
Miguel Baptista Måned siden
@Anto Erickson You're not accepting the FACTS. You live in cookoo land. Cheers mate.
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson Måned siden
@Miguel Baptista you are not accepting the facts. Jose Mourinho downfall started in Real Madrid.
Miguel Baptista
Miguel Baptista Måned siden
@Anto Erickson The truth? Ahahahahha After your response to @eoe12321 I'm not even going to discuss it. You're delusional. Keep living in cookoo land. All the best.
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson Måned siden
@Miguel Baptista I said the truth that hurts you.
Shani Brilvene
Shani Brilvene Måned siden
Respect you Sir
Dan D.
Dan D. Måned siden
THE BEST CLUB ON EARTH AND OF ALL TIME. PORTOOOOOOOO!!!!! 🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐲🐲🐲🐉🐲🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🏆🏆
ᴇ.ᴅ. Måned siden
Dan D.
Dan D. Måned siden
Dan D.
Dan D. Måned siden
Friendly Neighbour
Friendly Neighbour Måned siden
Man utd fan here. My respect of Jose growing day by day dafter he left. Nobody believed him that he tried everything possible to carry the young man utd team. Hes analytically sharp and spoke his mind.
김도후 Måned siden
Pure class Sir Alex and Jose Mourinho...!
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns Måned siden
Man U used to be a big deal haha
Bear Måned siden
I sink it was amazing
4073 Jacob R
4073 Jacob R Måned siden
You sir are a gem @Sky Sports Retro
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang Måned siden
Mourinho had a lot of influence on SAF. After he won back to back PL titles, Ferguson also started using a similar style to Mourinho's Chelsea
sheldon carvalho
sheldon carvalho Måned siden
Remember when he stuck park ji sung with Pirlo all game? Classic Mourinho. Mourinho did the same with united Herrera sticking to Hazard
John Kent
John Kent Måned siden
@Ossie Ardilles, do you take exception to this comment about latin teams too? Or does it only count when northern europeans say it? I'm confused
Lucas Bigg Frisky
Lucas Bigg Frisky Måned siden
Mourinho will always be better than Ferguson IMHO, i will never forget Ferguson for sacking Roy Keane out of Man Utd.
Machar Måned siden
“I was a kid.” God, I love this man.
Wamulunji Wabukhonyi
Wamulunji Wabukhonyi Måned siden
@matpsim 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
matpsim Måned siden
@L His comment didn't mention Bendtner though
Merk SA
Merk SA Måned siden
@Seattle's Finest stfu
Seattle's Finest
Seattle's Finest Måned siden
He was already 41! That ain't no KID!!
L Måned siden
Please don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.
Kevin Geraghty
Kevin Geraghty Måned siden
Just shows sir Alex's class after knowing Utd were robbed that day
Czarface Måned siden
@Ricky He Was never a foul in a million years, that said can't excuse Tim Howard's gaff
Hugo Fernandes
Hugo Fernandes Måned siden
@Ricky He let us have this one it was one of the most important moments in Porto's history
Ricky He
Ricky He Måned siden
@Kevin Geraghty also, the freekick that led to porto's 90 minute goal was very harsh
Kevin Geraghty
Kevin Geraghty Måned siden
@Nhilzer utd were on top much of that game likelihood is they would have went through
Nhilzer Måned siden
@Kevin Geraghty Yeah but, you can't predict a game unless you're a fortune teller or whatever it could be... Maybe Porto would have scored 2 or 3 goals after the second one, refs make mistakes sometimes, sometimes it helps your team, sometimes it doesn't. And you speak about robbery, go check all the robberies Porto were victim of, against Bayern Munich by example when we had Mario Jardel as a striker, he was being held many times by the shirt and the refs never gave us a foul, while giving them almost 7 hilarious freekicks in less than 5 minutes... Against United, the ref just made a mistake, he wasn't in the best position to see the action, and it happened so quickly that it can happen for a referee to think it was offside.
virkstarr123 Måned siden
This is how teams would feel if they could beat UTD, now look at them.
Vaibhav Rohilla
Vaibhav Rohilla Måned siden
Nah,they've never been that good in CL.
BoomBoi Måned siden
@Ahmed Abdikadir Abdi Mhm because were gonna get penalties from not attacking, obviously you don't know how teams get penalties and understand that it's literally the defenders fault for getting pressured by us to foul. But that's the game, if we try to score the defenders stick a leg in the wrong way and a penalty happens.
Ahmed Abdikadir Abdi
Ahmed Abdikadir Abdi Måned siden
How many penalties did man u got to win a match? every game. So there's no Creativity and Attacking Lets be honest. Waiting for a penalty to convert a goal and win a match that's not something to talk. Man u need to rebuild again Jose could have done but the board didn't fulfill his orders.
BoomBoi Måned siden
@soyuncu lcfc I mean lets just ignore us having from January in the 19/20 seasons.
Roz Sa
Roz Sa Måned siden
We beat them twice in that period. The first time, home and away 1-0. The second time, we beat them 3-0 in the second leg. I never felt it was a mountain. Man Utd's champions league pedigree at the time was a pretty understated one. Just one victory vs Bayern Munich, when they played for 2 minutes. And now, their pedigree is still understated. They added one more champions league and that was through a penalty shootout vs an English club.
randy wong
randy wong Måned siden
i hope he didnt leave man utd . still one of the best manager out there
Heung-Min Father
Heung-Min Father Måned siden
@Sagar Hansraj 6-1🤫🤫
Sagar Hansraj
Sagar Hansraj Måned siden
@8r04lif3 even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day
Sagar Hansraj
Sagar Hansraj Måned siden
He didn't leave. He was sacked! Jose, stay the hell away from my club
Pi Ro
Pi Ro Måned siden
I watched documentary on amazon when he manages spurs great man
saz19s8 Måned siden
“The dressing room was like we won the Champions League, which was far from it” I wonder what the dressing room was like after actually winning the final
Aytaç Deniz Acar
Aytaç Deniz Acar Måned siden
like they won the final
taumus1 Måned siden
Maybe Mourinho was comparing it to them actually winning it months later
hank jones
hank jones Måned siden
Like they'd just beat man utd.
Nhilzer Måned siden
I was shocked after the game, not really believing what just happened. This team was special, never afraid of anyone.
Vikrant Gaude
Vikrant Gaude Måned siden
@Sameer Airy really 😂
Aleksandar B
Aleksandar B Måned siden
Mourinho is the best
TheMAU5SoundsLikThis Måned siden
That title’s a tongue twister
forzalarobur Måned siden
Italian name Portuguese Guy
Italian name Portuguese Guy Måned siden
At least in that game the refs weren't the central topic like in the game tonight against City
Jason Saba
Jason Saba Måned siden
@Italian name Portuguese Guy it really isn't
Italian name Portuguese Guy
Italian name Portuguese Guy Måned siden
@Jason Saba that's a first
Jason Saba
Jason Saba Måned siden
They sort of were because United got robbed
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Måned siden
If the United players had of bought into his methods they could have gone further ⚽️
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Måned siden
@Ewans soman exactly who cares about the past ole gunnar solskjaer got Cardiff relegated and you hired him Mourinho win everything and you paid him 20 million to go
Ewans soman
Ewans soman Måned siden
@Tom Smith Who cares about his past glory.His philosophy is not right for a team like united. We don't want a 30 year old grandpas running around the ground. We wanted a young squad which can play for 8 or 9 years together.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Måned siden
@Ewans soman a parasite that's won everything club football has to offer a treble in Italy a double with Chelsea a 100 point season with 121 goals for Madrid and a second place premier league finish at United with a UEFA cup which people are only realising how good it was now⚽️
Ewans soman
Ewans soman Måned siden
Yes for parking bus or kicking out good youngsters from squad.dude was a parasite
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Måned siden
I know but the didn't and then payed him 20 million to go and THEN bought Maguire 🤦‍♂️⚽️
Skipper Måned siden
BREAKING: Sky would like to apoogise over Sou.. I mean Mourinho's comments about the stereotyping of the Latin culture.
Spurs International
Spurs International Måned siden
jez.. if you dont get the difference between mou talking about HIS CULTURE and Sou stereotyping disparagingly about ANOTHER culture he is not part of you will forever live in darkness on these issues.
Pam walker
Pam walker Måned siden
Still no 1 manager in the world for me 🙏🏻
10ronaldinho11drogba Måned siden
Where can the Full episode be found????
rootzee Måned siden
0:47 thought my video had frozen lol what a poker face
89strangelove Måned siden
he got emotional there
QTR LEGEND Måned siden
Lijo John
Lijo John Måned siden
Top coach!!
bgfdvcxz dfghygfd
bgfdvcxz dfghygfd Måned siden
William billy
William billy Måned siden
He's been good for the game
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah Måned siden
He won a treble. Yeah. Read that again. He won The Treble. Name me 4 managers rn who are managing who've won the treble. Yeah.
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah Måned siden
@Simba LFC Two, yes and hansi Flick that's all
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah Måned siden
@Fredy Lourenzo heynecks is retired too my friend 🤷🏽
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah Måned siden
@Fredy Lourenzo that's three, i cant count Fergie, i said right now...but fergie was the best of all time no doubt, yes im a united fan
Simba LFC
Simba LFC Måned siden
@Fredy Lourenzo Hansi Flick?
Fredy Lourenzo
Fredy Lourenzo Måned siden
At the moment only Pep Guardiola and Luís Henrique if you count him coaching Spanish national team. Also Sir Alex but he's retired for a while, I think also Jupp Heynckes has one too.
aby modayil
aby modayil Måned siden
The best manager united had after sir alex.
Pudgy_Plays Måned siden
@Barry O'Brien ever heard of learning how to read when you were in school..?
FlotationXx Djez
FlotationXx Djez Måned siden
Nope he isn't The special money waster The special bus one The special sacked one.
SuperNoobyVideos Måned siden
Sad news
aby modayil
aby modayil Måned siden
@Blue-Haired Shanks i dont agree with you. The football we played during the 2017/2018 season was way better than how we played the other seasons. Ole is a good man manager and he understands the mentality of the players and supports them. But at cruch games mourinho had a diverse tactical knowledge that helped the team win some of the games. I support ole and he is doing some great work but i do believe that mourinho did a good job at united and i respect him for his time at united.
Blue-Haired Shanks
Blue-Haired Shanks Måned siden
@aby modayil United under mourinho played dead football. Watching ole's squad is much more exciting and we score goals.
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell Måned siden
we got robbed.
VIJAY4211 Måned siden
In the last 7 years, if there was one manager I felt safe as a United fan, it was under Mourinho. Simply coz, I knew if we didnt do well in PL, he would somehow win us one of the remaining trophies. In his first year, he won us 3 titles, in his 2nd year, he helped us finish 2nd with a pretty mediocre squad. The board didnt support him when he was begging them to buy a central defender if United had to be competing with City. It was only after he left we bought McGuire. Not sure how long Ole's gonna be with us, but I would love to see Jose coach us once again in the future.
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