Food Theory: How To SURVIVE Spicy Food! (Hot Ones Challenge)

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5 måneder siden

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Ever wonder how to beat the heat with your spicy food? Do you want to WIN the Hot Ones challenge? Today I am going to find out what will best squash the heat in your mouth! Will it be milk? Bread? Maybe even Diet Coke? Get your bibs on and get ready to eat some spicy chicken wings Theorists! I hope you're hungry!
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#Spicy #SpicyFood #ChickenWings #HotOnes #HotOnesChallenge #FastFood #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Samuel Corsie
Samuel Corsie 5 måneder siden
Steph: *dying inside and outside* MatPat: “It takes a while to bloom, y’know?”
Mardaux Castillo
Mardaux Castillo Dag siden
Steph: struggling to breath MatPat: smiling at the camera
Ben S. De La Cerna
Ben S. De La Cerna 2 dager siden
press f to pay respects
Help this asian.
Help this asian. 3 dager siden
Rakha 4 dager siden
Jason Y
Jason Y 7 dager siden
J.R. Caldoon
J.R. Caldoon 2 timer siden
Don't worry, MatPat. You'll be on there someday! I suspect menthol or similar "cold-sensation activating" chemicals might help a lot. Or, ya know, make it 100x worse. Either or!
donutsyo 5 timer siden
Anything sweet is always the key 🔑
inc2000glw 6 timer siden
Adaora 10 timer siden
Why didn't they try dark chocolate
Elena Enroth
Elena Enroth 11 timer siden
I could never do hot ones I die eating hot Cheetos :(
SCOTT LOGAN 13 timer siden
So im the only one that thought of lemon meringue pie?
khayzeian rillera
khayzeian rillera 16 timer siden
Me who puts sugar on milk(powder):i have no such weaknesses
*but none came
*but none came 16 timer siden
lemonade works better then lemon juice cuse of the sweet taste in it
plavi duks
plavi duks 17 timer siden
me nine
C.E.O of Giraffe
C.E.O of Giraffe 18 timer siden
Matpat: We’re getting spicy 😩 Plus all the grunts from steph. I hate you matpat.
Janky fett
Janky fett 18 timer siden
I think Matt pat is the only person I've seen that can rock that leathers jacket
Drake The Shadow Dragonite
Drake The Shadow Dragonite 18 timer siden
This is useful for a Wimp like me
Mario Suciu
Mario Suciu Dag siden
Romanians eat bread with bread
Reign Greyson
Reign Greyson Dag siden
Hope you ate plenty of bananas! If not, napalm is waiting to enter the chat.
Tyler Hazelip
Tyler Hazelip Dag siden
Cheese Productions 64
Cheese Productions 64 Dag siden
The Stephanie sandwich omg
Crimson Thunderbird
Crimson Thunderbird Dag siden
Everyone says that the Carolina reaper pepper is the hottest pepper at about 2 million while there is pepper X at 3.18 million
TPRJones Dag siden
The problem with the bread is it's not *just* bread, it's buttered bread. The fatty butter helps unlock the capsaicin molecules like milk does, and then the bread helps wick it up and remove it from the receptors. On the whole I find it quite effective, but it does mean eating a lot of buttered bread in a short period of time to put out extreme flames, which is not calorically efficient. Although I might have to try adding Steph's mixture to bread along with butter and see how that compares.
Tyler Goessl
Tyler Goessl Dag siden
Its funny how margate is sitting there with a smile talking to us and Stephanie looks like her insides are melting
2tpowers Dag siden
They knew he would fin a thing to stop the heat
Logical Linkin
Logical Linkin Dag siden
Vodka rlly
mike hawk
mike hawk Dag siden
Literally the whitest people on the internet. I'm actually shocked you 2 aren't vegan, the way you bragged about needing to buy vodka, and then barely drank any.
Spencer S
Spencer S Dag siden
Just do mind over matter. I got through a carolina reaper like nothing doing that.
CheapsKate Dag siden
should have used strait up detergent tastes rank but it kills spice fast and lasts
K 212
K 212 Dag siden
Lemon ice cream works :)
RoomyGalacticEater Dag siden
One word to describe this : P A I N
Christ Anothainart
Christ Anothainart 2 dager siden
God I feel so bad for steph
BupDuppers 2 dager siden
It actually is pronounced cap-say-ihs-in
Harmony Lathon
Harmony Lathon 2 dager siden
Steph: OMG FUCKING HELP ME matpatt: aannnndd cookie :D
Imaginarey Decon
Imaginarey Decon 2 dager siden
Stephanie through 🥵😭😀 matpat through🥵🧐🤔
Ellen's gacha comics
Ellen's gacha comics 2 dager siden
Steph : *dying* Mat pat : THe PEanUT HoNEy Is DeligHtFuLL
William Sandoval
William Sandoval 2 dager siden
Maybe Gordon ate the doughnuts for the sugar .
Heather Cobb
Heather Cobb 2 dager siden
I like how steph is DYING while matpat is just like it don't go stay
Audrey Yale
Audrey Yale 2 dager siden
Steph does NOT look okay at the end there
Animadumb or Animatroxa
Animadumb or Animatroxa 2 dager siden
Grape juice (believe me it works)
Ty 2 dager siden
MatPat drank so much water and stuff that his dad bod really popped out. FatPat
Astra Nominated
Astra Nominated 2 dager siden
"I hate breathing!" Is this relatable? Whenever you get a really bad headache, every time your heart beats, your head throbs. And you go: "I hate living!"
Jacob Breitha
Jacob Breitha 2 dager siden
Eat a Carolina reaper and drink a really carbonated drink
The Raging Wizards
The Raging Wizards 2 dager siden
Stephanie: *dying because of the vodka causing even more burning* Mat: *intense look of trying to figure out why*
Alex Branson
Alex Branson 2 dager siden
I was watching this video and going to get a snack. All my mom heard was,”Me and steph are getting spicy.” Thanks for making my mom panic
Hunter games
Hunter games Dag siden
You good ?
Hunter games
Hunter games Dag siden
Andy Costanzo
Andy Costanzo 2 dager siden
What about chocolate milk?🧐
Dr.Dinosaur64329 2 dager siden
cucumbers work pretty well too, i think a lot of thai food used them in spicy stuff
xbox_sweatyboi 2 dager siden
Me who knows you have to be born Hispanic
Pk _sgc
Pk _sgc 2 dager siden
Matpat is getting hot and sweaty knees weak arms are heavy moms spaghetti
Mark Jayzee Ortega
Mark Jayzee Ortega 2 dager siden
HUMANZZZ 2 dager siden
Any Indonesians here?
Hussam Gaming
Hussam Gaming 2 dager siden
• B E A N ツユ
• B E A N ツユ 3 dager siden
Stephanie: 😫🔥🧯🚒🏃‍♀️💨🥵👹 Mat: this is great!☺️✨⛅️
Zane Flournoy
Zane Flournoy 3 dager siden
Aisan grades a:average b:below average c:can’t eat dinner d:don’t use your phone for a year f:find a new family
Meme Club
Meme Club 3 dager siden
So you just boil diet coke?
ellaser93 3 dager siden
Wouldn't Yogurt and/or Sour Cream fit the bill? They're dairy based. They both have some acidity (especially Greek Yogurt.) And, they both can be sweetened (again, especially the Yogurt.)
Moo Moo
Moo Moo 3 dager siden
I just pretend that the hot sauce is ketchup
Lemonademan 3 dager siden
"I hate breathing" - Stephanie
Aiden Duong
Aiden Duong 3 dager siden
I found Dr. Thanh's Herbal Tea works pretty good too.
Anthony_ 287
Anthony_ 287 3 dager siden
Try chocolate milk
Melon Meat
Melon Meat 3 dager siden
Me watching this This is a false video they did not take into account the build-up of spice tolerance, the only way to properly execute this test would be to have exact clones of each human.
InteractiveOof 3 dager siden
I cant even take on a chicken wing, so don’t think of giving me a last dab sauce chicken wing either..
Impetere 3 dager siden
Jowan 3 dager siden
i dare someone to eat pure capsasin
creeper exploads
creeper exploads 3 dager siden
nah eat the whole lemon injected with sugar
Minecraft Pro 360
Minecraft Pro 360 4 dager siden
Steph: I HATE BREATHING Me when I'm sick: *cough* same *cough* *cough*
Sydney Barry
Sydney Barry 4 dager siden
I wonder if lemon yogurt would work?
Pranav A P
Pranav A P 4 dager siden
is this a hallucination or do i feel that matpat head looks yellow?
Bongokid 4 dager siden
Yes try candle wax lol
_Nines 4 dager siden
Why would you try to ease the pain? That's the whole point of spicy food :]
Roberto Muñiz
Roberto Muñiz 4 dager siden
For me, baguette bread works for me better than sandwich bread
MrSixth 4 dager siden
God tier intro
Total PK
Total PK 4 dager siden
3:45: when my mom brings out the belt.
Jordan South
Jordan South 4 dager siden
MatPat: ooh its like a band-aid for your mouth. And its delightful :D Steph: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
a-Pirate-cat Named-Queso
a-Pirate-cat Named-Queso 4 dager siden
Mat pat 2020 " I MADE A STEPHIE SANDWICH!!! "
sasuce52 4 dager siden
vanilla ice cream is the best thing i cant belive you didnt try that
Sonny Bunce
Sonny Bunce 4 dager siden
Why does spicy silence sound like a borat quote 🤔
Reaper Fox
Reaper Fox 4 dager siden
I am currently watching this video while eating chips and hot sauce
Lopi Dopi
Lopi Dopi 4 dager siden
This is why you can't get on hot ones, you wouldn't react at all.
Nam 4 dager siden
At first i thought it said beat the meat
Ice 122
Ice 122 4 dager siden
Science is lying to me ! Worst betrayals in animae
SA Bushcraft
SA Bushcraft 4 dager siden
Mattpat picture- super nerd Mattpat in person- Chad jock Lmao first time I saw him was such a surprise😂
Luka Taylor
Luka Taylor 4 dager siden
Yogurt and ice cream helps with spice
Jiro San
Jiro San 5 dager siden
From what I know, sugar lowers pain, especially when my tongue burned when I was younger, my mother told me to add sugar to my tongue. I don't know if it applies to spiciness.
Cactus Person
Cactus Person 5 dager siden
Salt works for me
Shapto Adjie Wahyu Nugroho
Shapto Adjie Wahyu Nugroho 5 dager siden
I use salt
Tamati Dewstow
Tamati Dewstow 5 dager siden
Put a tablespoon of mayo in your mouth just let it sit there and it feels there
R. C.
R. C. 5 dager siden
I wonder how effective sugary milk would work.
Chaos_Smiley 5 dager siden
I found it funny they didn’t know that vodka on its own burns when you drink it
Asiya K.
Asiya K. 5 dager siden
Hmmm... sugar water and acid... ICE COLD LEMONADE!!!!!
morgans email
morgans email 5 dager siden
does anyone know if regular coke will work as well?
Dominic Sujo-Ramirez
Dominic Sujo-Ramirez 5 dager siden
ayo u should give me sum vodka
BULLAH BOI 5 dager siden
Shouldn't you just try to swallow it as fast as possible because you kept saying in burns your tongue?
TheRedneckGamer1979 5 dager siden
whiskey works well imo
Mr. Boss.
Mr. Boss. 5 dager siden
Sokka the meat and sarcasm guy
Sokka the meat and sarcasm guy 6 dager siden
Cold ayran is such a delicious and great spice antidote
Adit Gaming
Adit Gaming 6 dager siden
Me after putting sugar in my lips: Konsprieresi taieraist
that one weeb friend
that one weeb friend 6 dager siden
Steph: *dying* Mat: STEPHANIE SANDWICH
D98M 6 dager siden
9:48 I'm going to make this mans pain a meme
James Runge
James Runge 6 dager siden
When the last dab set in the noises she was making got alot my wife looking at me 😂
rilley playz
rilley playz 6 dager siden
mix the two homeade solutions
CombatArts 6 dager siden
So lemonade is the best remedy?
MTB4 LIFE 6 dager siden
What about lemon ice cream ?
TURB0 6 dager siden
I wonder if they change how they drink it will it help more???
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