Final Fantasy 15 was a Mediocre Disappointment

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2 år siden

I had some Issues with Final Fantasy 15. Spoilers from minute 26.
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erictko85 42 minutter siden
Square Enix is pathetic now
Donald hysa
Donald hysa Dag siden
5:00 spotted the Trump supporter
Donald hysa
Donald hysa Dag siden
A simple and mundane scene of a boy band pushing their 400,000 dollars broken down sports car down the highway..
Jumpsuit TV
Jumpsuit TV Dag siden
When you hear the Hyperlightdrifter Soundtrack at the beginning. Goosebumps
Roddy Shikatekime
Roddy Shikatekime Dag siden
Disagree with the review, almost completely
serotoneeder Dag siden
The only video were I disagree with Wolf
Firekeeper is waifu
Firekeeper is waifu 2 dager siden
FFXV is so bad, it fails at even being a complete disappointment and thus only being a Mediocre Disappointment.
Jordan Guindon
Jordan Guindon 4 dager siden
You clearly havnt played the 7 remake yet. It makes this game look great.
stankorplank 2 dager siden
lol the 7 remake is pretty good from what ive heard. This video is not opinionated either yet your comment is. This is pretty much similar to someone saying they're asexual and another person say 'I can change that'. It's completely disrespecting the original statement and shows the other thinks they can change others views. lib = destroyed
ブラード 5 dager siden
FF13 is movie game, FF15 is graphic game, I predict FF16 will be music game.
Nicote 5 dager siden
The Gaming Community: a place where people get mad when the stories of characters and antagonists in a Final Fantasy game are not included in the base game, but when other company includes it, like in TLOU2, they also get mad.
Sir Mother-Foquin Dansbury IV
Sir Mother-Foquin Dansbury IV 6 dager siden
FF15 was my first experience with the Final Fantasy series and I loved it so much I cried (I cry too easily) and it gave me a greater appreciation for the other games.
ineedfiles 6 dager siden
I am so disappointed in the battle system... it’s all over the place and bushes get in the way of my view of the monsters??
Thurmanation2011s 6 dager siden
This was my first Final Fantasy game. It was fun at first but it became very repetitive. The sidequests and Dungeons were boring and felt lazy. I look forward to playing the other Final Fantasies at some point but 15 was not a great entry point.
JD Jones
JD Jones 7 dager siden
39:30 bro chill you getting too heated
Antonino Caminiti
Antonino Caminiti 7 dager siden
I remember watching the trailer of FFVSXIII years ago and thinking: "Man, this is gonna suck" And repeating it with each trailer ... I was right
Elizabeth 7 dager siden
19:50 the game play actually relies on dodging and parrying blows a lot. That's how I made it through most of the dungeons and bosses. I dont think using the example of beating up grunts is fair without mentioning this.
Generous Dollar
Generous Dollar 7 dager siden
It annoyed me that he didn't talk about ardyn. He was my favorite character.
DRINKS MENU 8 dager siden
Played this entire game without knowing about the DLC or the Kingsglave movie, I hated it, it was terrible. Now this video is explaining to me why I hated it.
india j.
india j. 8 dager siden
Kristopher Lee
Kristopher Lee 8 dager siden
Yeah, I liked FFXV better when it was FFX.
BOSS ROSS 8 dager siden
Idk, I feel like there's a huge disconnect between people who hyped this game to oblivion and people who just stumbled upon it years later. I've never been a big FF fan, but decided to pick this up after beating the FF7 Remake and so far this game's incredible. Basically like a western RPG with JRPG themes. Having this amount of player freedom and customization in a Final Fantasy game is insane, it's hard for me to see where people were disappointed unless you were wanting the typical ultra-linear, more hands-off type of game like a lot of the other FF games and like the FF7 remake.
Raphael Content
Raphael Content 5 dager siden
You have terrible taste. It’s as simple as that. It’s okay to like FFXV, but you have to admit that you are attracted to mediocrity.
_ZaYNsWEg 6 dager siden
I just finished the game a few hours ago and i thought it was amazing, sure the story was quite messy but I thought it concluded really well. Really sad also but i dont think this game deserves the extreme criticism it gets.
Nino Best
Nino Best 8 dager siden
I mean I liked the game 🤷🏽‍♂️
Cullin Rogers
Cullin Rogers 8 dager siden
Instant dislike from the title alone. This game is a masterpiece
Something Pithy
Something Pithy 7 dager siden
please, *please,* watch the video. it isn’t just mindless bashing as the title may lead you to believe.
T-Master rules
T-Master rules 8 dager siden
I always felt the noctis in the first final fantasy trailer was different from the one in the video game, now I know why
HoAu 8 dager siden
0blivion Void
0blivion Void 8 dager siden
Avery Nathan
Avery Nathan 9 dager siden
Regarding the destruction of Insomnia. Goddamn FF2 is better at writing in this regard. They established how powerful the Emperor is by having the first thing he does being invading the main Kingdom of Fynn. The next second he bombs most major settlements with Dreadnought, cutting their population by half. The next, next second he reduces what little remained of the cities by sweeping them with a cyclone, utterly decimating and rendering them non visitable anymore.
Brave Fehn
Brave Fehn 9 dager siden
I both understand most of the criticism here but as someone from a place with a lot of dangerous wildlife we all do pretty much nothing against, nothing about the settlements struck me as odd. Sure there are dangerous monsters out there but most predatory creatures that are just a part of life tend to avoid human settlements because they're too loud with little to gain. Unless they adapt to eating trash, they will naturally avoid it, and if they don't naturally avoid it, building up walls will just be way more of a cost than a reward. The monsters are like how I feel about mountain lions, sure they're dangerous, but in a town you're not likely to run into them, there's no point wearing armor, and why would a morbol come wandering in a concrete city in the first place? I do wish the character designs were better though because sometimes I get a very "final fantasy GTA" vibe which does make me feel kinda silly.
Nathan P
Nathan P 9 dager siden
Blind? Lolz. I used sleep and Shiva. Well, at least now I know.
David Medford
David Medford 9 dager siden
FF15 and 12 were the only Final fantasy games I never finished because I couldn't stay engaged or interested.
vincentgraymore 9 dager siden
12 and 6 for me. Granted I had 1 year pause from XV before I finished it.
Canon Theory
Canon Theory 9 dager siden
Why they changed the ATB strategy based XIII combat to XV warp hold down O and spam potions combat I’ll never understand
Mein Liebe
Mein Liebe 10 dager siden
XII has amazing battle, but the story is a meh . . . When i played XIII, i lost interest after a few days.
applehecc 10 dager siden
6:30 Dragon Quest also explains that monsters weren't always a problem, and they came back shortly before your character was born, excusing the cities and the people for not being 100% guarded against monsters, but their threat is also present, getting progressively more intimidating through the game. The cities also get taken over and attacked a few times, so they get what they get for low defenses after about 15+ years of monsters
applehecc 10 dager siden
I remember being in middle school around 2013 and me and my friend being so hyped for ffxv I finally played it a few years ago and it's lame. It's the kind of JRPG that expects you to spend hours in the overworld despite giving the player no reason outside of XP to go into the overworld
thewickedone 10 dager siden
The ending tho.... 😢 as disjointed as ever still hit me in a way most games could never.
J.Bluezz 11 dager siden
yeah but the fishing minigame is fun 9/10 game
LeetHaxington 11 dager siden
FF died after 10. MMO spinoffs like 11 shouldn't be numbered entries. 12 had monsters visible / dodgeable on the map and the game literally just played itself.
S4 Juno
S4 Juno 11 dager siden
So Nomura fck the history, no surprise
Cosmichu 11 dager siden
I'm not into Final Fantasy games but HOLY COW this game looks gorgeous
melkisedeck 11 dager siden
Too much effort in narcissistic marketing. Almost no effort in storytelling and player experience.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics 11 dager siden
Here here! ✊ Never played 15, but now I do not intend to. I was there when we lost Aeris. I saw the apocalypse and the floating continent when it was brand new and friends shared secret stories of unfound villages and hidden events. Frak that crap B.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics 11 dager siden
I cried.
Soul Mechanics
Soul Mechanics 11 dager siden
Sad story though..
McUniboob 12 dager siden
i think most of this game's issues spawn from it being an open world game, had it been a linear storytelling game, i think most of these issues would've been null and void. for example, had they done what you had said with insomnia, i think that would've been good, but i also think if they had managed to find a way into forcing the 3 dlc stories into the main game, then that would be a huge step up. the open world doesn't really add anything other than the amazing landscapes into the game anyway, with vast stretches of land featuring literally nothing, they can still keep the landscapes, just improve everything else
HoAu 12 dager siden
August Martin
August Martin 12 dager siden
When I played it, I didn't watch any of the surronding media around it. And When I was playing it, felt like the characters were extremely lovable, I felt potential in every part of the game, and generally enjoyed my time, BUT i just,,,felt weird about the main story. It didn't feel good at all, and i felt confused the majority of the time, and everything felt disjointed. sucked
Hanna Lansall
Hanna Lansall 12 dager siden
Despite the world being more barren than an abandoned playground, the story being held together by duct tape and wood glue, and the combat being a dumbed-down version of "hit the thing until it dies" I still really love it. It's the characters for me. It was the first FF game that I actually played myself, and I found the most fun just running around and listening to the banter between the four of them. Yes, it was nothing groundbreaking, but they talked like real people and reminded me of my friends. I love this game, flaws and all.
Beto Serrano
Beto Serrano 13 dager siden
Let's hope that FFXVI is better than XV
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia 12 dager siden
It better be. Ff15 was notably affected by persona 5's intended release, as well as comparisons made to dragon quest 11. Even their own alternate games like bravely default are putting the main games to shame. Square no longer has the form grip on jrpgs it once did or even on great writing for video games. They're stagnating, and with new great options out there's less reason to buy their games
raernst 13 dager siden
My opinion of this was: For any average RPG, it would have been an okay game. For the 15th entry in a long loved felt like someone at Square gave the order to 'just get it shipped already, we'll fix it later'. We, the fans deserved better. I played the day 1 version, complete with missing cut scenes and plot holes you could drive a truck through. The game became irredeemable in my opinion.
samuel thompson
samuel thompson 13 dager siden
Top video! subbed
Tom Driver
Tom Driver 14 dager siden
When you said "I want to end this video by asking a question" I really thought you were going to say: "who took the photo" 😆
Devon Williams
Devon Williams 14 dager siden
They didn't even get to finish all the DLC. What a shape.
Paulo Köch
Paulo Köch 14 dager siden
Ore pee gee. Every time. 😂
Egune Zasca
Egune Zasca 15 dager siden
At least is not worse than Cyberpunk 2077
Turtleinthehole 15 dager siden
Literally everyone on here saying ffxv was bad has terrible reasoning “it’s not turn based” or “I’m not a fan of mmos” literally don’t buy the game then.
Something Pithy
Something Pithy 7 dager siden
watch the video, he gives reasons other than those.
Turtleinthehole 14 dager siden
@Mediocre Gamer if you have PlayStation there’s a ps plus collection with the royal edition for free rn, if not then I recommend you get it anyways
Mediocre Gamer
Mediocre Gamer 14 dager siden
Glad to see I'm not the only one here years later 😅 just deciding on buying this game
Nahh Fam
Nahh Fam 15 dager siden
They could have fixed the xp bonus by having two members prefer camping and two prefer comfort. Boom
Gerhard King
Gerhard King 15 dager siden
I think this game is fine
Caribou Goo
Caribou Goo 16 dager siden
Making a worthwhile city for insomnia would be too much. The fall of insomnia should have been a halfway point in the gaming with tons of flashbacks and conversation between the characters fleshing out insomnia and their relationships to the people in it. Maybe that would take some tweaking of the main plot so you're not doing a whole lot of nothing in that regard for half the game. It could be a journey to find a way of protecting the city from niflheim. Luna could be a recurring character in flashbacks and she only becomes important to the story when it's found she's connected to being able to control the summons. There could be interesting conflict as noctus is reluctant to put her in danger despite everyone else accepting it as necessary. Build her up as an aerith to give some weight to it As for the combat, I don't think the flashiness of the series goes well with the real time action. I'd rather see a turn based system with 3d movement, unique complimentary usage to the characters, and a focus on positioning for effective combos and aoe attacks. Magic should be a huge part of the strategy of the game not something locked behind item collection The empty world isn't inherently bad, just flesh out the places the quests will take you and make everything memorable. Just having a functional combat system so a new enemy actually forces you to learn how to fight it, is half the battle. Creative direction with the sidequests is the other half. If you have to use extrinsic motivation to get players to slog through sidequests, you're doing something wrong
rideaway1 16 dager siden
i REALLY LOVE THIS GAME this games a masterpiece and the best final fantasy stop hating it
Something Pithy
Something Pithy 7 dager siden
you are young.
RaeBordz27 16 dager siden
FFXV is the only game that made my realize that old trailers are actually better than the ACTUAL game...Man im so dissapointed i wanted this game to become a huge success and become a huge identity to the Final Fantasy games just like FFVII did Just to find out they purposely made the game for casuals even before the game starts it says "A Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers" they might as well just said "A Final Fantasy for Casuals and RIP to the diehard fans because they will easily notice the flaws of this game lol"
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 17 dager siden
FFXV is the Disney/Pixar Brave of the Final Fantasy franchise. Beautiful with a meh story and technological advances that will be applicable to future franchise entries.
Conflict Project
Conflict Project 18 dager siden
Yeah 15 was trash
KiroTheAssassin 16 dager siden
Mediocre, not trahs. It has its merits. Trash is an indication that something didn't have anything good in it, Final Fantasy XV did and it's not trash because of that. Just meh, when compared to the other games, with only its huge Open World and Good Graphics keeping it from being an actual dissapointment. This is the same case, as when a game is disappointing, but because of nostalgia.. it's more praised than criticized. But, going back, trash isn't what to call FFXV but more like average with above average presentations.
British Tea
British Tea 18 dager siden
Tales of Symphonia was a better Final Fantasy XV than Final Fantasy XV.
Richard Samuelson
Richard Samuelson 19 dager siden
10:33 Except that Breath of the Wild _doesn't_ incentivise exploration, due to how limited stamina is; how quickly weapons and shields break, making random combat encounters a literal hindrance; how many things aren't visible on the map, instead requiring the player to climb a tower and pin them down. Just...eurgh. Breath of the Wild might be better than FFXV, but it's nowhere near as great as Assassin's Creed Origins or Ghost of Tsushima.
Something Pithy
Something Pithy 7 dager siden
@Richard Samuelson fuck the wii, me and my homies hate the wii
Richard Samuelson
Richard Samuelson 7 dager siden
@Something Pithy Apparently, I've got a lot of those. I don't like Super Mario Galaxy or 3D World either, for example, and I like DOOM (2016) more than Eternal for several reasons. Oh, and the Wii is the worst console - goddamn dysfunctional motion controls, and practically no Classic Controller support.
Something Pithy
Something Pithy 7 dager siden
this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that. what an odd take.
Rhys Murdoch
Rhys Murdoch 19 dager siden
This video is excellent. I wholly agree with all the points you made and you even articulated some things I wasn't sure how to say but you hit the nail on the head. (Also, just found your channel the other day and quickly becoming a super fan).
Amos Harlekin Cunow
Amos Harlekin Cunow 19 dager siden
I thought the FFXV movie was amazing. Really happy they made that epic happen
Carlos Fred
Carlos Fred 19 dager siden
Ok I believe you.
Wolraad Wolltemade
Wolraad Wolltemade 20 dager siden
27:37 This went into Race real fast, too fast.
Alex V
Alex V 20 dager siden
I feel like they catered it too much towards newer players. It's hypocritical of me to say because FF15 was the game that pulled me into the series (I can't thank it enough for that). They tell you in the beginning of the game "This is a Final Fantasy for hardcore fans amd first timers" and knowing this really makes it visible on subsequent playthroughs as well as along with this video. This game was way too watered down and could've been better while still being a game for beginners and solid fans. This in tune with how the development was over the course of the 10 years and you can see how much it hurt the game. It could've been the Cyberpunk 2077 before the actual Cyberpunk, but instead actually fine tuned in both story and gameplay. It's just a shame this couldn't be the case.
Veteran Nintenerd
Veteran Nintenerd 21 dag siden
When I got to the DLC/animated miniseries part of the video, I had a massive realization that this is exactly what Pokémon Sword/Shield did; unsatisfying base game sold at full price with DLC that felt more mandatory than it did supplementary *AND* an animated series available to watch for free on NOpost (called _Twilight Wings)_ to add a little extra content that the game should've otherwise had done itself. Making the kind of DLC free in both FF15's and Pokémon's cases would've really made a bit more of a difference in how we perceive the execution of these games. Then comes that one guy defending them paying for the extra content as if these development studios are struggling to keep the lights on and failing to pay their employees.
Marco the dragon
Marco the dragon 21 dag siden
My theory Only noctis and his friend can see the monsters
M4R 22 dager siden
Finally something to agree on. FF15 was actually worse than FF13! FF13 with its quirks was a far more consistent and better crowded with assets game! FF13 WAS BETTER ! xD FF13-2 was an improvement, and well Lightning Returns was alright too... FF16 seems like it will suck as much as FF15 in its choice for assets.
Brett Wilshe
Brett Wilshe 22 dager siden
It’s the worst game I’ve ever loved
A J 22 dager siden
I remember when it was Fabula Nova Crytallis in the headlines. And there was just a CGI movie of Noctis in a car, I believe. I was a HUGE FF fan the majority of my life, I became enthralled with it on the NES and 6 on SNES sealed my love of the series. I played every iteration up until 13, looked forward to 15 when it finally came out and was extremely underwhelmed. I just really, really dislike the combat, didn't care for the characters, just nothing about the game could keep me playing for very long. Ever since 12 I just haven't been into FF like I used to be when I'd devour every single one. Shame, it was a huge part of my life. I was that nerd wearing the Moogle Advent Children pin, a FF7 watch and stuff. Cringe now but it really was something special to me. Maybe some day I'll try 15 again, as it stands I'm just not interested.
Morgan Yuan
Morgan Yuan 23 dager siden
I only play FFXV one year after the release of Royal edition, I did my homework, read/watched/played every thing according to the in-game timeline. The result is I love the game. This is my first FF game and I love it's story. However, I totally agree all your points in this video because I also learned about versus13 and what 15 could be.
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia 24 dager siden
I do unfortunately place a chunk of blame on Nomura. His flights of fancy bloated both what ff15 could've been, but also what kh3 (and the series all in all) should've been.
drank claw
drank claw 24 dager siden
I love all your videos, the scripts are always on point and the content is very well researched... but this one? Above standard. Suuuuchhhh a phenomenally well put together video, thanks for all the effort you put into organizing and sharing your thoughts - and providing more background and history about production (which made me feel a little less bitter)... but also thank you for explaining the story, and the "impact" of the capital city getting attacked... because despite playing the game, and seeing those events play out, I still felt like I didn't "get" what was really going on? Anyway yes, thanks for this video. And have a fantastic happy new year Mr. Super Eyepatch Wolf haha, really really great video had to comment
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 24 dager siden
Looking at ff15 hearing FF7 mind trip. I will unless I lose myself REMEMBER FF7 intro FOREVER. I could recall the og FF open and when I heard the FF7 notes I was 16 I was 8 going into my first real adventure one where if it got hard I called my dad who'd beaten it might bail me out. At 16 I was not going on a child's adventure with a child's mindset. I went on a REAL adventure one with loss, pain, lies, and dark truth. To me FF7 is the transition from fun adventure where it's a happy ending EVERY TIME to a bittersweet if not phyric victory where not everyone who comes along returns.
Shatteredglass 23
Shatteredglass 23 24 dager siden
This video was RIGHT ON THE MONEY. This is NOT Final Fantasy
Stephen Doucette
Stephen Doucette 24 dager siden
I found the elemental draw points and the buffs from Ignis' cooking are what insentivised camping out for me. FFXV is a game i really hate that i've played several hundred hours of
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 25 dager siden
The fact that the monster fights were new in world blows my fucking mind like how bad was monster hunter before thats such a huge fun obvious aspect of the game i would think its always been there
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 25 dager siden
To be fair no ff game has walls in many cities at all
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 25 dager siden
Open world games are never going to be good
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 7 dager siden
@Something Pithy red dead is really boring imo lol and breathe of the wild look absolutly amazing but i havnt played it
Something Pithy
Something Pithy 7 dager siden
@Josh Elderkin how do you feel about rdr2 or botw?
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 25 dager siden
Assassins creed one taught me that 😂
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 25 dager siden
Lmfao how you gonna patch a story 😂😂😂😂😂
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 25 dager siden
Lets be real we all knew it was gonna be shit
Zorua Hunter
Zorua Hunter 25 dager siden
Can't you say that it was a deliberate design choice to make you choose between story and exp?
Capman 25 dager siden
U should play xenoblade chronicles x lmao.
Key Bum
Key Bum 25 dager siden
Love the hyper light drifter music!
Eddie MORALES 26 dager siden
I predict final fantasy 16 is gonna be trash because they seem to have taken the wrong lessons from it
Saintly Halo
Saintly Halo 23 dager siden
Its been produce/direct by the same person who made FF14: A Realm Reborn.
Gon Don
Gon Don 26 dager siden
Jennifer Johnston
Jennifer Johnston 26 dager siden
i personally feel that Arden is a unrealized masterpeice. He's up there with Kefka! But! Square enix could of done *so much more* with him. I honestly want to create a villain like him, but go further. do more with someone like him. And I possibly will do so. :) I love being a writer because I can expound on what I feel that is missing from some of my favorite characters.
Tyler Rock
Tyler Rock 26 dager siden
Did you even play it
alyo dublin
alyo dublin 25 dager siden
Was there something he got incorrect?
A man of no reputation
A man of no reputation 27 dager siden
The point about having a diverse cast is an important one. So much emphasis is placed on the tedious moralistic social-justice aspect of incorporating different races that the actual narrative benefits of doing it are completely overshadowed: diversity being a good thing is taken as so axiomatic that it defeats it's own purpose within a story. By making people overconscious of race relations, including a diverse cast is felt to be arbitrary and obligatory when there are plenty of reasons and can and should evolve as a natural part of the creative process. Even when people do bring these things up in many online discussions, I've felt like it's either in service to the sickening ulterior motive of putting the entire industry under the same political yoke, or blown out of proportion with false equivalences in order to, once again, push an agenda: "Why would you ever *not* make your cast as diverse as humanly possible? It's always going to offer more variety than a group of people with the same background. It's not like there could be any thematic purpose to doing that either..." To elaborate: if the idea is that different backgrounds offer different perspectives, then this angle hypocritically excludes viewpoints antithetical to it's own.
A man of no reputation
A man of no reputation 27 dager siden
"...and as you spend the opening hours of the game driving through this world, the sights and sounds really do make it feel like you're on a roadtrip with four friends." But does it make you *feel* like Batman?
Dreamhunter 27 dager siden
they should've just delayed the game and did more testing, refining, and anything else, and just included everything in the original game.
Mouse Rat
Mouse Rat 28 dager siden
14:36 you made me say "crotch diners" :(
Matías José Prieto
Matías José Prieto 28 dager siden
No need for the Final Fantasy 7 spoiler there x.x
Ummer Farooq
Ummer Farooq Måned siden
The four guys in a car would be boring for the simp generation
Plaguis - KFP Dishwashing Machine
Plaguis - KFP Dishwashing Machine 27 dager siden
lol what
sanjeetr Måned siden
This guy sounds like Ryan Hollinger
Tibor Sipos
Tibor Sipos Måned siden
I was disappointed in the game. And the only reason I purchased a ps4 was this game... Combat became boring. Beautiful, but really boring. My playstyle was press phase until opportunity happens then attack. Bigger problem was that the game never explained the mechanic properly. I found out that combo attacks doesnt work (that was a major part of tutorial) if you use the royal weapon. And the stat boost was so brutal there it was like comparing a dumpster stale junk burger to a gourmet meal... The minigames... the sidequests... Uhh... Look... I know its a trend to create realistic games with timesink minigames, but when there are too many... and OPTIONAL... it loses all its power as a single player game. I dont want to sit down fishing, taking pictures in a single player game. And the first half is a running simulator. The car was like a traintrack (oh boy... ill be back for this). Wohoo. Heres the key. Now you can watch people talking. And I was like: Did I just purchased a screensaver on my ps4 for tripleA full price?! And the sidequest... Lets say it was just shouting out, that this could have been an mmorpg game. Camping matters with friends, you discover the barrens. But ina single game where: main quest is that way. Btw... there are 4 sidequest if you already going there. Hmm... typical mmorpg pathing. The story... I was disconnected from it. I do not wish to be spoonfed, but if its a RolePlaying SIngle Player Game, I expect to be at least sympathize with the character I play with. You go out, have your little fun, do some pitty jobs for the lulz. And then... traggic happens. Your waifu dies. And Im like. Btw... who is she?! Ok... seen flashbacks and cute letter changings. But appart from that why you so down? You mentioned the sidestories, and sadly I admit... never realised I lost members. At one point I was like: Wait... Ignis is blind? How? Why? Oh boi... Noctis is sad and depressed. And I am disconnected here. I am supposed to feel sad, but all I feel is wtf is going on?! And when we reached the train... The game became a rollercoaster. Look guys... heres a huge open world game. 1st chapter was massive. If this blew your mind, imagine what the endgame will be like? Endgame: train... the rest of the story was tunnled down. No sidequest, NO detours, NO interesting things. Im like. Nice... this is a cool city I want to explore. NOPE. This way. Eat your scripts with brokkoli! And suddenly youre in the future. A grim one. And the enemies are supertough. Until this point I beat every enemy so easy, but now theyre 20 levels above me. Is this a nightmare section? Wrong. That is actually the endgame. But heres magic dogo to lurk in your own memories to level up and unlock thing. Excume, wtf? What memories? I was catapulted here. I have no memories of the past. Turned the game off... Never finished. Never cared the rest. I saw DLC-s came out that balanced the horrible taste of the main game, but I skipped it. FF had one stike with 13. I was disappointed and turned the game off Bartendulus or whateverhisface. I was waiting for 15, hoping they fixed 13 problem. Never bothered the MMO final fantasy-s. Doubt that its worth to join. We have a ff7 remake part1. (yes... I am commencting 2.2 years after this video was uploaded) But never bothered to repurchase the console for it. I am waiting for the pc release, dodging internet spolers. Well... the hype was massive, yet after a weeks ff7 disappeared from the spotlight... Not sure if the smoke was bigger than the flame, or netiquette does exist and spoiling trolls consider themselves funny only for a week.
The 7th Seven
The 7th Seven Måned siden
The Twilight Zone 😂✨ Fantasy based on illogical reality.
cute face
cute face Måned siden
Grand Theft Fantasy...
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen Måned siden
Hey! I kinda liked the draw system from VIII. :-(
Shenmue 3 is a Terrible Game and I’ve Wasted My Life
jim's office pranks over the years
Gus Johnson
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Transporter-1 Mission
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Why You Should Play Silent Hill 2
Super Eyepatch Wolf
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Yakuza is Stupid and Beautiful and I Love It
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The Fall of Bleach: 4 Years Later
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The End of Naruto: A Series of Highs and Lows
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The Bizarre World of Fake Martial Arts
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The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened
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RWBY Is Disappointing, And Here's Why
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jim's office pranks over the years
Gus Johnson
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Transporter-1 Mission
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Jennifer Lopez performs at Joe Biden's inauguration
I'm Back With A Huge Announcement!
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I Bought Everything In 5 Stores
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