Tragic Details About Prince William

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It's easy to imagine that members of the British royal family, like Prince William, have it made. But the royal existence isn't always a fairy tale, and this prince has seen his fair share of hardship and heartbreak. These are some of the tragic details about Prince William.
Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, went through a very messy, very public divorce - which was also incredibly prolonged. Charles and Diana first announced their separation in 1992, when William was just ten years old. Given their popular union and the royal family's historically fraught relationship with divorce, however, it was several years before they made the split official.
Even after announcing their separation, the Prince of Wales and the People's Princess "continued to carry out their royal duties," according to the History Channel. However, their already-strained relationship continued to deteriorate, with much of the drama playing out in the public eye.
In November 1995, when a 13-year-old Prince William was attending boarding school, his mother gave an explosive, tell-all interview about her marriage. Airing on BBC One's Panorama, one of the most memorable moments came when Diana was asked if Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles' then-alleged mistress and now-wife, played a role in the breakdown of the union. She famously replied,
"Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."
According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, William was reportedly "mortified" by this deeply personal interview - not only had his peers watched, but he was hounded by the paparazzi.
Eventually, Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II, urged the two to formally divorce, which they did in August 1996.
Divorce isn't easy for any child, but for William, the very public breakdown of his parents' marriage was reportedly extra traumatic. One royal expert claimed in the 2017 documentary Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen,
"I think that he was quite seriously affected by the bad relationship of his parents."
Watch the video for more Tragic Details About Prince William.
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Diana's Death | 1:55
Lingering pains | 2:37
Dating William | 3:53
Kate's privacy | 4:58
Family safety | 6:18
Accused of infidelity | 7:28
Mental health | 8:39
Strained relationship | 9:57
Public speaking anxiety | 11:14
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Natasha Patel
Natasha Patel 15 dager siden
Prince William is a really nice caring person who does a lot for charity and homelessness
Nes Clem
Nes Clem 16 dager siden
Handsomesoon to be king " King William"...!
John 15 dager siden
Two bother but love
Ulrich Mehrwald
Ulrich Mehrwald 16 dager siden
Daniela Daniel
Daniela Daniel 18 dager siden
prince william is one devil
Casey Alvear
Casey Alvear 18 dager siden
Dollars should no longer be circulated. We have bigger things to move!
Katja Golden
Katja Golden 18 dager siden
I lost my Dad when I was 11 and my brother was 9. It’s been 37yrs since I lost him. I will still break down couple times a year even tho it was so long ago. But I know he watches me over me & my children
Dominique Roydor
Dominique Roydor 19 dager siden
Who cares about privileged brats, when there is SO MUCH REAL misery and cruelty in this world.......
Carol D. Nelson
Carol D. Nelson 21 dag siden
Hope William and Kate king queen
Carol D. Nelson
Carol D. Nelson 21 dag siden
Hope William and Kate stay good marry . I love william and Kate sweet beautiful family . No No Divorce. I love Di , william ,Harry . I love Charles and queen Elizabeth good heart ❤ BEAUTIFUL FAMILY . I prayer Harry
Karen Roberts
Karen Roberts 23 dager siden
What Harry has done to his brother is despicable he needs to support his brother, then again the wives are different, one supportive, the other a yacht girl hag.
Nit marr
Nit marr 25 dager siden
I think we keep blaming it on the media, it's not really the media's intrusion if people don't buy their stories. People love to hear what's going on with the loyal family and buy the paper or magazine which makes the media rich. They'll never stop doing this as long as people are willing to pay for it.
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott 26 dager siden
I wouldnt like to be a royal for all the tea in China........being a commenter is the best....
Edward Grenke
Edward Grenke 27 dager siden
Princess Di was murdered!
Judith Apacible
Judith Apacible 28 dager siden
I will not blame Diana for d break up because everything dat happened is d decision of d royals as they want to have have heirs to d throne who looks a pretty or handsome king or queen if it was Camilla they did allow Camilla they might not get they would not get nice kids like now. They just used Diana as bearer of beautifull kids for d throne.
Yvette Genevieve Montboissier
Yvette Genevieve Montboissier 29 dager siden
What a whiner. He should live just one month in our common lives. Count your undeserved blessings, royal crybaby
Maggie hall
Maggie hall 28 dager siden
Yvette who’s the whiner it sounds like your doing the whining to empathise with both Prince’s William and Harry might bring out your generosity of spirit that’s if you have one.
Sonia Whalley
Sonia Whalley Måned siden
No way, William loves Katherine too much besides, Katherine is far more attractive than this other rumoured woman, some people can’t wait for bad things to happen, sad sick individuals,
Angela P
Angela P Måned siden
There was never proof that he had an affair. I don’t think he would. He’s not his father.
Nelix Sulu
Nelix Sulu 8 dager siden
I can’t see him doing that tbh
Salty Sally
Salty Sally Måned siden
Prince William seems like a decent dude. But you can tell he doesn't like the spotlight.
Daniela Daniel
Daniela Daniel Måned siden
if him is very honest why him get married if him is homosexual
lisa maylum
lisa maylum Måned siden
Do t be fooled by false royals family
Love One another
Love One another Måned siden
I really think MM was behind the rumors of William cheating on Kate. No one believes. MM is so jealous and evil!!
Salty Sally
Salty Sally 18 dager siden
I agree. It came out of no where and there has never been proof of it.
Heather Tonner
Heather Tonner Måned siden
Her sons should have walked beside, not behind the carriage. They were both so young.
gail handschuh
gail handschuh Måned siden
William had very little military service and zero exposure to major wartime trama. Harry is a grown man and far more worldly than William in his golden bubble. William will be a very poor King when the time comes IF HE DOESN’T MATURE SOON.
gail handschuh
gail handschuh Måned siden
If you don’t want adverse photos out there , don’t expose yourself to the possibility ! ! ! Or, stay behind your walls with the children. One would think that by now the royals would be smart enough to know this.
John McCormick
John McCormick Måned siden
Smart is way above their pay-grade.
gail handschuh
gail handschuh Måned siden
The Royals only want the photographers when they want to show off. Usually when they have spent tons of public funds. SO SELFISH AND GREEDY.
Filomena Maietta
Filomena Maietta Måned siden
Maggie hall
Maggie hall Måned siden
Prince William. You and your family are loved and respected by most of the general public.i just want to say thank you for all the work both you and your family have done in the passed and continue to do. Your service to the nation has to this day been impeccable.THANK YOU.
Maggie hall
Maggie hall 28 dager siden
@Yvette Genevieve Montboissier Just imagine being Born into a straight jacket and having to conform to a set of rules all your life, to cope with that would make you something special. There are those who would happily give themselves up too the responsibility ,but then you become a target for thee unhappy disgruntled and ill informed.I’m sure you know what I mean. But there are those born in to similar circumstances who might rail against all that conformity pointing up the difference between Prince William and Prince Harry. Never the less I leave it to the ignorant to sling mud. You know what I mean Yvette
Yvette Genevieve Montboissier
Yvette Genevieve Montboissier 29 dager siden
Ahahahah hard work ahahahah ridiculous
Maggie hall
Maggie hall Måned siden
@A Hoi how interesting it’s no surprise that people tend to read or watch thee information that fits their views we are fed endless conspiracy theories it would be funny if it was not so boring as for Harry and Meg ,we are fed so much information so who knows the truth.
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
@Maggie hall you mean civil donkey. They are wicked and devil worshipper. Not meg or harry
Maggie hall
Maggie hall Måned siden
@A Hoi what planet are you on. The royals are civil servants and in their rolls they do a good job, don’t ask me to bad mouth their family members I’m happy to leave that to you.
christine Helwig Wirtz.
christine Helwig Wirtz. Måned siden
I will never give to senate Democrats until Pelosi is gone!!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
Harry is a fool. Thank God William was born first
Vera Dapaah
Vera Dapaah Måned siden
Silvania Scorsatto
Silvania Scorsatto Måned siden
She was murderd fill sorry for William Harry
Carol Weaver
Carol Weaver 20 dager siden
Wiliam was older and knew alot more of what was going on, and it had to be much harder for him, Harry would not have as many memories but he did always get attention as he was the younger one, They both heard much about it all and it was sad . That is why harry even said how when he saw William truly smitten with kate he knew it was serious as William never showed any emotions for any woman much before, is because he was closed off, out of the fear of what happened to his mom.
Beth Eden
Beth Eden Måned siden
Diana would have been very proud of her daughter-in-law Kate
LeeAnne85100 25 dager siden
@Yvette Genevieve Montboissier was Mx J J
Mad Drivers101
Mad Drivers101 26 dager siden
cant say that.
Yvette Genevieve Montboissier
Yvette Genevieve Montboissier 29 dager siden
Are you sure
Yvonne Kwan
Yvonne Kwan Måned siden
Prince William is a healthy, compassionate, caring and empathetic individual.
Yvonne Kwan
Yvonne Kwan Måned siden
@A Hoi We all have different opinions, the problem starts when we feel our opinion is worth more than what anyone else can say.
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
Not intelligent
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
@Yvonne Kwan agree But so do i
Yvonne Kwan
Yvonne Kwan Måned siden
@A Hoi I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say. But I do expect you to know that I have my own view of things.
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
@Maryanne Carver truth rubbish
Francis Mcvie
Francis Mcvie Måned siden
Leave William and Kate and family alone vicious rumours about an affair!
Francis Mcvie
Francis Mcvie Måned siden
@Patty Faye RUBBISH !
Patty Faye
Patty Faye Måned siden
The rumors are so much worse than a simple affair. I hope they're not true
Carolyn Pagliuca
Carolyn Pagliuca Måned siden
Especially when he had his dna was wiped on a relic thinking that he was special but no he was not called to be a son of God!! They just used him to create epstein and his mess of what he does with dna to create giants!! Evil people! I renounce you all in the name of Jesus Christ in his flesh not an AI jesus sir nigel made the hunk of junk metal?🤮?!!! I vomit you out of my mouth!!! How dare you!!!?? Geta can not even say these words!!!!!!🔜🐍🔚
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis Måned siden
There was three in this marriage, more than that when you add her lovers that she kept to herself, to make herself look the victim, which she wasn't, please stop calling her the people's princess, she wasn't, she may have been some of the people's Princess but certainly not mine or quite a few thousand others she wasn't even a princess truth be known the title came through her marriage to Charles, another one who wanted the title, & not the husband like her daughter in law!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
Dianna was murdered. Unfortunately, the Royal family is a hypocritical mess. If it were not for Kate, they would be cast out.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
funny tho diana never missed out on looking into the camera
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
We all have family heart aches and sad affairs to deal with. Enough bs. You can always deal with things easier if you are affluent. Wake up.
HoofHugs Måned siden
The President never said this, Fifteen ppl were in the room and each one denied this accusation.
Daphne Barton
Daphne Barton Måned siden
Sally Ironic
Sally Ironic Måned siden
Princess Diana thrived on the media attention and divorce is worse for children when parents are penniless. He comes from a PRIVILEGE and POWER.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
Both Charles & Camilla are both married to their spouses, when they decided to carry on with the affair, behind the back of their spouses.
Jill Chamberlain
Jill Chamberlain Måned siden
How old is she at all before we were actually there so tell me something new for
Julie Blair
Julie Blair Måned siden
Harry is a fool. Thank God William was born first
Yankee Van
Yankee Van Måned siden
The Lady Diana can't be brought back . But may God bestow true everlasting peace TO Di and her sons . AMEN .
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
Princess Diana is people’s princess and no one can take her place, we still love her and respect her
John Queen
John Queen Måned siden
You could sell off some of those royal jewels and help some people.
John Queen
John Queen Måned siden
@CJ Osborne yep just what u said
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
Harry is a fool that he took what his brother said as deeply offensive.
Swetha Mårtensson
Swetha Mårtensson Måned siden
William was a young boy and he has stepped up but Harry is still a Peter Pan.
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
Harry is his own man that is why he leave those wicked people.
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
@Bonnie Brooks a family like that Who need them
Bonnie Brooks
Bonnie Brooks Måned siden
Megan was the ingrediant that apparently.broke the family.....Harry needs to be his own man and Megan needs to not divide for her own is precious🤤😭
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
William said alot more than that and i am sure it wasn't nice. They just not saying what he said.
Babatunde Ojomo
Babatunde Ojomo Måned siden
Did they sue the paparazzi? They need to be punished, this man is a prince!
Babatunde Ojomo
Babatunde Ojomo Måned siden
@nieooj gotoy word that is pretty bitter.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
see is the chasm that developed between two brothers to the point where the older one would not even acknowledge the younger one in public and is so mean he refused ev
Upton Criddington
Upton Criddington Måned siden
Diana supposedly just wanted to provide a stable home for her children because she came from a broken home. How did she imagine her 13 and 11 year old sons would be affected by her public exposure of her own broken marriage? She was a hypocrite.
Davis 888
Davis 888 Måned siden
The video is fine, but the title is a bit click baity
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
Harry is a fool that he took what his brother said as deeply offensive.
Vivian Rodriguez
Vivian Rodriguez Måned siden
And Meghan Mariel dares to say that no other royal have gone through what she was going through. She even had the guts to say that they were racist’ and didn’t like her. How dare she say that when William me Catherine went through worst things but Catherine is not a cry baby like Meghan.
Christine Weaver
Christine Weaver Måned siden
They having anymore kids?
Tessie Tesoro
Tessie Tesoro Måned siden
Both Charles & Camilla are both married to their spouses, when they decided to carry on with the affair, behind the back of their spouses.
jon allen
jon allen Måned siden
yea life is tough being a royal
Veronica Smith
Veronica Smith Måned siden
Yeah hes a REPTILIAN and hes DEAD so are all THE ROYALS and DIANA is still ALIVE
yangchen dolker
yangchen dolker Måned siden
Princess Diana is people’s princess and no one can take her place, we still love her and respect her
Gael Marconi
Gael Marconi 6 dager siden
@Patricia Davis jealous much???
Moira Fotheringhame
Moira Fotheringhame 12 dager siden
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis 21 dag siden
Yang chen Dolker, Diana was NOT the people's Princess she was only the people's princess for those few who were taken in by her narcissistic nature, it was disgraceful the way she ran around with all those men, using them to make herself a victim, as for the news media, she called them told them where she was going to be, & invited them to take photographs, just like her son Harry and megain, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As for walking behindher coffin, I'm not saying it wasn't traumatic, butwhat would they have done if they lived in the times of Dickens, those kids went through a lot more than walking behind a coffin, and by themselves most times, it's time to stop dragging Diana up from the grave, the trouble with Wills & Harry is they have allowed the spirit of grief take over, this happens when you grieve too long, it turns into a demonic spirit and can cause person to commit suicide, When I lost a family member not long ago, the Lord told me, "Three months then cut it off, they have been grieving over 20 years, they need a deliverance of this evil spirit, some people make alters to the person or make them idols, this is not good, its a decision you must make, hard as it is, just ask the Lord to help you let go of them, for your own health's sake, & for the departed so they can leave this earthly realm, they can't come back, ever, I'm sorry, but it's the truth, we have to spend as much time with them as we can, make good memories, help & care for them as much as possible. I apologise if what I have said upsets you, but if you, can accept it, it will set both you, & them free to be at peace, Amen, blessings!
Ruth Dotten
Ruth Dotten 21 dag siden
Mad Drivers101 kk
Mad Drivers101
Mad Drivers101 26 dager siden
you cant have a peoples princess. why cant you see that.
carol King
carol King Måned siden
I think that was very tastefully presented. I had no idea of the issues that he had faced. He is such a fine man. I hope when one day he becomes King he will be happy and enjoy it.
Isaiah Michka
Isaiah Michka 20 dager siden
William will make an "Amazing" King..
Beverly Carey
Beverly Carey Måned siden
Gwendoline Lindsay
Gwendoline Lindsay Måned siden
What is the point of this article? Is the presenter asking for sympathy for William whilst forgetting his younger brother who seemed to be more affected mentally by their mother’s passing? He talks about the anguish and pain of the effects of press intrusion in his life, but he is now endorsing it as his brother is now suffering the same thing.I like both boys but I find William to be a bit of a hypocrite. Knowing how the press hounded their mother to her death he has not raised a finger or made a statement to defend Harry and his wife who are being slaughtered by the press and deranged trolls. He may not approve of his brother’s choice of wife but he should respect his choice. The only tragedy I can see is the chasm that developed between two brothers to the point where the older one would not even acknowledge the younger one in public and is so mean he refused even to share a meal with him on their last day in the same place together . I think his mother would be so disappointed if she were alive. Sorry, I think William’s tragedy is mostly of his own making and I have no sympathy for him.
LovedLoveLoving Måned siden
Harry is a fool that he took what his brother said as deeply offensive.
william f
william f Måned siden
Any interest i have in The Royal Family will cease the day after The Queens funeral which one hopes will not be any time soon - after that i will not read or watch another story or article about any of them - ever
Patti Måned siden
Have you forgotten that the Queen is sheltering her appalling son Andrew?
YungKudali Måned siden
I don't envy his position in life. It must suck to have the whole world to constantly be all up in your business. It's not like he asked to be famous.
Magaly Portorreal
Magaly Portorreal Måned siden
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis Måned siden
Yung Kudali, none of the royals asked to be famous, comes with the territory!
Thomas Baye
Thomas Baye Måned siden
Pity ok for William but the youngest one is a whiner no piity for him
Jackie Morris
Jackie Morris Måned siden
I have to say his brother has more military experience and essentially more mental awareness than his brother. After all Harry devised a tool kit for the British Armed Forces not William and Harry has the greater experience and expertise tbh
DansingnSpirit Måned siden
For the retired military at 65 YOU MUST APPLY for Medicare which then become Tri-Care for life or your secondary coverage if you’re still working.
susana bianco
susana bianco Måned siden
Sarah DeGennaro
Sarah DeGennaro Måned siden
Did anyone notice how Charles scolded Diana's brother, Earl of Spencer for offering Harry a soft touch on his back as he is walking behind the coffin of his mother (It's on film if you want to see it). I understand why he would want to leave this heartless, group of make believe royals, they are not even British, but German. Charles has an ICE COLD HEART. I cannot believe that the British people will permit Camilla to become their Queen. How unbelievable is this thought. Charles has very carefully held media events to help Camilla become palatable to the British people, of course all on the peoples tax dollars.
Renee Richburg
Renee Richburg Måned siden
I think he will make a great king. And I miss his mother 🌹😭🌹 may she rest in peace 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Jean Southworth
Jean Southworth Måned siden
@A Hoi Total Rubbish!
A Hoi
A Hoi Måned siden
How can diana rest in peace when her spirit is seeing how wicked William it she must be turning in her grave. William take after his father side and harry take after diana.
Debbie Cooper
Debbie Cooper Måned siden
Ishmael is not worthy of Gods laws says laws of Moses banned since ancient times
Violet Stack
Violet Stack Måned siden
Margaret Prudhomme
Margaret Prudhomme Måned siden
Such a hard life. Give me a break..
Sam M
Sam M Måned siden
It's widely reported that William had an affair with a young blonde who was working for him. Once this news came out UK papers were instructed not to write about this news and the young lady who she says William is in love with her was approached by UK secret service.
Momotora Måned siden
If its widely reported how come i have never heard of this? Even the rumor about Catherine's friend has been proven to be made up story..the person who started the rumor has admitted he no cheating story..
OLAV WILHELM Måned siden
funny tho diana never missed out on looking into the camera
Yanna Kisala
Yanna Kisala Måned siden
The monarchy is dead.
Mimi Singh
Mimi Singh Måned siden
I read the title and immediately was like “he DIED?? Where have i been??” And then i was like “oh”
John McCormick
John McCormick Måned siden
@John Queen Yep.wonder when those big beaver choppers will fall oot.
John Queen
John Queen Måned siden
His hair line died a while back
Z Z Måned siden
Male pattern baldness didn’t make the cut.. fake news.
Ismat Shaikh
Ismat Shaikh Måned siden
Princess Diana didn’t deserve to die, Charles and Camilla shouldn’t have happened!
Sienna Tanner
Sienna Tanner Måned siden
Clayt Alien
Clayt Alien Måned siden
Who cares
Monroe Taylor
Monroe Taylor Måned siden
Watching this, I see the parallels between the actions William had taken to protect his family and Harry’s actions. Differences between the two are Harry and Meghan is the press vilified them.
Buwan Araw
Buwan Araw Måned siden
I don't even know if he realizes that the cause of his mom's depression was affected by his dad's doings. He was cheating and he never loved Diana.
Gael Marconi
Gael Marconi 6 dager siden
@Patricia Davis we all know the truth about Diana and Charles and Camilla. Apparently you don’t
Gael Marconi
Gael Marconi 6 dager siden
@william f shut the f up.Diana’s mother DID walk out on Diana and her siblings!! Look it up you moron!! And Diana was very young at the time. A kid. So quit talking out of your ass
Patricia Waits
Patricia Waits 20 dager siden
@Patricia Davis Keep flapping no ones listening to your Bullshit
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis 21 dag siden
@belj w I will speak the truth about a person whether dead or alive, is the only way to speak, I'm not going to burn in Hell, for telling lies, if you don't like it, don't coment, take off your rose tinted glasses and accept the truth it will set you free!
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis 21 dag siden
@belj w stupid, he tried to disuade her but she would have none of it, insisted she could handle it, but she couldn't, accept the truth, stop blaming Charles for her downfall, Amen!
Vanessa Parry
Vanessa Parry Måned siden
Boo hoo... Does he care about the minions? Nope.
Rain Rain
Rain Rain Måned siden
Gorilla's in The Mist
Gorilla's in The Mist Måned siden
Charlie ain't his daddy or Harry
John McCormick
John McCormick Måned siden
I would not be a bit surprised, always thought charlie boy was a knob-jockey.
kary channon
kary channon Måned siden
Harry knows he's a hewitt
Brendan Fitness and Money
Brendan Fitness and Money Måned siden
Drink every time she says “tragic”
JaysonBicBoi Måned siden
I'm supposed to feel bad about rich ass kings and queens n shit?feel bad about me I ain't get to live in a castle and live a fairy tale life
No Way
No Way Måned siden
Royal people problem must be awful
Makaba Bañez
Makaba Bañez Måned siden
Paid hater.
Big Tech Is Evil.
Big Tech Is Evil. Måned siden
Prince William AKA The one I respect.
Great Sol
Great Sol Måned siden
Rest In Peace Diana
Seb's World
Seb's World Måned siden
Harry is the future of the royal party! At least he should be!
J S Måned siden
The royal family create their own sadness. Royalty shouldn't exist, they only call themselves royalty because they killed enough people.
J S Måned siden
@veronica clayton Yes thank you
veronica clayton
veronica clayton Måned siden
you mean shouldnt exist,
yearoftheturnip64 Måned siden
Garbage headline about garbage people. thanks for the misleading headline
Prism Sage
Prism Sage Måned siden
Reported and disliked . Misleading practice
Rafal Rocks
Rafal Rocks Måned siden
Tragic????? Learn to use proper adjectives.
DAVID KAMEN Måned siden
If what these people have experienced is so totally unacceptable and unbearable for them, why don't they follow Prince Harry and his wife into a more private life ? Their current life style comes with no guarantees of privacy, they live publicly so they need to reasonably accept press intrusions. There is a simple solution for the lady's quandary - keep your top on and there will be fewer long range lenses aimed at you !
Jennifer Richards
Jennifer Richards Måned siden
Being in a private residence does not guarantee privacy, Kate knows that now. As for Harry wanting privacy, he is more in the media now than he ever was before.
Allan Henriques
Allan Henriques Måned siden
Next time nicki swift calls wolf, nobodys gonna come
Maria Trouver
Maria Trouver Måned siden
so sad so sad crucial world
Тамара Эстергорд
Тамара Эстергорд Måned siden
Peoples princes should have to think about her children!
RandomnessTube Måned siden
You'd have to be a complete moron to cheat on Kate and I don't think William is close to being a moron his mother was also a great person.
Salty Sally
Salty Sally 18 dager siden
I agree. He would never want to put Kate through what his mother went through. Plus there was never proof of it.
Mad Drivers101
Mad Drivers101 20 dager siden
It's what the men in this lot do. Have a look in to it.
A Hoi
A Hoi 20 dager siden
William is a moron. Big head and no brains
Mad Drivers101
Mad Drivers101 21 dag siden
It's what the men in this lot do.
Pamela Andrews
Pamela Andrews 28 dager siden
I feel Willam would not do as his father did and he was effectively effect him more than one can or could understand! He and Kate are to much more into each other the anything in there relationship or lives!
Bemused One
Bemused One Måned siden
Inbreeding 🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏿
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