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6 år siden

Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises.
Behind The Scenes: nopost.info/throw/tpqRfJu2xo6cg9k/video
Explore more: na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/new-dawn

azure moon
azure moon 5 timer siden
Villager:Hmmm hmmm?
Hartily Copla
Hartily Copla 8 timer siden
I can't imagine seraphine here singing nautilus to death
Necrolicious 9 timer siden
report inting Ahri, Leona, and Nautilus. Ahri and Leona held ult until the end of the teamfight, and Nautilus died with his ult off cooldown.
Fabian yair Vargas vazconcelos
Fabian yair Vargas vazconcelos 10 timer siden
ese darius nunca activo ese fantasmal >:v y tampoco tiro la ignicion y me sorprende que no haya chupado un nepeee ahsjdgasd
Dragneel 11 timer siden
5:02 better support wins
핫초코 11 timer siden
Victor Branco
Victor Branco 15 timer siden
is draven ok?
Jan florin Zamfiroiu
Jan florin Zamfiroiu 17 timer siden
Ana Frozen
Ana Frozen 23 timer siden
Q gatinha muito bem de você você é uma gatinha sou
ButWhatDoesItDo Dag siden
I still love how draven just gets instantly demolished by rengar
Barny Miggo
Barny Miggo Dag siden
Anyone else had a crush on Ahri back in the day lmao
Nepemaster 19 timer siden
No you furry
Sebastian Pop
Sebastian Pop Dag siden
3v1 , not that fair
Jesus Nibba
Jesus Nibba Dag siden
Imagine if this was the game lol
Akter Hossain Official
Akter Hossain Official Dag siden
Wow this is a nice cinematic video
Sarper EREN
Sarper EREN Dag siden
الجمجمة الحمراء
الجمجمة الحمراء Dag siden
01:57 Draven😠😠 Y he didnt fight
mozyman05 Dag siden
Katarina and draven didnt even do anything
jaydenlmao 2 dager siden
2:56 i have never been this down bad😔
Zsolteeey 2 dager siden
Ahri going Avatar state
Tirziz's Archive
Tirziz's Archive 2 dager siden
lol then: League of legends lol now: League of Pop Starts
terrythepig 2 dager siden
Doingb knew nat is op 5 years ago
Jan florin Zamfiroiu
Jan florin Zamfiroiu 2 dager siden
Mais quelle est l'équipe qui a fait ce A New Down cinematic...?
yusuf Bovelek
yusuf Bovelek 2 dager siden
Ne yıllardı be
Not Spy
Not Spy 2 dager siden
2:03 (red) draven killed by rengar (blue) 2:40 (red) ryze killed by ahri (blue) 3:21 (red) katarina killed by graves (blue) 3:34 (blue) jax killed by nautilius (red) 4:34 graves suicide (blue) 4:37 nautilius (red) killed by graves(red) (stone) 5:43 (red) darius killed by ahri (blue) (blue) rengar,ahri,leona alive who is reading this?
ShadowFriend dd
ShadowFriend dd 2 dager siden
That part where Rengar kills Draven easily pretty much sums up League nowadays
Burak bayraktar
Burak bayraktar 2 dager siden
so, Graves carried them all ?
Master parkourgt
Master parkourgt 3 dager siden
Bro the good old days of league 2009-2017 now its kinda hit different isnt
MIN GEÖN 3 dager siden
*mid gab*
yesi julianti
yesi julianti 3 dager siden
Dikira 2021 ini cinematic njir taunya 2014 gila sih
Zarc Sakaki
Zarc Sakaki 3 dager siden
Still better than any ML cinematic
Mystical 3 dager siden
100% Unrealistic i played against darius got first blood and easily killed the nautilus support
Dusty Cloud
Dusty Cloud 3 dager siden
Bring back Grave's cigar
Caleb Bravante
Caleb Bravante 3 dager siden
Cinematic: Nautilus one hit Jax In Game: Cant even reach 100 damage
Marokimi 3 dager siden
beaucoup trop stylé
Mauroyagami Pozas
Mauroyagami Pozas 3 dager siden
cuando la ulti de Ahri si hacia daño de verdad.. qe buenos tiempos...
Ken 3 dager siden
This is the second time i watch it The first time i watch this is when im freakin addicted on this game
Domas Pauliukevicius
Domas Pauliukevicius 4 dager siden
2:56 oh garen wouldn't like that
Акакий Акакиев
Акакий Акакиев 4 dager siden
бред и просто унижение законов физики
Jamaal 4 dager siden
Diana: wtf rep darius kill stealing
Aileen Princess Vi Agorita
Aileen Princess Vi Agorita 4 dager siden
6 years ago but still better than ML cinematic Lol
L30n Alceda
L30n Alceda 4 dager siden
primaacca 4 dager siden
So, every male character dies a horrible death bleeding or being literally eaten, while the only female character that dies is a distant sound in the forest. Nice
Appricotman J
Appricotman J 5 dager siden
0:40 darius Q
Fabio Lupo
Fabio Lupo 5 dager siden
The animation of the smoke is WOAH
God Of potatos
God Of potatos 5 dager siden
jax:imagine if i had a real wepon
Nawaz Shaik
Nawaz Shaik 5 dager siden
titux 1330
titux 1330 5 dager siden
nah darius won, that's unfair 2v1 darius win
FriskeCrisps 5 dager siden
Ofc no one peels for the adc
Siete Dose
Siete Dose 6 dager siden
Moonton and Riot Games Issue: Clash NOpost: Lets Recommend this Cinematic. 😂
Van Turks
Van Turks 6 dager siden
This is when I still liked lol
Louis Feller
Louis Feller 6 dager siden
Imagine if jax have a real weapon
Hericane 6 dager siden
Autobots Vs Decepticons.
River Shen
River Shen 6 dager siden
Plot twist: Darius has GA
Kylle Vincent Arañez
Kylle Vincent Arañez 6 dager siden
Remember this move
Simran Saifi
Simran Saifi 6 dager siden
Ibrahim Bahakim
Ibrahim Bahakim 6 dager siden
I wish they make a game about this movie.
Ibrahim Bahakim
Ibrahim Bahakim 6 dager siden
1:30 I watched enough religious videos to know where this is going.
Kei-El Gamer
Kei-El Gamer 6 dager siden
Riot Entertainment won´t let you down! :D
Henry Thew
Henry Thew 6 dager siden
It's been "6 years"...... Congratulations guys we are all adult now🙈🙈🙈
Gavin Erecre
Gavin Erecre 6 dager siden
No one: Leona, Ahri, Katarina, Darius, Draven, Graves, Rengar, Zyra, Jax, and Nautilus: *grunt*
Jalexa YT
Jalexa YT 6 dager siden
They need to make a movie
ERCADE 6 dager siden
Conclusion: Graves is broken
Ahmet kağan Demir
Ahmet kağan Demir 6 dager siden
1:57 d draven are you okey?
한잔 6 dager siden
아리의 팀에는 원딜그브....
My Profile Pic Is a Hentai Couple.
My Profile Pic Is a Hentai Couple. 7 dager siden
Darius : 0/1/1 Draven : 0/1/0 Zyra : 0/1/0 Katarina : 0/1/0 Natalius : 2/1/0 Ahri : 2/0/5 Rengar : 1/0/2 Leona : 0/0/1 Jax : 0/1/0 Graves : 2/1/0 GG noob team :3
Justine Enciso
Justine Enciso 7 dager siden
Good thing Leona bought guardian angel
PlasmaPrism 7 dager siden
Imagine seeing this and then playing League of Legends for the first time lmaoooo
Milton Ruiz
Milton Ruiz 7 dager siden
violencia, sangre, muertes, suicidios, sacrificios, tetas, waifus, kata abierta de patas, más muertes, más sangre. qué te pasó rito :(
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta 7 dager siden
What happened to grave and others ?
Trollhunters Ahri
Trollhunters Ahri 7 dager siden
Ted 7 dager siden
Accurate representation of fed rengar vs draven/other ADC
Zephy 7 dager siden
Kat: Leona why are u mid Leona: this is clearly the jungle
niikos_krt 7 dager siden
back when life was good
El chapo junior
El chapo junior 8 dager siden
Big boy nau!! Is all i Came for
Worth watching cool vids
kamal aittah
kamal aittah 8 dager siden
When Riot used to make league content instead of music videos.
The Meme Lord
The Meme Lord 8 dager siden
5:21 rengar inted
swtord 8 dager siden
0/16 Ahri being carried by her team
Ranz Wansss
Ranz Wansss 8 dager siden
Report Draven he's feeding
Taylor Stansburry
Taylor Stansburry 8 dager siden
2:55 owo
Karo Boudaghi
Karo Boudaghi 8 dager siden
Oh my God, I can not believe this video 6 years ago with such graphics, that is, the brain of the flag of God, your flag is high riot games excellent
Erro505# ff br.
Erro505# ff br. 8 dager siden
Darius 1v9
Dakota Redmond
Dakota Redmond 8 dager siden
I really want to see katerina dodge instead of teemo being the only person that can dodge
SWEETNARU UwU 8 dager siden
0:25 leona when she hits level 2
Leo Yang
Leo Yang 8 dager siden
I remember seeing 5:30 for the first time and deciding to main ahri. now i have wasted more than half a decade playing a c tier champ
EliTried 8 dager siden
Unrealistic, Jax didn't 1v5
InDaHood 8 dager siden
omg darius is feeded
Darry Conde
Darry Conde 9 dager siden
I hope mobile legends will realese like this cause i really want to see the ultimate of Pharsa and vale in this kind of cinematic... Btw as a ahri main... This is the reason why i love ahri so much
King GamingYT
King GamingYT 9 dager siden
bruh i miss lol now
C N M 9 dager siden
Ahri, my favorite character
Superpenguin6 9 dager siden
Graves MVP
No Name
No Name 9 dager siden
Satou Kazuma
Satou Kazuma 9 dager siden
It's very accurate how they let their marksman being rip off by an assassin. Everyone is very busy getting their own kill.
Raikow 9 dager siden
En el juego el darius se hacía re pija ala ahri
[][][][][][][][] 9 dager siden
Naut and Darius carried that team
Jęšsiçã TikTok
Jęšsiçã TikTok 9 dager siden
Eloon 10 dager siden
support diff
Smirk pie
Smirk pie 10 dager siden
That Darius is so op in cinematics his Q has a CC
Yamikuro 10 dager siden
Just waouh
döngü 10 dager siden
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