dream outsmarting everyone for 12 minutes and 44 seconds straight

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Dream Catcher

6 måneder siden

You really should check his channel if you haven't already. I tried to include as many clips as I can. I hope you enjoy this compilation!
His channel: nopost.info/code/TkXRDQl0luXxVQrRQvWS6w

Emelina Luna
Emelina Luna 14 minutter siden
It’s a second off I’m sad
PogChamp 2 timer siden
Alternate title: dream faking his videos for 12 minutes straight
AE ExtraA
AE ExtraA 4 timer siden
you should probably change the title to dream SUPRISING evry1 for 12 min and 44 sec straight.
AE ExtraA
AE ExtraA 4 timer siden
dude the mlg hay bale and the sapnap killing and he enderpearl does not count as outsmarting.
Invader 4 timer siden
Don't trust the title it's a scam it's a very big scam it's a big deal because the title said for 12 minutes and 44 second well he lied why did u give the 1 second? This video took 1 second from my life Lol(this comment is a joke)
Im Aspect
Im Aspect 5 timer siden
3:58 “you’re so bad” Me: aren’t you the one who has lost to him almost everytime he’s 1v3s u? And 1v2s? I mean if anything ur complete trash 😂
Xxluna_gamerxX MAXIUM
Xxluna_gamerxX MAXIUM 8 timer siden
i don't understand the first one of how he did it
Mar kb
Mar kb 9 timer siden
Dream is a fucking god
Sabah Eskandar
Sabah Eskandar 10 timer siden
Clickbat its 12:45
name 12 timer siden
It’s 12 minutes and 45 second my fine sir
Rqinee 13 timer siden
actually the 2 second into...
Mursal Haji
Mursal Haji 13 timer siden
Joke on you it's 12 minutes 45 second :)
TheSlipperyDominator 14 timer siden
6:31 Your drink is ready
BrayJ Ninja
BrayJ Ninja 14 timer siden
That extra second at the end of the video: DO I NOT MATTER TO YOU??????? NANI????
Dreamy 15 timer siden
0:42 Are u SIRIUS Black
Jordans Toons
Jordans Toons 15 timer siden
5:11 Normal minecraft player : when guess I'm dead Dream : horse
Dr. Cancer
Dr. Cancer 16 timer siden
y e s
?Average Popsicle¿
?Average Popsicle¿ 16 timer siden
I love how Dream laughed like a serial killer when he was punching George into the lava✨
Naveed Butt
Naveed Butt 18 timer siden
12 minutes 45 seconds actually...
BonBon 20 timer siden
He outsmarted the outsmarter trying to outsmarting everyone else that is outsmarting him
Cloud Racette
Cloud Racette 22 timer siden
Dreams laugh is SO WHOLESOME XD
Ash NotFound
Ash NotFound Dag siden
Correction) 45 seconds
Burk Dorny
Burk Dorny Dag siden
The title is 1 sec off
Sam Long
Sam Long Dag siden
Its actually 12:45 straight
TBNRLava76 Dag siden
The title says 12:44 seconds but it is 12:45 why you gotta lie like that bro 😂
Brandon poop
Brandon poop Dag siden
PolishGuy Dag siden
Call me a hater if you want, but george won the first one. If dream DID win and it’s allowed, then they can just shoot arrowd at each other or pour lava
Minecraftking 97
Minecraftking 97 Dag siden
The hunter: HOW, HOW DID I DIE!?!? Dreams answer:Yes!
rain4 games
rain4 games Dag siden
What did he do? 1:25
rain4 games
rain4 games Dag siden
With the portal
Brian Cordero Mejias
Brian Cordero Mejias 2 dager siden
4:56 no fking way
KarmaKat 2 dager siden
This is what I needed I always wanted one of these
Allison Ray
Allison Ray 2 dager siden
Thank you for the head phone warning, I needed it! :)
John Carone
John Carone 2 dager siden
Its actually 12 min 45 second
Unban 2 dager siden
5:43 he just drank a potion and everone got scared of him
Evan Sheesley
Evan Sheesley 2 dager siden
The bid is 12:45 seconds long not 12:44
yiling lee
yiling lee 2 dager siden
*Dream is so OP!* *The others dont stand a chance*
ZeroReverse 2 dager siden
80% of this video is “YES!”
ZeroReverse 2 dager siden
*man dream really loves ender pearls*
UniverseNerd 2 dager siden
Alternate title: dream uses ender pearls for 12 minutes
Jennifer Zdanski
Jennifer Zdanski 2 dager siden
Plot twist: dream has actually been the hunter the whole time
Christopher boatright
Christopher boatright 3 dager siden
1:47 "Guys I think we have a problem" Dream"monkey sounds intensifies"
sophie Monteith
sophie Monteith 3 dager siden
One second: "am i a joke to you?"
Chelsie Sylvester
Chelsie Sylvester 3 dager siden
This video is a scaM its 12 miNs and 45 seconds lONg very disappointing
Nightmare 3 dager siden
Autumn Dueck
Autumn Dueck 3 dager siden
:0 the video title lied :00000 its for 12:45 seconds 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Alex Gutierrez
Alex Gutierrez 3 dager siden
ToriTrak 3 dager siden
What makes me 100% sure that dreams videos are to 80-90% scripted? The simple fact that he didnt lose a single "speedrunner vs hunter" .
Unique Harshit
Unique Harshit 4 dager siden
4:42 I keep rewinding it And Dream's 😭->😂
//Mao\\ 4 dager siden
It’s actually for 12 minutes and 45 seconds ;) Ik that was annoying
Polish Cow
Polish Cow 4 dager siden
Title: dream outsmarting everyone for 12:44 straight The video 12:45
Emir Himzari Latif
Emir Himzari Latif 4 dager siden
dream is now a kettle
Emma Teves
Emma Teves 4 dager siden
Heckingh 4 dager siden
Dream: "You maybe outsmart me but i outsmart your outsmarting".
AntiSocial 4 dager siden
I was today years old when I found out Dream is a demon, that laughs at drowning people
Lucas Lensink
Lucas Lensink 4 dager siden
6:31 Dream's wheeze sounds like a Nazgul screech.
Adro 4 dager siden
Paid actors
SKorP1ON 4 dager siden
Dream cheating lol
Greyson Westbrook
Greyson Westbrook 5 dager siden
The breaking obsidian thing he didn’t outsmart George bc George got 4 diamonds in the fortress and he got a diamond pick and broke a corner piece and placed the obsidian and lit the portal
River Shen
River Shen 5 dager siden
2:10 funny part
Jonny DAI
Jonny DAI 5 dager siden
45 seconds Get it right
sety 5 dager siden
Wall cheat?
Jimmy Tju
Jimmy Tju 5 dager siden
U mean.. 12 minute 45 seconds? I WANT A REVAMP
Indo Studios
Indo Studios 5 dager siden
George logic: alright he’s going die better through this only way to escape at him
Wolfie Alpha
Wolfie Alpha 5 dager siden
BRUH YOU SAY IT'S 12:44 BUT IT'S 12:45
SavageBeast 5 dager siden
Is it just me or does dream sound like Fe4rless?
lol lol gaming
lol lol gaming 5 dager siden
Those clips are good examples of guergawarfare
Freddie Barrett-Marques
Freddie Barrett-Marques 5 dager siden
At 5:00 🤣🤣
jozef 5 dager siden
im_a_poopy_head517 Hoop
im_a_poopy_head517 Hoop 6 dager siden
You fool this is 12:45 you liar
Garbage Stuff
Garbage Stuff 6 dager siden
The dislikes are because the video was 12 minutes and 45 seconds long
Timurs Kazicans
Timurs Kazicans 6 dager siden
He was like a shenobi with his pearl
Emily Adams
Emily Adams 6 dager siden
The sleepy silver centrally rain because planet putatively deserve failing a pale saxophone. nostalgic, hysterical writer
Von Fredrich Villaver
Von Fredrich Villaver 6 dager siden
5:37 what a funny way to putplay them
Jen Schneider
Jen Schneider 7 dager siden
Too bad he couldn’t outsmart those speed run moderators
K o n f u Z [BS]
K o n f u Z [BS] 7 dager siden
i love the screams
Smolnilla Ice
Smolnilla Ice 7 dager siden
Dream: You may have outsmarted me but I outsmarted your outsmarting!
Supreme Boi
Supreme Boi 7 dager siden
just the video i was looking for lol
Lillian Kocher
Lillian Kocher 7 dager siden
imagine being this smart
Bloxy GatorRaid
Bloxy GatorRaid 7 dager siden
Them: HE’S DRINKING A POTION Dream: it’s my mixture of orange juice and fire
Ausha Loraé Dean
Ausha Loraé Dean 7 dager siden
Dream everytime he runs away : *🅱️ o u n c e 🅱️ o u n c e*
Frog 7 dager siden
StormHammer 2008
StormHammer 2008 7 dager siden
Me see's that's it's 12:45 long. You lie to me
Halfplatypuss 559
Halfplatypuss 559 7 dager siden
It is twelve minutes and 45 seconds
Unbeat3n5 7 dager siden
who ever is reading this god bless you and you're family, have a great day!
Juan Casiano
Juan Casiano 8 dager siden
This video didn't age well lmao 😂
CFalcon075 7 dager siden
LMAO Dream cheated.
Dr. Oofers
Dr. Oofers 7 dager siden
It really didn’t.
Poopie But
Poopie But 8 dager siden
0:38 that’s why I also take torches where ever I go
Kjohn Urbano
Kjohn Urbano 8 dager siden
What up my dream stans
Amazon is Still Chill
Amazon is Still Chill 8 dager siden
wow dream really pulled a 10,000 IQ play in those first 4 seconds
PATOX 8 dager siden
It's all Minecraft guys, calm down.
Calvin McNair
Calvin McNair 8 dager siden
They say he isn’t lucky enough to get a speedrun well then all of this
I Ski
I Ski 8 dager siden
Unrelated alert: I think that in Speedrunner vs Assassin the red dot should be called Assassin’s glare
Doodle Henry
Doodle Henry 8 dager siden
x HUSH x
x HUSH x 8 dager siden
This trigger me when it 1 more second
Spiderlily 8 dager siden
I don’t get how u have 15 mil subs
E Syringe
E Syringe 8 dager siden
Hey this clickbait the video is 12 min and 45 seconds long
DbroXD 8 dager siden
1:03 OWWWWWWW my ears
Beau Bridges
Beau Bridges 9 dager siden
The subsequent exchange technically educate because supply peroperatively count anenst a unusual tadpole. typical, square wrist
Cap't Toffee
Cap't Toffee 9 dager siden
George being a prat & killing sapnap which enabled Dream to get a pearl was stupidity not outsmarting!
oBaMa iS MiKe WaZoWsKi
oBaMa iS MiKe WaZoWsKi 9 dager siden
Do u mean 12 and 25 seconds
Belovolod Kuchmin
Belovolod Kuchmin 9 dager siden
Conscientiously 🙈🙉
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