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Mr. Fruit

6 måneder siden

Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Mr. Fruit
Mr. Fruit 6 måneder siden
Wherethewolf 5 måneder siden
Funny Jerry
Funny Jerry 5 måneder siden
Kira 6 måneder siden
Im a eoropian.. in britten... BRIT'N
Team Trees
Team Trees 6 måneder siden
Uno reverse card
E 6 måneder siden
TheUltrasora 19 dager siden
Fruit wins Fae: Adorable cursing.exe
TheUltrasora 19 dager siden
I would have said to fae "are you sure you didnt see a Do instead of a Bo.
Alø 2 måneder siden
This dude didn't take a bullet, he took a kamikaze, a nuke, and an AC-130 all at once
Game Player Levi
Game Player Levi 2 måneder siden
ExO the Wooloo
ExO the Wooloo 3 måneder siden
5:01 SIMP
Legacy of Lore
Legacy of Lore 3 måneder siden
This is the how many-eth time I've seen you scan as a ghost and every time I'm like "it would be so cool if visual tasks still showed up for ghosts"
Amethyst Covette
Amethyst Covette 4 måneder siden
she using the uwu voice
mors orcus
mors orcus 4 måneder siden
Fruit love you guys but not surprised teawrex screwed that up. Dude is as smooth brain as it gets.
Seductive Sasquatch
Seductive Sasquatch 4 måneder siden
with faes voice who wouldnt be simpin
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson 5 måneder siden
Low key annoyed that this man Bryce called it Nd literally krafts had no good rebuttal and yet tea votes Bryce smh
Cheese Head The Party Imp
Cheese Head The Party Imp 5 måneder siden
Imagine if corykenshin and mr fruit did a game of among us together
Ninja Pickle
Ninja Pickle 5 måneder siden
5:18 the sudden edit got me good
Gamerzoid 5 måneder siden
fae sounds like dub hinami in tpkyo ghoul
soulreaper55123 5 måneder siden
Ohm: Dooonnn?! Boogie: You gotta say the full name for it to work. Ohm: Don Keedic! Don: O Hai, here I am LuLz!! Absolutely dead xD
Oliver Arnold
Oliver Arnold 5 måneder siden
I might stop watching these vids only because of horror fae
Florence Palomar
Florence Palomar 5 måneder siden
The last game still breaks my wee heart to this day. Bryce did such an amazing big brain play figuring out the impostors were Shark and Kwafty but Tea threw the game
Arnamo 5 måneder siden
wait that's her real voice? I thought it's some kinda voice changer 😅
The Mighty SusBus
The Mighty SusBus 5 måneder siden
Fruit rooting for Bryce is great
Keren Happuch
Keren Happuch 5 måneder siden
I hate tea
Nicholas McQuaid
Nicholas McQuaid 5 måneder siden
Y do I have the same last name as Bryce?🤨
Emanuel Zidane43
Emanuel Zidane43 5 måneder siden
For a moment there I thought HorrorFae was a Virtual NOpostr.
Ahjin Guild
Ahjin Guild 5 måneder siden
Voting Dork would have won the match easier for Sharkk and Kwaftyy aka Jesse since Dork always votes himself. Just a reminder. GG
nick bean
nick bean 5 måneder siden
Fae sound so fucking cute when she swears
Virus The Dragon
Virus The Dragon 5 måneder siden
i like how fae was like " oh no mr fruit..." and fruit was like chasing her like " cmon why u scared :D" lol thats sad and funny to me - w -
Chris Weakley
Chris Weakley 5 måneder siden
That T throw was the biggest throw in the history of throwing in Among Us
Wow So cool
Wow So cool 5 måneder siden
Juuu 5 måneder siden
Tina Boston
Tina Boston 5 måneder siden
Lol why is a 7 year old saying piece of shit هههههههه
21ironguy 5 måneder siden
The first one might be the best one yet
Fractal Ninja
Fractal Ninja 5 måneder siden
Ohmwrecker: its DORK! ohmwrecker 2 minutes later: I KNEW IT WAS MR FRUIT! 😂
Samuel Best
Samuel Best 5 måneder siden
I liked your video because it had Dork. I will continue to like Dork vids n dislike dorkless ones.
Joleigh 5 måneder siden
Is it just me or like... That's definitely not Fae's real voice, that's so annoying.
Sharkua Fam Watercolor Librian
Sharkua Fam Watercolor Librian 5 måneder siden
Me: * reads title * Me: that’s kinda gay not going to lie..
Winewood 5 måneder siden
Im usually rooting for Fruit but when the imposters just start poppin off like in the last round i start rooting for them. Shmoove getaway right there
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 6 måneder siden
Fae sounded really cute and it was hilarious when she started swearing
R05ANA 6 måneder siden
ᜁᜌ᜔ᜇᜓᜈ᜔ 6 måneder siden
Do people suddenly become so retarded when you play this game?
Jon Carpenter-smith
Jon Carpenter-smith 6 måneder siden
At 20:03 Dork is naming buttons from his TF2 soundboard
Jason Ruys
Jason Ruys 6 måneder siden
Horrorfae and corpse should be in a lobby together highest and lowest voice ever
Pasha 6 måneder siden
Dork typing in tf2 voicelines and them not getting the references is hilarious
Simon Jerus
Simon Jerus 6 måneder siden
the beginning of the round when he was singing i thought "ohhhhh god mr fruit is getting copy writed and strike"
Shreyes Ram
Shreyes Ram 6 måneder siden
Lol every time I hear Fae’s voice, I think of how it compares to CORPSE’s voice lol.
Genisis Legend78
Genisis Legend78 6 måneder siden
Tearex was the definition of getting folded under pressure😂
Ent 6 måneder siden
Only when Fruit is impostor does someone clear him xd
Dakkalistic 6 måneder siden
Asriel Cypher
Asriel Cypher 6 måneder siden
Red is the most likely to be an imposter... WTF?
Ashler _gamer
Ashler _gamer 6 måneder siden
A little girl or voice over changing thing
Nicole E
Nicole E 6 måneder siden
Fae's voice is super cute. It makes me want to protect her from all the bad things in the world.
CFrosties 6 måneder siden
I've noticed that tea always gets the final 3 vote wrong. so next time he's in that situation he should go for the opposite of who he thinks is the impostor. boom. big brain strar
Sydney M
Sydney M 6 måneder siden
Don’t you hate having dumbass crew mates who literally vote against your proof!!!!!!!
Reign Hubbard
Reign Hubbard 6 måneder siden
who else gets joy from his end music
No Just Go
No Just Go 6 måneder siden
Ima Just Say someones squeaky Voice annoyed me
Mrdrprfr 6 måneder siden
"B-O-O? Sounds like B-U-L-L." Why did no one laugh at that, it was funny? XD
Sketchbook 6 måneder siden
"I ain't voting for her because she defended me and nobody does that" Why did that line pain me to hear?
Nash Bas
Nash Bas 6 måneder siden
I can see Fruit liking the Beatles If anyones wodering he's sang -Help -Here comes the sun
Jordan 6 måneder siden
rip to shady for constantly being killed first
Rhondii 6 måneder siden
I think no one noticed but anyone see anything special on the thumbnail? (Hint is on the card obviously)
War-Eagle5C 6 måneder siden
Don Keedic called it... "They're gonna eff this up"
Connor Hartman
Connor Hartman 6 måneder siden
Faes voice pissed me off
The loser In your basement
The loser In your basement 6 måneder siden
Best group yet
Liborio Villalobos
Liborio Villalobos 6 måneder siden
Who’s child is in this video?!
Popasaurusrex Rex
Popasaurusrex Rex 6 måneder siden
HorrorFae is the opposite of Corpse Husband 😂
JayGamer16 6 måneder siden
They sold so hard that second game
The Mudkip Siblings
The Mudkip Siblings 6 måneder siden
Dork really is the pikmin 4 of this group
JAE HO KIM 6 måneder siden
Hi Mr. Fruit My name is JH Kim. I am a game creator and I am developing a MOBA game called "Battle Rivals" at DEXINTGAMES. I stumbled across your NOpost channel, and it was very interesting and aroused. I thought it would be nice if the video of our game could be made through your creative thoughts. Introducing our team, it is a small development team made up of three people, and we are developing a unique MOBA game. Our goal is to create a successful MOBA game like League of Legends. Battle Rivals is a simple and fast MOBA, and it is designed so that anyone can enjoy it easily. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce the game through your NOpost channel. Here is an introductory video and download link for the game. Introduction video: Google Play: Apple Store: If you need more information about Battle Rivals, please feel free to contact me. Kind regards JH Kim
Tiffany Roberts
Tiffany Roberts 6 måneder siden
I’m mad at tea
UFO 6 måneder siden
I need a 24hr mr.fruit outro video. That shiz relaxes the crap outa me.
Hydrogened 6 måneder siden
Fae has the cutest voice ever
ENJOYZZ 6 måneder siden
lol horrorfae litterly sounds like a 10 year old girl or a barbie
Jordan Chaplin
Jordan Chaplin 6 måneder siden
Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo
Overlord Malarkey
Overlord Malarkey 6 måneder siden
Dork is a pure wildcard
Coffee Cappucino
Coffee Cappucino 6 måneder siden
Teawrex small brain
Luis Vidaurreta
Luis Vidaurreta 6 måneder siden
You may have big brain but do you have wrinkle brain?
james Kimball
james Kimball 6 måneder siden
Just got broken up. Watching fruit makes it better
Cody Rickard
Cody Rickard 6 måneder siden
5:33 love the voice
Iamnautikah 6 måneder siden
Tea really just threw the game omg
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 6 måneder siden
Fae's voice is so small and innocent, it's amusing as hell to hear her swearing. It's like hearing Kirby call someone a fucking piece of shit.
R&C VIBES 6 måneder siden
People like tea is why I stopped playing this game
Debreezy 6 måneder siden
Who else misses bluw
Yoran A.P.G
Yoran A.P.G 6 måneder siden
Please record an among us video with corpse husband, tou are both AMAZING!
Tactix 6 måneder siden
Seriously hate when people talk like fae does. It's so damn fake and grinds my eardrums.
erlang takarai
erlang takarai 6 måneder siden
happy halloween
Areen kawaii
Areen kawaii 6 måneder siden
Fruit... That was mean u tortured fae 😂😂😂
Areen kawaii
Areen kawaii 6 måneder siden
Dork: Bruh 😂😂😂😂
Ru. M.
Ru. M. 6 måneder siden
uugghh that fae and her cringy voice....
Ayo Ghoul
Ayo Ghoul 6 måneder siden
I met Mr.Fruit 3 years ago when he played overwatch and now him and his crew are my main youtubers to ever watch!!😂😂😳
Mr.Nobody 6 måneder siden
Fae needs to play with lily
Kingfisher Gang
Kingfisher Gang 6 måneder siden
Fae's voice is something
Igisama Sandwich
Igisama Sandwich 6 måneder siden
Horrorfae is adorable when shit gets mad lmao
Leafy leafman
Leafy leafman 6 måneder siden
nathan turner
nathan turner 6 måneder siden
boogie with that airplane intercom mic lmao
BananaTheFox 6 måneder siden
bryce: opens his third eye and tells who it is and gets it right everyone else: its bryce game: YOU LOSE YOU BOTS
Dbl C ZX
Dbl C ZX 6 måneder siden
Hmm... I don't know who this HorrorFae is, but she's surprisingly observant. Seeing the other video where she's in the game, she was able to pin suspicious movement on you (even though you didn't)... right for the wrong reasons, I suppose.
Puff is Jiggly
Puff is Jiggly 6 måneder siden
Listen fruit it’s good and all that you’re adding all of these people but I miss blue and rhab
The_Only_Yoyo2B 6 måneder siden
20:44 "we dont even know if he was the imposter" When there's 3 people left
Erickson Zinger
Erickson Zinger 6 måneder siden
I wish I could play a few rounds with ya... Just to argue in your lobbies
Panzer Spark
Panzer Spark 6 måneder siden
Hey if anyone knows what his outro music is i greatly need that in my life thanks :)
Chayne Johnnic
Chayne Johnnic 6 måneder siden
Mr. Fruit needs a co op game of baldurs gate 3
HimekoKatagiriMaho 6 måneder siden
I have witnessed the smoothest brain, and it's Teawrex XD
Among Us but it NEVER goes to plan
Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)
Among Us but I HACKED my friends to win
Among Us but the impostors CAN'T LIE
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 1,3 mill
Among Us but it's the FUNNIEST match ever
Among Us but my wife BIG BRAINS me
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 1,6 mill
Among Us but the cameras NEVER lie
Mr. Fruit
Ganger 2,6 mill
Among Us but EVERYONE is smooth brain
Among Us but there's THREE detectives
Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)
Danny Aarons
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