Reacting To PS5/PS4 Gameplay Of Cyberpunk 2077

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YongYea 2 måneder siden
Just 2 weeks and 2 days to go folks. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Brandon Hann [BIG BOSS] - Bancheis - Brin - Charlie Galvin - CommittedHall - DatadyneExecutive - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon S - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue
Papai Pai
Papai Pai Måned siden
4 weeks for me Christmas present
Joshua Sparks
Joshua Sparks Måned siden
Yong you should bring your gaming channel back .
PluckyBrit 79
PluckyBrit 79 2 måneder siden
Kinda weird that they're not launching on next gen properly tho... I'll probably have to wait on this now
Martijn Maas
Martijn Maas 2 måneder siden
8:46 We already knew that from the moment you launched merch ;)
ProSpect 2 måneder siden
why are everyone so hyped about this ? the graphics arent anything special, especially if u compare it to demon souls for an example...
Glen Wang
Glen Wang 22 dager siden
4:53 - 5:09 That does not applied to random NPCs and non-scripted 'character' moments.
Matt P
Matt P 10 dager siden
Etheral101 23 dager siden
3:54 😅😅😅
Matt P
Matt P 10 dager siden
LMAO. aged like fine fine cheddah.
Etheral101 23 dager siden
Wheres all the pop in and glitches lol. Chuck vaseline at the screen an thats what my Pro looks lol
Eddie Gooch
Eddie Gooch 23 dager siden
Soham Sengupta
Soham Sengupta 7 dager siden
@Matt P Excluding the bugs, The game has a never ending list of nonexistent promised features available anywhere on NOpost or reddit along with references. The game's Faction design & RPG mechanics are a joke compared to Fallout New Vegas & STALKER, as in both games player choices effect or affect the OPEN WORLD I didn't even include the fundamentally broken physics & AI which got beaten by Gangster Vegas, yeah A 2014 mobile game(video available on NOpost) The map is plagued by copy pasted eliminate 5 people ncpd jobs,gigs & a hundred Preston Garvey screaming at me It's baffling how they marketed this game as next generation open world, in a world where zelda botw & RDR 2 exist
Matt P
Matt P 10 dager siden
smh. I am loving the game on PC btw but I understand that this video has aged poorly for most people
Boss Boom Box
Boss Boom Box 24 dager siden
Watching this video in hindsight of all that has happened is brilliant. This optimism is now well and truly gone.
Brian Charles
Brian Charles 29 dager siden
ooohhh this didn't age well lol..
Samus McAslan
Samus McAslan Måned siden
Wow, your pre-release videos for this game did not age well. GBH, it hurts your credibility with me. Just one opinion as a viewer.
Radimus VonAwsom
Radimus VonAwsom Måned siden
What a difference 3 weeks can make
Sainguin Måned siden
Revisiting this video now.. whew buddy.
darkez Måned siden
Didn't aged well
S W Måned siden
joshua hensley
joshua hensley Måned siden
Maurice Bottomley
Maurice Bottomley Måned siden
"So that was a fucking lie"
Code Zero
Code Zero Måned siden
this aged horribly, the game runs like dogshit
Sektos Eisenherz
Sektos Eisenherz Måned siden
comeback here to cringe a bit xD
Pepperidge Farm
Pepperidge Farm Måned siden
This didn’t age well
drake128 Måned siden
Everytime I turn myps4 on with this in it reminds me when they fire the proton packs up in the elevator for the first time.
CASMANWHAT Måned siden
LOL watching this after launch. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👎 Damn CDPR
El Bandito
El Bandito Måned siden
Console owners now: So that was a lie.
Soham Sengupta
Soham Sengupta 7 dager siden
@Matt P are you getting paycheck to defend CD project, you're everywhere, get a life
Matt P
Matt P 10 dager siden
PC player here loving life almost 80 hours in.
ChaseBoogie345 Måned siden
Exactly. It doesn't even look good on PS5
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR Måned siden
1:22 And continuing to work on it they will! XD - It just came out loaded with bugs and glitches, so... Polish my ass!
Das Institut
Das Institut Måned siden
My Pc is about to die......I must safe monee to get some upgrades asap.
hamavery64 Måned siden
Think I’m gonna go street kid, corpo, then nomad.
Denis Liber
Denis Liber 28 dager siden
the difference is one intro mission :D
hamavery64 Måned siden
My ps5 is ready. This game is literally its purpose lol.
Glen Wang
Glen Wang 22 dager siden
Etheral101 23 dager siden
Tony Fielding
Tony Fielding Måned siden
If it's like Kingdom Come in terms of its FPS immersion, then we are in for a treat.
Etheral101 23 dager siden
@Tony Fielding Im currently torturing myself watching the 48min Cyberpunk reveal from 2018 lol. We were so lied too. So much has been taken out. Dont think I can go back to playing it now lol.
Tony Fielding
Tony Fielding 23 dager siden
@Etheral101 Yeeeeeeeeeeah... so it seems.
Etheral101 23 dager siden
Treat thats been dropped in doggy doo
Tony Fielding
Tony Fielding Måned siden
@Hovis Steve From a pure playing perspective, KC was immersive. The way the character moved, the way you rode the horse. If Cyberpunk gets that level, it will be amazing. Now from a lack of cinematic and not seeing your character, I was unaware of that. It is a question of why bother with character customisation if you wont be seeing much of the character. As for the lack of cinematics breaking immersion, I'll have to wait and see how that works.
Hovis Steve
Hovis Steve Måned siden
But even _Kingdom Come Deliverance_ featured cinematic conversations and sequences. _Cyberpunk 2077_ doesn't. So this begs the question, what's the point of a character creator if you don't see your created character interacting and talking to the characters of this world and story? Additionally, without cinematic conversations how will that *not* be detrimental to ones immersion?
Abdulla Al-Attiya
Abdulla Al-Attiya Måned siden
Just delay the game already
Mark Crilly
Mark Crilly Måned siden
So to play this on ps5 for now we have to buy a ps4 version that is cross compatible? Or is it worth waiting? I only see online pre orders for a ps4 version.
Jonathan Espinoza
Jonathan Espinoza Måned siden
Hey ps shill
DavidJG Måned siden
Looks underwhelming
Deus In Vitro
Deus In Vitro Måned siden
Yong acting like he doesn't already have the game
Eric Måned siden
that 15mph car chase was intense!
Philo Måned siden
I hope this game flops
Feliam 64
Feliam 64 Måned siden
Seems like it did.
Painted Turtle
Painted Turtle Måned siden
Me one my original Xbox one "Oh No"
killinnam 67
killinnam 67 Måned siden
My adult son and I both own standard last gen consoles. We are hearing how this game poorly preformed and looks. Unknowingly to the both of us we have cancelled our orders of this game until it hits the shelf. Then we shall see the true nature of this game.
James McDonald
James McDonald Måned siden
I bet this game gets middling 8’s.
Viktoria Thaelin
Viktoria Thaelin Måned siden
Corp life!
Earld Måned siden
Hmmmm the original ps4 version not there guess they are not confident
A Pigeon
A Pigeon Måned siden
gross, -consoles- baby toys
Matthew Sowers
Matthew Sowers Måned siden
I still only have an OG Vader PS4 but also got my Gaming PC that'll max this game out. lol
Rhov Rox
Rhov Rox Måned siden
I wonder if it works well on base ps4
Ryjak Måned siden
I’ve watched V for Vendetta like twenty times so being referred to as “V” in this game is just gonna make me real happy every time I hear it.
Chris Duffy
Chris Duffy Måned siden
My PS5 is ready ...
G-Streezy88 Måned siden
Sucks for you guys, a ton of customization but you will be playing in First Person pointless. 🤦‍♂️
Staria 1st Class
Staria 1st Class Måned siden
Still can't decide if I should get it for PS5 or a pc with a 2070 super. If you've got thoughts on this I would appreciate them.
Staria 1st Class
Staria 1st Class Måned siden
@C - Valer ty for the advice, I saw the spec requirements for Ray traci g and I barley made the cut. 😂 I might get it on ps5 so my friend can also get the chance to play jt
C - Valer
C - Valer Måned siden
PC will have Modding, which is usually the best thing to do after completing the story, I'll go with PC if you ask my opinion, but if you're not a fan of Modding then PS5 will be fine.
JokE3rDa Måned siden
I see this in 720p60 and in the PS5 looks like have a constant FPS but the PS4 Pro looks like have 30 fps but sometimes looks like down to 20/25, I'm not a person how get mad for playing in 30 but at least I want it the most constantly, I prefer performance to "looks how chaining this looks!" But for a while I be playing Borderlands 3 since came out and Fallout 4 so yeah not problem with the 25 to 30 fps xD. Like many others I just want to play this game no matter the platform, we know that this game was thinking to be in PS4, Xbox One and PC, so I don't think for the moment the difference between Old Gen and New Gen get to obvious.
Donut0389 Måned siden
I have a launch window PS4 with a 2TB HDD (I got a pre-order through Amazon but the first system suffered bluray drive failure 3 months in, the system I currently have is the replacement Sony sent me). The fact that the non-pro version plays at 900p/1080p is why I'm not worried. Sure the Pro is more powerful but all that power is channeled PURELY into running the game at 4k, so framerates are probably close to the same between the two systems.
Sheepy. Måned siden
4:50 I mean... What else do u expect from mocap? 😂 Id say credits go to the actor for that, not the animators
Tekkenbd30fan Måned siden
I still find it odd that we've seen next to nada about the corpo Lifepath not in the quantity that we've seen on the Streetkid & Nomad . I'm getting the feeling the Corpo Lifepath may have more cool stuff to it. I will be going Corpo ,Nomad , Streetkid
Yoshimurha Måned siden
I immediately spot a console-limitation which I found extremely disappointing when playing the Withcher 3 on ps4pro - zero to very few npc's moving around in the city/rural areas. I.e. walking around in the city "living their lives". In Witcher 3, Novigrad if you moved too fast into the townsquare or the fishmarket, the game didn't have the capacity to spawn npc's. Either none or very few. But if you walked very slowly, more npc's were able to spawn. I hope the ps5-version will have this capacity post-nextgen-patch. Because it did not feel like a densly populated metropolitan area with maybe 10-20 people on the sidewaöks during the 3rd-person car-footage. It is odd thpugh that GTAV seemed to be able to solve this issue on console whilst CDPR seems unable to.🤔
Meme Theif
Meme Theif Måned siden
Tbh, I'm going to wait for the next gen update in 2021.
42Caio Måned siden
My hype for this game is really dead. I see all this gameplay and all I can think is "this isn't an RPG anymore, I don't care".
42Caio Måned siden
@yugi yugi the writing was on the wall really... At least for it not being a more robust RPG like they were promising until last year. I did expect it to at least work lol.
yugi yugi
yugi yugi Måned siden
@42Caio u predicted it
42Caio Måned siden
@Heisenberg I've seen the character builder, but for all talk of how much it impacts the game later on everything else I see of actual gameplay makes it look like a shooter with a very thin veil of RPG elements. I guess only when the game comes out we'll see how deep the impact of stuff like the backstory creator or the stats really is, because outside of that they just seem interested in showing gunplay. I admit I'm being unfair but games like Fallout 4 and Mass Effect others that tout themselves as RPGs while being mostly a shooter with a few superficial dialogue trees and stats that matter very little made me very distrustful of AAA first person RPG with shooting mechanics. They've been more and more becoming first person shooters with RPG mechanics.
Heisenberg Måned siden
But it is. I don't know what you're talking about. Have you seen the 48 minute gameplay demo?
#Z0dZ# Måned siden
This is the game we all need, but don't deserve.
Kaedevirus Måned siden
Well, I pre ordered the Collector's Edition back in June 2019, however, at that point I had a pretty shitty PC, so I got it for PS4. This year I built a new PC, but, well, as expected, no more CEs were available, so I couldn't change the PS4 one to PC, so I ended up preordering another copy on Steam... Kinda sucks, but hey, maybe I'll play it, when I decide on getting PS5.
Aza Måned siden
Can someone explain the appeal of extensive character customization in a game that is exclusively first person?
maiky rivera
maiky rivera Måned siden
I dont see no difrents between ps4 pro or ps5 honestly
Private Custard
Private Custard Måned siden
I like some framerate included with my games as standard. I'm glad I'm running an OC'd 3900XT, 32 gigs of 3600 DDR4, and a 3090!!
Enders Gone
Enders Gone Måned siden
I know any criticism of this game will be attacked given how hyped and close it is to release, but I still don't understand the point of the detailed/meticulous character customization ~ given that we can't see our characters/super rare to even in cutscenes. I'm sure it will be a fantastic game, but I think that was a really silly decision to have 99.9% of the game be in first person.
Daniel Sansom
Daniel Sansom Måned siden
Its Holly!
Shahryar Basith
Shahryar Basith Måned siden
Since my RX 570 is around the same performance of an Xbox One X and slightly faster than the PS4Pro, I've been looking at a bunch of these videos to gauge how it'll look on my PC. I'm glad I've been playing pretty old games so that CP2077's graphics will look as good as I hoped.
Dropkick Pherby
Dropkick Pherby Måned siden
Fingers crossed my dumb decision to buy an SSHD for my PS4 og years ago wasn't dumb after all.
Otherworld Laster
Otherworld Laster Måned siden
You just looked at the PS4 version 2x. Its the PS4 version playing on PS4 pro and PS5. Not the PS5 version. She said that to make sure we were clear upfront.
Hardy Farnsworth
Hardy Farnsworth Måned siden
Really disappointed that despite all the delays the next gen versions won’t be available day one. Hoping they give a better timetable for them soon.
Al Calavicci
Al Calavicci Måned siden
The stuttering is painful...
We were here
We were here Måned siden
So they're making this game for four different Xbox consoles and three different PlayStation consoles. That's... a lot.
Strategos Zenith
Strategos Zenith Måned siden
_Sweats in standard PS4_
Rozwell Jones
Rozwell Jones Måned siden
11 days, holy shit man! I'm getting for pc and ps5.
Graavigala85 Måned siden
yep.. got a wicked migraine from this too...shiiiieeetttt
Echo VD
Echo VD Måned siden
Did anyone notice that artifact glitch at 6:07 - 6:08 along the dash?
Jaden Renn
Jaden Renn Måned siden
I cant believe all the bugs and glitches I keep hearing about after the games being delayed 3 times, not cool. Did Todd Howards Bug Factory have a hand in making this ?> :)
Dizzy Måned siden
Are the save files compatible between both systems? If I start my game on ps4, do I have to start a new game after getting a ps5?
wombocomboftw Måned siden
not sure if this has been answered, but is there going to be pre-loading? i definitely wont be able to download 70 GB + day 1 patch in a day. it's going to have to be downloaded overnight.
Niraya Måned siden
I really don’t know if I should play it on PS4 first or wait till I get a PS5 to experience it
marc savard
marc savard Måned siden
the ps4 pro fps is horrible tbh
Namewasstolen Stresslevel
Namewasstolen Stresslevel Måned siden
hey youngyea your video reaction for cyberpunk is the actually only one i watched/worth watching as for the other streamers meh.. Good your cut your hair, looks better this way. Yong out!
King 2202
King 2202 Måned siden
I do not mind getting it for the Pro, but something is telling me to wait for Ps5. Then again, I might never find one.....this year, so fuck it, I'll play it on the Pro.
Mint Måned siden
3:10 Glad to see music hasn't evolved in 57+ years
David Meier
David Meier Måned siden
I lost interest in this game months ago, but after seeing this video, I find that interest rekindled.
Welco Måned siden
There are no next gen consoles because the scalpers. Pro 4 Life
Special K
Special K Måned siden
Exactly. The gaming media needs to realize us normals got fucked on experiencing next gen.
Papai Pai
Papai Pai Måned siden
Put in the replies below where is your starting area going to be for your first playthrough I'm going with nomad to begin with
Papai Pai
Papai Pai Måned siden
PS4 for me and I'll be getting it for Christmas luckily I'll be getting Final Fantasy 8 remastered physical release to keep me going next week
Gawain Cross
Gawain Cross Måned siden
its nothing special.
JetblackVelvet Måned siden
Whenever I have a doubt the first thing that ever pops up in my head is checking your channel. You are actually a trustworthy content creator, as you are one of the most honest people out there I know of. Cheers man.👌
m*Σ*t*H Måned siden
I hope the resolution will be better in the final game, this reminds me a lot of Red Dead Redemption on PS3 scaled from 640p to 720p and it concerns me a lot
nahuelkid Måned siden
I thing is clear: CDPR has a lot of confidence on theur product. That doesn't necessarily mean much, but knowing how they carry themselves, I expect good things
Anonymous Alliance
Anonymous Alliance Måned siden
Last Gen showoff was GTA V Current Gen Showoff : Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Showoff? GTA VI? 🙏😳
Remmy Skye
Remmy Skye Måned siden
Yea? Yea. Hell yea
Courtney Bain
Courtney Bain Måned siden
My PS4 Slim will be trying to make a run for it when I put the disc in.
Capt_Snipem Måned siden
I will be playing this on base Ps4 as it's all I have till I get a Ps5 next March.
Music Brush
Music Brush Måned siden
I pre-ordered the game for PS4 months ago, so I'm looking forward to this game.
playnite Måned siden
Honestly it looks dated and stiff, but I bet its fun
Decimo10x Måned siden
This comment section just highlights how stupid this community is.
ultima579 Måned siden
Should come with a danger warning for the PS4/XB1.
Anxious Neck Games
Anxious Neck Games Måned siden
My big complaint about CP2077 is that it just...doesn't look very cyberpunky for the most part. It looks too normal.
chris 1982
chris 1982 Måned siden
But how does it look on ps4 and xbox one?
DawnOfTheOzz Måned siden
That chase sequence makes Driving Miss Daisy look like Bullitt.
iron phoenix
iron phoenix Måned siden
My ps4 is going to die
Yeah Boyz
Yeah Boyz Måned siden
I'll just buy pc version and play it in net cafe cause im broke as hell
MetalShredMaddNESS Måned siden
I was a lifelong console player then I built my own pc and I rarely pick up a controller anymore. It blows my mind that people put consoles on such a pedestal anymore. Computers are just better even if you build one for $400. Then again I doubt consoles are going anywhere anytime soon and unless pc's are made more controller friendly, beyond the defunct Steam Controller, there will always be a market for it. People are also pressured by friends buying them then its a "join the club" peer pressure thing.
Dethlok719 Måned siden
Well well can’t wait to get my hands on a ps5 in like 6 months so I can attempt to care.
Devon Ramsay
Devon Ramsay Måned siden
Am I the only one who's not really feeling hyped for this game? The gameplay so far doesn't really excite me
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