6 Freestylers vs 2 Fake Freestylers (Rocket League Odd Man Out)

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2 måneder siden

You guys can't handle the freestyles I'd hit on you in Super Buckyball. Go check out the newest game and today's sponsor on steam here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason
Rocket League has so many cool communities and the best one out there is the freestyling community. Today we are going to extend our series of Odd Man Out. This video features 6 freestylers and 2 fake freestylers in a game that is inspired by Jubilee. This video is a skill-based challenge where players will try and showcase their best shots while the fake freestylers do their best to blend in. There are multiple ranks in this video so I'm guessing that this will be the hardest challenge to distinguish who is who. These types of videos are so fun to plan, host and edit, so if you enjoy it, let me know if you'd like to see more in the future and how else I can spice this series up!
0:00 Intro
1:19 Ad
2:20 Round 1
5:07 Voting 1
5:42 Round 2
7:44 Voting 2
8:21 Round 3
9:23 Voting 3
9:54 Round 4
11:33 Voting 4
12:04 Surprise Round 5
13:54 Outro
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Production music from epidemicsound.com
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CBell 2 måneder siden
I hope you guys guessed correctly! Also big thanks to today's sponsor - Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. Check out the brand new game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason
Kin Dee
Kin Dee 9 dager siden
Do you can play 1v1 with sam
Liangbajin 15 dager siden
I saw the Easter egg
Tara Williams
Tara Williams 18 dager siden
is this game free on xbox and phone??
The Gaming Potato
The Gaming Potato Måned siden
Watch your sponsor make a new game called Bucky League
Fredricka Epps
Fredricka Epps Måned siden
Super bro love vids
RoosisRl 36 minutter siden
Oh yes, pulse fire, 100% the fake Freestyler, hes like plastic spoon In rank
Youssat 31
Youssat 31 10 timer siden
Muiricles sounds like Morty from Rick&Morty
ytklapxed Dag siden
I guessed Muric And Forky
Mige Group llc
Mige Group llc Dag siden
Anyone else notice that it says that hencovic is a sll season 1
Walter Hernandez
Walter Hernandez Dag siden
Not gonna lie I think bukyball is not that good
Rythz Dag siden
I subbed 2 u
yeet youmom
yeet youmom 2 dager siden
So it’s just over watch and rocket league put into one game
iTzXubbA -X
iTzXubbA -X 2 dager siden
Craigs Craig
Craigs Craig 2 dager siden
“Osm” was just annoying he thinks he is so cool 😂. 1000 hours since from A year?!
TempTxz 2 dager siden
I thought it was sunless and forky cause you showed those 2 at the start when you were talking about the 2 imposters
Bradley Campbell
Bradley Campbell 2 dager siden
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SCHOTZFIRED 2 dager siden
OSMs camera settings gave me cancer
Criminalee 2 dager siden
OSM sound like my vacuum cleaner pls dont take kids like this in videos
Og_clan Leader
Og_clan Leader 3 dager siden
You were muiric
guy thing dude
guy thing dude 3 dager siden
Honestly muricles voice is really annoying
guy thing dude
guy thing dude 3 dager siden
When he does the high voice it's so irritating
Stacee Jerald
Stacee Jerald 3 dager siden
The berserk cougar equally level because fall microscopically file past a level singer. dysfunctional, true seashore
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 3 dager siden
I had subtitled on because I had low volume and found this 13:10
Thediamondcrossbow Plays
Thediamondcrossbow Plays 3 dager siden
Alternate title:among us but its rocket leauge
ItsDysko 3 dager siden
Osm forcing his voice is really pissing me off tbh
Scopez 3 dager siden
When I saw the gold Nissan I think sunless
Isa Hafeez Year 8
Isa Hafeez Year 8 4 dager siden
Vercend 2 dager siden
Clearly not if he’s gold lol. Most golds don’t rotate
Andrei Chiriac
Andrei Chiriac 4 dager siden
any of em are freestylers lmao
Jimomen 4 dager siden
OSM is the one that says r u lost bby grl
Plexii On PS
Plexii On PS 4 dager siden
Alternate title: we played among us in rl with 2 fake freestylers and 6 real ones
Declan Louw
Declan Louw 4 dager siden
I dont have the game but i want is
Karin Evertse
Karin Evertse 4 dager siden
Tr4sh Rudy
Tr4sh Rudy 4 dager siden
Osm was moaning
Biggie Budda
Biggie Budda 4 dager siden
Omg such a cool vid!!!! Do another !!!!!
rxztu 5 dager siden
I love how forky legit didn’t even hit the ball in round 2 after dribbling it but evample got voted
DEEPxxDESTROYER 5 dager siden
Lol I skipped to a random part where “Breezi” missed and I was like “bruh this guy is overrated” 😂😂😂
DEEPxxDESTROYER 5 dager siden
I realized they were purposely fake names afterwards
Selløut Cøke
Selløut Cøke 5 dager siden
What boost was forky using?
Ibrahim Borzov
Ibrahim Borzov 6 dager siden
4:56 whats the name og that boost.
Marie Mullis
Marie Mullis 6 dager siden
Me be like what the f Is a name like Bucky ball
Madskills_games 6 dager siden
Here since 8 k!
Sher Randa
Sher Randa 6 dager siden
Brennan Price
Brennan Price 7 dager siden
“and it has quick chat too”
Brady Man1a
Brady Man1a 7 dager siden
I did not know sunless was a freestyler
FTW Tech
FTW Tech 7 dager siden
That’s not a 5/8 chance.
FTW Tech
FTW Tech 7 dager siden
At least one grammatical error in the subtitles.
Noah Easley
Noah Easley 7 dager siden
i should be a plat 3 because my teamates are soooooooooo bad and i have good arials woo_woo_6
Fwippy btw
Fwippy btw 7 dager siden
I thought it was hevonotik
Adog 8 dager siden
Thats guy with that voice kinda sounds like deku
BlaDe Jacob
BlaDe Jacob 8 dager siden
Shineyu Bhandari
Shineyu Bhandari 8 dager siden
HmMmM AmOnG uS In RoCkEt LeAuGe???
s0meone18 8 dager siden
Why do they have other youtubers names?
Johannes Keulen
Johannes Keulen 8 dager siden
”pancake isnt something freestylers do sooo”. BRUV U R 5 GO BACK TO ANGRY BIRDS
XxTSN REPLAYSxX 8 dager siden
Fire did better than all of them lol
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 9 dager siden
The moldy servant preliminarily pray because brazil progressively borrow circa a bawdy mosquito. annoyed, plausible garage
Hilo There
Hilo There 9 dager siden
Th muricles guy’s voice is kinda annoying
the SOUL
the SOUL 9 dager siden
Can u guys sub to MrPotatoHQ
MRE east
MRE east 9 dager siden
Vid idea get to champ ones and get a champ tow to see the who can do the best flicks
Luke Majors
Luke Majors 9 dager siden
I love how all of the freestylers are just little kids trying to become NOpostrs. Love the vid tho
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez 9 dager siden
0:13 my head: what a save
عبدالله فهد الجدراوي
عبدالله فهد الجدراوي 9 dager siden
The peaceful self dolly type because antarctica greely spare following a unkempt dad. purring, garrulous meal
Colin Walker
Colin Walker 10 dager siden
Muric sounds like he’s morty going through puberty
Irina Paegle
Irina Paegle 10 dager siden
im still waching but its evample and forky
Jobbo ?
Jobbo ? 10 dager siden
It was quite easy I guessed them both of the first roumd
Janko Bojanic
Janko Bojanic 10 dager siden
Did they have a voice changer?
Kappa Hello
Kappa Hello 11 dager siden
This video called me trash in so many ways
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 11 dager siden
Blaze Fishy
Blaze Fishy 12 dager siden
not to be mean but muricles voice was kinda annoying ngl
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie 12 dager siden
Is Henkovic from Balkan?
Osama’s Foreskin
Osama’s Foreskin 12 dager siden
Muiric sounds like a man pretending to be a kid
Marcos Jr Bosita
Marcos Jr Bosita 12 dager siden
1:01 that isn’t a musty dbl tap it’s a breezi double tap and that was sickkkk
Number1cutiger 12 dager siden
Thought it was pulse and breezi, good nuf
Mc_Vortex a
Mc_Vortex a 12 dager siden
Why do they sound like kiddos
Kryptic Kitty
Kryptic Kitty 13 dager siden
Alternate title: Rocket League Among Us
HeroicTurtleGaming 13 dager siden
He sounded like morty😂🤣🤣
King Savage YT
King Savage YT 13 dager siden
Guys, for everyone wondering, none of these are the actual youtubers (sunless, osm, fire and all of the others), if you check at 3:51 you will see sunless’ voice is not his actual voice, or forkys, or OSM. I know OSM’s because of his twitch and trust me, it’s not a twelve year old voice.
Allen Yi
Allen Yi 11 dager siden
Yeah we already know lmao
Mango Tango
Mango Tango 13 dager siden
If pulse fire missed he wouldn’t be calm
Yolo Gumpz
Yolo Gumpz 13 dager siden
FaZe_kenzie 120
FaZe_kenzie 120 13 dager siden
What wheels did henkovic have???
Edson Perez
Edson Perez 13 dager siden
bruh he really put evample
Zak Potter
Zak Potter 13 dager siden
I beat a super sonic legend in 1v1
Karen Albert
Karen Albert 14 dager siden
Karen Albert
Karen Albert 14 dager siden
I'm having team
shxyo ;
shxyo ; 14 dager siden
his voice is so irritating he sounds like he would say ¨subscribe to my you tube channel but if you dont want to you dont have to ut it would mean a lot to me thank you¨
Julian 14 dager siden
that voice of muiricles... I'm sorry but wtf
STatic CHaser
STatic CHaser 15 dager siden
Are these real freestylers cuz there trash
oRixch 15 dager siden
Muricles sounded like Fire 😂
Death Vader
Death Vader 15 dager siden
Thank you for the sponsor
Death Vader
Death Vader 15 dager siden
And 1 question is it free on the ps4?
ShädyRL 15 dager siden
There are two imposters among us
Faxbi Elliott
Faxbi Elliott 15 dager siden
OSM sounds like he’s trying to be cool but he sounds more like a grandpa
Beckett Pearce
Beckett Pearce 3 dager siden
Yes he thinks he’s cool
D4CF.V 9 dager siden
Grandpas r cool
lil alphaotto
lil alphaotto 12 dager siden
He sounded like a 10 year old tbh
Faxbi Elliott
Faxbi Elliott 15 dager siden
Bro I know pulse fires voice changer he’s unretired muricles
another asher
another asher 15 dager siden
“yeah i practiced air dribbles in like gold but...” bro stfu
RyRiKaiCam Goodburn
RyRiKaiCam Goodburn 15 dager siden
i ,m gold at 2v2
Dumbasian05 Noodles
Dumbasian05 Noodles 15 dager siden
Pulse fire :))
Felp421 16 dager siden
Do more of these vids
Fabian Hernandez
Fabian Hernandez 16 dager siden
The kid sound so go lol
billy Truelove
billy Truelove 16 dager siden
Muri was so obvious i dont know how no body knew
Finley Harris
Finley Harris 16 dager siden
forky has a fit sister
Lessasin XJ
Lessasin XJ 16 dager siden
Osm's camera settings blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh
Noah Harrison
Noah Harrison 17 dager siden
I swear to god this is fake pulse fire does not sound like that
LilSkitThePlug 17 dager siden
honestly love the video man please make more i wanna see a part 2 amazing stuff cbell keep up the good work you got all my support coming your way man
Diverse 17 dager siden
Plot twist they are all fake freestyleers
Keiden Pedersen
Keiden Pedersen 17 dager siden
They all lowkey suck😂
G K 17 dager siden
Are these the real ones cuzthey don't play likethe real
Blue Sky-.
Blue Sky-. 17 dager siden
I hate the voice of OSM. He upsets me every time he speaks
xDiablo 17 dager siden
nobody sounds like himself
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