Sean Dyche hits back at Jurgen Klopp's criticism of Burnley

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Måned siden

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Jurgen Klopp criticised Burnley for their physical when the sides met in December 2018. Sean Dyche wasn't happy with the comments & hit back by accusing Liverpool of cheating.
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Mia Fora
Mia Fora 5 dager siden
This shows why he’s a top manager, very well spoken individual
R O J O Måned siden
Wolves fan but I love this guy, Ben mee played outstanding too.
Mahmoud Amin
Mahmoud Amin Måned siden
I tried to focus on what the hell he is talking about ... his talking is just like how he couch !! ... but after all.. nice dive from Barnes for a fair win 👏😂💀
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Måned siden
christmas has been over almost a month but sky sports retro just seems to be the gift that keeps on giving
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
I can imagine klopp doing a Keegan meltdown at some point this season
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dager siden
Well said man
gary c
gary c Måned siden
He is right
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
I’m a Liverpool fan and I completely agree with everything he said
Steve Hall
Steve Hall Måned siden
Big Sean is honest, why shouldn't his lads compete and battle, it should always be a part of football
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
Well said man
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
I’m a Liverpool fan and I completely agree with everything he said
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dager siden
klopp is living rent free in dyche head
Sam S3piol
Sam S3piol Måned siden
A wise man once said 'it's always bloody Burnley'.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
He is so, so right about cheating in the football leagues and the refs are to blame for not clamping down on it, starting with players taking throw-ins from where the ball goes
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Måned siden
Sean Dyche is a down to earth manager with undoubted knowledge of the game. More importantly he is as honest in his opinions as anyone can be and any player should be proud to work for him. Long may he continue.
Riaz Bowmer
Riaz Bowmer Måned siden
I am a Spurs fan and think Dyche talks a lot of sense and has done a great job.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
I'm starting the like Dyche more and more.
Crushal 45
Crushal 45 Måned siden
What's this all about???
feckineejit1 Måned siden
Kloops a fecking sore looser, he's becoming a moaning fecker lately, well done Burnley glad you beat them 👍😁😁
Martin Pye
Martin Pye Måned siden
Sean Dyche is bang on. Klopp is becoming a bit odd. If he starts talking about seagulls following fishing trawlers, we'll know he's lost it.
I Byl
I Byl Måned siden
wish more managers had the nuts to say what Sean did. I'm no fan of Burnley but he has a side that work for each other and actually can play on the floor as well. Best of luck to them from a WHU diehard
MrBazzabee Måned siden
Here,Here Sean.....!
EistLiom Måned siden
Fantastic speech
Phil Brazier
Phil Brazier Måned siden
I am liverpool fan and you are right the good old days dont get me wrong football then was more better. Today game is VAR and players faking it
Elbisivni Nam
Elbisivni Nam Måned siden
Will be a non contact sport by 2024.GAME OVER.
Aaron T
Aaron T Måned siden
klopp is living rent free in dyche head
Len 84
Len 84 Måned siden
Well said man
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
I’m a Liverpool fan and I completely agree with everything he said
peter ellis
peter ellis Måned siden
He is so, so right about cheating in the football leagues and the refs are to blame for not clamping down on it, starting with players taking throw-ins from where the ball goes out.
McBayron Måned siden
klopp has been trying to put this man down for a while now.
Dill Carver
Dill Carver Måned siden
What does Sean Dyche not understand? Liverpool can tackle however they want but must never be tackled under any circumstances. It is the Liverpool way. Never, ever, ever forget Hillsborough. never, ever, mention Heysel.
Georgi U.
Georgi U. Måned siden
I'm starting the like Dyche more and more.
Rick White
Rick White Måned siden
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
I’m a Liverpool fan and I completely agree with everything he said
Stewart Wallwork
Stewart Wallwork Måned siden
Can’t understand why he isn’t at one of the top 6 clubs.
Walker T
Walker T Måned siden
He sounds like WWE Wrestler.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Måned siden
a man
Wire2904 Måned siden
Klopp is the biggest sore loser in the history of the Premier League
mensur basic
mensur basic Måned siden
Klpoo is pool materiall... a Dick. of a person
Much Acho
Much Acho Måned siden
Don't talk shet about burnle' lad!
Michael Longford
Michael Longford Måned siden
Sean Dyche uses petrol as mouthwash. What a legend.
belle diobe
belle diobe Måned siden
Spot on! Liverpool and man utd fans need to hear this
Piper Måned siden
Sky sports 👏
Howhardcanitbe Måned siden
I think a Dyche bollocking would live long in the memory.... Think this guy is brilliant. Speak your mind!!!
Martin Hayward
Martin Hayward Måned siden
I hate the way Burnley play. Making up for lack of talent by kicking the opposition is the most pathetic tactics going.
Dean Rickett
Dean Rickett Måned siden
Very well's about time somebody told the press how bad it's become......other managers need to follow suit and players need to be yellow carded for diving more often
Jints Fan
Jints Fan Måned siden
Klopp under intense pressure.
Datenschutz Datenschutz
Datenschutz Datenschutz Måned siden
Robert Marston
Robert Marston Måned siden
Rohan Reid
Rohan Reid Måned siden
Well said Sean Dyche ! Klopp is such a Sore looooser !!!
etienne kalama
etienne kalama Måned siden
Ahhh shush you all dyche is not all that, klopp still higher..
paraffinalien Måned siden
Burnley 11 men behind the ball pathetic tactics,para
Nicholas Giles
Nicholas Giles Måned siden
Klopp is a ****. End of.
H. google
H. google Måned siden
Premier league "stiffs" would do well to listen and listen well to this, because, cheating is so prevalent in todays game and it's making the game a total joke. Take a look at Aston Villa's year so far and you'll see what I mean, this is the kind of cheating Dyche is talking about.
Xxx Joker
Xxx Joker Måned siden
Good guy for the game
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Måned siden
Klopp vs Dyche is a cage match I'd like to see. Dyche would smash that idiot 🙄
J Md
J Md Måned siden
I'd happily take cheating over broken bones and ended careers.
Paul Rimmer
Paul Rimmer Måned siden
Africa 0v England 1
Sol Campbell
Sol Campbell Måned siden
Ashley Barnes= 🐐
JB Area20
JB Area20 Måned siden
Sean Dyche is a a straight talker, and tells it as it is. He is right to defend Burnley.I admire the man, and I hope he keeps the clarets in the premiership.
PremFutbolTalk Måned siden
❤️ Sean Dyche
didi 1234
didi 1234 Måned siden
Jesus Christ is coming soon It isn’t too late to follow him
didi 1234
didi 1234 Måned siden
@Nkululeko Msipa I’m confused?
Nkululeko Msipa
Nkululeko Msipa Måned siden
Stephen Peach
Stephen Peach Måned siden
balls as big as the moon tell it how it is
1990 Måned siden
Tell em Sean.
claretbuck1882 Måned siden
Alex Måned siden
He said he was a Liverpool fan???
leopold Måned siden
I’m so glad we still have old school managers like Dyche. Football has gone soft, we need guys like this to stop it turning into a boring cheat fest where players can’t even challenge for the ball without fear of being sent off. Klopp is just whining because he can’t cope with a tough team spoiling his winning streak.
Hereward Måned siden
A citing tribunal, like rugby, would stop the cheating.
Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle Måned siden
Fair play to Dyche, these big club and managers attitude is HOW DARE TYOU BEAT US
GeorgeT Måned siden
Lol well done 🤣
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help Måned siden
Seems like an honest bloke.
Daniel K
Daniel K Måned siden
Tyson Fury got into football management?
hcookjung Måned siden
One Day klopp said "I think i'm a really bad looser" He was right !
"No way would I not want to not see, no way!"
anfeild8 Måned siden
If Burnley go to Liverpool and try attacking football they would have lost .the manager of Burnley got it right for his team and wait for the mistake or a clear chance.good man management by a good manager fighting to keep Burnley in premier League ,
Richard Davies
Richard Davies Måned siden
"Come to daddy Dyche Klopp!"
Top Cat
Top Cat Måned siden
Sean Dyche next England Manager
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Måned siden
To be honest for a second. If I was a big club president. I might consider hiring this guy. If he can motivate burnley to go to liverpool and win. He can do wonders with better talent. Klopp is getting comfy. I still think he is the best coach but that edge is falling off a bit. Alot of complaints this year for there terrible season so far.
Abdinasir Ali
Abdinasir Ali Måned siden
I like Skysport from USA fam. Iam still shocked how burnley defeat Liverpool record amd surely congratulations to them and I watched the game and enjoyed it . That’s why English premier league is the best league in the world and Americans are living it since they started to like it more for the last few years and now there is American footballer or soccer player in Chelsea and even Before they use to have . Americans are demanding people u know . Thanks lads
Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee Måned siden
This is coming from a manager who plays the most boring football in the league
Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee Måned siden
@aquapony you would disagree ive your from Burnley probably not even English for one
aquapony Måned siden
@Ricky Lee I'm from Burnley and I disagree
Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee Måned siden
@aquapony ok smart ass a manager who manages the most boring football team
aquapony Måned siden
Actually, managers don't play football
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Måned siden
Klopp ain't winning so throwing the toys out of the pram at everyone and anyone disrespectful jacka** doesn't get his way moans at referee's pundits interviewer's and manager's the German version of mourinho Sean Dyche has done a great job with barely money to spend Jurgen has all these top players but yet can't score because he knows Salah and Firmino want out the door and are falling apart because they finally won the big one after 30yrs they don't care now and slowly they'll decline and only be fighting for top 4
Wog One
Wog One Måned siden
Tbh for ages I have respect for this manager but now people can see why. Bravo Manager of Burley.
Palestine Exists
Palestine Exists Måned siden
Excellent tackles that caused an injury to Joe Gomez. Brexit, white lives matter FC, I’m 100 emotionally invested in Burnley getting relegated this season. Along with Pie face Sam’s WBA and 3 subs 1 win in 19 Sheffield Utd.
Andrew Suh
Andrew Suh Måned siden
Burnley fully deserves 3 points. What a shame to Scousers. Your season is all over mate. Get banged by RB Leipzig and mess up the league scousers.
Andrew Suh
Andrew Suh Måned siden
Well done Burnley, congratulations Sean. Pleased with the results.
Alan Tyler
Alan Tyler Måned siden
Chop Klopp.
DMen 1k
DMen 1k Måned siden
I remember those days like they was yesterday.After that Speech,i think i Love you even more Sean Dyche.Massive BIG Respect to you (& the Claret&Blue)-Most Underrated team in the Prem. Ps-also love Klopp,but he looks like he should Seriously take a 'leaf' from your book,homeboy! COYI
Elliott Hearne
Elliott Hearne Måned siden
well said liverpool get their football tactics from tom daley
Terry Venom
Terry Venom Måned siden
How is this retro already ? Roy Keane, nonsense do your homework !!
Football Is Life
Football Is Life Måned siden
Karan Singh
Karan Singh Måned siden
Is this recent?
Ciara Bissett
Ciara Bissett Måned siden
He's got a disc beard! A disc beard!!
Neji Hyūga
Neji Hyūga Måned siden
Liverpool can go do one
Yewbzee Måned siden
Spot on mate. I hate all the cheating and diving. Players going down like they’ve been pole axed from a mere love tap. And that includes players in my own team.
Amo Shan
Amo Shan Måned siden
Go cry somewere
Amo Shan
Amo Shan Måned siden
Footballers r rugrats
Mr Postboxface
Mr Postboxface Måned siden
I google searched "Kurious Oranj" and this came up?
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Måned siden
Sean Russell
Sean Russell Måned siden
Chris Måned siden
i gave myself a like :) everyone else gets likes for writing bs.
mah1998 _
mah1998 _ Måned siden
Ouch! That had to hurt.
Nate S32
Nate S32 Måned siden
Wow not sure if he would succeed but he fully deserves to manage a top club before he retires. High integrity and demands all 11 players to buy in. He’s punched way above his weight at burnley with absolutely no backing from their board. They are lucky to still have him
MrAlwaysBlue Måned siden
Where is Sturbridge now? Another wasted English talent.
Edwin Bowah
Edwin Bowah Måned siden
He looked savage but more polite than I imagined.
Will Williamson
Will Williamson Måned siden
Hair implants or retire Come on ffs
Zack Hartley
Zack Hartley Måned siden
Jurgen needs to chill out...
Atsiz The Iron
Atsiz The Iron Måned siden
Klopp is a massive fraud
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