Among Us but there's THREE detectives

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Mr. Fruit

4 måneder siden

Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but there's THREE detectives

Mr. Fruit
Mr. Fruit 4 måneder siden
The support you guys have been showing on these videos is UNREAL so thank you
Vickie Covert
Vickie Covert 20 dager siden
How are you not verified, Mr. Fruit?
Nathaniel Faust
Nathaniel Faust Måned siden
Pey's Playz
Pey's Playz 2 måneder siden
Bro we give the support to the people to deserve the support
Det' Sunil
Det' Sunil 2 måneder siden
@Miss Kris må
Det' Sunil
Det' Sunil 2 måneder siden
@mixx mmmåpmmåmpmååmmåå
Haibat khan Jatoi
Haibat khan Jatoi Dag siden
I've grown to adore shark in these the content and the dream team
MunkyZach 2 dager siden
Fruit Says all quite on the western front as I’m reading the book right now NANI
Nathalie Valadez
Nathalie Valadez 5 dager siden
Sharkk stresses me tf out speaking over people and then gets irritated when someone else speaks. Reminds me of a narcissist.
LeoGamez YT
LeoGamez YT 24 dager siden
Him: Its time ladiessssssss Gentlemens: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?! Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Sean Kim
Sean Kim 9 dager siden
its not that funny but ight
Eduard Ananchenko
Eduard Ananchenko Måned siden
Someone Vented in the bottom right :O 27:23
DŪBTĮM24 Måned siden
Sharkk sounds like a complaining seal begging for attention
John Lawrence
John Lawrence Måned siden
Ohm and Rhabby: Mr fruit scanned we can verify Shark: ITS MR FRUIT
Pochii Bean
Pochii Bean Måned siden
You’re a mix of goodtimeswithscar and.... a deeper voice? I don’t know this is my first time..
Ghalileo Vladimir Abdullah
Ghalileo Vladimir Abdullah Måned siden
I was a detective i just let people tell wat dey see and realize it
Sean Kim
Sean Kim 9 dager siden
u prob play public lobbies lmao
Toucan1981 Måned siden
Sharkk is so fkn annoying. He is like a bratty screaming kid.
Linkz18 Måned siden
Fruit when he does the crystal task: “ya know, I’m something of a jieollijeist myself.”
Not Bendy Snowball's Alt
Not Bendy Snowball's Alt Måned siden
5:39 Shark is that one dude who thinks he's slick, thinks he's being smart, but in reality he's just being stupid.
Michael Alfinito
Michael Alfinito Måned siden
2 people yo fruit is good Shark WE CANT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS
xPolar Playz
xPolar Playz 2 måneder siden
27:23 Look at thr med vent
katie kopacz
katie kopacz 2 måneder siden
“WE AIN’T NO SIMP” -dork 2020
Preston and Tom
Preston and Tom 2 måneder siden
27:23 look at the medbay vent
HypnoticBand13 2 måneder siden
Wow shark just wow
Amir Soleymani
Amir Soleymani 2 måneder siden
*Datto was not an Impostor* hold up
Rhys 2 måneder siden
i have been re-watching these every time i'm stressed or just sad. i made a playlist of all your Among Us videos. love all of it, Mr. Fruit.
Arminder Batth
Arminder Batth 2 måneder siden
5pm GMT 12pm EST Be ready.
Fret N
Fret N 2 måneder siden
Tori Luv3
Tori Luv3 2 måneder siden
I would have seriously banned Shark from hittin that button. He literally was in bed with that emergency button 😂😂😂
TLU MR Momba
TLU MR Momba 2 måneder siden
Shark is dumb
Ethan533 2 måneder siden
sharkk, ur not convincing and fruit WAS in the admin room, Sharkk is omega SUS
Saud Alkaabi
Saud Alkaabi 2 måneder siden
Wow ohm how long before you backstab this group huh?
Michael Alfinito
Michael Alfinito 2 måneder siden
I commented on another episode how shark is awesome but terrible at this game this is evidence one
platinum_God 23
platinum_God 23 2 måneder siden
9:24 great
Thunderkiller 2 måneder siden
Sharkk is literally bad being a imposter
Feng Lei
Feng Lei 2 måneder siden
mmm wonder if any good single player games that similar to this. No wonder people find this an interesting game
NicoleAllyse 2 måneder siden
When the door randomly opened outside cafeteria that was Datto venting lol
Karl Aldrin S Sumalinog
Karl Aldrin S Sumalinog 2 måneder siden
Among Us but there's THREE -detectives- BIG BRAINS BEANS
Brandon Meckler
Brandon Meckler 2 måneder siden
I love fruit as an imposter gameplay
Typ P
Typ P 2 måneder siden
Shark is baffling
Yeshua Cha
Yeshua Cha 2 måneder siden
did anyone see the vent open at the bottem left screen at 27:24
Preston and Tom
Preston and Tom 2 måneder siden
I did
Danieldivine922 2 måneder siden
this 10 Watching this not even lying
YaBoi Thunder
YaBoi Thunder 2 måneder siden
27:23 someone vented in medbay and fruit didn’t see it
Pablo Portillo
Pablo Portillo 2 måneder siden
6:43 Sharkk says "I gotta family I dont wanna die"
Racers 2020
Racers 2020 2 måneder siden
I just now noticed when the door opened mysteriously, it was Datto
I am the rabbit man 69 years ago
I am the rabbit man 69 years ago 2 måneder siden
I hate to be THAT guy but the uniform in the thumbnail isn't a detective uniform It's the uniform of one corporation/group named "Center for Chaos Containment" which specialized in containing chaos This group/corporation is from another game made by the same team: The Henry Stickim Collection The lore of that game is connected with among us lore cuz there is a bio in the game of one guy named Polus Petrovich who got to name a planet after himself (the polus map)
Noël Winroth Rousseau
Noël Winroth Rousseau 2 måneder siden
7:38 The emergency meeting thing has orange and green in it green being Shark orange beign fruit and they're the ones who got beef
The GamingGoat
The GamingGoat 2 måneder siden
Rhetticulous 2 måneder siden
Bro shark is so annoying
Seth Adams
Seth Adams 2 måneder siden
Sharkk has the most annoying voice
Stephen Stegman
Stephen Stegman 2 måneder siden
At 23:00... Dork saying, "For once in your life, DON'T BE A SIMP!!!" LMFAO
yanamaay 2 måneder siden
going back to this video hurts when one of your favourite dream team member is Sharkk. 😔😔
The Gaming Wolf
The Gaming Wolf 2 måneder siden
oh my god Sharkk whines alot
DeCean Pifer
DeCean Pifer 2 måneder siden
Sharrk grows increasingly annoying
IAMSIF 2 måneder siden
Go to 27:23 a vent opens how did you not notice that lol
PlayingWithIssues 2 måneder siden
Watching most of these videos in no particular order, Shark is rather consistently bad at this game
Zzeroo 2 måneder siden
Shark always sounds like he’s about to cry when he’s trying to defend himself
Ferris LuxGood
Ferris LuxGood 3 måneder siden
Shark cries straight up whine when he killed that person. He sounded like he was about to cry.. 10/10 acting
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 3 måneder siden
Sharkk: * still think that is fruit even 2 other crew protect fruit* is fruit
Afif Misman
Afif Misman 3 måneder siden
F***ing hate Sharkl -,-
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 3 måneder siden
these people are mega smooth brain
Invisible gaming
Invisible gaming 3 måneder siden
27:24 someone vented in medbay :o
xchessthebest 3 måneder siden
did you not see the medbay vent open at 27:23?? ;-; I saw it and was like noooo go back and check!!
Corey Kief
Corey Kief 3 måneder siden
Sharkks voice it terrible
Catarama Treenage
Catarama Treenage 3 måneder siden
Sharkk: I'm just protecting my family Fruit and co: Hm pretty sus
Scott Thomson
Scott Thomson 3 måneder siden
Sharkk needs an inside voice
henkder 3 måneder siden
Sharkk needs to breath man
Domenico Bastiaan L
Domenico Bastiaan L 3 måneder siden
that balcon scene was made by datto caouse datto randomly opened the gate and vented,as you see closely,you will see two datto one in the balcony and one in hallway .look at 3:57 bottom right corner and hall way scene after,see something familliar?
Z3RØ 3 måneder siden
Please, no more Sharkk.
W AT 3 måneder siden
The three detectives killed more people than the impostors
Maya Basumatary
Maya Basumatary 3 måneder siden
Tip:if ur watching admin and see two ppl and one of them flicks that means that's a kill
Elijah Wong
Elijah Wong 3 måneder siden
Sharkk’s rants are pretty bad
Mazlier 3 måneder siden
“Are you playing WoW during all of this, bro?!” *Me over here literally playing WoW while watching this*
Feng Moon
Feng Moon 3 måneder siden
Literally shark annoys me so much😂
Phoenix Uphaus
Phoenix Uphaus 3 måneder siden
I have always wanted to play with them.
Aaron Seymour
Aaron Seymour 3 måneder siden
Holy shit shark is the single most suspicious person ever to use a mouse and keyboard.
Bhavik 3 måneder siden
i did the 66th k like
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon 3 måneder siden
Detective Detective Detective
BlackDove58 3 måneder siden
I love these videos but sometimes I really get fed up with how people talk over each other especially when they're yelling because that literally only helps the impostors since the yelling means people mishear things.
DifferentMan 3 måneder siden
Does shark rly have that nasally voice?
Zyprus2012 3 måneder siden
Im going to have to get this game. Looks fun as hell!!!
Those Sneaker kids
Those Sneaker kids 3 måneder siden
Please don’t say the lords name in vain
TheCowboyMartyr 3 måneder siden
Nate DS
Nate DS 3 måneder siden
6:36 is sharkk gay?
Rohan Chaurasia
Rohan Chaurasia 3 måneder siden
The fact you're getting this many views on these videos makes me really happy. You deserved this kind of activity since the beginning. Keep up the great work!! MISSTAAAA FROOOOOOOOOT.
Kamden Floid
Kamden Floid 3 måneder siden
Fruit: “it doesn’t work if only two people scan bcuz that means you’re the two imposters” also fruit: “ me and Danielle saw each other scan” it don’t make no sense how no one noticed this
Kezelee J
Kezelee J 3 måneder siden
You're forgetting about dork
Rebecca DeMoranville
Rebecca DeMoranville 3 måneder siden
shark:there's no defending myself 1 minute later Shark: let me defend myself!
Alucard 3 måneder siden
AFK Arena is turning into the new raid shadow legends
Kyle Stauffer
Kyle Stauffer 3 måneder siden
Shark really has no clue how this game works or is just smooth brain
Nicholas Devis
Nicholas Devis 3 måneder siden
"This is my social, please don't leak" Mr. Fruit- 2020
Maddy Buys
Maddy Buys 3 måneder siden
Shark: Defends self for 2 min Someone else: Points out flaw Shark: CAN I JUST DEFEND MYSELF FOR ONE SECOND
Louis Schulze
Louis Schulze 3 måneder siden
sharkk brain dead :(
R3333 Productions
R3333 Productions 3 måneder siden
Shark's tell when lying is when his frankly already whiny voices hits a slightly higher pitch and becomes even more whiny, if thats even possible XD
Mason Sharp
Mason Sharp 3 måneder siden
Shark actually has 2 active brain cells when it comes to this game, either that or he's high as a kite whenever he plays.
Milo Ngo
Milo Ngo 3 måneder siden
"I'm just trying to protect myself, man. I gotta family! I don't wanna die!" -Sharkk being dumb
Run nN
Run nN 3 måneder siden
Fruit and ohm best eg that soft talks are heard and more respected☺
Run nN
Run nN 3 måneder siden
Ghosh I can say fruit is such a good detective. His channel gets more interesting with each watch
Ella Griffin
Ella Griffin 3 måneder siden
i think you mean three imposters LMAO
Jamilah ki
Jamilah ki 3 måneder siden
"Sharkk there's no defending you bro" Sharkk: OF COURSE there's no defending me Also Sharkk: *proceeds to try and defend himself*
Divine _
Divine _ 3 måneder siden
Datto just lucky. No such thing as simpin’ on Danielle
Ruby Parker
Ruby Parker 3 måneder siden
I can't handle sharkks voice. Im sorry I know that's a horrible thing... But like... I just can't. I hope he's just sick and this is not his normal voice.
Alex Shearholdt
Alex Shearholdt 3 måneder siden
I'm addicted to these videos. I can't stop watching them
Komorebi Okihiro
Komorebi Okihiro 3 måneder siden
sorry I’m not trying to be mean but shark is always loud and kind of obnoxious
StarbursT ッ
StarbursT ッ 3 måneder siden
27:24 did anyone else notice the vent open
Israel Boerman
Israel Boerman 3 måneder siden
Shark’s voice pisses me off. 19:10 I know its him cuz I just saw himmmm
Dylan Lapthorn
Dylan Lapthorn 3 måneder siden
4:14 reactor meltdown in 10000 seconds hol up wait a minute dat ain’t right
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