Film Theory: Where is Rick Grimes? The Walking Dead's Final Mysteries SOLVED!

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2 måneder siden

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The Walking Dead is ending and I think I've figured out what is going to happen! Today Theorists, I'm going to get into EVERYTHING. From where is Rick Grimes, to who are the Three Rings, to how The Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to PROVE once and for all that there is a CURE to this zombie virus! Yes, I said a cure! Theorists, this may be my biggest prediction theory yet!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Sude Bozkurt
Sude Bozkurt 2 måneder siden
Sometimes, even if I havent watched what MatPat is talking about, I still like it because somehow he makes it feel like Ive watched it forever.
Susan Dionne
Susan Dionne 2 dager siden
it dose feel like a 15 minut segment lasts forever even if your not looking at it
Raees Hussain
Raees Hussain 12 dager siden
Raees Hussain
Raees Hussain 12 dager siden
Kemal Måned siden
The CRM could be bigger than the commonwealth
AshG 1
AshG 1 2 måneder siden
MatPat you have a commercial!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.Pickle 23
Mr.Pickle 23 2 timer siden
The place is called commonsworth. The three Os in the name
Planet X TK
Planet X TK 17 timer siden
You’re pretty good!
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Dag siden
This is honestly very vallade theory keep making these bro
8 BALL 3 dager siden
I don’t care what anyone says I’m the true survivor I’ve been around since the show first came on back in 2011 on the 31st of October aka Halloween and I’m still watching every episode of every season to this day I’m a true walking dead fan and I’m proud of it I’ll never stop watching even after it ends Anyone else who stuck around and did the same we are all Negan
YodaCat19 3 dager siden
PLOT TWIST: Negan used to mark his workers by A and B Daryl was an A
Swaggynator 387
Swaggynator 387 3 dager siden
At 12:00 you can see the CRM logo in the background. You probably noticed but I still wanted to point that out
Shy Animations
Shy Animations 4 dager siden
Who else saw old Joseph joestar
It'sMeTrevan 4 dager siden
What about the boat
Lourd Ubando
Lourd Ubando 5 dager siden
Plot twist: Rick will wake up from his dream.
REUBEN FOX 5 dager siden
2:32 well also the guy in the prison that prayed to god about drugs or something
GODZBOZZ_Gaming *unholy insurgency plays*
GODZBOZZ_Gaming *unholy insurgency plays* 5 dager siden
*Edna Krabbaple esque laugh* love those Rick memes!
c Lowzee
c Lowzee 5 dager siden
Kinda ironic as well this new group is from Nebraska. Dave and Tony from TWD season 2 should've taken ricks answer "I hear Nebraska's nice" to heart as they maybe could've found this community lol
c Lowzee
c Lowzee 5 dager siden
SPOILER ALERTS FOR TWD SEASON 10. AND THE WORLD BEYOND! I really believe this "trilogy series" is a decoy for what is to come. I believe that since they announced season 11 will be the last of The Walking Dead that fear The Walking Dead will come to an end after one more season at the 7th season and now we have this whole new show The Walking Dead World Beyond. I believe that fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead will collide into World Beyond and we will see Rick in the upcoming season two or three maybe at the latest in the world Beyond. Since Eugene's group got taken by crm. I personally believe the 2 girls father in the world Beyond is being protected by Rick because they mentioned "that this guy who is looking after their dad at the CRM is strong and can survive anything" also Andrew Lincoln said he may be done with The Walking Dead show itself but he has unfinished business in The Walking Dead universe. Remember you heard it here first if this is what happens to be!
YeeZee 6 dager siden
0:46 I hate that I get this joke
DIVTAN Music 7 dager siden
And Now...... CRM wants to know your location.
MrLube 7 dager siden
He's hiding under a dumpster
Tiffany Robles
Tiffany Robles 7 dager siden
As a pilot student, every time you said CRM, I kept thinking: Crew Resource Management and remembering my aviation safety professor repeating over and over again that CRM is one of the most important things in aviation and that it enhances safety.
Simon Webster
Simon Webster 8 dager siden
World beyond is absolutely awful.
Robert Nall
Robert Nall 8 dager siden
So what can you tell me about the boat scene with michonne finding the cell phone with evidence that rick was on that boat and his boots i think it was she found as well.
SteelHD 8 dager siden
I’m so hyped for the next of season 10 and 11
Charles Peterson
Charles Peterson 9 dager siden
Isn't the CRM symbol the same as the Led Zeppelin symbol?
litzz b
litzz b 10 dager siden
Coral 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maddy Beaulieu
Maddy Beaulieu 10 dager siden
As soon as I saw the store I was like he’s buying coral he’s buying coral lmao
Agent-Gamez 10 dager siden
You’re relentless
Shut up Morty
Shut up Morty 10 dager siden
prevailant 10 dager siden
Matt pat we also saw it in Georgia when he was in the city
Mackenzie Chan
Mackenzie Chan 12 dager siden
Oh boy he’s in my state
KYLE.S 12 dager siden
the new series reminds me of last of us
KemuelTV Roblox
KemuelTV Roblox 12 dager siden
Yea Rick was my favorite character after michonne came shes my favorite cause of her killing zombies with a katana skills :D
Raees Hussain
Raees Hussain 12 dager siden
Tour Libain X
Tour Libain X 12 dager siden
I think Carl still alive and Rick could be the cure because in the first ep.rick died in the hospital but he is alive and I thought he died in the first but like I said he is still alive
jon snow
jon snow 12 dager siden
Nobody found rick this theory is false nobody knows where he is.
Khadijah Davis
Khadijah Davis 12 dager siden
Shikido San
Shikido San 12 dager siden
Real Zombies : Brains!!!! Minecraft Zombies : Bruh!!!!
spyr tsatsaris
spyr tsatsaris 13 dager siden
Trash Man
Trash Man 13 dager siden
I wish Lee lasted this long. He definitely would’ve been an A.
Noni Noni
Noni Noni 14 dager siden
Soooo, to get people to watch the worst show ever in TWD Universe, they say it's the key to finding out where Rick Grimes was taken... Those 'Dirty Rats!' Well, too bad. I'm NOT wasting any of my time watching 'Beyond.' I'll just wait for more spoilers.
Storkoid 3 dager siden
World beyond is quite cringy...but the story is quite gud...but unnecessarily stretched....they haven't showed anything about rick yet...
Gavin Hively
Gavin Hively 14 dager siden
Hi I’m Mary Mary we need your thoughts
Ján Porubčan
Ján Porubčan 14 dager siden
this guy is a genius. I watched first episode of TWDWB and he was so right about so many things. Big respect.
Oili Oquendo
Oili Oquendo 14 dager siden
Dave Foster jr
Dave Foster jr 14 dager siden
Just find it funny they picked the least likely cities to actually survive a crisis. Yea it's fantasy but come on. Next thing you know they have Biden as president. Lol
fearfulcat 14 dager siden
This seems likely. Now I wonder if the kids are the key to saving the world, then probably they'll all be killed by the end of their series, lol.
Mr Hodge
Mr Hodge 14 dager siden
Pretty sure the C stands for commonwealth
Abbi Kay
Abbi Kay 14 dager siden
“Zombies” in fiction don’t actually exist in the walking dead universe, or else they would all be able to figure out what’s going on. The word zombie, in turn doesn’t exist.
jvjv864 13 dager siden
@Abbi Kay you should! It's really awesome, I hope you enjoy it!
Abbi Kay
Abbi Kay 13 dager siden
@jvjv864 really? I’ve actually been planning to start reading them soon! Now I’m really motivated xD
jvjv864 14 dager siden
Great point! Fun fact, in the comic they very much call them zombies (among other nicknames they gave them later on). I wonder why the TV show decided to cut the word?
Shaheer Ahsan
Shaheer Ahsan 15 dager siden
Is that joseph joestar on the thumbnail?
SuperCrew Studios
SuperCrew Studios 15 dager siden
i agree
Культурный Дотер
Культурный Дотер 15 dager siden
The thing that annoys me a lot is that those teenage girls in post-apocalyptic world "beyond" still take care of their makeup to look prettier on the screen. Aghh, come on, that's just stupid
David Bengtsson
David Bengtsson 15 dager siden
Why is the optimistic show about gen Z? Bit off theme
Dom Collomosse
Dom Collomosse 15 dager siden
I'm gonna guess the C means Commonwealth considering a lot of people have said that's where he is
John Pickering
John Pickering 16 dager siden
Why did Jadis downgrade rick from A to B? To protect him from dissection I assume?
welsh Maniacs
welsh Maniacs 16 dager siden
1:11 sheriffs deputy not an actual sheriff
Lucas 16 dager siden
The scp 2:29
Tyler 17 dager siden
Bro the writers didn’t have a clue to do with Heath so they just came up with something to get him off the show to give them time to figure out what to do with him 😂
Rosie High Queen of all
Rosie High Queen of all 17 dager siden
The actors brother is a teacher at my school
Sid 17 dager siden
Blows my mind that Rick is gonna get a whole movie trilogy. The series died for me when Glenn died in season 6.
Ghost Boy
Ghost Boy Dag siden
Same, every death in S6 felt weird
Aaron 17 dager siden
Y'all remember when he thought Luke was going to be kylo Ren?
Cody Gebert
Cody Gebert 17 dager siden
You guys do such a good job well done and thank you for the uploads 😊
Becky Frost
Becky Frost 17 dager siden
0:32 OH MY- That's terribly amazing🤣😭
John Royal
John Royal 17 dager siden
A is After Bitten, B is Before that’s why Rick is a B
John Royal
John Royal 17 dager siden
A is After Bitten, B is Before that’s why Rick is a B
Suhaib MEMES
Suhaib MEMES 18 dager siden
Wait wot about the helicopter at episode one of twd 🚁👀OMG ITS CRM
Kory Wylie
Kory Wylie 18 dager siden
But then how would Rick end up asking for a picture of Michonne and Judith in 10x13, if he's all the way in Philadelphia?
tenzin rabga
tenzin rabga 18 dager siden
So they thought they can recreate Clementine kind of character.
William Potter
William Potter 18 dager siden
Medpat I got to ask one question about The walking Dead why in season four is there a virus like the carnivores but animals can get it
Jeremy Ranelli
Jeremy Ranelli 18 dager siden
I do think you have quit a few good points having watched this after a bunch of world beyond episodes have aired. I think if you’re not dead on, you’re close. Part of me is hoping Rick will be at this place in New York that the kids are going to but I’m also not really naïve enough to think he will actually be there and make an appearance on World Beyond. Anyway if they are gonna cure whatever it is going on it will have to be pretty scientifically rooted in reality for this to be believable to fans.
Trollololol 19 dager siden
CORAL!!!1 ha ha ha !!! nice
KomeaStar AGM
KomeaStar AGM 19 dager siden
Hey MatPat, this might be a coincidence, but CRM sounds a lot like serum. Which you probably know what that is. I thought you were saying serum the entire video
Kevin Marburry
Kevin Marburry 19 dager siden
This show "Beyond" is trash..this vid was infinitely more interesting then that was,salute to the platform
Shiva R
Shiva R 19 dager siden
Why is Joseph Joestar on the thumbnail?
tinylittleboi 21 dag siden
its gonna be like the maze runner with the immune children
Er. Esakki M
Er. Esakki M 21 dag siden
I can actually say one thing. You are right in getting the name "Civic Republic Military." It is explicitly mentioned in Comics and Euguene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and a new girl was taken by CRM when Eugene tried to make contact with a girl(Stephanie) living amongst them(S10E16-final scene).
Gaurdian wolf
Gaurdian wolf 21 dag siden
I hated that carol died
Browny 21 dag siden
Rick is just built different 😈
Angie faith
Angie faith 22 dager siden
The first think i thought of when i heard "CRM" was "Carl, Rick, Michone" tbh. i know thats not what it isbut, its the first thing that came to mind
Natalya Angel
Natalya Angel 22 dager siden
I got an add for 'Fear The Walking Dead' before this video.
mega slam
mega slam 10 dager siden
Me too
Mr. FuryGamer
Mr. FuryGamer 22 dager siden
lmao imagine if rick was immune all along and he's the cure
Mon Wyatt
Mon Wyatt 3 dager siden
Yeah I liked the last of us too
doges_ 20 dager siden
Wow then we wasted 9 or 10 seasons of people dying
Skyquake Gaming
Skyquake Gaming 23 dager siden
Guess that one guy from season 2 was right, there was somewhere safe in Nebraska
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen 23 dager siden
I haven’t seen fear and I stopped watching walking dead after season 4 now I’ve got to watch 10000 episodes
helena bechara
helena bechara 23 dager siden
my head went like 🤯🤯🤯 i agree 100% w you
izzy 23 dager siden
NSU isn't real, the state uni is in Lincoln
Carlos Lobb
Carlos Lobb 23 dager siden
Glen will remember that.
Moss Goose
Moss Goose 24 dager siden
I haven’t watched twd in a while to the point I called father Gabriel smith 🧍
El Nacho
El Nacho 24 dager siden
Before quarantine and after quarantine made me laugh.
James Milford
James Milford 24 dager siden
If they do a rick walking dead movie I'll watch it i watched the walking dead from the very beginning
cry 24 dager siden
How fast does the pencil travel in kienjo when the teacher launches it at her student? Please I need to know this information papa MattPatt.
Ayden Rage
Ayden Rage 24 dager siden
4:37 kinda looks like the treyarch symbol
Julius Krüger
Julius Krüger 25 dager siden
I remember the last TWD episode I saw was the one where Carl dies. It was so dull that I stopped watching, although I wanted to stop watching before that. TWD is like eating the same sandwich each day for over 10 years.
Ryan Sproviero
Ryan Sproviero 25 dager siden
Alpha and Beta
joysclash 25 dager siden
Rub it in your face ?? Rub what exactly ?? 😏😏😈
Kunkka Huskar
Kunkka Huskar 25 dager siden
WTF TWD turned into the maze runner saga?
Camaro_27 25 dager siden
Was it just me who thought live-action Joseph Joestar was in the thumbnail? Just me? Yeah just me
Steven McGuinness
Steven McGuinness 25 dager siden
It's all a dream and Rick is still in a coma, Cos they are going to do a Dallas, just like when Bobby Ewing came back alive after pams (Victoria Principal) dream, when he'd been dead for a whole season HAHA
Brohim 25 dager siden
I think everybody is missing the obvious pun right in front of all of our faces. C.R.M. if pronounced fast enough is ...serum.
k0fi_98 25 dager siden
Recently started TWD_ world beyond.... and most of these theories are becoming even more clearer
Diamant 26 dager siden
A hundred years Rick and Zombies ... no wait wrong show
Chase Alford
Chase Alford 26 dager siden
Canadian Republic Military ;)
charles miller
charles miller 26 dager siden
Ha CRM .... my initials
Gamma 26 dager siden
Finally I know the reason for the ad matpat was in
RWhettstone 27 dager siden
"Carefully Plotted Out Universe"? New Showrunners killed off almost every "Fear" character and did a hard reboot. And those teens were born after the outbreak, which is why they're the "Endlings", they would be the last surviving adults who can be infected if they're modifying NEW children who would be younger than 10 if the show is ten years after the outbreak. How did you miss this, you put it in your own video?
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