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Roisin Conaty, Tim Key, Frank Skinner, Josh Widdicombe & Romesh Ranganathan attempt to identify the contents of several pies without breaching the pastry from the first series of Taskmaster.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

TheMike0088 23 timer siden
"Just your *normal* steak and kidney pie" Has the world gone mad? What the fuck is normal about a steak and kidney pie? As someone not from the UK, while I've heard of (but have yet to see) meat-pie, partial intestines pie sounds absolutely miserable. And that shit is NORMAL to you?!
Sarah McCormack
Sarah McCormack Dag siden
Mystic Frank 😂😂😂😂
Glen Hoddle
Glen Hoddle 2 dager siden
7.45 Greg drops an fuck bomb. Deservedly so too.
The Pilot Penguin
The Pilot Penguin 2 dager siden
romesh was genuinely angry in this one, kinda felt bad for Roisin, that was proper shouting
Daniel Hardy
Daniel Hardy 2 dager siden
To my americans what word would you use for breaching besides puncturing or breaking
Eira Von bahr
Eira Von bahr 3 dager siden
Wow... They really are racists
Telegrama cotidian prahovean
Telegrama cotidian prahovean 3 dager siden
"Papa don't breach" 🤣🤣🤣 Legend!
Cody Leander
Cody Leander 4 dager siden
Greatest show ever
Dominic Deluca
Dominic Deluca 6 dager siden
Anybody who didn't enter the pie, did not breach it. To open a door isn't a breach. To step inside is the breach. Right?!?! Idk
numbereightyseven 6 dager siden
The epitome of women's logic and consistency.
josé maria
josé maria 7 dager siden
Probably my all time favourite task
Kristine Peterson
Kristine Peterson 9 dager siden
The disgusting person phylogenetically float because ex-wife neurobiologically belong until a hesitant family. warm, unbecoming eyelash
Da Mighty Shabba
Da Mighty Shabba 11 dager siden
You gotta give it to Alex Horne - I mean... he goes whole hog when he does this show. SO many others would just say.... "Erm.... NO". But he just does these tasks like its just another day.... On stage I don't find him that funny, but on this.... maximum respect (across all episodes). AND he usually keeps character as well....
Torian 11 dager siden
And I get a toothpaste commercial right at the end.... 😀
Petteri Vainio
Petteri Vainio 12 dager siden
At 13:45, one more Peter Jackson cameo, this time whitout a carrot..
Mike Dome
Mike Dome 18 dager siden
0:55 Peter Jackson? haha so cool
moiraine_damodred 22 dager siden
the sheer anger from romesh and josh is fantastic looks like the start of how family games are ruined at christmastime
mayang 24 dager siden
season 1 will always have best place in my heart. i just love it, and the task felt very folky & original.
Andrew Micallef
Andrew Micallef 24 dager siden
I really enjoyed this without the overlapped take laugh track. More like this!
Andrew Garces
Andrew Garces 24 dager siden
I agree with Roisin.
DecayConstant 27 dager siden
I literally gagged watching him eat the Toothpaste Pie.
wolfVFV 27 dager siden
Why was everyone guessing steak Like is tht normal on britain??? Steak in pie???
James Brisnehan
James Brisnehan Måned siden
"You want to see a breach? This is a breach:" *NOpost Ad plays with zero warning*
Krekcab Now
Krekcab Now Måned siden
I do think the majority of breaching is the result of poor craftsmanship on behalf of the pie crafters.
Rory M
Rory M Måned siden
I love this show
Andy Mesa
Andy Mesa Måned siden
Brits do know that you can put sweet things in pies, right?
Em 88
Em 88 Måned siden
Ben Cressman
Ben Cressman Måned siden
I fucking killed myself when Alex ate all of that toothpaste!!! 😂 The commitment !
a guy from nz
a guy from nz Måned siden
Not really their fault that the bottom fell off though
J M Måned siden
NOpost recommended moment
CrazyTim 05
CrazyTim 05 Måned siden
As a Tim I thank you
Zack Moore
Zack Moore Måned siden
anyone else blown away by the pillow cube commercial?
Daily Logic
Daily Logic Måned siden
Watch out ladies Alex is gonna steal your guy we know he swallows now
supermarc45 Måned siden
Welp I'm off to brush my teeth with some mint tipp-ex.
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
'' you would've thought that dogshit was stake '' got me
Steven Tarsitano
Steven Tarsitano Måned siden
the season 1 cast was the best cast of all. none were better.
Steven Tarsitano
Steven Tarsitano Måned siden
@Daniel Prokrastiniert no, I stand by what I said
Steven Tarsitano
Steven Tarsitano Måned siden
@Daniel Prokrastiniert i gave up at 5. i hated nish kumar. he was so annoying. i just started watching 6 after a hiatus from the show.
Daniel Prokrastiniert
Daniel Prokrastiniert Måned siden
Then you havent seen Season 7 :)
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn Måned siden
What flavor is that pie? pie flavored
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
I was gagging watching Alex eat the toothpaste pie. Poor fellow!
Augustinas Lukauskas
Augustinas Lukauskas Måned siden
"That's AhLoT of pies" - that's peak comedy right there
NT Recruit
NT Recruit Måned siden
When it is covid time and you cant smell. 03:50 and 05:33
Daniel Elliott
Daniel Elliott Måned siden
To be fair who ever cut open the bottom of these pies to in preparation for the tasks are the ones who breached the pies
CrazyDragy Måned siden
Oh this episode was such a hoot. Had me wheezing for minutes xd
Spiritfur Måned siden
Alex is a freaking trooper, I don't think I could've gotten through eating a bite of hot toothpaste pie without cracking up.
Chasin9 Elliott
Chasin9 Elliott Måned siden
Just found out about this today and it's pretty addicting I must say. Never heard of it before, good, funny show.
Catie Maria
Catie Maria Måned siden
Watching this as an American is crazy. Brits put WHAT in their pies?!
Olu Fasoro
Olu Fasoro Måned siden
Is it peas? It's peas isn't it.
Ben Bartel
Ben Bartel Måned siden
That is a wonderful Episode!!
Mona Elisa
Mona Elisa Måned siden
I can't *not* gag while watching Alex eat that toothpaste pie 😨
MlunguX Måned siden
I probably shouldn't have been eating pie while watching this...
Jun Nagels
Jun Nagels Måned siden
Greg: Do you want to see a breach? This is a breach! **ADVERTISEMENT POPS UP**
MurcianWolf Gaming
MurcianWolf Gaming Måned siden
Watching him eat the toothpaste pie was just priceless!
sharkrunaway Måned siden
I actually gagged when Alex bit into the toothpaste pie. I'm nauseous now.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Måned siden
Wow, lotta pie.
Sootpelt Måned siden
I was gagging watching Alex eat the toothpaste pie. Poor fellow!
Dance Yoga Wellness
Dance Yoga Wellness Måned siden
Gonna get me some fun time pie
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Måned siden
"Papa don't breach" prevented a riot.
Anthea May
Anthea May Måned siden
Uuuuuuuu nooooo! Eating the toothpaste pie nearly made me gag
Cole Smart
Cole Smart Måned siden
Me hearing security breach : FNAF SECURITY BREACH?
T Rcr
T Rcr Måned siden
That was some serious commitment to eating the nastiest pie
T Rcr
T Rcr Måned siden
How the fuck did he eat that
aubrey murphy
aubrey murphy Måned siden
Oh my god the breaching conversation had me rolling
aubrey murphy
aubrey murphy Måned siden
@MuunNii 100% looking at the already exposed parts= not breaching everything else that damaged the structural integrity of the pie is breaching
MuunNii Måned siden
He was right though? If you pay someone else to break a window, it still breached, innit?
harshiita Måned siden
Any thumbnail that has ALEX in it.... You know.. He is gonna suffer and it's gonna be incredible 😅😂😂
kimber Lee
kimber Lee Måned siden
What the fuck pies are these?!
Kendal Keith
Kendal Keith Måned siden
Greg says "you wanna see a breach, this is a breach..." And a burglary ad comes on 😂
Vlad Amarandi
Vlad Amarandi Måned siden
I almost felt the same angerI almost felt the same anger as ramesh but then I saw the others and felt like an asshole
Condensed Koala
Condensed Koala Måned siden
Average person, upon realizing the pies were full of random shit: "DO YOU THINK I'M A MORON YOU F'ING JACKASSES" English person 2:58 "I've gone a bit normal with my guesses..."
Crimson Crusader
Crimson Crusader Måned siden
That "Papa don't breach" joke had me in tears.
CR Måned siden
"Papa don't breach."
The_Only_Zac Måned siden
This is the best task. They've outdone themselves.
DangerMouse949 Måned siden
Who in the actual f**k doesn't smell something before they eat/taste it?!
Senna Augustus
Senna Augustus Måned siden
Since the contents have no smell, they'd just have smelled pie crust. The beef pie was also quite big, and possibly filled the whole room with the smell.
Salt Shaker
Salt Shaker Måned siden
some jokes really hits different when you know the context of what they are saying.
j mcburney
j mcburney Måned siden
"Papa don't breach" prevented a riot.
Ian Dominic Lagman
Ian Dominic Lagman 9 timer siden
@Steven Salerno Oooooooo Gonna eat my colgate
Steven Salerno
Steven Salerno 3 dager siden
@Kelsey Williams But I’ve made up my mind I’m eating my Colgate.
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 14 dager siden
Papa, don't breach I'm in toothpaste deep Papa, don't breach I been losin' peas
Evelyn Whicher
Evelyn Whicher Måned siden
Legit in the top 3 tasks of all time.
Cody Måned siden
I have already seen Alex eat the pies four times, but here I am.
Carl Loewenguth
Carl Loewenguth Måned siden
looking forward to when we have an audience and they can sit close together again
Solomon Lusk
Solomon Lusk Måned siden
7:00. The toothpaste has steam coming off it.
BurnEdOutOne Måned siden
One of the best tasks of all time.
Lindsay Rae
Lindsay Rae Måned siden
the first series will always be one of the best, its such a treasure
Harold Reighn
Harold Reighn Måned siden
This is by far my favorite task so far. Incredible to watch.
Juhani U
Juhani U Måned siden
Damn i love Roisin - After i saw After Life and then saw her at taskmaster - i became a fan - Just love her Greeting from Finland =)
OtakuOran Måned siden
Greg: "So if you look into somebody's window, that means you've burgled them?" Me: "Well by your definition Greg, apparently if a building collapses across the street, you're guilty of breaking and entering."
TOAOM123 Måned siden
@MuunNii No one will ever like you for being this way
Kati de Jong
Kati de Jong Måned siden
@MuunNii ???
MuunNii Måned siden
@Kati de Jong so if I throw a ball trough the window it isn't breached? You lot need to step up and get your grades up there. English really isn't that hard of a language.
MuunNii Måned siden
@Ithtorukk his pie was the least breached pie. The last ones *were breached* , by other people sure, but still breached.
Ithtorukk Måned siden
Nah, Greg's definition requires action on their part. "If you knock on the door and the building collapses". They were perfectly fine until they were picked up and the bottoms fell out.
Jóhann Gunnarsson
Jóhann Gunnarsson Måned siden
Hot toothpaste pie still makes me gag...
Wel Heizel
Wel Heizel Måned siden
'' you would've thought that dogshit was stake '' got me
Sarah McCormack
Sarah McCormack Dag siden
It was so unexpected and savage 😂😂😂😂
Shanae Player
Shanae Player 8 dager siden
Julie Nicole
Julie Nicole Måned siden
That hot toothpaste makes me gag everytime.
RoanStone Måned siden
11 minutes in...gag reflex unexpectedly triggered! 😮
The Cheesy Nachos
The Cheesy Nachos Måned siden
ah yes the pie whisperer
BlazeDrag Måned siden
the old set feels so claustrophobic now lol
Christine Bubb
Christine Bubb Måned siden
This was, hands down, without a doubt, my favorite cast! When Josh had to count the beans and the spaghetti-o's, I was dying!!
pbjbagel Måned siden
So, if a person does an action that accidentally causes a previously assumed reasonably strengthened structure to collapse, then that is considered breaching. But, if a person directly tells someone else to purposefully break into a pre-existing structure, that is not considered a breach? I'm sorry, but I find the final judgment, in this case, to be arbitrary and capricious and would greatly appreciate clarification from the Taskmaster Court of Appeals.
pbjbagel Måned siden
@Senna Augustus With the greatest respect to His Excellency, Giant of Men, Master of Tasks, Greg Davies, I would submit that the head of the Taskmaster Appeals Court wouldn't be the proper fit for someone so kingly and who is no doubt busy doing other illustrious things. No, the head of the Taskmaster Court of Appeals shall be someone from the show who has exhibited uncommon grace and a thirst for justice. Who that may be, I am unsure. Either that, or maybe a jury composed of all the Taskmaster losers. I hope I'm not the only one who sees more room for the Taskmaster Universe!
Senna Augustus
Senna Augustus Måned siden
Since the Taskmaster Appeals Judge is still Greg, wouldn't change much.
Galax Space
Galax Space Måned siden
@studiowendy15 yeah. Greg just purposely putting Hue last without him saying anything got really old really quickly.
Morgan Måned siden
Spirit vs Letter of the law. Here 'you' implies the subject physically acting on the object
pbjbagel Måned siden
@studiowendy15 I'm with you in spirit, but surely the first instance of such a ruling ought to serve as precedence rather than later judgments. Also, I do not exactly remember that episode with Desky, but that sounds like a different scenario unless he got someone else to cause the items to fall out. At any rate, I feel it is clear that circumstance demands that it is far beyond time that Taskmaster Court come into existence, preferably in the form of a spinoff.
Sparo Splat
Sparo Splat Måned siden
Figured out the loophole of not having to break the pies herself, looked away while Alex ate them, oh I love Roisin😂
Death2Boredom Dag siden
@MuunNii This isn't a court, its a game and within the atmosphere of the game, loose interpretation of rules based on the words used is part of the task. The use of the term "you" is very much on purpose and placed there to be a clue into the fact that anyone else in the room can do whatever is stated that "you" cannot.
MuunNii 20 dager siden
@Drake Oola there's no specification of whoever breaches the pastry, don't make bs up
Drake Oola
Drake Oola 20 dager siden
@MuunNii The rules specifically say "but YOU may not breach the pastry. It is a loophole and you cant change the rules to the way you interpreted it. If I said you cant eat my food then I eat it myself, it doesnt matter what the judge thinks because the fine print was followed. There was no sentence to pass because the rules were followed.
MuunNii Måned siden
@Katie Schmidt Yes, precisely.
Katie Schmidt
Katie Schmidt Måned siden
@MuunNii it’s breached but not by you
Smiles for Days
Smiles for Days Måned siden
Ramish is just the best for angry commentary. I love it even more than James and that’s saying a lot.
QWXZY Måned siden
group of people fight about shitty pies for over 10 minutes
TheCyberFlash Måned siden
This is my absolute favourite task 😂😂😂 love it when they get riled up
Sabrina Måned siden
Papa don't breach
Kevin Houlihan
Kevin Houlihan Måned siden
This one's so good, it's such a journey
Master Skywalker, There are too many of them
Master Skywalker, There are too many of them Måned siden
*lights cigarette 7:25 „you breached it man...“ I love Tim so much
Kim Strandberg
Kim Strandberg Måned siden
pie whisperer
Minotauronabike Måned siden
Classic Britishism - sees toothpaste and can't identify it.
Tumbie Måned siden
Really was concerning
Renowned Internet Racist
Renowned Internet Racist Måned siden
Top banter
Profound Wanderer
Profound Wanderer Måned siden
HAHAHA!! 💀💀💀
Wheeze_NL Måned siden
The front fell off...
Kisato Rimuru
Kisato Rimuru Måned siden
I love how they both turn to look at Roisin at 8:37
Sunset Måned siden
I forgot about the pie difference, so as an American, my mouth was watering for dessert hoping for peach, berry, and cherry pies.
Nev Måned siden
What about chicken pot pie or Sheppards pie
Jaws Trock
Jaws Trock Måned siden
either way, you wouldn't have any of those XD would have been jelly beans, concrete powder, wood chips, coins and and 3dprinted item pies :D
Wise Måned siden
Dude I live in France and even though they live 2 hours away from me, I expected no more than you. The old guy seemed crazy from the start, with his weird meat combos.
Raphael Måned siden
So, I guess it wasn't a nice time pie?
Sunset Måned siden
@Jada Hendrix our chicken pot pies are like their meat pies.
Justin Mann
Justin Mann Måned siden
I didn't think they had toothpaste in England
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