Minecraft - HermitCraft S7#27: Spread The Spores

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6 måneder siden

Minecraft Server. After a risky visit to Iskall's Treasure Island, we head back to base to expand with a new relaxing garden section. Then we focus on improving the security for Resistance's HQ and speading spores around the town. Finally we have some more fun with decked out runs.
Grian: nopost.info
Impulse: nopost.info
Rendog: nopost.info
xBCrafted: nopost.info
Tango: nopost.info
Tango's Decked Out: nopost.info/throw/2p6OmGrXyoCFiNk/video
Note Block Music:
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Little Sweet Cafe
DKC2 - Ship Deck 2 Rattle Battle
7th Saga - Lemele Town
HermitCraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com
HermitCraft Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/
HermitCraft Season 7 Seed: WLLBYUG
Twitter: EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/
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Short Snort
Short Snort 2 dager siden
:D dkc2
4302018 6 dager siden
"either i go on this adventure or i have to think of a new intro"
Rosemary’s Baby
Rosemary’s Baby 12 dager siden
“I’m gonna give Tango some feedback if he doesn’t give me some treasure!” Looll xd
ShadowoftheDude 16 dager siden
ThatIs_ Me
ThatIs_ Me 19 dager siden
Was the intro a clockwork orange reference?
Na Jibee
Na Jibee 29 dager siden
Dang it, I thought he uploaded a new vid when YT recommended to me... Now I'm sad... Sad boi
Tiger Måned siden
Dat ending tho XD
Tyler Masden
Tyler Masden Måned siden
Etho please release a giant video of all your decked out runs!!
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes Måned siden
Etho should have streamed decked out. Tango also needs to make a real game, with a real engine and tools. He’s a genius but isn’t doing what he could
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Måned siden
Continuously impressed and charmed by Etho's building skills. the way he doesn't just cover over the backsides of the walls, but actually works with them and integrates them into the adjacent rooms... So awesome Gosh that roof garden is so pretty
JKMezma Måned siden
Was that an AnderZel laugh track?
greenbandit45 2 måneder siden
10:53 I recognize that bedrock... See you soon!
Rylan Brosh
Rylan Brosh 2 måneder siden
36:39 BARREL!!
Bacon Licker
Bacon Licker 2 måneder siden
When Etho is sus! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Walter Guse
Walter Guse 2 måneder siden
is it just me or does Bdubs head look better on ethos skin than bdubs own??
kaivalya 3 måneder siden
39:00 soul flame
bernard dame
bernard dame 3 måneder siden
Keystone XL pipeline
Wabbit 3 måneder siden
Melons don't grow on trees
алексей ульяновский
алексей ульяновский 3 måneder siden
Shelle Popelle
Shelle Popelle 3 måneder siden
The intro was perfect iskalls laughter killed it xdd
mikeus69 4 måneder siden
Last episode he’s on #15 and says “this deck is good for beginners” I laughed at that Next episode “well ive done 71 runs so far” 🤯
Apersononthe1nternet 4 måneder siden
36:05 I love the autotune on "tunnel".
JCO 4 måneder siden
I think at this point I'm convinced Tango should engineer a full Decked Out game outside of Minecraft. Or if anything, make a world of it and let the Hermits run it's own series. I'd watch Decked Out on different maps for days lol.
DragonriderTechnologies 4 måneder siden
The intro... Congrats, you've implemented The Oak Island Money Pit in Minecraft. Complete with the flood system. I love all the pranking you've been doing. It makes me happy that the Mindcrack legacy lives on... even if it's on another server. :P Please release a big compilation of the Decked Out runs. Just mash them all together and post a five-hour video or something. We want to see. It's fine if you don't speak much (aside from PG cursing if a Beast finds you xD) since it's the closest most of us will get to actually playing it.
__ ANNIHILATOR __ 4 måneder siden
Grian: no impostors Impostors: understandable have a great day
Peachy Doodles
Peachy Doodles 4 måneder siden
im all for shenaanagianz
Lauren C.
Lauren C. 4 måneder siden
9:31 Head of shananniasdagisns
Taylor Doolin
Taylor Doolin 5 måneder siden
I don’t mean to be mean, but I was thinking when u we’re doing the puzzle In the dungeon, the last one you had to try, I think logically was the one you should’ve tried first because it was the only one that had a difference between the other two, this comment is a mute point now but yeah :)
Argos, Planetary Whore
Argos, Planetary Whore 5 måneder siden
Now i want a gangplank galleon after that snes song lol
Ice Logan
Ice Logan 5 måneder siden
Gang plank galleon, I love that song lol
Mithrandir Eärendur
Mithrandir Eärendur 5 måneder siden
Oh my god the "Emergency Meeting" system is amazing! Can't believe that's possible in MC.
drain fly
drain fly 5 måneder siden
MrMcCoyD4 5 måneder siden
What’s the point of naming the beast?
Butterfly Bitch
Butterfly Bitch 5 måneder siden
Anytime a hermit dies from a named beast that hermit gets a dungeon key. For instance Cub dies from Ethos Beast.. Etho gets a key now, vice versa
VIOLET BERGERON 5 måneder siden
Hey etho your base is prreeeety great but what about the outside of ur base?
Lauren C.
Lauren C. 5 måneder siden
I don't know why, but it was particularly heartwarming when Etho said he was going to stay with the Resistance, even though he considered leaving.
rjamesstephens 5 måneder siden
That ending tho! Seriously, your runs bring a smile to my face ahah
Brigritte 5 måneder siden
it could be the saddest story ever, but if you hear iskalls laughing you have instandly a smile on your face.
Lauren C.
Lauren C. 5 måneder siden
I love how Etho decided which side he was on when he essentially got the license to bring chaos! Very in character!
William Alexander
William Alexander 5 måneder siden
I'm kinda sad that you were the one that defaced jellie. O.o
Ikelos 5 måneder siden
That's purple and pink! Not blue and purple.
Aenetroy Vlug
Aenetroy Vlug 5 måneder siden
What is the emergency meeting tune from? I feel like I know it but I just can't put my finger on it
TheDankDreams 5 måneder siden
I love the uchiha symbol for the mycelium resistance flag, really ties the whole naruto war arc together
SaxophoneKat 14
SaxophoneKat 14 6 måneder siden
Grain started 2 wars now lol
Conner Jackson
Conner Jackson 6 måneder siden
You need to name one of the beast the Nine-Tails I think they might have a clue on who named it since you know... Kakashi is sus
Stereoisomere 6 måneder siden
Next episode gonan end up being 2 hours with all the halloween mini games and decked out plus the regular Eho building his base stuff :)
Lady Ivy Vine XIII
Lady Ivy Vine XIII 6 måneder siden
Perhaps give Cleo a couple of keys. She has just started playing and could use the leg up.
Lady Ivy Vine XIII
Lady Ivy Vine XIII 6 måneder siden
I have a wonderful, terrible, awful idea. Repurpose those free glass cactus dispensers throughout the server to drop mycellium into needy pockets. ;) Everyone needs themselves some mycellium after all.
Angela Wang
Angela Wang 6 måneder siden
You should sell keysss
Sakana Kaizen
Sakana Kaizen 6 måneder siden
If Mojang could give an honorary doctorate, then Etho deserves one.
Dagis in mines
Dagis in mines 6 måneder siden
I really love the emergency button. This all is very inspiring. I want to get back to playing myself.
I'm Unoriginal
I'm Unoriginal 6 måneder siden
I think Etho is forgetting that he's a double agent
Caleb Pillai
Caleb Pillai 6 måneder siden
Imagine Tango puts Piglins in decked out. How would open the barrels be!?
Noah Joao
Noah Joao 6 måneder siden
You can't show us all the decked out runs! Yes you can!
Caleb Pillai
Caleb Pillai 6 måneder siden
I wanna live in Eeeeeetho's base
Senator Jordon
Senator Jordon 6 måneder siden
I love decked out, I'd watch you play for hours lol
Venomous Prime
Venomous Prime 6 måneder siden
I love the intro. :-D The Beasts have come so use to Etho running through, that they're just like... nah he's cool. :-p Although, in later runs they hate him immensely. Good stuff man. I never get bored watching your Decked Out Runs. You sir, are truly a master of Decked Out.
romanmarcus 6 måneder siden
Etho I am loving this series but, its multiplayer so when are we going to get the tradition of you and BdoubleO building an areana together
mr groudon
mr groudon 6 måneder siden
Never join hep grians mother spore join the mycelium resistance!
peter aoki
peter aoki 6 måneder siden
Head of sharingans
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez 6 måneder siden
I was today years old when I realised that ethos skin is Hatake Kakashi
Azimondius 6 måneder siden
Am i gonne be the one to tell him that melons dont grow on trees?
cloud 0 i guess?
cloud 0 i guess? 6 måneder siden
Also this is fun
cloud 0 i guess?
cloud 0 i guess? 6 måneder siden
It's the first time i watched etho I like the building part😃
Ross Tulley
Ross Tulley 6 måneder siden
No offense to the other hermits, but etho has the best base. It’s just a blob of unplanned craziness... nothing is better!
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera 6 måneder siden
I wouldn’t be upset if we had a whole hour or two of the game.
EMBR 6 måneder siden
Ive tried to comment as often as I can and Honestly Etho, Ill say it again. Thank you for being there for me man. Love you tons man keep it up
spacegreen 6 måneder siden
That ender pearl idea is amazing
CxQcrossWA 100
CxQcrossWA 100 6 måneder siden
Comment of the day
Chef_Roach 6 måneder siden
10:53 i recognize that bedrock 😹😹😹😹😹 base is at X=24 Y=6 Z=117
Maestro 6 måneder siden
Dude you should be a triple agent and join the mycelium resistance feeding information about HEP to mycelium. MYCELIUM 4 EVA!!
Charles See
Charles See 6 måneder siden
You are in trouble with the mayor k
delta gaming 64
delta gaming 64 6 måneder siden
When Decked Out finishes, you should do a compilation video of all your runs that you recorded.
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet 6 måneder siden
Anyone else come in from BDubs's newest video? BANG
channel moved to synniestar
channel moved to synniestar 6 måneder siden
this series is absolutely one of my favourite things to settle down and watch after a long day at work. thank you, Etho. 💖
Paul Dagnelie
Paul Dagnelie 6 måneder siden
It was pretty obvious which one would be the right answer for the puzzle, you just have to think about what the third clue would be; both of the wrong ones were adjacent to another orange tile, while the right answer wasnt. It was also on an edge. There weren't really any other distinguishing features, so that had to be the right one.
mikkel troelsen
mikkel troelsen 6 måneder siden
Mycelium HQ hav be Fund by scar and bdouble must move very fast now mycelium for life ( wise is not a joke )
Eloi 6 måneder siden
Yes.Eleven S
Yes.Eleven S 6 måneder siden
Etho either has the worst or the best base
Ernesto Salinas
Ernesto Salinas 6 måneder siden
I like the melon trees Wait *¿¿¡¡MELON TREES!!??*
Zenvoid 6 måneder siden
not used to watching etho, was surprised by the style of video!
Yuki 6 måneder siden
When I realize your character was kakashi
Matt Daniel
Matt Daniel 6 måneder siden
36:08 was that an auto tuned tunnel?
Sam Stunts
Sam Stunts 6 måneder siden
Ergo please play some AmongUs with some hermits I’d pay good money
Jenna 6 måneder siden
Tango is doing an among us stream on twitch today and Etho will be there :)
Stephen Mercury
Stephen Mercury 6 måneder siden
More like mount mushmore
Aarvyn Ahad
Aarvyn Ahad 6 måneder siden
Wait did he just write diversions and then stop there but impulse is the head of diversionary tack ticks
ashley cheung
ashley cheung 6 måneder siden
I think you mentioned having issues with streaming because of internet complications or something along those lines, but I also think a lot of people would enjoy streams of things like decked out or whenever you are doing more tedious/ time consuming work and also among us when you play with the rest of the guys.
Kaden Hoffman
Kaden Hoffman 6 måneder siden
Mycelum secret lore: LOOONG ago, I'm talking thousands of years. The mycelum island was existing in peace, witches were here, with nice little amathist farms, then they fleed away to the swamps. 1,000 years later, A big group of sea explorers came here and found that juices were bleeding from the gems, so they tested them for many days and nights they tried everything, from apples to Redstone. Nothing happened! Until they tried mushrooms, suddenly it grew to great nights, and it was fed to cows, they became mooshrooms and those mushrooms were planted into the ground, then war chased these explorers away then the rest of the amethysts are broken, thus creating mycelum. 4,000 years later, those mushrooms were planted in the neather, they thrived, no other plant or living thing from the overworld thrived like this. H- Hermitcraft M- Mycelum P- Protection
Lexington Randall
Lexington Randall 6 måneder siden
Imagine if hypixel added a version of decked out to the server
Daniel Whitney
Daniel Whitney 6 måneder siden
You showed bedrock. They can run a coordinate exploit and find the base.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 6 måneder siden
You should livestream a decked out session of like 20 runs or more
Tom 6 måneder siden
Kietas Bahuras
Kietas Bahuras 6 måneder siden
Yoooo, anybody want to play minecraft?
Kyle 6 måneder siden
If you released like 2-3 hours of decked out, all the other games, that would definitely be something I would watch
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 6 måneder siden
Spread the spores, mycelium the floors.
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 6 måneder siden
‘Speaking of Scar we haven’t checked the dumpster today’
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner 6 måneder siden
‘Yeah it IS about the principle. The principle of war.’
Cale Greenroyd
Cale Greenroyd 6 måneder siden
3:24 King K. Rool mains.
Theos 6 måneder siden
etho the game is closing get first plase and yuo get good prices cus is only you and cub that have a chanse to win to got to them whit 7 or over 4 is preety ok
π 6 måneder siden
one of your old videos has a mrbeast (45m subs) comment in it.
David Williams
David Williams 6 måneder siden
Etho you also get xp from simply trading with them
Vlad Dragomir
Vlad Dragomir 6 måneder siden
Melon trees.
кира Данеева
кира Данеева 6 måneder siden
English(английский перевод) I wonder if there are any Russians here?simply..I'm Russian and I'm from moddy.it turns out you are his favorite minecraft! русский перевод(Russian translation) интересно,есть тут русские?просто..я русская и я от модди.оказывается ты его любимый майнкрафтер!
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