Mind Games In Among Us

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CaptainSparklez 2

3 måneder siden

The strategies are getting more serious
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Carol Alkire
Carol Alkire 5 dager siden
Change your color orange captain Sparklez
Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico
Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico 6 dager siden
1:26:16 "What the fruueak balls bruh, how the what" he tries way to hard not to cuss it's kind of funny XD
Mad Carbon
Mad Carbon 26 dager siden
i like the old style of your vids jartoony
Philis Skoczen
Philis Skoczen 27 dager siden
don't forget chilly willy never forget
The Freeze
The Freeze Måned siden
You recorded this at 8:22 on 8/22 And you've got 822K subs
Thrakerzad Måned siden
always kill the smartest people first, then watch in-fighting break out amongst the dumb masses.
Chalynte Lol
Chalynte Lol Måned siden
Sanjida Sultana
Sanjida Sultana Måned siden
Jordan:telling his viewers not to watch
Baconcat 008
Baconcat 008 Måned siden
It disturbs me that sparkles is yellow, not orange
kuroos future wife
kuroos future wife Måned siden
ytyes t it
Madison Vergo
Madison Vergo Måned siden
Captain sparkles a month ago: thought that looking at the green bar after someone completes a task was a good idea. Captain sparkles now: thinks kara throws when ever she blames someone when the task bar doesn’t go up when they complete a task.
Zachary Windover
Zachary Windover 2 måneder siden
Jordan you need to pay more attention to people! I could tell Kara was sus when she was doing that scan thing at the top at the vent! 41:32
mmilige m
mmilige m 2 måneder siden
Dude. cant enjoy when everyone talks over each other and so we just hear scattered nonsense. That round where they figured Gold was the imposter I dont even know how they figured it out over you talking. i rarely downvote videos but got so annoyed
Caleb Lefebvre
Caleb Lefebvre 2 måneder siden
Is Jordan argueing for the use universal time.?
John Carter
John Carter 2 måneder siden
I think you have a video between all your adds
ZeeZia 2 måneder siden
Omg get rid of the 5yr old sounding girl, such an annoying voice
fisherman alex!
fisherman alex! 2 måneder siden
i remember when u had 89k subs
Kepagu103 2 måneder siden
i used to watch captainsparklez for sooo long, and somehow it feels so natural watching him again now, even though it has been more than a year, maybe two since I watched him
Vojtěch Javora
Vojtěch Javora 2 måneder siden
Brown: who just saw me in comms? Jardon: *reads notification*
Drima Chakraborty
Drima Chakraborty 2 måneder siden
Huh, I've wondered about the standard time zone thing all my life. Why couldn't 2pm have been in the middle of the night for some people. But I guess then keeping track of time/the 24 hours would lose some of its meaning.
Thy RedPanda
Thy RedPanda 2 måneder siden
17:56, B- is low scoring?? You speak the language of parents
JadeL 2 måneder siden
at 38 mins i was screaming that zen helped him do the reactor
willeodsson 2 måneder siden
Yes Jordan! I can't stand her voice!
Austin 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry but Gumhi Gumbo whoever is so annoying I hate her voice bruh
Aris Santori
Aris Santori 2 måneder siden
Im 5'4"ish and im about 94lbs
tangan 2 måneder siden
1:48:39 What How?
-B u g-
-B u g- 2 måneder siden
Jordan when you were trapped with 2 people and killed one of them, you could have tried to vent near Mizuki so they could be your “alibi” I don’t know if that would work but? 👁👄👁
tangan 2 måneder siden
14:20 perfect
TJ _
TJ _ 2 måneder siden
Jordan, the playlist order is backwards. Also, you talking to chat over the other players during meetings really sucks. 😁
MrOrANge YT 2 måneder siden
4:05 yes and it’s annoying for some odd reason
Raul Aldape
Raul Aldape 2 måneder siden
gumbi needs to shut up i’m sorry i can not handle her voice LMFAO
brywn bray
brywn bray 2 måneder siden
Jardon is a terrible Imposter so he should be happy he doesn't get it often.
R00B 2 måneder siden
Jordan not eating the purple chicken nuggie? sounds kinda sus ngl
Mohammed Talaat
Mohammed Talaat 2 måneder siden
What was the name of the girl with the anime voice
Alayne Sìdhe
Alayne Sìdhe 2 måneder siden
uh, no, time is indeed a human construct.
Sarah Bieliski
Sarah Bieliski 2 måneder siden
And this is when I liked the video 1:01:39
mystic wolf
mystic wolf 2 måneder siden
lmao one time i was imposter with 3 innocents left. i convinced one was guilty and got voted off. then i set off 02 before they could press the button. they both knew it was me but i was standing at 02, and once someone came to fix it i killed them lol
Brenna Wenger
Brenna Wenger 2 måneder siden
A swear jar among us.
Logan Waddell
Logan Waddell 2 måneder siden
Zen sounds Like a Tyler
Enchanternick 2 måneder siden
I wish he would shout out subs when nobody is talking
Leonardo SA
Leonardo SA 2 måneder siden
34:11 you can see the blood splash and he missed
Tucker Penrose
Tucker Penrose 2 måneder siden
i love gumi's voice and hate him talking over coversation
BossMr51 2 måneder siden
Oh my god idk uf she did yet but did kara vent infront of jordan at 14:20??
EyeDewDie 2 måneder siden
this game would be awesome in first person.
Orion Phalynx
Orion Phalynx 2 måneder siden
Jordon! Stop talking about subs while the deliberation about the killer is happening!
The Gaming Spartan
The Gaming Spartan 2 måneder siden
I like how no one immediately suspects Gumi because of her innocent voice.
Angryaviator 2 måneder siden
Jardon: " I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling you chicken nuggets!"
Yoel Badi
Yoel Badi 2 måneder siden
all the kids losing their minds over jordan talking over discussions is rediculous. go watch someone else I didnt even think it was that big of a deal until i scrolled into the comments
Jonathan Orellana
Jonathan Orellana 2 måneder siden
adisbern 2 måneder siden
MrSparklez is too preoccupied with reading Money Donations to play the game. Thats my observation in all his videos.. but a man has gotta pay the bills.
Sam Warren
Sam Warren 2 måneder siden
If you don't know about time zones then you are also a flat Earther.
Zachary Guyton
Zachary Guyton 2 måneder siden
41st Street Games
41st Street Games 2 måneder siden
I've accidentally killed someone right in front of someone else before!
DragosD 2 måneder siden
I dont like that Gumbo person.
- 2 måneder siden
24:24 he predicted both the green guys being the villains
XnJC Bluegreen
XnJC Bluegreen 2 måneder siden
you're such a bad impostor lmao
Scene Dogney
Scene Dogney 2 måneder siden
Where’s Tubbo
missy •
missy • 2 måneder siden
man i miss tubbo
Blacksun388 2 måneder siden
Sparkles, in that round when you, Mizuki, and Gold were left, you had to come out swinging with the accusation against Gold immediately so Mizuki could doubt him. Your hesitation pretty much cost you the round. It was your word against his and because you were in such close proximity it could have been either of you. Mind that Mizuki probably had a bias against you anyways but it would have still been a harder position to fight than your very damning silence.
reversE 2 måneder siden
Someone needs to do this game but everyone is drunk.
Just Another Viewer
Just Another Viewer 2 måneder siden
I was in school during this
Jay 2 måneder siden
lowest IQ thing an imposter can say: "eRgh i dIdNt sEe IT"
Paige 2 måneder siden
Gumi’s voice reminds me of Marzia’s
wizard04 2 måneder siden
The one woman with the really high voice sounds like the the woman who is married to Howard off of the big bang theory
Grant Heggen
Grant Heggen 2 måneder siden
Thank you for the swear warning so I could put on my Air Pods
Ryan Reineke
Ryan Reineke 2 måneder siden
The remote and diamond in the trash shoot is from the Henry Stickman collection
Dog Stealer
Dog Stealer 3 måneder siden
Aww the title should have been ‘mind games are among us’
madma11 3 måneder siden
Yeah can we stop reading chat. Its super frustrating. Ive playeds this game for less than an hour and i seem to have a better success rate than you. You play games for a living, should be better.. just saying.
XXxxDEATH STROKExxXX 3 måneder siden
Whats the name of the girl who did the anime voice?
Jay Zee
Jay Zee 3 måneder siden
Why does this guy just kill them and stand around the body lol, at least vent away.
Supermoonwalker 3 måneder siden
It’s 8:22 on 8:22. I watching this at 8:25 at 8:25. Woah
Say Tin
Say Tin 3 måneder siden
When Jardinian put himself talking about inputting his postal code in a gas station over the people arguing in the game...
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger 3 måneder siden
ehblahbing 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know the links to other players?
Carnage Prone
Carnage Prone 3 måneder siden
I don't know if anyone will see this, but I'm 5' 7 " and I only weigh 98lb. So yes I think 92lb for 3' 6" is heavy. BTW: My doctors says i'm healthy.
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim 3 måneder siden
Oh my goodness the amount of times he closes the download and upload tasks before its done
Nightelf268 3 måneder siden
It's true, I am constantly reminded of time zones just because of twitch
Rudolph Ramirez
Rudolph Ramirez 3 måneder siden
You are literally WORST killer ever
Reaper Z
Reaper Z 3 måneder siden
Jordan, for the love of fucking god, STOP TALKING OVER MEETINGS. I'd rather watch someone else than to watch you talk over meetings about TWITCH NOTIFICATIONS.
PlayrR3D 3 måneder siden
You got a B-? I got a C!
Peter 3 måneder siden
Damn This is why I don't watch twitch streams Ppl meet reading donations plusr the notification is annoying af
Fauna 3 måneder siden
Honestly even if Gumbo was doing the voice to get views, that's dedication right there. Ditto if there's a ~right~ way to do that but it hurts my throat when I try so maintaining it for an entire stream? That's skill. The fact that it's apparently her real voice makes it even funnier to me because she's just a walking anime voice actress
Alan Gomez
Alan Gomez 3 måneder siden
Jordan: this video might get demonized Also Jordan: puts 13 midroll adds in one video Jk I don't mind it's a long video
Gr33n5phinx 3 måneder siden
Razzberrie 3 måneder siden
Who is the girl with the anime voice?
Emily Sanders
Emily Sanders 3 måneder siden
I really hate how gumbi exaggerates her disorder to sound like a loli. Its so annoying.
lucifer sexysecretary
lucifer sexysecretary 3 måneder siden
Gumi (i think that is how it is spelt) is best girl
Diego Salinas
Diego Salinas 3 måneder siden
I have 6 chicken nuggies on my plate with some fries mmmm
DRΞλMΞR 3 måneder siden
Zen: dose anything *Gets voted out* F in chat for Zen
Ethan Stangel
Ethan Stangel 3 måneder siden
jesus christ ur so quick to just give up, if someone watches you kill someone then just accuse them right off the bat
SoulEater Evans
SoulEater Evans 3 måneder siden
11:52 That's... not how you win as an innocent, Jardon. It's not an election!
Kristin Lawrie
Kristin Lawrie 3 måneder siden
I honestly don't think Jordan even reads his comments but if he does ..... please please please listen to your comments and avoid talking over the discussion with your donos and sub reads.
Shadow 3 måneder siden
now this is real content :)
Zombiehunter9x19 3 måneder siden
If you don't like the way he does his streams and then uploads the video just pass on by or go steam yourself
Nextempus 3 måneder siden
Can't wait to see the buff nugget on the r/captainsparklez subreddit
RomeRipper Xx
RomeRipper Xx 3 måneder siden
Gumbos voice is hard to listen to omg
Devin Illy
Devin Illy 3 måneder siden
Jordan: refuses to use the words "kill" or "die" Jordan: Jordan: 41:43
Devin Illy
Devin Illy 2 måneder siden
@A u r u S "'dAmn' iS nOT a-" neither is "kill" or "murderer" or "imposter"
A u r u S
A u r u S 2 måneder siden
“Damn” is not considered a swear word, it’s rather just a negative work instead 🙃
ASarnando 3 måneder siden
let’s go condi
Potionmaniac 3 måneder siden
I really wish Jordan wouldn’t talk over everybody else during the meetings 😭 Makes it VERY difficult to hear what Jordan and everybody else is saying. Especially when the meetings are the only time when anybody actually talks so I’m trying to listen 🙄🙄
Erika CH
Erika CH 3 måneder siden
Why is Kara telling ppl how to play... When she also makes mistakes 🤦‍♀️
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