Ronaldo or Messi? Keane, Wright, Bilic and Evra disagree | ITV Sport Retro

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4 måneder siden

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During our coverage of the 2018 World Cup our punditry team debate who was the best.
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Z H 2 dager siden
I'm not a barca fan but messi is better than Ronaldo
Ronaldo can do anything messi can do but you cant say the same the other way round
David Barrock
David Barrock 6 dager siden
They always compare Ronaldo to messi but they never compare messi to Ronaldo
David Barrock
David Barrock 6 dager siden
Hasn’t messi also changed the way he plays. He’s more than just a finisher. That’s I prefer him over Ronaldo. But Ronaldo is probably the best finisher
SiyaM Ma
SiyaM Ma 6 dager siden
When Messi has a bad season he score more than 35 goals
Babu Rao
Babu Rao 8 timer siden
Haha we will see this season
teddysphotos 6 dager siden
Ronaldo is the Greatest Player Of All Time. No one is on his level.
Stephen McKeown
Stephen McKeown 6 dager siden
Great input from Patrice here
Jack Elvers
Jack Elvers 11 dager siden
I'm glad that it was posed as a fun debate because that's all that this can be. The two if them are out of this world. We should count ourselves damn lucky to have had this opportunity!
Javier E. Benavides C.
Javier E. Benavides C. 16 dager siden
I think that if Messi would have the mentality of Cristiano he would be the best in history for centuries to come. I hope that Cristiano continue improving his skills to show to people that with hard work you can surpass those who even born with that talent.
Himdailung Pamei
Himdailung Pamei 17 dager siden
One is a monster made of strength, power and tenacity; the other is a monster made of guile, agility and technique. End of the day they're both monsters, everyone else is livestock for them to feast on.
Aids Legacy
Aids Legacy 17 dager siden
I hate the argument that messi is better because he is natural but ronaldo is a training product. Ultimately they r both legends and 2 of the best players ever. Personally i prefer ronaldo. Partially its bias from watching him in the prem but also ronaldo has proven his ability everywhere hes gone. Champ at man u. Champ at real. Champ at juve. Champ with portugal. Messi has only done it at barca. If he leaves barca (which will probs happen in the next couple yrs) and still performs at his high level then maybe my opinion will be swayed
R G 19 dager siden
Messi is the better player. He may not be as hard working and committed as Ronaldo, but purely on ability and being a game changer, Leo is unsurpassed. I believe if you asked the entire world of football (fans, players, managers, commentators) who is best, the winner would unanimously be Messi.
Aaron O'Rourke
Aaron O'Rourke 19 dager siden
Here in 2020 this is hilarious.... Joys of hindsight
Ashwin Cheekala
Ashwin Cheekala 19 dager siden
Messi is a better dribbler and passer. Ronaldo is better at everything else(Ronaldo still a great passer and all time great dribbler ofc). At the end of the day Ronaldo intangibles is what puts him over the top. Not going to get into all the things I choose Ronaldo over Messi for. But Ronaldo is the player u should choose first for one game that your life depends on cuz u know he’s gonna score till he can’t. 2nd most assists ever, most UCL goals and assists ever, and the UCL goal tally widens from his competitors as u start including knockout stages and higher rounds. Which means he plays better against best teams compared to anyone else
Denis Alderson
Denis Alderson 22 dager siden
We all know they're both brilliant, but as a natural, it's Messi all day
G Moday
G Moday 24 dager siden
Wrighty will kiss ronaldos ass anytime
Seba1805 Måned siden
how come that every freaking time a debate like this takes place... comparing both guys in their respective National Team... they ALL forget about the fact that Argentina's team sucks balls??? everytime a difference maker kind of guy like these 2, can't make any difference if the other 10 players and the manager do nothing to help them...Portugal understood that... ARgentina is still struggling with poor management and call ups why do people INSIST on ignoring that???
M K Måned siden
Ibra is better than both
Veekshan Sunny
Veekshan Sunny Måned siden
Two Mancs and their bias BS and remember messi was the reason they lost 2 CL finals , what do you expect from them.
6ick Sense
6ick Sense Måned siden
ronaldo for me dun it in 3 diff leagues and for his country nothing phases him. not sure if messi cud handle tha
michael Ford
michael Ford Måned siden
H9w will mesi be in 3 years at Ronald's age ? Ronaldo will last longer for sure
José Correa
José Correa Måned siden
I think people overlook Messi's hardwork just because he doesn't flex that much, or does funny faces when he misses and everyone claims he just has "natural talent", as if that just happened. I love them both, I am a Juve fan as a matter of fact. But to me Messi is the one of the GOATs, because try adding Pelé, Di Stefano, Puskas, R9 to the discussion and it'll get a lot more complicated to solve
Infelix Scriptor
Infelix Scriptor Måned siden
There is no argument about the Beatles and the Stones. One wins hands down over the other.
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Mohammed Meethian
Mohammed Meethian Måned siden
Wright all wrong there on how after everything when you roll back the years,Ronaldo comes ahead of messi,Messi will always be a better footballer ,but Ronaldo was better in clutch situations and could handle pressure better, I don't think Messi could compete with a more naturally gifted player like Ronaldo has against messi
Vlatko Ristovski
Vlatko Ristovski 10 dager siden
Just out of curiousity in which clutch situations was Ronaldo better than Messi?
Fikry Nadim
Fikry Nadim Måned siden
Messi woke up plays football and plays good... Ronaldo trained hard to be good footballer... That is how i labeled them
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Måned siden
But ronaldo is a freaking WORKAHOLIC I mean they are both beast of the game
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Måned siden
People underrate how much work messi puts in just look at his free kicks every year he scores more and more
Steven Ackroyd
Steven Ackroyd Måned siden
I love how people talk about Cristiano being a hard worker, as if Messi doesn't work hard. Neither of them have reached the pinnacle relying on natural talent and they both improved continuously. They are both incredible and I seriously doubt they would be who they are without each other. My personal view is that C.Ronaldo is a phenomenal goalscorer, but Messi is the most phenomenal footballer. Leo is just as heavy a goalscorer as Cristiano, but he's also better at dribbling, passing and creating chances and is better playing in a deeper role. Other than his height, there is not one attribute as a footballer where Cristiano excels above Leo, but there are multiple attributes where Leo exceeds Cristiano - and everyone else And for those who claim Ronaldo is more proven because he's been to other teams, look where he's been: Utd, Real Madrid, Juventus. Those are all the biggest, most successful and richest teams in their respective countries. These aren't teams who struggled for success before he was there. You're not proving much by playing for teams who were already the best. That's not criticism of Cristiano, the best attract the best in any sport, but it is a criticism of people who use that weak point for their argument
Paul Måned siden
I can't believe anyone can closely compare Messi with Ronaldo ? Messi is out on his own a complete freak of nature he gets people of their seats he destroys teams and great players single handed sometimes. He is so modest and very much a humble person. Brazilian Ronaldho is much better even.
Dutch Plan der Linde
Dutch Plan der Linde 2 dager siden
@Arithmetic 🤡🤡🤡
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury Måned siden OK BUD.
Arithmetic Måned siden
@The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury Ronaldo was average at United
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury Måned siden
did you not see ronaldo when he was at united??? watch best of ronaldo for man united and you cant say messi is on his level, noway.
Mark Jah
Mark Jah 2 måneder siden
Ian Wright talks so much shit wow
Borja Angoitia
Borja Angoitia 2 måneder siden
You can tell you are watching a british show when most agree Ronaldo is better than Messi. Bringing all the stupid arguments as always. World cup, different leagues, euros. None of that matters when it comes down to who is the best individually, as a player.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
Yes I agree ..cR7 is the GOAT
Naveed syed
Naveed syed 2 måneder siden
Cr7 is miles ahead if we consider, *when the going gets tought, the tougher gets going* Messi is great but everyone knows you cannot rely on him in big big games. Cr7 = 🐐
Salman Alkhayer
Salman Alkhayer 2 måneder siden
Scratch The Surface
Scratch The Surface 2 måneder siden
This was before Ronaldo went onto win a treble Champions League too. Bet they would have been having a very different conversation after that achievement.
david collins
david collins 2 måneder siden
The thing is when Giggs Scholes Gary Neville Steven Gerrard was all one team players they get praised for it...messi has to leave to prove something in the words of roy keane absolute nonsense
david collins
david collins 2 måneder siden
@Marnungsang Imsong yes Ronaldo is but messi a team player Ronaldo its all about him
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
Yes I agree but what can u say .. CR7 is rely the GOAT
marc johnson
marc johnson 2 måneder siden
Best "Team" player messi is the best, individual selfish in a good way? Cr7
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
I feel sad for u boy .. but the fact is CR7 is the one and only GOAT
C Patir
C Patir 2 måneder siden
Yah that's why the 8-2 I guess and also 3-0 bottling twice beforethat
Colloquial Soliloquy
Colloquial Soliloquy 2 måneder siden
People who choose Messi : "Messi" People who choose CR7 : "CR7....because Messi hasn't done "X,Y,Z" I guarantee,that if Messi won the WC,PL and Serie A,then CR7 fanboys would just move onto "well can he head as good as CR7?"
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
@Colloquial Soliloquywhat u smoking !??? Can I have some ??? Delusional lol
Colloquial Soliloquy
Colloquial Soliloquy 2 måneder siden
@Marnungsang Imsong Lol,yes... you are actually proving my point, "messi will never win the wc or serie a,tell him the win the copa america" i.e, even if he wins the wc or serie a,he will have the win the copa america as well. literally proved my point,well done.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
Lol no ... And Messi will never win pl seria A or the WC🤣.... Tell messi to win Copa America first .. 😂
pallyali786 2 måneder siden
CR7 all-day everyday. Messi is a coward spineless weasle
G Art
G Art 2 måneder siden
*Between 2010 & 2013 Messi, in that Barca team, was amazing. But! If I was a manager I'd buy C.Ronaldo because he's tried & tested.*
Filip Karadzic
Filip Karadzic 2 måneder siden
Lets be honest Ian Wright in his prime is better then them all
DJ Chahal
DJ Chahal 2 måneder siden
ITV Sport please bring back this panel for the next World Cup Keane, Bilic, Wright & Gary Neville please!!!!!!
FootballFitness FC
FootballFitness FC 2 måneder siden
Messi is better, They are 1 and 2 best players all time but Messi is the goat, he is incredible and has been consistently amazing for years, hope he goes City next season so I can watch him in person even though I’m not a city fan.
John Ferreira
John Ferreira 2 måneder siden
Fast forward to September 2020 and now the first European player to score 100 goals for his country and counting. What else does Ronaldo have to do for Messi fan's realise that he is the best of the best.
John Ferreira
John Ferreira 2 måneder siden
@jplb96 yeah because he sucks at international football so I guess Pele and Maradona suck cause they have world cups you are just jealous.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
@jplb96 keep crying 😂
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
@jplb96 lol soy boy
jplb96 2 måneder siden
Messi and Ronaldo competed for years and Messi has more goals, assists, and trophies in that time. I couldn't give a fuck about internationals. Who cares? Club football is far higher level.
junglistmozart 2 måneder siden
Slaven Bilic is literally Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Dario Livaja
Dario Livaja 2 måneder siden
The only sane person in the room?
Wild Staff
Wild Staff 2 måneder siden
CR7 knows english MESSI knows football end of the debate.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
Lol no .. u idiot
Almighty God
Almighty God 2 måneder siden
Until messi goes to prem, you got to say Ronaldo. Ron has been dominant everywhere he's been to
G B 2 måneder siden
Ronaldo and Messi are the biggest things in football. Arguably bigger than the world cup.
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 2 måneder siden
you can see with messi , if he wanted to come to any other league he should have done it 6/7 years ago ...he is too slow for the epl , he does not have the legs for it , and , he would be crushed by other players >>>>>..
theslugboiii 2 måneder siden
Messi won the CL in a team with Xavi and Iniesta. Two of the greatest midfielders ever. Ronaldo won it playing with Anderson.
Be Jaysus
Be Jaysus 2 måneder siden
Ronaldo is better than Messi. He puts in the same commitment everywhere he goes & performs & gets results. Ronaldo is a massive part of the international Portuguese football team where as Messi isn't. Messi doesn't perform like the best player in the world for Argentina & has been boo'd by Argentina fans. He's world class at Barca but Ronaldo has been world class everywhere.
Jacob Dobbins
Jacob Dobbins 2 måneder siden
DEE DUBZ 2 måneder siden
Zain Ali
Zain Ali 2 måneder siden
When this video was shot Ronaldo was the best player in the world by a mile and the fact he didn’t win the balon dor that year is a joke. Ronald had been the best in the world between 2015 and 20-18. If u think I’m wrong ask urself how many ucls he won between that time(3). How many goals he scored for club(137). Won 9 trophies. Sorry but even as a messi fan the only thing u can say is messi won the league. He has been awful in ucls and the best win the hard games and Ronaldo does that year in year out. Easily the best at that time.
20sentryboy 2 måneder siden
Don’t like wrighty anymore. Can’t believe he thinks Ronaldo s better than Messi. Messi was better at 8 yrs old than most adult pros are today.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
I agree but fast forward 2020 .. cR7 is the GOAT😎
Tom Le Quelenec
Tom Le Quelenec 2 måneder siden
Ronaldo is so clear of Messi.
ShiftCtrl85 2 måneder siden
It's very obvious to anyone who has true knowledge of this sport, that Ronaldo is the superior player. Ronaldo is perfection - he is the complete player. He has no weaknesses!
Somesh Singh
Somesh Singh 2 måneder siden
Seems some one having joke about his own idol .nice joke buddy keep it up. 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍
dont worry
dont worry 2 måneder siden
Messi will always be better than ronaldo. In 20 years it won’t be a debate
Driz 2 måneder siden
Not like a punditry team filled with Prem players/ United players would have any bias in this
Jadav Sachin
Jadav Sachin Måned siden
That's my point..well said ..I mean they put all man united what do u expect from him😂..well if u want opinion then ask to ronaldinho ,rivaldo, xavi ,iniesta, henry, puyol ,infect great managers like cruyff,guardiola ,kloop ,flick, bielsa,they all give u right answer. And I mean player in this vedio no one is greater then name I put in my paragraph..😂😂
888gaz888 2 måneder siden
Stats don’t lie. Messi is The Guy
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
Lol "stats don't lie" what an ignorant comment .. 🤣.. Messi fans are rely delusional
Justforlaughs Mate
Justforlaughs Mate 2 måneder siden
Crazy Messi is far superior
mind waves
mind waves 2 måneder siden
romessi for me
Toddy 300
Toddy 300 2 måneder siden
Two Man Utd players gonna be bias😑
Jadav Sachin
Jadav Sachin Måned siden
All are bias..and evra is nonsense 😑😑
James 2 måneder siden
The best thing for Messi would be to go to man city and win the league and champions league. I think that will put him above Ronaldo
Silvestre Måned siden
@James man u,Madrid and juventus wow what a one man show.
Silvestre Måned siden
Messi doesn't need to prove anyone anything else. Argentina is a bad team with a bad board. End of story.
Marinko Marinko
Marinko Marinko 2 måneder siden
@James Lmao are you deluded?? Argentina is a much worse team that Portugal, their defense and midfield is non-existent. And individual qualities shouldn't be compared by team trophies, don't be deluded.
nilesh sharma
nilesh sharma 2 måneder siden
@Wesley Rodríguez Winter but have won ucl treble (3in a row)
Mohamed Orayith
Mohamed Orayith 2 måneder siden
James that’s very true to be fair and there’s no excuse. But although this isn’t a valid excuse, has scored the most goals for club and country and reached the most finals and semi finals. Let’s hope a miracle from the football Gods award him a World Cup although the chances are little to none
Mayukh Basu
Mayukh Basu 2 måneder siden
Going to be funny when Messi leaves his "comfort zone" and comes to the PL and absolutely destroys it
Boogie B
Boogie B 6 dager siden
@C Mac idk why u r laughing lmao he’s destroyed arsenal United city Chelsea spurs in champions league, ppl saying he will struggle in the premier league who will he struggle against Brighton Burnley and Westbrom ?
C Mac
C Mac 8 dager siden
justsim 2 måneder siden
Hold on to your horses boy.
bunkerboy 2020
bunkerboy 2020 2 måneder siden
Messi is two times marradona. Marradona scored one marradona goal. Messi scored 20 marradona goals.
vincnet1982 2 måneder siden
I'd take Ronaldo if I needed leadership and captain in my team, messi if i just needed a fantastic player.
Raleighburner15 Hynes
Raleighburner15 Hynes 2 måneder siden
Ronaldo all day long
Costello Mhor
Costello Mhor 2 måneder siden
Cristiano is proven in England, Spain, Italy and as overachieved with his national team. Messi has never had guts to leave Barca/Spain, and has failed with his national team despite it being one of best in world.
llekym65 2 måneder siden
Ronaldo... All day long...
Nikhil Morales
Nikhil Morales 2 måneder siden
Messi....All day long...
Thornton heath. .CROYDON.
Thornton heath. .CROYDON. 2 måneder siden
Lothburke 2 måneder siden
Bilic sounds like a bond villain.
111_Heal_the_World_22 3 måneder siden
Messi overall for me.
Sanket Shambharkar
Sanket Shambharkar 3 måneder siden
It's Jesse 👍👍
Savin Raee
Savin Raee 3 måneder siden
CR7 far better than Messi
Simon Brown
Simon Brown 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo for me testing himself and three different leagues and won them and still sets records. Great in the air, powerful, skilful, pace and works hard.
L .
L . 3 måneder siden
Abdul karim Bah
Abdul karim Bah 3 måneder siden
Keane is that friend everyone wishes to have he will back you no matter what
Manish Dhakal
Manish Dhakal 3 måneder siden
Bilic annoys me
Veekshan Sunny
Veekshan Sunny Måned siden
Because you are an idiot.
Cameron Ballard
Cameron Ballard 3 måneder siden
It’s only acceptable to say ronaldo has done it in 2 leagues. Serie A doesn’t count, juventus are the only team that ever wins it and ronaldo hasn’t even been that good there anyway.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
What an idiot comment .. "seriaA doesn't count" .. you are as delusional like a snowflake.. 🤣.. that's your opinion boy ..
662dodz 3 måneder siden
JB7815 3 måneder siden
Messi - better assist provider statistically speaking, better balance, better dribbling success, better shot conversion Ronaldo - more able with both feet, tactically able to play in a bigger variety of systems, better header of the ball, more athletic (overhead kicks), better motivator for his team mates, better penalty conversion (Messi has missed more than 20 in his career), has won trophies with four teams instead of one, better variety of dribbling (esp at MUFC). Sometimes Messi, sometimes Ronaldo. When both of them have finished their careers, it will become clearer.
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko 3 måneder siden
Messi= the perfect way to play football!!!
Silvestre 19 dager siden
@stuart lawler it's a team sport? Portugal won the euro finals without him btw. At least Messi got Argentina to the world cup final. Ask Ronaldo whether he wants to be in the world cup final or win euros and nations league. And as for club football he never carried lol whichever league he went to he played for the best team of the game league so don't even start that arguement with me. Rinsed and dried out. Also glad u know that Argentina sucks so what do u expect one man to do. His national team really is like a curse to his name. I know you're going to bring up a certain player from the past from Argentina but I'm going to tell u don't times were different back then. At that time u could get away with a handball and be called the hand of God.
stuart lawler
stuart lawler 19 dager siden
Then why doesn't it work when he doesn't have the absolute best players in the world around him... Argentina suck, Messi can't lead a team and get results against the wind. Ronaldo will get results with a Sunday league team behind him.
Silvestre Måned siden
@Tom Le Quelenec yes indeed he is unstoppable at his best. It's called magic dumbass not some same old sidestep everytime that's showboat .
Nikhil Morales
Nikhil Morales 2 måneder siden
@Tom Le Quelenec What, you don't want him to dribble? He is unstoppable. GTFOH dumbass
Fraz 2 måneder siden
@Tom Le Quelenec Hog the ball? What, are you not supposed to keep possession? This isn't the sport for you bud. Besides, Messi's an elite dribbler, and yes, he's unstoppable. The only way to get the ball off him is to foul him.
scottr640 3 måneder siden
Of course its Messi. Come on like any serious football fans know this
dave ftra fap 2020
dave ftra fap 2020 3 måneder siden
Don't usually disagree with Keane do on this though
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
U should cuz he is right ..
NHK23 3 måneder siden
When Ronaldo out perfroms messi, the debate is always they are both great etc. Whenever messi out performs ronaldo it's omg messiah over humanity bla bla
Fiba_dan 6
Fiba_dan 6 3 måneder siden
@zakaria djouzi 2-8 😭😭😭😭💀💀💀
zakaria djouzi
zakaria djouzi 3 måneder siden
That's funny coz Ronaldo didn't outperform Messi all around since 2 years ago when he left Real Madrid for money so calm your tits down fanboy coz most of those english pundits are biased towards Ronaldo specialy Evra & Wright.
Christopher Cowden
Christopher Cowden 3 måneder siden
They always have this debate after Ronaldo has a good game 😂 never ever mention Ronaldo when Messi has a good game
Jan Kozelj
Jan Kozelj 29 dager siden
@soyuncu lcfc lol as if laliga title is something, UCL TITLE is more important , no stfu little kid you dont know shit, i piss all over you and your club.
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Måned siden
@ll ll damn I laughed for like ten minutes, your comment was gold.
Silvestre Måned siden
If u say Ronaldo Carries Portugal then the same arguement can be made about Argentina but when it comes to the Argentina team they have alot of bad politics behind the scenes with their managers and the board. People say Messi sucks in Argentina but he does carry argentina but on too bad they still can't lift a trophy so people instantly write him off. Portugal is better in recent times since they have more team achievements but is it due to just Ronaldo or is the squad chemistry better idk I don't watch their games u tell me.
Silvestre Måned siden
Ronaldo doesn't carry any domestic club he has been to. He has either been an integral part to the system or a bonus what nonsense. Oh and definitely a bonus in juventus they were farming just fine without him.
Silvestre Måned siden
@ll ll watch football. Messi is not a defender.
Kelvin Smith
Kelvin Smith 3 måneder siden
The one peace to all
The one peace to all 3 måneder siden
Evra made a good point.
M Shabangu
M Shabangu 3 måneder siden
After watching the match vs Napoli
Nikhil Morales
Nikhil Morales 2 måneder siden
@ll ll Lyon 🤣😂🖕🖕
ll ll
ll ll 3 måneder siden
8-2 tell you the match against Bayern 😎
Boom Boom Mancini
Boom Boom Mancini 3 måneder siden
what the is wrong with bilic. strange very strange.
ZeddVines 3 måneder siden
Lol forward a bit of time messi up on 6 ballon Dors..
Vedran Bagaric
Vedran Bagaric 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo is scoring goals...Messi is playing football and scoring goals...enough said for a smart person...
Handy Jordan
Handy Jordan 3 måneder siden
Ronaldo is not even close to Messi! Goal scoring? Yes, comparable. The rest? Just watch the emotional bias...just watch the truth is crystal clear.
Sikhumbuzo Mzobe
Sikhumbuzo Mzobe 3 måneder siden
We look at football from different perspectives. I like to look at football as a form of art, beauty. That is why I watch football, to enjoy art.
Jay 1971
Jay 1971 3 måneder siden
Warren Barton, Vinnie Jones and Emile Heskey for me...🤣
Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart 3 måneder siden
Keane and ian need there head to b check on too much of a hypocrites
Steve 3 måneder siden
i love both, both are my idol, my inspiration and my motivation
Adrian Boyce
Adrian Boyce 3 måneder siden
Take away success an deal with which player is excited to watch on the pitch u have to go with messi
Naveed syed
Naveed syed 14 dager siden
I’d pick cr7 at utd anyday again. Messi needs superstars to perform, cr7 ran the show at utd.
Marnungsang Imsong
Marnungsang Imsong 2 måneder siden
My god Ur comment .. "take away success" are you for real?? 🤣
corneil thomas
corneil thomas 3 måneder siden
Cr7 puts his boots on u know its on messi needs to be in his barca coatume to know its on......its tailored for him in that club i like messi but football is everywhere you play and cr7 plays everyhwere not just for his club or for his country he just plays football every freaking where....sir alex said it best he don't think messi does it outsode of barca and cr7 can put in a hat trick for whoever
Nashon Richards
Nashon Richards 3 måneder siden
Wow if we are to really compare messi and ronaldo then we have to use the 9years they competed in the same league , under the same conditions. Anything before or after that is pure speculation.
TCM City
TCM City 3 måneder siden
🐐Messi then became better ...Messi is the best at alien,supernatural level while Ronaldo is the best at human level
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