Jake Paul - Park South Freestyle (Official Music Video) Ft. Mike Tyson

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Jake Paul

2 måneder siden

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Nico Jänicke
Nico Jänicke 2 måneder siden
Damn this is what I actually put in my playlist - Jake's rap is 🔥
Laffapalooza 2 dager siden
@That Indian Weeb yes, 17 would 100% be a kid... are you sped bro??
GamingVet 2 dager siden
@Harbir Sagoo Cause he is a coward that thinks he can box.
Edixtz ._.
Edixtz ._. 23 dager siden
@Harbir Sagoo damn nigga calm down stop hating lmao this ain’t bad
Ethan Barnett
Ethan Barnett 29 dager siden
Bro it’s trash
Rasi Vlogs
Rasi Vlogs 29 dager siden
@Harbir Sagoo so what if where kids still bigger than ksi fanbass haha
queen's yass
queen's yass 32 minutter siden
Aye Jake mane you need to cut that extra hair of you know what iam saying BC you looking ugly
Gaming Time
Gaming Time 57 minutter siden
Tanner is in the sone 1:15
Mr. PM
Mr. PM 2 timer siden
This is just pure cringe
Dominic Jaso
Dominic Jaso 5 timer siden
Barney thefreak
Barney thefreak 7 timer siden
Jake deserves a mixtape with Jack Harlow
Shanna Morales
Shanna Morales 8 timer siden
you no that there is kids
mitch barnett
mitch barnett 9 timer siden
Boxing basketball players and wrestlers and bragging, is like saying you can climb a tree better then a fish.
Zwivhuya Mariba
Zwivhuya Mariba 10 timer siden
At least his songs are better now ever since fresh outta London
J. Bennett
J. Bennett 10 timer siden
God and Jesus are great read the bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God
Ironic Swag
Ironic Swag 10 timer siden
His music is good so y’all wanna down him wow 😂😂😂
Luke Robinson
Luke Robinson 11 timer siden
People do be haten when jake is doing hes thing like its pretty fucked tbh
Diego R
Diego R 11 timer siden
Kyiler Bibbings
Kyiler Bibbings 11 timer siden
It’s amazing how he went to this tho here since vine
Rahmed 12 timer siden
Jake paul be hiring 50 ppl as 'friends'
Jorge Cerecedo
Jorge Cerecedo 12 timer siden
justin bieber barbon
Ricardo Ondrt
Ricardo Ondrt 12 timer siden
Ghost writer 4shooo
Ketevan Taktakishvili
Ketevan Taktakishvili 13 timer siden
What A mistake
EnJay 13 timer siden
Jake records snoop Dogg Jake Paul featuring snoop dogg
XxSavage_Xx120 2
XxSavage_Xx120 2 15 timer siden
Jake Paul is the new Ricegum
C.R. Gray
C.R. Gray 15 timer siden
Water Gun Kelly.
Luke Garton
Luke Garton 16 timer siden
Wtf is this??? 😂...do u call this crap Rap??? Lmao 😂 😆
F4st 18 timer siden
Hope you get removed from NOpost
Prozy 18 timer siden
PRboricua 7188
PRboricua 7188 18 timer siden
I can’t believe he went from making videos to music to fighting he’s growing no judgment
NachYO 18 timer siden
Mike Tyson: breaths* Jake: FEATURED MIKE TYSON
Franci Križaj
Franci Križaj 10 timer siden
NachYO he trash, used him hard
BANNED WALKINNN 18 timer siden
This go hard
Luca 19 timer siden
Miniminters diss track has got over 6X more views than this. That says something.
Matt Hud
Matt Hud 19 timer siden
Real balla would've had a G650.
Naman Singh
Naman Singh 19 timer siden
Where ure Face Mask u dick jake
hambob squarepants
hambob squarepants 19 timer siden
Well if you didnt know it was him and it came on it would sound good
Jonn 20 timer siden
DDG wanna be looooool
Thomas the comment rater
Thomas the comment rater 23 timer siden
I’m sorry, You’re a NOpostr No you’re a joke before everything else But of course you didn’t fucking care You got onions for hair And yet you try Your songs be making us cry Should’ve stopped a long time ago Cuz your balls are a no show
Banana Joe
Banana Joe 15 timer siden
At least you tried
Franz Beats
Franz Beats 23 timer siden
Designer made a good song
Dakota G
Dakota G Dag siden
tommy2time 24
tommy2time 24 Dag siden
Man I've never seen a positive comment about this kid
SNZ Dag siden
this hits different when you put the video on mute :)
Lucas Cron
Lucas Cron Dag siden
Once he was is in disney show XD imagine the disapointment in kids
Elias Kling 7B2021 Petreskolan
Elias Kling 7B2021 Petreskolan Dag siden
i ma bigg fann from sverige, i låve youn vill yo hjälpa mig med my channel
멍군mma Dag siden
Who the fuxx is that guy? ㅡㅡ music is fuxx
Duck from the future
Duck from the future Dag siden
I played this song at someone funeral and the dead man come back form dead to broke my phone
NANDO ZUMA Dag siden
Garbage. Clown
Dakota Griffin
Dakota Griffin Dag siden
Is nobody gonna talk about the moan at 1:40 - 1:41?
kamxxplaysyoxx Dag siden
Did h3 say nigga
Jake Hutcheson
Jake Hutcheson Dag siden
I think he copied Portland and like 3 other Drake songs with this
OfficialWreck Dag siden
Why do I feel like this a type way to sound like Drake
Alexander Ronzon solis
Alexander Ronzon solis Dag siden
No tiene ridmo en la letra y la vase
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Dag siden
Man racist he said the n word man probably cried when biden won the elections
Nathan Morgan
Nathan Morgan Dag siden
This hits different on mute
Josh T
Josh T Dag siden
I’m genuinely curious as to who the ghost writer is.
Respect Tha G
Respect Tha G 3 timer siden
@Sexton A dog he can’t freestyle, u need to understand that
Utkarsh Chavan
Utkarsh Chavan 8 timer siden
@Sexton A dog yesssir
Josh T
Josh T 8 timer siden
@Sexton A dog you are stupid for believing this is a freestyle.
Sexton A dog
Sexton A dog 8 timer siden
You guys are stupid you can’t have a ghost writer in a freestyle lol 😂🤣😂🤣🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷🤷
Utkarsh Chavan
Utkarsh Chavan 10 timer siden
matt666ish Dag siden
Fart nation
Fart nation Dag siden
Somebody helped him make this lyrics because we know how he makes his just like that every day bro
Nick Jobe
Nick Jobe Dag siden
Remember when Jake spread positive vibes and now he smokes and drinks I miss the 2017-2018 Jake like if you agree. Ima guess this is gonna get a lot of dislikes
Ash 4 timer siden
they both legal so ain’t like he doing crazy illegal shi n posting it for lil kids to see. I gotta neutral standpoint on jake but he ain’t that bad a guy, jus annoying as hell
Chase Hagman
Chase Hagman 6 timer siden
I think he looks better with a beard though
Nick Jobe
Nick Jobe Dag siden
And a little of 2019
Mark Granger
Mark Granger Dag siden
my baby cousin can make a better song then this. This is way better on pause.
MarZbarr Dag siden
Freestyle my ass
Jumbo Dag siden
Poop Head 27
Poop Head 27 Dag siden
Damn its been 2 months and this still and all his music outside in the trashcan
OneTrxshVoice Dag siden
i came here just to SMASH THAT DISLIKE BUTTON
Jason Dag siden
Listen. That's good. Regardless.
RJ Houston
RJ Houston Dag siden
Kinda sus how he went from “ It’s Everyday Bro” to this... still trash tho 😂🗑
RJ Houston
RJ Houston 7 timer siden
@Ironic Swag stop riding jp
isaac gardner outdoors
isaac gardner outdoors 8 timer siden
Its called 3 years of making new music. PRACTICE
Ironic Swag
Ironic Swag 10 timer siden
His musics good so ur gonna down him that’s crazy😂😂
Zach Kennedy
Zach Kennedy 12 timer siden
Yeah, both garbage from a trash kid
Roz Roson
Roz Roson 14 timer siden
@Zeus Gaming is there any music of his coming out soon??
I Luv To Grub
I Luv To Grub Dag siden
All the girls look like tana monogs siblings 🤣
proxyofamuse Dag siden
Danny smArtist
Danny smArtist Dag siden
Dom Zaita
Dom Zaita Dag siden
Noob Master 69
Noob Master 69 Dag siden
Try to write this by yourself
XxpandaxX Dag siden
yeah i saw him in that house while driving in my car and i was like bitch wtf is going on here
Mr. Psycho
Mr. Psycho Dag siden
Fychoz Dag siden
Yea jake totally didn’t copy gatti the video is the same
TeaWithGrandma Dag siden
why would Mike even do this 🤦‍♀️
Fisto Dag siden
Imo this song is ass and no it isn’t because I like Ksi this song is just ass but the London one was good
Tevo Boss
Tevo Boss Dag siden
Nah it's because you like jj but it's cool though
remedy Hill
remedy Hill Dag siden
All I see is bunnies where are the the brownies
Cedrik Parenteau
Cedrik Parenteau Dag siden
Your music suck
thirtyeightz 2 dager siden
who’s here after he dies
Grey Depression
Grey Depression 2 dager siden
Jake Paul fans are the equivalent of mesh condoms.
PsychoDragon030 2 dager siden
I thought it said South Park I was going to say Where's Erick Cartman at.
Alfredo Bautista Vazquez
Alfredo Bautista Vazquez 2 dager siden
This is ass can’t even finish the song☠️
vhtr8 2 dager siden
He got a ghost writer start getting hits
Lennox Croisetière
Lennox Croisetière 2 dager siden
Its so terrible
JohnstasBACK 2 dager siden
1:35 "23 and i'm this rich" hit DIFFERENT 🥴😔
trappaxk1090 2 dager siden
trash af im dead
Giovanni hernandez
Giovanni hernandez 2 dager siden
MAAMA GANG 2 dager siden
This is how many people who didn’t understand a Thing 👇
troyfyvie 2 dager siden
This man linked this in the it’s everyday bro bio 😭😭
vitalija petrauskiene
vitalija petrauskiene 2 dager siden
vitalija petrauskiene
vitalija petrauskiene 2 dager siden
Mitchell Jones
Mitchell Jones 2 dager siden
white ppl shouldnt rap
Tevo Boss
Tevo Boss Dag siden
So basically your saying EM, MGK, Jack Harlow and NF shouldn't rap. stfu kid
Dxniel White
Dxniel White 2 dager siden
Wayy better than all of Ksi Garbage ass music😂😂
I’m Mehdi
I’m Mehdi 2 dager siden
Damn tho🔥
Matthew Ramos
Matthew Ramos 2 dager siden
Let’s fucking go
Hi my name is noob Ok
Hi my name is noob Ok 2 dager siden
Jake your so cool and can I have your phone number
Dragon flower Criminals
Dragon flower Criminals 2 dager siden
😑 in my day he was ph
Heavy kalkidan
Heavy kalkidan 2 dager siden
Is it just me or i hear the word lit in every music video of his!?!? KSI for life!
Tevo Boss
Tevo Boss Dag siden
Well thanks for the view buddy
Lil Timmy
Lil Timmy 2 dager siden
*calls out McGregor* but wont sign contract against Ryan Garcia
lmaoン d ü d ë ッ
lmaoン d ü d ë ッ 2 dager siden
its south park buddy 🤣
Tevo Boss
Tevo Boss Dag siden
Parksouth is the name of the street on which his Calabasas house is on
Vxie FN
Vxie FN 2 dager siden
If the song is bad in your opinion then song song is written by him but then when the song is fire yall start saying his stuff is ghost written like yall make no sense
A JuicySandwich
A JuicySandwich 2 dager siden
Actually listen to the arguments first
jon sparrow
jon sparrow 2 dager siden
People actually think this guy is cool?
mariam ramadan
mariam ramadan 2 dager siden
Oooof nuh-uh I KNOW HE GETS PEOPLE ESPECIALLY his black friends to write his songs , this boy by himself can only sing the wheels on the bus
ReFaCe 2 dager siden
Hosea the ??????
Hosea the ?????? 2 dager siden
I wanna put this on my playlist, but its jake paul it makes me feel bad
CASHOUT PLUG 2 dager siden
A Dot
A Dot 2 dager siden
How much his ghost wrighter got?
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