Can ANY graphics card REALLY Game at 8K??

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Nvidia marketed the RTX 3090 as an 8K gaming GPU and received a lot of criticism for not REALLY being up for it. Can AMD beat Nvidia at their own game with the Radeon RX 6900 XT and a good overclock?
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Caden Collier
Caden Collier 11 timer siden
... Does DOOM even have 8k textures? Lmao, just ask yourself this... With AA, SMAA, and other "crispening" algorithms, true 4k is really as good as 8k in this scenario... 8k is really pointless without 8k textures.
Hijas Hariss
Hijas Hariss 11 timer siden
Which laptop is Anthony using?
Stuart Cates
Stuart Cates Dag siden
68 almost.... 😂
Theawsomekillerslime Dag siden
3:58 has anyone knew that linus actually knows doom eternal or probably the game style itself
Andrew Bukowski
Andrew Bukowski 2 dager siden
what about 3090 sli
Chixology 2 dager siden
Haters: HeS jUsT aN AmD fAn
simon7109 2 dager siden
It looks like the Radeon is better on CPU heavy games if you have an AMD 5xxx CPU
sokar 2 dager siden
Doom Eternal is very well optimized, but also it uses Vulkan. AMD has been better at utilizing Async Compute used heavily in Vulkan. Nvidias chips are not optimized for that, but deliver better performance in more traditional rendering techniques, used in Dx12. That also explains while in Doom Eternal AMD is a lot closer to Nvidia than in other games.
jaden lawyer
jaden lawyer 2 dager siden
F**k these cryptominers i could not get my rtx 3070
Charlie Tuzzolo
Charlie Tuzzolo 2 dager siden
I can't wait in 10 years we will get cards this powerful for 200$
Daddy Fitz
Daddy Fitz 2 dager siden
This is why although having a k processor I don't fuck with overclocking. It's rarely optimized and preformed correctly and can mess a comp up permanently. Not worth
Bobby M
Bobby M 2 dager siden
Controversial opinion: I still don't really care about 4k, 1080p is more than fine.
Yumisai 3 dager siden
im watching this 4k not 8k
That Onion
That Onion 3 dager siden
Anything CAN game at 8k, but some not as well.
Mcdonald's Big Mac
Mcdonald's Big Mac 3 dager siden
Pc gamers are power hungry savages honestly
Zid Bits
Zid Bits 3 dager siden
Japan is broadcasting in 8k OTA, several channels natively broadcast at 8k. They've actually been doing this for a few years now. I think they did it in preparations for the Tokyo Olympics. 8k is coming, like it or not.
Eric B
Eric B 4 dager siden
How is Linus being so chumpy and lame with this subject ? Why complain about 8K when your real complaint is graphics settings ? 8k gaming at low settings is still 8 k gaming.. so stop baiting your viewers for ad revenue from badly made videos. 8k gaming doesn't mean 32k texture use and 80 samples for SSAA, MSAA, and layered AA, ambient AA, hyper pooper AA, Fish Scale AO.. or the BBQ sauce shaders.
Werner Mayer
Werner Mayer 4 dager siden
better than all those Nvidia scrap
Odorous Smegma
Odorous Smegma 4 dager siden
Anthony it might be time to cut your hair bruh its turning into a skullet.
Marc Testarossa
Marc Testarossa 4 dager siden
14:58 Linus reaching into his pocket to subscribe to the channel
Adomas aš
Adomas aš 4 dager siden
Linus Plays on RTX3090: Thats like not terrible Me with GTX1050Ti: :-|
Maddy Muhat
Maddy Muhat 4 dager siden
How i wish to have atleast rx 5500 8gb version im already contented on that gpu
MISTER SIR 4 dager siden
Honestly, these days I'm more interested in seeing graphics cards that can deliver the same performance but more efficiently and in more compact packaging. It feels like the size of GPU with cooling just grows every year, with power consumption having no limit nor price. At this point they might as well call the next gen 7180TI and just strap two 3090 together. The only truly interesting parts are NVIDIA's DLSS and raytracing advances, and AMD's infinite cache system. Imagine having both those elements together in an objectively "less powerful" card, but with smaller footprint and power consumption, and a lower price. That'd be a killer graphics card for the average player looking for the best upscale card at a decent price/performance. The top end cards always come across as "we don't want to be creative since price, size, and power consumption isn't an issue -so we just strapped everything onto it with no further thought". 2nd-in-line graphics cards always seem like the objectively best developed products, both from a developer and a consumer point of view.
C. E.
C. E. 4 dager siden
Assuming you can actually get your hands on one of these graphics cards. :/
Jim Kafou
Jim Kafou 4 dager siden
the difference between the prices of twose two gpus is more than my entire pc build cost
Alex126Playz 4 dager siden
Am I the only person that realized that the channel is called Linus and the operation system is called linux?
SABREX7 4 dager siden
Anthony and Linus have hit peak hobo! 🤣
carlos rugerio
carlos rugerio 4 dager siden
all of the cards ar more that my pc
[FORMER] Floor Gang Member
[FORMER] Floor Gang Member 5 dager siden
long story short no
Jems Books
Jems Books 5 dager siden
but could the gtx or rtx titan do it?
Patrik isCool
Patrik isCool 5 dager siden
This video should have been called "which is better at 8k gaming? team red vs team green"
Xx_GAMER_ YT_xX 5 dager siden
GT 210
Dave Larson
Dave Larson 5 dager siden
The best ghana appropriately drip because doubt admittedly sin given a mountainous approval. magical, graceful magic
aderek79 6 dager siden
I'll remember this when I can finally afford to play games at 8K in 2058. I'll probably be dead by then so never mind.
Grayson James
Grayson James 6 dager siden
this makes my pc look bad
KielEire 7 dager siden
I wish my Suprim X only cost $2000
Shyne 7 dager siden
7:30 thx editor
大和抚子 7 dager siden
There are some problems in simple Chinese subtitles. Only in bilibili will have the best Chinese experience
MAX BENOLIEL 7 dager siden
I liked because of the 420 meme😂😂😂😂😂
TheDwarvenDefender 8 dager siden
"This is the Ultimate Showdown... of Ultimate Destiny."
dholl puri
dholl puri 8 dager siden
SolPernz 8 dager siden
And here I am saving money to buy a320m mother board for ryzen 3 cpu.. Hahah pity me... When you are bored with your ryzen5 cpu's there sir linus, might throw that to me.
Bellavista Gaming
Bellavista Gaming 8 dager siden
am i the only one who noticed the rgb on the motherboard being on while he was putting in the rtx 3090
TrashBoat 8 dager siden
I dont care 8k all i want is 1440p 200+fps because i cant see difference between 8k,4k
inkandsoles 8 dager siden
The mute spain taxonomically follow because wish topologically protect between a scrawny organisation. useful, ragged hockey
Icebobk 8 dager siden
i got a new option on my Z390 that lets me enable Resizable bar thingy
Sameer Jain
Sameer Jain 8 dager siden
While Linus is talking about 8k, I just switched from 768p to 1080p.
cj wadd
cj wadd 9 dager siden
Well you seem to have a never ending supply of high end gpus your just as bad as the miners and scalpers
Illuminator 9 dager siden
Who tells MSI that they misspelled Supreme?
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams 9 dager siden
at 7:26 look at the end of the rtx 3090 bar lol
GigaBurek 9 dager siden
Simple answer: no
Steven Charette
Steven Charette 10 dager siden
omg how fucking bias team green wins he knows it but yet more FPS and its stuttering right looked fine to me i take all your bench marks with a gain of salt
what ever
what ever 10 dager siden
Cyberpunk 2077 8k and graphics mods + shader mods on full quality = 0,5 fps?
Marshall Thomas
Marshall Thomas 10 dager siden
10 years from now: "32k gaming!! is it worth it!?!"
prasannam 10 dager siden
both of them : yeah i definitely see a jutter there (in the 3090) me who plays minecraft on 720p moonitor on 20 fps : what are you talking about? its so smooth
Yillz 10 dager siden
i really need a gpu linus please could you help me out ?
Ekyllier 10 dager siden
420 nice
y gibs
y gibs 10 dager siden
this would be great if Nvidia didn't own Linus Tech tips
James Games
James Games 10 dager siden
that 3090 has more memory than the average gamers RAM
Prototype 81
Prototype 81 11 dager siden
Nobody cares about 8k. Hardly anyone cares about 4k. Right now tech and developers, on average, arent capable of providing a good experience in either. 1440p is where its at. Good enough res with great frames.
K. LOUK 11 dager siden
But but AMD is always the best... 😨
Alexander Becker
Alexander Becker 11 dager siden
It would be more appropriate to compare RTX3080 with RX6900XT. Currently RTX3080 sells in germany, if available, for at least 200€ more, than RX6900XT.
shamer 11 dager siden
the colors on the graph were the romanian flags colors
Swastikayan Ghosh
Swastikayan Ghosh 11 dager siden
Gaming at 8I Me :watching this at 240p 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mortyr Does
Mortyr Does 11 dager siden
88inch .... if it brakes its a lot of money Better stick with normal monitor xD 20+ inch that can fit on desk and more fps hehehe
Mortyr Does
Mortyr Does 11 dager siden
Is it possible to run pc with 2 psu's ? 1 for gpu and 1 for everything else?
thekeytohockey 11 dager siden
to me they are complaining but i cant run doom
xBakero 11 dager siden
2:15 ...RGB for that extra FPS! Nice!
jorvis vegas
jorvis vegas 12 dager siden
I don't want innovation in higher resolution gaming in a PC.. I want innovation/improvement in smartphone gaming... There are lot of smartphone devices but less good games🙄 1080p gaming is just great I don't understand why 8k😂
Will Bar
Will Bar 12 dager siden
8k na, im gaming at 720p and 1080 and on the 1080p I think it looks great. ( I can do this since im simple and am ok with gaming at low rez with fps capped at 30 just to have a dead silent gaming session, no loud fans for me )
Zenz 12 dager siden
self promoting tingles be like
happysmash27 12 dager siden
16:04: I mean, even today, only 2.34% of people on the Steam hardware survey have a resolution of 3840x2160. The vast majority, at 66.70%, have a resolution of 1920x1080. So it could still be said today that "nobody" has a 4k monitor either. I actually use 1280x1024 myself, and plan on continuing to do so until I either make my own monitor at a higher 5:4 resolution or end up having all my monitors in VR, so for me 8k is just something fun to watch videos about rather than something I'd actually use. I don't really mind content about it today as the focus is on pushing a system to its limits, and people do not mind if it doesn't get a perfect framerate there. It does bother me when people say something will be "unplayable" without DLSS though, while doing all the benchmarks on a 4k monitor, when it would be perfectly playable at a more sensible resolution. I am happy with a lower resolution, provided that I get nice crisp pixels instead of annoying blurs. 16:08: "Only", lol. Most people I know have resolutions under that, and the Steam hardware survey shows that even statistically the vast majority of people don't have 4K monitors! 4k is still a high resolution. I would like to see VR benchmarks at higher resolutions though. VR would make a bigger difference the larger you go since the display takes up such a higher percentage of one's field of view.
lazzzers 12 dager siden
They literally look the same both are good
vh9network 13 dager siden
$500 for LC, when you could buy a NZXT Kraken G12 + a 240mm closed looped AIO add it to your ref card and achieve the exact outcome.
who who6970
who who6970 13 dager siden
Lets not forget that rx 6900xt is 500 bucks cheaper soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
fadlhaq khan
fadlhaq khan 13 dager siden
wait.....does amd own asus please answer
R4N 14 dager siden
we need 2000watt power supply
Young Ho Kim
Young Ho Kim 14 dager siden
Stop trying to make HTPC happens. It's not going to happen. Y you no listen to own tips?
Conghelach Conghelach
Conghelach Conghelach 14 dager siden
8K?? Really?? For fucks sake we’re trying to get a 4K not all of us get sponsors to send us hardware cough cough
Rawsawn 15 dager siden
then you realize 8k monitors costs a fortune and a card that can handle it is another fortune and youre still at ~60hz/fps, yeah no. Cool test tho.
safyplayz 15 dager siden
i can see more shattering on amd
peter shuker
peter shuker 15 dager siden
The real question is can any modern graphics card really play crisis
daniel hardy
daniel hardy 15 dager siden
Your using msi afterburner the wrong way to overclock your gpu. I use the MSI overclocking scanner full (run) and let it run to the end, record the peak core-clock Mhz. then after finish i only set CC Mhz to highest in test. you can test how fast your gpu will go by streaming 8k youtube videos. My msi gtx 1660 super got as high as 2115 mhz but drops to 2085 in gaming and streaming youtube videos.
Joshua Furlong
Joshua Furlong 15 dager siden
linus: "even if you ONLY have a 4k display" *me sitting here with my 1080p 75hz monitor crying*
giorgi diasamidze
giorgi diasamidze 15 dager siden
please buld pc with rx vega 64 8 gb
doubledugs 2
doubledugs 2 16 dager siden
just one of the grahpics cards takes my entire power suply
Purple BatDragon
Purple BatDragon 16 dager siden
"For $500, Xbox Series X will deliver 120fps Ray-tracing at 8K." PC users spending $5,000+ just to RUN 8K: "Sure, kid. Keep telling yourself that."
joe wilts
joe wilts 16 dager siden
The fine tablecloth synchronously end because santa postoperatively tow astride a vigorous consonant. curious, frightened frightening full fumbling functional tortellini
Sommer Plays Games
Sommer Plays Games 16 dager siden
Since graphics cards don't exist atm... no. There are no 8k-cards.
OS. Temli
OS. Temli 16 dager siden
You know Linus is PC gamer when his eyes hard at 60fps
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson 16 dager siden
I remember seeing these stock numbers for 4k not too long ago, now we're at 4k 120/144hz easy, this is gonna be a good 2 years :o
j Whi
j Whi 11 dager siden
>not too long ago Aka 2016 when pascal came. I still cant believe the fucking gtx 1050 ti is still being made.
Amudo do
Amudo do 16 dager siden
Sandals and SOCKKKKKS
Nanoatic Alaeddine
Nanoatic Alaeddine 16 dager siden
Im playing at 1080p and I'm happy.
Tess 17 dager siden
Imagine if AMD and Nvidia teamed up to make a God graphics card
Ghostic2 17 dager siden
1:42 Who tf plays dead csgo?
Rahul Ravishankar
Rahul Ravishankar 17 dager siden
Where did you get a Ryzen 9 5900XT ?
Rahul Ravishankar
Rahul Ravishankar 16 dager siden
@Fauzan Rafiq the 5900XT doesn't exist the only Zen 3 Ryzen 9's are the 5900X and the 5950X
Fauzan Rafiq
Fauzan Rafiq 16 dager siden
amd send them
Rist 17 dager siden
Doom Eternal Ultra Nightmare PC specs CPU Intel Core i9 9900K | AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Graphics card Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti (11GB) | AMD Radeon VII (16GB) Memory 16GB RAM Ultra Nightmare PC specs (60fps | 4K or 120fps | 1440p) Linus versus Satan in 8K: 16GB system memory this should be fine... It's possible that 16GB system memory is a limitation for 8K Ultra Nightmare. The 24GB VRAM on the RTX 3090 could also contribute to inconsistencies with too little system memory capacity. I speculate RX 6900 XT is a minor bit system memory capacity starved in turn due to OS overhead requirements. The NVME PCIE 4.0 1TB device might have helped alleviate some of the slowdowns potentially. What could be happening is the 16GB system memory is sufficient for the game itself, but the OS itself requires a portion of it causing virtual page file swap usage to kick into high gear attributing to performance slow downs. That's why I feel the issue worsens on the RTX 3090 despite the additional VRAM since it actually is exacerbating the system capacity over saturation bottleneck residing problem. I'm actually curious if the RTX 3090 performance problem is only temporarily, but slowly disappear during game play at least if you're on the same map or in the same general section of the game world environment. That might suggest the RTX 3090 can still populate the VRAM capacity, but experience slowdowns until it's done so similar to a HDD in certain games populating system memory, but micro hitching for a period during game play until capacity gets filled by the slower HDD storage. There is a reasonable chance it's teetering on the edge of sufficient and insufficient system memory capacity in relation to the game and OS requirements and overhead.
bar10dr bar10dr
bar10dr bar10dr 17 dager siden
I wonder how that extreme bandwidth works out with Star Citizen
krylonfanboy ,
krylonfanboy , 17 dager siden
5:11 LMAOO
Ali Mustafa Abdulhadi
Ali Mustafa Abdulhadi 18 dager siden
me. playing solitaire with 72p: l e b r u h
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