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The basic beginners guide to Breath Of The Wild. Subscribe to see more For Beginners like this! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games please leave a comment, tweet me, or send me a message. LINKS TO ALL THE STUFF BELOW!
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J.B. Bauersfeld
J.B. Bauersfeld 3 timer siden
[starts slow clap] Great editing, writing, and production value. Kudos.
Vegas Valentine
Vegas Valentine 7 timer siden
Whats the name of the song at 25:46 ?
Kitsune 8 timer siden
Did-did buns die?
Rose Bellx
Rose Bellx 13 timer siden
This is the order I did the beasts because this is the order I found them 1) 🐘 2)🐫 3) 🦜 4) 🦎
venusian girl
venusian girl 14 timer siden
this is one of the best videos i have ever seen. i haven’t even finished it yet but i had to pause it just to tell you lmfao
Neppu Neppu
Neppu Neppu 15 timer siden
The first 2 in the order of the beast you free is the same as what I did WTF XD
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 20 timer siden
Listening to this as an adult with a brain that has not been completely fried by technical devices (yet) is the aquivalent of eating american candy. It's fun...for about 60 seconds.
jadon bradley
jadon bradley 22 timer siden
No that island was not neat
PRAWN CENA !!!!! •16 years ago
PRAWN CENA !!!!! •16 years ago 22 timer siden
Champions Abilities: 1:Mipha's Face 2:Revali's Fail 3: Daruk's Depression 4:Urbosa's A Furry
Aneke Dudy
Aneke Dudy Dag siden
I come back to this on a daily basis. Am I OK? 🤔 Buns, where have you been all my life?! ❤ I hope you'll do this for Age of Calamity and the sequel as well.
nasachusetts Dag siden
Omfg this is spot on and hilarious!
Mina Ashido :PINKY:
Mina Ashido :PINKY: Dag siden
Things I quote too much from this video: “Terra..... HELLO..?!” “There are no bad ideas, only ideas that can go terribly wrong” “I sAiD lEsS pUrpLe” “Tell Debra I love her😔” “The INCIDENT.......” “MovInG on”
Lucy Dyal
Lucy Dyal Dag siden
43:03: Scarring flashbacks
Arissa Mohni
Arissa Mohni Dag siden
After watching this and hearing buns say botw has no exp system. Is funny now but super fun video
Jessica Lyn
Jessica Lyn Dag siden
This vid makes me feel better about dying so many times in the game haha
lj38dream YT
lj38dream YT Dag siden
This is one of these vids where I die of laughter cuz it so true
NOTA VEGAN Dag siden
Instead of following the sparkles to find items you can use stasis to make them pop out. It also works in the dark forest so you can see where the hinox is without awakening it. Stasis is more useful than you think!
Evalyn Baun
Evalyn Baun 2 dager siden
This game NEVER gets old
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 dager siden
Man, I wish we got Breath of the Beatdown instead of, you know, Covid.
Moonlight Gayney
Moonlight Gayney 2 dager siden
I did the divine beasts in the exact order already XD
Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell 2 dager siden
25:14 Best montage ever!
niamh kelly
niamh kelly 2 dager siden
Quite possibly the funniest video I have ever watched
Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell 3 dager siden
Karolina Espinoza
Karolina Espinoza 3 dager siden
ARC Mount
ARC Mount 3 dager siden
* Proceeds to drop kick a child for going within 6 feet of my carriage * excuse me what did you say
Kodamii ¿
Kodamii ¿ 3 dager siden
And remember kids,everything else you might want to know is on youtube :)
oliver Smith
oliver Smith 3 dager siden
exatly the order i did before you sed ot
Evil uncle Jason productions Magda
Evil uncle Jason productions Magda 3 dager siden
Jordan Schaeffer
Jordan Schaeffer 3 dager siden
Ok but why does it smell like that though
Oddball_25 3 dager siden
I’ve already played this but I couldn’t help watching this all the way through multiple times because of how indubitably funny it was.
Mac bogus 7
Mac bogus 7 3 dager siden
Also I have collectors anxiety now so
Zero Mason
Zero Mason 3 dager siden
This is genuinely one of the funniest things I have ever watched, skfjskskjd
The Stone 74
The Stone 74 4 dager siden
Actually link does have a level. The more monster you kill the harder they get
Marion S.
Marion S. 4 dager siden
Not me with 0 skills who just spams bombs all the time
Braulio Marin-Andrade
Braulio Marin-Andrade 4 dager siden
Super late but at a stable thiers a girl with a broom that you buy thing by the lava place
Agent Doughnut
Agent Doughnut 4 dager siden
Me, after playing age of calamity: imma watch this again
xPUNISHER84x 4 dager siden
“Leaving confused grandmas at GameStop” 💀😂💀
Estephen Armenta
Estephen Armenta 4 dager siden
dude your fucking editor is on another level. if that's you, HOLY SHIT are you multi-talented
Infectious Life
Infectious Life 4 dager siden
For the lightning shrine I got struck by lightning than it opened
Silent Princess
Silent Princess 4 dager siden
Bigy Piggy
Bigy Piggy 4 dager siden
You remind me of Rebecca perums
Depressive Meep157
Depressive Meep157 4 dager siden
Quick note to self and anyone else who finds it useful - the quick beginners tips start at 42:24 :)
Sengphanom Kongdara
Sengphanom Kongdara 4 dager siden
Omg your cat is super cute 😍🥰
Renagade Spade
Renagade Spade 4 dager siden
Yo this shit is fucking hilarious you bbn jus earned my subscription 💯💯💯😭😭😭
Wolf_ Thing
Wolf_ Thing 4 dager siden
*remember to add how bad the joycon drift is*
The Stone 74
The Stone 74 4 dager siden
is it normal that after you defeat ganon and load the game you spawn right in front of the castle where you fight ganon and you still have to kill him
Virtuallight 5 dager siden
I already completed the game
homunculus 5 dager siden
you remind me of the "MHA Quirk Questions" lady
homunculus 5 dager siden
a total of 900 seeds. so yes. a blood sacrifice. and tears. many of them
Mc.soggy_ nugget
Mc.soggy_ nugget 5 dager siden
I dont care what you say i go for defense stuff befor anything else
Kamekaze Vikings
Kamekaze Vikings 5 dager siden
Legend of Zelda: inhaling the outdoors. A socially anxious teen wakes up from a really long nap, kills a pig, kills a even bigger pig, kills a massive pig and saves a girl who is also socially anxious
Eevee Lover
Eevee Lover 5 dager siden
“There are no bad ideas, only ideas that can go horribly wrong” Wise words indeed
ArnoldwilliamDow 5 dager siden
I just bought the switch solely for this game. Great video.
Eddie MUSTAFA 5 dager siden
You... you're good, you... You just cracked me up!
CreativeGirl247 6 dager siden
34:31 Discord Light Mode
ellie guthleben
ellie guthleben 6 dager siden
Rusty sword *breaks master sword *huh
Besanii 6 dager siden
Whenever I'm sad I watch a Buns video and I perk back up 🥰
Joseph Abrams
Joseph Abrams 6 dager siden
26:32 I keep on replaying these few seconds for some reason.
Harry Hutt
Harry Hutt 6 dager siden
havent even played the game but this video is funny af
Skyler Chau
Skyler Chau 6 dager siden
Blowing up rocks is pretty inefficient since bombs can blow ores off of cliffs
Brian Cha
Brian Cha 6 dager siden
0:15 lol
michealjackson500 6 dager siden
Love ya bunz
Goose 6 dager siden
21:42 that scream was gold
Tjeerd 6 dager siden
We should be thankful for its Wii U port.... It made it at least easier to grand it acces to pc and cheats/mods via Cemu
Tjeerd 6 dager siden
The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild came out in 2017 and everyone was like _The hills are alive, with the sound of music_ Pretty damn acurate....
dave derosier
dave derosier 6 dager siden
I dont like the blood moon!!!
Nxthanplays 6 dager siden
I love this review it’s a serious review but also very funny at the same time
The Musicmaster107
The Musicmaster107 7 dager siden
Humpy Da Whale
Humpy Da Whale 7 dager siden
25:44 Bro its fuckin Ravioli's Kale, or the flying music, or any of the other memes that have been made around Ravioli
Will Drennan
Will Drennan 7 dager siden
This was so delightful, thank you!
Siyeon’s Dreamcatcher
Siyeon’s Dreamcatcher 7 dager siden
I started playing a few weeks ago and decided to do my first divine beast vah Naboris and then I watch this I’m on day two of fighting thunderblight ganon
Avenger559 7 dager siden
It’s only me or have I watch this video like five times already
Aneke Dudy
Aneke Dudy 6 dager siden
Same here, it's just too good! 😂
megau 7 dager siden
a full 50 minutes of zero content and absolute shite jokes
Wooloo Wants Hugs
Wooloo Wants Hugs 7 dager siden
I've watched this video four times in the last week.
jeremy aster
jeremy aster 7 dager siden
25:19 he just keeps going
Dominic _
Dominic _ 8 dager siden
Patrick Star: I love you.
kitchengun 8 dager siden
nobody ever notices fishdaddy's 10cm legs
theowlspirit 8 dager siden
Omg this is fucking hysterical
ENT Primarina
ENT Primarina 8 dager siden
The legend of Zelda : Breath of the baby
Arctic2 8 dager siden
Ha I’m doing the divine beast out of order. Nub
Kyle kirkparick
Kyle kirkparick 8 dager siden
Just... you just.... I almost died of laughter when you mentioned the labyrinths. I LOVE your opinion/commentary.
Kyle kirkparick
Kyle kirkparick 8 dager siden
When you have that 10 second squee about prince Sidon... I feel like a Japanese school-boy with gay and animaltiy just kind of grossly mixed. You know me so well. O.O Seriously, stop loving him. He only has nice teeth. And a good jawline. And the game presents him like a trophy. I shall not stand for people everywhere loving fish!! (Ah shit, he looks nice. I may be fish-cist)
Kyle kirkparick
Kyle kirkparick 8 dager siden
I have watched this too many times. But my switch got stolen, and wham bam thank you ma'am, I bought a new one mostly for this game. So thanks again for reminding me that this game needs love. My switch has now taken a toll of more than 1k, and my bank is sad. But I justified it personally, and you reminded me why. I'm at 4.5 mins, but I intend to watch this until the end. Then I'll play this game until my soul is sucked out through my eyes and thumbs (and bank account, *crying*), and then I'll eat some chocolate to recover. I wish that more epic games come out that I like, just, simply JUST so that I can hear you be sarcastic and hilarious about them. I LOVE your "for beginners" series, and I've tried games like Dead By Dawn (Daylight? Screw consoles and their subscription necessary games, this is why I have a bad-asp pc) You make games fun to hear about. Never stop doing these types of videos, please. I love them because you're bluping awesome!
I’m become Error
I’m become Error 8 dager siden
I think it’s okay to trade the luminescent stones if it’s to get the diamond that can repair champion weapons like the Boulder breaker.
Oscar Voysey
Oscar Voysey 8 dager siden
I hate your voice it’s horrible, like why do you talk so much you haven’t taught me anything about the game at all
HaveSomeChocyMilkCauseUrEpic 8 dager siden
Sidon is hot
Jonathan Magana
Jonathan Magana 9 dager siden
Dude I did all the divine beast in that order without watching this video
Joanna Peck
Joanna Peck 9 dager siden
lmao i did vah naboris first
• Midnight •
• Midnight • 9 dager siden
*Is watching this after I had just beat the game* Ah yes, interesting Edit: I’m late to the game but still absolutely loved it!
GD Temmie
GD Temmie 9 dager siden
i don't know if this was intentionally hilarious or not, but it's so amazing
Alyson 9 dager siden
I’ve watched this video so many times. It’s literally the only video on all of NOpost that I have willingly watched multiple times
Gamble Dornwer
Gamble Dornwer 9 dager siden
But why does it smell like that?
Vegas Valentine
Vegas Valentine 9 dager siden
It was Gia Gunn that did it for me 😂🤣😂
Shara Martinez
Shara Martinez 10 dager siden
How about that rag doll effect with he Gwen Stefani sound track....🤣
Angelos_Ch2006 10 dager siden
This may be my 25th time I watch this vid
Dubles -_-
Dubles -_- 10 dager siden
Breath of the weedles
Dubles -_-
Dubles -_- 10 dager siden
The new pokemon game^^
Aaron Stickel
Aaron Stickel 10 dager siden
The humor and the editing of this video is IMMACULATE
Veronica Dodge
Veronica Dodge 10 dager siden
Ok but why does it smell like that though...
Jonathan 10 dager siden
Comment if your watching this because you miss butter buns
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 10 dager siden
You will suck if u have bad weapons Me: defeated ganon with a ladle
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