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6 måneder siden

Mega Man isn't just one of Capcom's most iconic characters, he's one of the biggest icons of gaming! Mega Man has battled tons of Robot Masters to stop Dr. Wily's plans. And you can't forget X trying to stop Sigma. There's tons of Mega Man history, so let's break it all down in the complete Mega Man Timeline.
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Mega Man is a gaming icon. He's still battling Dr. Wily to this day! But he's not the only star of the Mega Man series. There's X, Zero, Dr. Light, Bass, Proto Man and Sigma. There's a lot to keep track of. That's why the Leaderboard is breaking it all down in the complete Mega Man Timeline.
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Researched by: Marcus Jahn
Written by: Marcus Jahn
Hosted by: Marcus Jahn
Edited by: Caleb Pryor
Thumbnail Design by: Katherine Gonzalez
Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert
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The Leaderboard
The Leaderboard 6 måneder siden
I hope you all are having a great Friday and enjoying the video! What other games would you want to see timelines of? Let us know in the comments below. Have a great weekend! :)
Luke200 2 måneder siden
@Knox Cascio Dr. Wile made the copy robot and transferred the original Zero to the copy robot body. Had the Copy Zero mind transferred to the orginal Zero body.
Luke200 2 måneder siden
Wait I thought in Megaman Legends your not Megaman or X your just some human named Megaman with armour.
Knox Cascio
Knox Cascio 4 måneder siden
In mega man zero, when was Zero’s mind transported to the copy robot and who made the copy robot
Dakota Alfred
Dakota Alfred 5 måneder siden
Give me more battlenetwork!
Nathaly Espinoza
Nathaly Espinoza 6 måneder siden
I would LOVE to see FarCry timeline please.
Marlou Endrina
Marlou Endrina 58 minutter siden
14:11 is it me or is the chair reborn copy x form megaman zero 3 in the top looks like Dr.Robotniks head?
WhiteCookie YT
WhiteCookie YT 3 dager siden
Is this the preview of the corona virus
youssef 7 dager siden
So conclusion....... Mega Man ans the others have a BIG lore and it goes CRAZY
Moonroof 14 dager siden
Thank you for giving us this info of megaman
smashmallow101 15 dager siden
finally, a series that doesn't begin during the beginning of time
Linc Scherer
Linc Scherer 16 dager siden
xtreme situations i get the joke haha because its mega man xtreme ahhaha...ha
Sypheur27 17 dager siden
Imagine not getting beat and trying to beat the final boss... Oh God have mercy on your soul
Enan63 20 dager siden
LoyaLZX 22 dager siden
I find it heart wrenching that the timeline could have stayed in peace after the events of ZX and it did for a very long time, but Legends happened. Bringing uncertainty to this timeline's future once more. (Doesn't help that both ZX and Legends are dealing with an ongoing cliffhanger)
Ken Mo
Ken Mo 23 dager siden
I like to use Ryu in Mega Man costume in SFV.
THEATOMBOMB035 24 dager siden
I actually consider MMXCM as canon as it fits into a part of the timeline that happens between the last X game and the elf wars
???????????????? 15 dager siden
It doesn't and it was confirmed to be an alternate future from X7
Soulhunter 24 dager siden
wouldnt mind if they do a game about the cyber elfs war like a good old x game OR something new like a hyrule warriors basic(what i mean is that 3d battle style) game.
Karl Matrix
Karl Matrix 24 dager siden
even tough Volnutt is the weakest among all the megaman, his games are my favorite in the entire franchise..
Games 'n Vogs
Games 'n Vogs 27 dager siden
wow, this is one of the longest lore timelines in history (in terms of years) it goes from probably 1990 to 162XX (maybe even further ahead!) not to mention that this is all probably in a parallel universe where technological progression was never stopped causing us to be a mysterious amount of years in the future in terms of tech progression. hey, remember this was a kids game?
Goemon Ishikawa
Goemon Ishikawa 27 dager siden
You have unnatural inflections trying not to sound monotone. It doesn't make sense
誰でもいたくないのさ 28 dager siden
Cain’s hologram?? Fool that’s dr lights force ghost
Fun fact : in mega man zero 3 x just Died ........ I have no word 😢
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael Måned siden
Please please please do battle network
Phillip Nelson
Phillip Nelson Måned siden
The last time I saw Vile, which was in Mega Man X3, he blew up in that underground factory. How did he manage to return?
bryce knowles
bryce knowles 3 dager siden
Someone either rebuilt him or Sigma brought him back
Iuytdc Måned siden
take a shot everytime zero sacrafices himself
Iuytdc 3 dager siden
@Lee Crow yep
Lee Crow
Lee Crow 3 dager siden
You'd be dead
Daniel Trippy
Daniel Trippy Måned siden
Robo-enza 😂😂😂
Lucky LunaR
Lucky LunaR Måned siden
There's a band who make songs based on the games called The Protomen and it's amazing.
bensin gedeon
bensin gedeon Måned siden
Of course we need a Megaman bn timeline and when the remake will come for the switch
Cuddle Queen
Cuddle Queen Måned siden
My brain can not comprehend this.
I don't want to use my name you dick.
I don't want to use my name you dick. Måned siden
I'm pretty sure the virus already had sigma before he interacted with zero?
???????????????? 15 dager siden
@I don't want to use my name you dick. ya sigma was good for a good bit after he was infected but he did become evil.
I don't want to use my name you dick.
I don't want to use my name you dick. 15 dager siden
@???????????????? So was Sigma good up until zero spreads the virus? (My lore is weak here)
???????????????? 15 dager siden
Nope zero was the first person to have it and the virus only infected him then
Mono Ton
Mono Ton Måned siden
I somehow have to write it. It is kinda depressing to see that all the beloved times playing the original series, the X series as a child, it is just a part of a thousands of years reaching timeline which ultimately ends in the most naive and childish (positively spoken) world of Mega Man Legends. All the Robots, Levels, battles, Characters, Wiley, Light, Rush, Zero, X, Protoman and so on - just kinda forgotten? It is like putting a beloved friend to sleep and having just said goodbye to incredible fascinating games. They appear to be more away than ever after watching this video : (
Arthur Serrano
Arthur Serrano Måned siden
Can we get that Megaman battle network and start force timeline
Mono Ton
Mono Ton Måned siden
6:07 Man. :(
Grojg_the1car Måned siden
“I sacrifice myself X.It’s what i do” -Zero
Sergio Arturo
Sergio Arturo Måned siden
Suscribed!! Great content, congrats! Cheers from Mexico City!
Devine Wynder
Devine Wynder Måned siden
I didn't even know Legends had anything to do with the main timeline. I thought it was a stand alone series.
Sardonyx Måned siden
Do you think rock and roll ever fight
Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson Måned siden
9.41, Dr. Light
Whiteout Måned siden
The Domino effect is STRONG with this one, I think it would be really cool if we got like a GOOD anime series about Mega Man and how he turns into X and everything up until like the end of the Z series. That would be cool
???????????????? Måned siden
@Whiteout the creators themselves said he isn't
Whiteout Måned siden
@???????????????? no, X is mega man but just updated and fermented in a capsule
???????????????? Måned siden
Mega man and X are 2 different people
CorgiWithAnOrgy Måned siden
You won't do a timeline video on Battle Network and Star Force. No balls. 😤
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan Måned siden
So, based just on the opening so far, you are going to entirely ignore the Zero saga? Sad-face.
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan Måned siden
Okay, glad I was wrong.
Saintbow Måned siden
Konami: "Think we made Castlevania confusing?" Capcom: "Hold my sake"
Null Dork
Null Dork Måned siden
Kingdom Hearts:*nervous sweating*
Max Carey
Max Carey Måned siden
The legend of Zelda:*heavy breathing*
Texano Man
Texano Man Måned siden
Man, can't believe Mega Man used to be Capcom's main focus. Look how many games the franchise has. Now, Resident Evil has taken their place.
seth6665 Måned siden
Wiley may have lost almost every single battle but he won the war
deo deoxys
deo deoxys Måned siden
Copy zero you mean zeros new body
SCREAMING Måned siden
Dang Megaman X gets dark fast
Matt Hinton
Matt Hinton Måned siden
Battle network were the only megaman games I ever played 😂
I like how X went to Smash and Sigma went to Overwatch which shows that they hated each other so much that they switched developers to stay away from one and other
Rad Dash
Rad Dash Måned siden
Why does this guy sound kinda like sonic from sonic boom
meimer2 Måned siden
I wonder where Pachislot Rockman Ability would fit in the timeline if it does
Marius Tan
Marius Tan 2 måneder siden
YES do starforce and battle Network timleines!
Justin Alastair
Justin Alastair 2 måneder siden
Ngl, I always preferred the X series over the original
Dylan Northrup
Dylan Northrup 2 måneder siden
Madness! I had no idea there were so many games in the series... I distinctly remember playing Mega Man X, and a few others after that... glad I searched your video - very interesting!
Overlord Alfredo
Overlord Alfredo 2 måneder siden
Nice nutshell although I think not entirely correct: The holographic Obi Wan Kenobi is Light not Cain. And at the end of X7 it is Axl who transforms into Red to trick Sigma (Red was destroyed in the battle before), so Axl tricks sigma (not red).
Steven Wood
Steven Wood 2 måneder siden
Wow that's deep
Agus Gonda
Agus Gonda 2 måneder siden
Megaman starforce that last generasion!?!
Shamsun Nahar Shilpy
Shamsun Nahar Shilpy 2 måneder siden
90's mega man is the one reason i do not have nostalgic for the 90's
True Gamer
True Gamer 2 måneder siden
two rivals that really started the war
Tkreator 2 måneder siden
Wasn’t it Dr.Light that fixed X? In X5?
You sus
You sus 2 måneder siden
Are the comics canon?
???????????????? 2 måneder siden
Carl Tippmen
Carl Tippmen 2 måneder siden
New star force and or battle network please
Bass Cossack
Bass Cossack 2 måneder siden
misadventures of tron bonne is more of a prequel... gesselschaft or whatever the spelling is, is destroyed already in legends.
Amar Mehta
Amar Mehta 2 måneder siden
Ragnarok, Uroboros...Capcom does like to recycle names, don’t they?
DANILO MARTINEZ 2 måneder siden
Humanity is fucked
Danielle 2 måneder siden
You forgot the DOS games
Caleb Henderson
Caleb Henderson 2 måneder siden
Legends had the best story in my opinion. And the characters were not so damn serious amd very charming.
Yuri Playtube
Yuri Playtube 2 måneder siden
always remember, all of this happened because some coo-coo crazy guy was mad at his friend
I T X F A R A N [MCOC] 2 måneder siden
6:53 this one just blew my mind woah interesting so if he didn't released that virus sigma would be good like before?
HyperDefective 2 måneder siden
Yes, this is explained in a cutscene from Mega Man X4, right before you fight Sigma. It was sort of retconned in the Day of Sigma anime, but that's not really considered canon anymore
SHReaper 2 måneder siden
You didn't cover everything, lmfao. You didn't even come CLOSE to covering the entire timeline, so much was left out.
Joker 2 måneder siden
I think X6 all the way through Command Mission are part of an alternate continuity. The Zero series starts up after X5's good ending.
???????????????? 2 måneder siden
Nope the zero series is after X8 the creators of mega man zero had to change some stuff to fit in to X6 so you are wrong and command mission was confirmed to be an alternate future from X7
FurtadoPires 2 måneder siden
So... X/Zero series, ZX Series and Legends Series are in the same universe? It this confirmed in game or just a fan theory put them all together?
Jerson. Romantico.
Jerson. Romantico. 2 måneder siden
teoria , segun lo q se sabe hasta ahora es el final de x6 conduce a 2 universos alternos por lo q si intentaran encajar la serie zero con la x en el mismo universo habria incongruencias asi q mejor dejarlo en 2 lineas diferentes :3
???????????????? 2 måneder siden
Yes it was confirmed
AretnaP 3
AretnaP 3 2 måneder siden
MegaMan2 for NES...Perfection.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 2 måneder siden
HOW did you compile this much information and explain it in a manner that looks so effortless.... dude you are an actual beast wth
kitsunetailsx8 3 måneder siden
That moment when you realize this video is 20XX in duration.
Miracle Atelier
Miracle Atelier 3 måneder siden
Did Megaman X 6 to Megaman Zero to Megaman ZX to Megaman Legend story, Megaman X 7 to Megaman X 8 is alternate timelines and Megaman X 7 to Megaman Command Mission is alternate timelines
???????????????? 2 måneder siden
No mega man X7 and X8 are in the same timeline as the zero games
themelonboi 3 måneder siden
Cool Now give us x9
Royce Bunton
Royce Bunton 3 måneder siden
9:42 it was dr.lights halogram
Kalbex 88
Kalbex 88 3 måneder siden
So, it all ends but the conflict was never truly resolved. Were humans the real problem? Or did the advanced reploids overthink the solution and kept repeating their mistakes over and over? Maybe there is no such thing as peace...
Marius Tan
Marius Tan 3 måneder siden
I think you should cover the battle network seris
joshwah antony
joshwah antony 3 måneder siden
4:27 Game theory was right
???????????????? 3 måneder siden
He wasn't right he just used already known informant and his theory was wrong anyway.
LostBoy 3 måneder siden
Nobody cares bout mega man here 💔💔💔🖤🖤🖤🖤💣
Yasha Yasha
Yasha Yasha 3 måneder siden
great video thnx
Yasha Yasha
Yasha Yasha 3 måneder siden
what about that mobile game rockman xover
Legato Summers
Legato Summers 3 måneder siden
tmi 😄 cant follow😄 i prefer matpat's version of this😄
???????????????? 3 måneder siden
Because he hardly does research?
Ria Hume
Ria Hume 3 måneder siden
Dude Willy created a legacy just because he got mad at his friend
Mephilis the dark /Elijah Ramatali also a sonic fan
Mephilis the dark /Elijah Ramatali also a sonic fan 3 måneder siden
It will isn't Cain's hologram in x5 it's lights
DANZ 3 måneder siden
Great videos! Though a few errors: In X5, that is Dr. Light not Kain. The X6 zero ending (when he puts himself to sleep) happens at the end of the X timeline (I know its confusing) Also, Dr. Wily reappears as an X hunter in X2, Isoc in X6 and maybe some connection to Weil. Couldn't find any others. Great job on this timeline, one of the best ones I've seen.
Mosses Moreno
Mosses Moreno 3 måneder siden
Light is the real villain because he caused many to lose their jobs by, "cutting industrial labor costs," with his robots.
Guilherme Matos Passarini
Guilherme Matos Passarini Måned siden
The problema os theeconômic system not the technology
john doe
john doe 3 måneder siden
well maybe if those industrials didnt keep asking for higher wages.
Steven Beaumont
Steven Beaumont 3 måneder siden
Alright, but when do they assemble the Ultra-mega mega man?
bestkeptkabs 3 måneder siden
This is awesome
Bảo Tan Thiên
Bảo Tan Thiên 3 måneder siden
We need new games for the Megaman X Series, Battle Network Series (never played before but did read the manga, and it was dope), and the Starforce Series. I don't even know why Capcom dropped those series :(
Charles Mendez
Charles Mendez 3 måneder siden
Megaman x command mission was one of my favorite and you hardly covered it what so ever..the rest of the video was good tho
???????????????? 3 måneder siden
They were covering the main timeline.
I Am someone who exists
I Am someone who exists 3 måneder siden
I still Don't Know How The X6 Zero Ending Fits Into This..
Shiny Samurott
Shiny Samurott 2 måneder siden
Supposedly it takes place after the end of the X series, so some point after X8.
Painfulrya 3 måneder siden
20XX? were's virus man
hosein BMR
hosein BMR 3 måneder siden
So all mega man versions are related to each other ? I thought only Megaman and Megaman X are completely Canon
nazish arshad
nazish arshad 3 måneder siden
Good video
Tuvya Maeir
Tuvya Maeir 4 måneder siden
Do the Network timeline in its own video!
Ms. Miss
Ms. Miss 4 måneder siden
Yes!! Thank you!! I've been waiting for this for awhile! This blue bomber needs some more love, he doesn't get enough!
Signus, Envoy of The Devourer
Signus, Envoy of The Devourer 4 måneder siden
is it me, or does Zero really deserve a long ass nap?
Gabriel Ribeiro
Gabriel Ribeiro Måned siden
@Whiteout Megaman defeated Wily multiple times, not X. They are not the same robot.
Whiteout Måned siden
Well I mean he died so... But X deserved one even more because he was the one who had to beat up Wily like 12 times, then sit in a capsule maturing for 200 years, then stop Sigma 8 times while also stomping out a civil war and falling satellite before fighting his best friend and then create a robot paradise in which a copy version of him ruled as emperor before finally getting put to rest.
Signus, Envoy of The Devourer
Signus, Envoy of The Devourer 3 måneder siden
@T.K.O yeah, but still. he's been fighting crime and he caused so much trouble, causing the Maverick virus to spread to accidentally causing a replica of himself to other things i'm not gonna list.
T.K.O 3 måneder siden
I mean, didn't he get it in the time between the Mega Man X and Zero games?
Aashir Hussain
Aashir Hussain 4 måneder siden
I think sonic is way cooler
Dr. Love
Dr. Love 4 måneder siden
You did a great job on this video. Thank you for the hard work you put in! I would love to see a battle network in depth video.
magnusm4 4 måneder siden
Now with so many genres and worlds created. I want to see a wild combination of concepts. There's the supernatural monsters force humanity into terror with weak but skilled hunters protecting and hunting. There's Megaman and futuristic robots and cyborgs. Steam punk etc. Now take supernatural monsters with sentient and wild monsters, steam punk and such with futuristic robot philosophy and technology and finally some magic and spiritual powers like Naruto and HxH and see what we can cook up. Also the creative architecture like Hollow Knight which is already Steam Punk in fancy nice looking stuff.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 4 måneder siden
What happened to rock, roll, proto and bass to cause them to die
Red 4 måneder siden
Zero's Ending on the X6 leads to Megaman Zero Series
???????????????? 3 måneder siden
Ya that could have happened after the entire series.
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