The Friend Who Revolutionized My Thinking

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Essential Craftsman

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Ken Jordan is a master craftsman. You have seen him in many of our videos. He's the guy smoking the pipe. He loves to stop by to offer advice and moral support. He is always welcome. I have learned a lot from Ken over the last 15 years. Some of it has even been about construction.
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TheBrick2 8 timer siden
Amazing. I don't know how he had the time.
Savage Trex
Savage Trex 14 timer siden
I love everything you teach and all advice is so important to me that i feel so humbled watching your videos i cant stop watching..and your videos are never to long..if you made a 24hour straight video i would say..whens the next episode!!so much brilliant information almost to good to be true.thanks always a pleasure god blesd
Savage Trex
Savage Trex 14 timer siden
Im so amazed that god put individuals such as you 2 gentlemen..i only hope to one day be so humbled by knowledge and at a loss for words..(Brilliance/perfection😯😯👑
Abel Villanueva
Abel Villanueva 21 time siden
I teared up just watching this. Mad beauty.
BritSimon 22 timer siden
Such a lovely video. Heaps of respect from one impressive craftsman to another. Inspirational.
Tim Currid
Tim Currid 22 timer siden
Absolutely incredible skills, you guys are great. Wishing you good health Kenny. Man I would be in that toolbox for days. Greetings from Ireland
Matti Varjonen
Matti Varjonen Dag siden
Wow. Thank you for this inspiring story.
4artisticdesign Dag siden
gorgeous...amazing stairwell !
David Dube
David Dube Dag siden
Ronald Chick
Ronald Chick Dag siden
That was the finest example of friendship I have witnessed in a long time. I have always loved Green and Green architecture and this man did it proud. I have been watching more of you videos and I appreciate where you are coming from, so don't stop with the good stuff. Thanks RC
uk7769 2 dager siden
Most of my personal close mentors are dead and gone. I thought men like this had gone extinct. Came for guidance on home building, but this channel is about so much more. Thank you.
hijackn2890 2 dager siden
The Essential Craftsman channel is one of the best things on youtube. I know so many kids that could really use an essential craftsman in their life, and videos like this are the way they can access that knowledgeable and kind presence. There's nothing more important to being a great man than gratitude and respect for others. What a wonderful display of those qualities this video brings.
Levi Hull
Levi Hull 2 dager siden
This is porn for woodworkers sorry make a comparison but true
Levi Hull
Levi Hull 2 dager siden
Wow, simply amazing. After seeing this video I now realize the best thing to take away from this is I'm completely trash at everything and anything I have ever done. Thank you for this truly inspiring video
Shawn T
Shawn T 2 dager siden
I feel blessed to have been able to see this video. I have always been in awe of craftsmen that take pride in their craft.
Mischa Fellner
Mischa Fellner 2 dager siden
A craftsman by definition is a skilled laborer. Meaning they’re just better at hiding their mistakes. Just kidding all you Craftsmen and women out there you guys are bad asses. Human beings are amazing. Unite all people
skelitalmisfit12 2 dager siden
Ken is an absolute beast to be able to have a stroke and still do the things he is passionate about. That is true passion. True mastery of life, to be kicked down and still get the hell up and plow through an obstacle like that
Roy Ferguson
Roy Ferguson 2 dager siden
Absolutely fantastic inspiration cheers and all the best Ken
scott putnam
scott putnam 2 dager siden
you shouldn't say you cant do work like that, it's up to you, just have to do it.
James Thomas
James Thomas 3 dager siden
What an amazing story. Thank you so much for this video and sharing this journey.
Shawn King
Shawn King 3 dager siden
Two very awesome and inspirational guys right there
Bryon Manske
Bryon Manske 3 dager siden
The video of Ken brought to mind a poem titled "If" by Rudyard Kipling. Perhaps it is his tenacity, his drive to push forward, without fanfare that brought it to mind. Scott, if you are not familiar with the work by Kipling I encourage you to look it up. It reminds me of you also.
Duncan McRae
Duncan McRae 3 dager siden
Great story. Thanks for introducing us and showing off his work.
Rick Hudson
Rick Hudson 3 dager siden
Thank you for this video. Knowing that someone can achieve the level of craftsmanship that he did with the struggles he faced makes me realize that my struggles are insignificant in comparison, and that it maybe time to pull myself out of the hole I have been in for the last two years, and continue on with life.
Sam McCune
Sam McCune 3 dager siden
So amazing thanks for sharing this. love to see something of that level of craftsmanship.
Michael Alderete
Michael Alderete 3 dager siden
What a wonderful story and tribute and video. This is the best thing I’ve seen on NOpost, ever. It brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart. Thank you.
rranger1014 4 dager siden
Awe inspiring!
Merrie Giles
Merrie Giles 4 dager siden
Very inspirational. Thank you. All the best to Ken. Praying for full recovery!
Mickey D
Mickey D 4 dager siden
Give Ken a big hug for us will ya? We love him and never met him. Love your videos!
tallwill38 4 dager siden
That scarf is called a key locked scarf but it is not tapered the way you would do in a ships framing for example. In the marine world there is a plain tapered scarf , a hooked scarf, a keyed scarf and a key locked hooked scarf.All of the marine scarfs (except small planks) have nibbed ends that are located at 25% the timbers depth from the end of the feathered edges the nibs are then cut square though not pointed like those in the video. All of these scarfs are then bolted together using four bolts for timbers less than 20 sq. inches five bolts for timbers between 20 and 100 square inches and for timbers over 100sq inches six bolts.The end bolts must be placed 25% of the depth of the timber in from the nibbed ends. Bolt diameter should be the timber cross sectional area in sq inches divided by 12. Bolts must be staggered on all but the narrowest timbers and not in a straight line and heavy washers used under the heads of all the bolts. Bolts should never exceed 25% of the timbers thickness in diameter. The faying surfaces usually get some kind of luting compound applied to them before being bolted together some type of sealant mainly not so much an adhesive in the old days it was red lead or white lead not sure what would be best used as a substitute for this, sometimes asphalt felt or Irish felt is used in the joint along with a tar instead of the lead for instance 3M-5200 is the modern goop that is used as a luting or gacking up compound. Small timbers and plywood are also scarfed but they are allowed to go to a feather edge because an adhesive (glue) is used but on the timbers normally they are not glued together but just bolted with a joint compound sometimes using drift bolts which are like giant nails pre drilled holes slightly smaller than the drift are drilled at a slight angle and opposite from bolt to bolt this locks the drift bolts in opposition to each other like toe nailing does in a regular stud in house construction drift bolts need sledge hammering in though. On the key locked scarfs the keys are 25% timber depth on all four sides and if a hook is used it is also 25% of timber depth the keys themselves are made form a locust oak or some other really hard wood and on timbers over six inches are actually made from two wedges that are driven in from opposite sides of the timber after the bolts have been tightened up. The taper you calculate originally for the lay out of these scarfs is a 6:1 slope but because the nibs reduce the thickness of the timber by one half 25% on each of the nibbed cuts the actual final taper on the faying surface of the scarf is at 12:1. The smaller plank scarves that are allowed to run out into a feathered edge and are glued have a strength of 90% of the regular lumber.That home is very attractive I always love watching your videos to thanks for making them.
tallwill38 18 timer siden
@Essential Craftsman I know your not ignorant you have real world experience I don't have. I just have a book called Boat Strength that covers these old timber scarf joints in a fair amount of detail thought I'd add it in the comments for anyone that might be considering options for doing something similar. In aircraft they also scarf together Sitka Spruce wing spars to they use a fully feathered taper at 15:1 and then Resorcinol glue is usually used afterwards a layer of aircraft grade birch plywood is sistered along the feathered glue line on both sides of the spar for a distance of six times the width of the spar. these scarves are placed as far out on the wing as they can be because there is the least strain on the ends near the tips. I am still learning from your videos a lot of things to I refuse to ever stop learning though thanks for being a good teacher online. Here is a link to some aircraft repair information for scarves . /
Essential Craftsman
Essential Craftsman 4 dager siden
Incredibly intriguing comment! Thank you for helping me confront a whole new frontier of my ignorance!!!!!
tallwill38 4 dager siden
Oh also on marine timber scarf joints there is only one key in the middle of the sloping surface also
Carlisle GM Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac
Carlisle GM Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 5 dager siden
Amazing reality, beautifully told.
teachbearcop 5 dager siden
Wow! Spectacular! AWESOME!
Second A
Second A 5 dager siden
Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story. Thank you!
ImpartialTuber 5 dager siden
Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.
New Rootz Gardens
New Rootz Gardens 5 dager siden
Tears through the whole show. Great job. 2 true hero’s highlighted here
Ben Toombs
Ben Toombs 5 dager siden
Beautiful house sir. Well done.
DH 123
DH 123 5 dager siden
What a tribute to a friend and craftsman.
truthcrusade 5 dager siden
Labor Of Love. Transcends by bridging the past to the present and near future and by using beautiful nature and craftsmanship from other cultures. A religious experience. Ken's work and spirit encompass all of the above.
zhongjie huang
zhongjie huang 5 dager siden
so beautiful
Chitreemims 5 dager siden
How do I like twice
David Morrow
David Morrow 5 dager siden
Thank you!
D K 6 dager siden
Bless the both of you, I love this channel.
Nikkity 6 dager siden
I adore the bromance and friendship presented in this video, it is obvious you guys love each other.
Charlie Reagan
Charlie Reagan 7 dager siden
Beautiful video, thank you for sharing the life of Ken! Absolutely inspirational.
Jaime Almaguer
Jaime Almaguer 7 dager siden
Does Mr. Jordan sell them billy clubs?
Enrik Souls
Enrik Souls 7 dager siden
Today, we learn of a legend.
Michael Pogzeba
Michael Pogzeba 7 dager siden
All I can say about Mr. & Mrs Jordan, their amazing home and their craft accomplishments is OMG that’s incredible! Thank you for sharing this video.
grinell smith
grinell smith 7 dager siden
beautiful, and he's lucky to have a friend who really sees him.
Robert Macleod
Robert Macleod 7 dager siden
Some man
Jennifer Halliar
Jennifer Halliar 8 dager siden
Mark Halliar, What an incredibly touching story!! I had a stroke 2 years ago at age 63, completely lost the use of my left side. I was a draftsman by trade (left handed), amatuer woodworker and a classically trained pianist. Recovery is slow. A neurologist recently told me I would never recover any more than I am right now. I refuse to believe that and will never stop working toward a complete recovery. I'm aching to get back into my shop and told my wife the minute I am able, I'm going to buy a lathe and start making things again. Ken's story is truly an inspiration and I know with God's help I can do it, too. He has much more for me to do.
George McInnis
George McInnis 8 dager siden
Beautiful tribute.
Elmo Fuddleputt
Elmo Fuddleputt 8 dager siden
Absolutely spectacular home and ann even more spectacular man. Truly inspirational.
Gregory V. Ziman Sr
Gregory V. Ziman Sr 8 dager siden
He should be an example of a real can do attitude. Thanks for letting the world know about him.
Gregory V. Ziman Sr
Gregory V. Ziman Sr 8 dager siden
What beautiful workmanship. This is an art that is amazing. I would hope that there are some videos showing his craftsmanship and how he built these things.
Ishmail Nassardeen-Buckley
Ishmail Nassardeen-Buckley 8 dager siden
I am in awe. Such beauty. In heart, mind and spirit. I am honored to have watched this video. Thank you guys.
Lbhunter63 9 dager siden
I am standing here without breath...I am unable to breathe and I'm literally fighting tears to see this beautiful work that defies accurate description...Mr Ken, you are a very special talent that is likely to never be hat is tipped with the utmost of respect and admiration!
James H
James H 9 dager siden
Inspirational from ever aspect. Thanks for sharing.
Jack Pinnell
Jack Pinnell 9 dager siden
If I watch this video once a week for the rest of my life.....I'll be a better man.
Recon One
Recon One 9 dager siden
Ugly designs.
Jack Pinnell
Jack Pinnell 9 dager siden
THIS video has caused a paradigm shift in my view of carpentry, life and the definition of craftsman.
MegaBreyergirl 9 dager siden
Phenomenal! So inspiring!
Brap Chapel
Brap Chapel 9 dager siden
Utterly speechless...
Preston Larus
Preston Larus 9 dager siden
What a fine friendship. Rare among men.
Tinch 9 dager siden
For one man to introduce another in such a way speaks volumes about the character of the presenter and of the man accomplishments are given as the measure of character, and as a gift offered to us for observation, learning, wisdom and enlightenment. This video, for me, is one of the finest on NOpost ever. Well done sir. Well done.
Matthew Horton
Matthew Horton 9 dager siden
I don’t understand not making a workbench if you can’t make it like’s a workbench, make it for work and to work, right??? Maybe he was joking and I don’t get it
Cherie Kingi
Cherie Kingi 9 dager siden
Im not a carpenter but I can so appreciate!!
Rob Cote
Rob Cote 10 dager siden
Wow, beautiful history, home, craftsman, and friend. Perfect is not an exaggeration. Thanks for sharing all the details... Ken is an inspiration.
Clint T
Clint T 10 dager siden
The home and story were beautiful, thank you for sharing. I dream about finishing my simple little home to this level of quality & craft.
hgkal808 10 dager siden
Pacific coast piper
Pacific coast piper 10 dager siden
A man with a pipe is a man at peace with his thoughts. I find when I have mine, it leads me to slow down and really think about my actions, step by step. I really love when my thoughts coalesce in a fashion to allow new creativity in my work as a carver.
WestRidgeRunner 11 dager siden
I’m speechless. This house can make a grown man cry.
Michael P
Michael P 11 dager siden
For crying out loud I came here to fix my sagging garage roof and now I’m hooked. Mind blown thank you wow!
Arunas Bartkus
Arunas Bartkus 11 dager siden
Thanks for an amazing jorney in-to craftsmanship.
Jay 11 dager siden
left a bit speechless after that. Tthank you for sharing.
Jr Concrete
Jr Concrete 11 dager siden
Keith Zoeteman
Keith Zoeteman 11 dager siden
such an amazing story!!!
Keith Zoeteman
Keith Zoeteman 11 dager siden
what what an incredible house. thank you so much for sharing.
Vic Terraglia
Vic Terraglia 12 dager siden
I absolutely appreciate your celebration of your friend. We need more of that sort of thing.
Scot F
Scot F 12 dager siden
Always thought the guy sitting might be your (lazy) younger brother :)
Rizzo2185 12 dager siden
I've never seen anything like this. This is an amazing man
Charlie Dalmasso
Charlie Dalmasso 12 dager siden
Amazing !
Robert North
Robert North 12 dager siden
WOW! That's all I can say. WOW...
lazerblade2 12 dager siden
Show more of the furniture next time. I love when an architect makes custom furniture and accessories for the house.
Tyler Culjat
Tyler Culjat 12 dager siden
the amount of reverence for Ken and his skills is so readily apparent in this video that it brings a tear to my eye. Beautiful house and a beautiful video
Bill José
Bill José 12 dager siden
15:01 Looks like Damascus steel.
Andy Howard
Andy Howard 12 dager siden
A wonderful inspiring story. Thank you for taking the time to share Kens story.
Alacrity59 12 dager siden
Thank you Ken for sharing and thank you Scott for getting this on your channel.
Rick Fakhre
Rick Fakhre 12 dager siden
I would love to know what you think about timber frame construction. I recently saw a video on NOpost about it. He makes a lot of claims about how great it is, but I don't know enough to know if they are true or not.
Trevor White
Trevor White 12 dager siden
I'm a Stonemason by trade. Injured myself just over a year ago. Slowly making progress...everyone tells me that my days in my trade are over. The hope that you instilled in me brought tears to my eyes. Passion for our craft is what keeps us alive. Cheers
Pacific coast piper
Pacific coast piper 10 dager siden
Cheers buddy, from a carver in north central Washington state USA
S Perreault
S Perreault 13 dager siden
What is the finish on this wood? It's incredible!
Jason Grace
Jason Grace 13 dager siden
Unbelievable! breathtaking..
Julie Henderson
Julie Henderson 13 dager siden
Simply Amazing.
Mattu Chappy
Mattu Chappy 13 dager siden
Thank you both so much one for welcoming us to see the most beautiful home I've ever seen and two for walking us through and educating all of us on all the luxurious details, the many different types of wood along with a run down on where you find it how it's quarter sawed to achieve the different types of designs in the grain. I can't thank u enough bc this has touched me in a way than I never thought woodworking could. Don't get me wrong I love working with wood but I've fell in love with a entire different world of woodworking and I'm going to expand my spectrum of the ability to learn and do some new exciting days in my garage working with wood. This really opened my eyes mind and soul to something I already loved doing but just how beautiful works of art can be created by carpenters that have such a passion for doing just that. Thank you again God Bless you all and your Families
Zack B
Zack B 13 dager siden
One Man to Another Man's Garage... I can Proudly say ide love to have it as my own personal Garage Bad Ass Man!
Jimi Jimi
Jimi Jimi 13 dager siden
Incredible skill set. I’ll be over here smashing my thumb.
Dee Heych
Dee Heych 13 dager siden
man this guy took a stroke like loosing a pinky, bravo.
Janette Abrahams
Janette Abrahams 14 dager siden
Beatiful and inspirational. Thank you!
Brian W
Brian W 14 dager siden
Incredible video and incredible man. This makes my life's accomplishments feel insignificant.
j f
j f 14 dager siden
Thank you, very nice, best wishes to Ken👍
Nick Barbieri
Nick Barbieri 15 dager siden
Great video! I am a (new) occupational therapist that has worked with individuals with brain injuries in a wood shop as a form of therapy. Woodworking and crafting was actually one of the first forms of occupational therapy used to help WWI veterans recover from their physical AND mental injuries, which they called "shell shock" and what we now call PTSD. Helping folks work with their hands, break down complex tasks, and occupy their time, while producing tangible work they can be proud of can be very therapeutic as evidenced by Ken and his recovery. Love the channel. Keep up the great work!
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